Bain Marie Spares

Bain Marie Spares Parts
Hendi Bain Marie Heating Element
Hendi Bain Marie Rubber Foot
Element - Bain Marie Silicone
3 Ring Heating Element - 2500W, 230v
Element Insulation HaloHeat TY96
Element Aluminox 156 Bain Marie
Heating Element - Aluminox - Bain Marie - MM-TH-166
Heating Element 1400w/400v - Aluminox M.M4TH Bain Marie
Control Thermostat - American Permanent Ware
Bain Marie Element- American Permanent SM507D
Thermostat - American Perm Ware SM5011D
Heating Element -Angelo Po ACBM216 Bain Marie
Dry Heating Element for Angelo Po
Heating element -Angelo Po for Bain Marie
Heating Element for Angelo Po Omega / Delta
Thermostat - Angelo Po Single Phase thermostat for Bain
Thermostat - Angelo Po Thermostat Bain Marie
Heating elemen - Angelo Po Heating element 800W 220V
Water Outlet Valve - Angelo Po 090BM1E
Gasket - Angelo Po
1.5kwt 220v Element - Angelo Po ACBM218 Bain Marie
Top Element Apollo HCBA3 Bain Marie
Indicator Light - APW Wyott Bain Marie
Heating Element 3kW/220V - Arox Bain Marie
Wet Heating Element - Arox BM7 Bain Marie
Obsolete -Thermostat - Arox - Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp (wire type) - Lincat LB2 / GMB3
84" 2000W 230V 8mm I/LOY 6"C/E 4BA, U Bent To
Relay Switch - Clifton Food Range Waterbath
Bain Marie Element 83"" 2kwt 6mm c/w leads
W shape 2500w 240v Element c/w fixing plate
120" 3 Kwt 240v 8mm U Bent Element
72"" 2.5kwt 240v Element Loop Type
Control Thermostat Temp range 30-110c
3kw Element (288x89mm) - Bain Marie
Jacketed Short 300 Watt Infrared Low Pressure
Element - Hendi Ecoline Bain Marie 60"
SUPERSEDED XB1HE/18 Bartlett Bain Marie Simmerstat
OBM2/16WT Pre-Set Thermostat
Strip element - Bartlett Camelot CBMH/7012
Heat mat - Baron 6BM/E400 Bain Marie
Thermostat 30-110 deg c - Beha Hedo Bain Marie
Flat strip element - 500W 240V SE17
Bain Marie 1500w 60"" Element 240v 6mm
84" 500w 220v Element W Shape
1.5kwt 8mm 240v Element 108" Re - Use Plate
500wt 240v 8mm 42"" Element U Shape
Bain Marie 3kwt 138" 8mm Dia Element U shape
Bespoke Element 42"" 1100w 240v 6mm
Heating Element - 32"" 350W 240v
Element - Bakbar E76 Bainmarie 2.4kwt
54mm Thermocoupling - Bonnet B-59PMA.BM150.G- Ban Marie
Heating Element Brasilia Gradisca 2kw
Temperature Protector Thermostat - Buffalo S047 Bain Marie
Element - Buffalo Bain Marie S007 S077 S047
Flexible hose connection - Buffalo S047
Heating Element 1.3kwt - Buffalo L371 L310
Thermostat -EGO Thermostat - Buffalo CD582 Bain Marie
Stuffing plug - Buffalo S047 L301 Bain Marie
Rubber Foot - Buffalo S047B Sauasage Warmer / Bain Marie
Foot - Buffalo Range S007 Bain Marie
Microswitch - Buffalo Bain Marie SO47B
Control thermostat knob - Buffalo CALD01
Thermostat - Buffalo CALD01 Bain marie
SUPERSEDED Element - Buffalo / Aztec Bain Marie SP02680
Element - Buffalo Bain Marie
Rubber Foot- Buffalo L310B- Ban Marie
Temperature Adjuster Knob - Buffalo CD582 L310-B L371-B
Heating Element Plate Protector - Buafflo L371 L310 S007 S047
Connector for Tap - Buffalo SO47 - Bain Marie
Tap - Buffalo S047B S077 L310 S047 Bain Marie
3.0kw Waterwell/Atlas/Long (Heating Element) - Caterlux Atlas- Bain Marie
Element for Bain Marie - Caterlux - Apollo 4
Gas Valve - Caterlux LPG Gas Valve for Bain Marie
Wet Element - Caterlux Size 3 Bain Marie
2/3 Short Wet Well Element - Caterlux Bain Marie
Top Element for Bain Marie HCBA3
Gas Valve- Caterlux LPG Gas Valve for Hot Cupboard
Element 2/3 Wet Well Short - Caterlux
LPG Pilot Assembly - Caterlux Atlas Size 5
Green Neon Light - Caterlux
Element- Caterlux Wetwell 4/5 size Bain Marie
Element - Caterlux Atlas 4 Bain Marie
Element - Caterlux Atlas Bain Marie
Gas Valve- Caterlux NG Gas Valve for Bain Marie
900 Wt Dry Heat Element Apollo 2/3 Size 4
Toggle Switch - Caterlux ATLAS Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Temperature Controller & Knob - Caterlux
Element - Caterlux Bain Marie Wet Element
Thermostat - Charvet T150 0403 267 Bain Marie
Resistor (element) 1000w 230v - Charvet - Bain Marie
Red Warning Light - Charvet PRO900 Bain Marie
Element - ChefQuip BMA0001 Bain Marie
Sml top left oven element for Corsair HNS2PBM
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - Corsair CC174HQ Wardmaster
Control Thermostat - Cougar Bain Marie 6M11
Mains Cable Assembly Cougar 4M62 Bain Marie
Boil Dry Protection Stat - Cougar 4M70 Bain Marie
Element - Cougar 4M45 Bain Marie
500w Element Rod 630x100mm - Counterline Bain Marie
Element 17w ST/ON - Counterline Bain Marie
LAE Display Terminal - Counterline Bain Marie
4m Probes - Counterline Bain Marie
Fluorescent Tube Coversafe - Counterline Bain Marie
300w Lamp - Counterline Bain Marie
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Starter - Counterline Bain Marie
Fan - Counterline Bain Marie
Twin Port Control Unit - Counterline Bain Marie
Control Box Large - Counterline Bain Marie
Thermostat- Dane 42B/M Bain Marie
Control Knob - Dane 42B/M Bain Marie
Thermostat - Dane SEWW Bain Marie
Control knob - Dane SEWW Bain Marie
Control Thermostat - Dane UNC42M/CB/M
On/Off Switch Duke SUB-CP-TC60M Bain Marie
Thermostat - Duke Bain Marie
1.2kwt 240v Heating Element - Duke Bain Marie
Infinity Switch - Duke Bain Marie
HI Limit Thermostatic Switch Duke Bain Marie
Element 750W Duke Bain Marie
Toggle Switch Duke Bain Marie
Pilot Light Amber Duke Bain Marie
Control Knob - Duke Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Duke Bain Marie
Pilot Light Duke Bain Marie
Lamp - Duke Bain Marie
High Limit Thermostat - Duke
Nut w/ Star Washer - Duke
750w 120v Element - Duke
Pilot Light 120v - Duke
Element Pan - Duke
Food Well with Drain - Duke
Thermostat - Duke SW600-525 LM Bain Marie
Thermostat - Duke SWH700-25LEDM Bain Marie
Fan Motor- Duke SUB CP-TC60 - Bain Marie
Thermometer - Edesa - Bain Marie
Oven Knob Thermostat 90'C
Thermostat - Ego thermostat - 55.60012.030
Limiter- Ego Limiter 245C-16K 830G 178/3
SUPERSEDED Ego Simmerstat
SUPERSEDED Ego Thermostat 30-110 Deg 55.18022.010
SUPERSEDED Energy Regulator ASU03/9037
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 55.13223.010
Thermostat 50-92C 800 231/4
Thermostat Ego 55.13022.010 110c
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat / Simmerstat 50.57071.010
Element - Electroway EW4 BME 2000w Element
Element seal - Electroway 425 Bain Marie
Element Electroway EW4BMW Bain Marie
Thermostat Electolux Bain Marie
Fan 120x120x38 mm - Electrolux
Heating Element - Electrolux Bain Marie
Water Level Sensor Assembly - Electrolux
Solenoid Valve - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
Heater Element - Electrolux KE-221 Bain Marie
Level Control - Electrolux Bain Marie
User Interface Board with Motherboard - Electrolux Bain Marie
Thermostat - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Crossflow Blower - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Heating element - Electrolux HC18BM Bain
Green lamp - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Thermostat - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Tube Battery 670w - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Thermometer - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Thermostat Single Phase 30-90C - Electrolux/
Element 1500w - Electrolux/Zanussi
Bain Marie Knob - Zanussi Electrolux
Main Burner Nozzle -Zanussi SMG700 Bain Marie
Thermocouple - Electrolux 162808 Bain Marie
Single Phase Thermostat - Electrolux/Zanussi
O-Ring (pack of 5) - Electrolux
Element - Electrolux ZLB12H - Ban Marie
Element - Electrolux ZLB12H - Ban Marie
Microswitch - Electrolux
Plug - Zanussi SSMHC16 Bain Marie
Granite Pad Cover - Moffat Bain Marie - CHB184S+GH
Element - ER Moffat 5L3 5V1 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Moffat CHB15ESGH Bain Marie Control Stat
Gastronorm Container Falcon LD38 Bain Marie
Element - Falcon LD33 Bain Marie Hotcupboard
Element - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip Scuttle
Element - Falcon Prolite Bain Marie LD34
Element 1.0kwt - Falcon LD37 Bain Marie
Thermostat- Falcon LD43 Bain Marie Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Element - Falcon Bain Maire KE755 KE1
Element - Falcon Bain Maire & Chip Scuttle 240v
2kwt Element - Falcon LD43 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Falcon E350/42 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Falcon 350/35 LD14 Griddle
Digital Controller Probe - Falcon - Bain Marie
Controller - Evco EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Bain Marie
Rocker Switch - Franke 729.120.770 Chip Dump
Controller - Franke Cold food table
Right Hand Element for Fri-Jado HD3
Control Thermostat - GIGA - CBE4
Foil element (1kw) -Grundy Eclipse Bain Marie
X5 Digital Thermostat Control - Grundy Oliver
Fascia Hatco RHW-01.2 Heated Well
Soup Container - Hatco RHW1B Bain Marie
Hi Limit / Button Thermostat - Hatco - Heated
Heating Element - Hatco RCTHW/B6 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Green Indicator Light - Hatco - Bain Marie
Heating Element - Hatco Bain Marie FR-6
SUPERSEDED Hatco Bain Marie Heat Lamp 240v 50w
Decal - Hatco - Bain Marie - RHW-1B
Decal - Hatco - Bain Marie - RHW-1B
Element Gasket - Hatco - Bain Marie - TGS2207
Heating Element - Hatco GRFFB Food Warmer
Element - Hatco RHW-1B Soup Kettle
375w Ceramic Element - Hatco GRFHS-21 Chip Scuttle
PCB Relay - Hatco Bain Marie
Bracket Element - Hatco Bain Marie
Thermal Sensor - Hatco Bain Marie
On/Off Switch - Hendi Bain Marie
Obsolete Element - Hendi 238912 Bain Marie
Infinate Regulator Henny Penny HCW5 Bain
Thermostat Knob Henny Penny HCW5 Bain
Float Switch - Henny Penny - Bain Marie - HCW5
1.5kwt 240v Element - Hobart HEBM77 Bain Marie
Heating Element Foil Type 230v 700w - Hupfer SPTW-3/EBF Bain Marie
Thermostat - Hupfer SPTW-3/EBF Bain Marie
Control Knob - Hupfer SPTW-3/EBF Bain Marie
Thermostat - Hupfer SPTW-3/EBF Bain Marie
Door (pair) Plexiglass - Inomak - Bain Marie - MF718
Green Single Pole Switch 16A 2 - Inomak
Fuse - Inomak Bain-Marie MH714/PTL
Fuse Holder - Inomak Bain-Marie MH714/PTL
Heater in Water Tank - Jordao Vitrina Europa
Wet Element - Jordao - VITRINA EU PL BANBO MARIA
Long Support Arm - Lincat - P6B3
Short Support Arm - Lincat - P6B3
Element - Lincat - Bain Marie
Support Bar - Lincat LBM2W - Ban Marie
Element - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Control Knob - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Adjustable Leg - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Safety Cut out Thermostat - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Element - Lincat - CS6
Pilot Injector - Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
Thermocouple - Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
Gas Valve- Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
Temperature Control Knob - Lincat BA/BS4 Bain Marie
Plug & Lead Assembly - Lincat - Bain Marie
2kwt Element - Lincat Water Boiler/Bain Marie
Element - Lincat GBM3 GBM2 Bain Marie
Green Neon - Lincat BM6W DF612 Bain Marie
Heat Control Knob - Lincat BS4W Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED - Gantry Light Switch - Lincat Bain Marie
Water Drawer - Lincat - SCH1085
Gastronorm - Lincat - SCH1085
Gastronorm Divider - Lincat - SCH1085
Control thermostat - Lincat BM6W Bain Marie
Gantry Light Switch - Lincat LPWLR Bain Maire
Amber Neon - Lincat BS6W GM2 GBM2 GBM3 GS3 Bain Marie
Fan unit - Lincat HD1050 Bain Marie
Element - Lincat BS7 Dry heat Bain Marie
Green Neon - Lincat GM2 GR3 GBM3 Hot Cupboard
Lamp Holder - Lincat GBM3 Bain Marie
Bain Marie Control Knob - Lincat GBM2 GBM3 Bain
Hot Cupboard Control Knob - Lincat GBM2 GM2 GBM3 Hot Trolley
1kwt 230v Element - Lincat BS4W Bain Marie
SIT Pilot Assembly - Lotus Bain Marie BM61GF
Thermocouple - Lotus FTLR-8G
Gas Thermostat Valve - Lotus - Bain Marie - BM4G
Porcelain Heating Element - Lotus BS74EM Chip Scuttle
Thermostat- Lotus BM-4G - Bain Marie
Heat Lamp - Mafirol Ravel1420BMVCR Heated Display
Heating Element - Mafirol RAVEL1420BMVCR Heated Display
Dry Heating Element 1350w 230v - 460mm x 95mm
1 kwt 220v Element - Mareno BME40M
Digital Thermometer- Mareno SVC G12 Bain Marie Digital Thermometer
Switch - Mareno BR9-12GFM SVCG12 Bratt Pan
Knob- Mareno SVC G12 Bain Marie - Knob
Overflow Tube- Mareno SVC G12 Bain Marie - S/S Overflow Tube
1800w 230v - 495mm Element - Mareno B9-8E Bain Marie
Solenoid Valve - Mareno SVCG12 Bain Marie
Blower Motor- Mareno SVCG12 Bain Marie
Water On/Off Switch - Mareno SVCG12 Bain Marie
93 Deg Operating Thermostat - Mareno SVC G12
1530w 240v Heating Element - MBM EBM77 Bain
Hot Air Fan - MBM EC15703 Bain Marie
Switch - Metos - Bain Marie
Thermostat - Metos - Bain Marie
Control Knob - Metos - Bain Marie
Heating Element - Metos
Thermostat - Metos - Bain Marie - M-PROFF2
Door Gasket - Metos Bain Marie
Door Seal - Hot Cupbaord Bain Maire - Metos - BM1200TDRL
Safety Temperature Limiter - MKN Bain Marie
Heating Element - MKN Bain Marie
Element Moffat HB4EW Wet Well Bain Marie
Element - Moffat D5BMG
Element 4kwt - Moffat Bain Marie
1kw Fan - Moffat HCBM1000 Bain Marie
Door Handle - Moffat - Bain Marie - 3FBM2010FF2
Glass Panel - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Drain Valve - Moffat Bain Marie
Teflon Washer - Moffat Bain Marie
Jam Nut - Moffat Bain Marie
Drain - Moffat Bain Marie
Divider for Gastronorm Trays - Moffat CHC9E5GH Bain Marie
Short Divider for Gastronorm Tray - Moffat CHC9E5GH Bain Marie
Temperature Controller / Indicator - Moffat 2FBM Bain Marie
Thermocouple 1000mm- Moffat SCEP19 Bain Marie
Gas Valve Pilot Burner - Moffat HBG16 8L Bain
Drip Tray - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Float Switch - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Gas Valve - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Pilot Burner, Gas Valve - Moffat Bain Marie
HT Lead - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Electrode - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Screw For Black Clamp Curved Glass VCBM3 Bain
Black Holder Curved Glass VCBM3 Bain
Black Clamp Curved Glass (Top Gantry) Moffat VCBM3 Bain Marie
Halogen Lamp Moffat MHB157 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED - Lamp Holder - Moffat Bain Marie
Curved Glass Holder - Moffat VC8M5 Bain Marie
Control simmerstat Knob - Moffat Bain Marie
Dimmerswitch - Moffat GTC 182/98 Bain Marie
Heat Lamp Assy - ACA19HCBMD
Guide Pin - Viscount ACA12HC Hot Cupboard
PN40 1/2" Yellow Handle Gas Ball Valve - Palux 503010 649562 Bain Marie
Thermocouple Electrode Assembly Bains Maries
Control Knob - Parry BMF 1/1 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Parry AS1863 HOT18P HOT15 HPC
Mains Lead Coiled Moulded Plug - Parry
Simmerstat Knob - Parry 1928 dry bain marie
Heat Element / Pad - Parry Bain Marie CBM2
SUPERSEDED Neon Switch - Parry Bain Marie 188DG
3KW Element - Parry AS3015 AS9127W Wet Bain marie
SUPERSEDED Element Parry Model PWB4
700w Dry Element - Parry AS1887 Bain Marie
Element - Parry - Bain Marie - MSB18G
Wiring Loom - Parry - Bain Marie - 1928
Control Knob - Parry - Bain Marie - 1928
Element- Parry Bain Marie - Element - 400W
Heat Lamp - Parry 500 watt Double Jacket Heat lamp
1868 Element Guard/Support - Parry 1868 Bain Marie
400w 240v Dry Element - Parry CGBM4W
Pot & Lid Set - Parry - Bain Marie - PWB4
Catch - Porkka Bain Marie
Element Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
Door Seal Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Element Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
Switch Thermostat Protection Porkka
Rocker Switch - Porkka - HL Hotline Bain Marie
Element - Proline Bain Marie
Thermostat - Proline Bain Marie
Simmerstat - EGO 50.55073.010 Rangemaster
Temperature Control 1pol Type 716 R 9430 - Rieber
Main Rocker Switch Green Illuminated - Rieber - GERATE-NR0000585
Seal for Main Rocker Switch - Rieber - GERATE-NR0000585
SUPERSEDED Rieber ZUB 3xGN 1/1 Bain Marie 30-110 Deg
Heating Element - Roband 105 Bain Marie
Heating Element - Roller Grill HE6101 Bain Marie
Control Thermostat - Roller Grill VVC1200 Bain Marie
Element - Rosamon Immersion heating element
Tripolar stat - Rosinox R/C Modulaire Bain
Heating Element - Silko
500watt Heat Blanket Element - Stellex REG6
SUPERSEDED Switch for Stellex Bain Marie R3
SUPERSEDED Control Switch for Stellex Bain Marie R3
Knob for Stellex Bain Marie R3
Digital Controller - Stellex - Bain Marie - R4-B/M
Simmerstat - Stellex - Bain Marie - R4-B/M
1.4kwt Ring Element - Stott Benham KB80 Bain Marie
Heating Element 2200W 240V Bent Version - Ubert Bain Marie
Contactor Ubert Bain Marie DHD31
1400mm x 400mm 800Wt Heat Mat
QVR/S Electronic Energy Reg
SUPERSEDED Bain Marie Heat Lamp Power Regulator
Heating element 1000 W 230 V L248mm W36mm Bain Marie
Element 96"" 2.5kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
Element 96"" 2.3kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
350Wt 240v 8mm U Bend Element
Bespoke Element - 73"" 240V Pan Shape
SUPERSEDED Universal Control Simmerstat - 50.59070.04
DPVRF Power regulator - (clip in wires )
Power Regulator - Bain Marie
300 Watt Halogen Low Pressure Jacketed - Lamp
SUPERSEDED 500W Jacketed Heat Lamp - Infrared SK15 (216mm)
50" 1000W 230v U BEND WET ELEMENT 610x80mm
Filter for use with PA300/PA310 Energy Regulator
Bridge Support - Victor BM20MS Bain Marie
Glass Curver Gantry 1807mm - Victor Bain Marie
Set of doors for1600mm - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Set of doors - Victor SCEP120 Bain Marie
1kw Heating Element - Victor Bain Marie - WDHBW4RC
Spark Electrode c/w Brass Connector - Victor Bain Marie
Thermocouple - Victor Bain Marie
Ball Valve Full Flow 3/4" BSP Lever Handle - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Flanged Tank Connector 22mm - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Adapter Straight Brass Stem 22mm x 3/4" BSP - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Washer, Flanged Tank Connector 22mm - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Pilot Assembly - Victor - Bain Marie - SCEP16NATINTER
Control Fixing Kit - Victor - Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard
Element Tray - Victor
Heat Lamps - Victor JPS2.2 - Bain Marie
Control Knob- Victor CTB1Q - Bain Marie
Aluminium Door Track - Victor - SCEP22
Grommet - Victor Baron HC31MS Bain Marie
Element - Victor MPN10000 Bain Marie
13a Cartridge Fuse Victor WDHDW5 Bain Marie
Rocker Switch - Victor DRDH3 Bain Marie
Element - Victor - Bain Marie Oven Heating Element
Element (300w) - Victor CARIB2.312Q
Element (Hot Cupboard) 1500w 240v -Victor BM21MS Bain Marie
300w Heating Element - Victor Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Victor 1000wt Element
1Kw Rectangular Bottom Element - Victor JPS2.3 B/M
SUPERSEDED Digital Display & Temp Probe - Victor Bain
Rectangular Indicating Lamp - Victor Bain Marie
Red Rectangular Neon Indicator - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Element - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Heating Element Victor Wet Baine Marie
Digital Controller Victor BL70H1X Bain Marie
Element (hot cupboard) - Victor 8ND10100
1500w Bain Marie Element - Victor BM30MF
Element - Victor Peer 12 Element - ETS30002
Boil Dry Thermostat - Victor CTT1Q
Element (550w) - Victor CARIB3.1A16Q SK19
Control Knob - Victor Bain Marie
Control Thermostat Bain marie 30-110c Victor
Kidney shaped round element -Vollrath 1001
120v Element - Vollrath 71001 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Vollrath - Bain Marie - 72958
High Limit Switch - Vollrath Bain Marie - 72958
Thermal Cut Out - Vollrath Bain Marie - 72958
Element - APW Wyott HFW-5D Bain Marie
Thermostat - Zanussi Bain Marie - 55.34013.800