Barbeque Spares

Spare parts for your barbeque can be difficult to source, email A S Catering Supplies at for help finding the barbeque spare part you need

Barbeque Spares Parts
BBQ -Kingfisher 14" Basic Barbeque Black/Orange.
Connector - BBQ King - FKM
Street Elbow for Pressure Gauge - BBQ King - FKM
Lid Seal (Dia. 18”) - BBQ King - FKM
Heating Element - BBQ KING - WDC-5
U-Shaped Heating Element - BBQ KING - WDC-5
Ball Valve Assy - BBQ King LGF-F Pressure Fryer
Fan Motor Assembly - BBQ King VGG-16
Thermostat switch - BBQ King NMK
Off/On/Filter Switch BBQ King LGF Series1000
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Rubber - BBQ King 9 Chicken Spit Roast
Spit - BBQ King - NMK
Lid Spring - BBQ King SKM LGF-F Pressure Fryer
Door Gasket - BBQ King New Mini King
Upper Grill Plate - Buffalo P111 Barbecue
SUPERSEDED Hose Regulating Kit - Cinders TG160 BBQ
Gas Tap Clubman with Elbow Fitting Cinders
Gas Tap with Tee Fitting - Cinders BBQ -
Knob / Nut / Label - Cinders Caterer BBQ
On/Off Knob - Cinders BBQ Hotelia
Burner Cinders Hotelier Barbecue
T-Fitting Gas Valve - Cinders CATERER TG160
Elbow Fitting Gas Valve - Cinders CATERER
Stainless Link Tube - Caterer Barbecue
Hose / Regulator Kit - Caterer Barbecue
Burner - Caterer Barbecue
Short Leg - Cinders Hotelia Barbecue
Pin Leg - Cinders Hotelia Barbecue
LPG Left-hand Burner - Cinders Caterer BBQ
LPG RH Burner - Cinders Caterer BBQ
Firebox complete with centreplate - Cinders
Gas Regulator & Hose - Cinders Slimfold BBQ
Cavalier Burner - Cinders BBQ
SUPERSEDED Regulator Hose Kit - Cinders Cavalier BBQ
Grill Top - Cinders Caterer BBQ
Hose Regulator Kit - Cinders Hotellier Barbeque
SUPERSEDED 1-Bar Hose Regulator Assy - Cinders Cavalier BBQ
Pilot tube 3/16" LPG or Nat gas - Garland G34
R/H Pilot Runner Tube - Magikitch'n BBQ
L/H Pilot Runner Tube - Magikitch'n BBQ
Piezo Igniter - Moffat