Boilers and Spares

Boilers and Spares Parts
Selector Switch - Angelo Po 191P12E 5 pos
Gauge Glass - Burshaw BE3M Boiler
Handle/Hand Grip for drain/draw off tap
Drain Tap 1 1/2" Boiling Kettle
Ego Thermostat - 55.13012.400
Heating Element - Rice Boiler
Hot Water Tap Complete - Bravilor Boiler
Water Tank - Bravilor - RLX
Main Board - Bravilor - Estrecious 12
Level Tank - Bravilor - RLX
Tap - Buffalo - GL347
Bottom Heal - Buffalo - Boiler - CC191
Heat Dish - Buffalo Boiler c/w seal & Element
Foot Faucet - Bunn Dual TBDBC Boiler
Top Cover Lid/Drip Tray Cover
Thermo Cut Out - Burco Boiler 76502
Burco Boiler - Main Tap Valve
Complete Tap - Burco 20Ltr Boiler - CE705
Lid with Knob - Burshaw - BE4M
Washer Seal for Tap Assembly - Burco 444442463 - Boiler
Outlet Solenoid - Burco 444442474 Boiler
Washer EPDM- Washer EPDM- Burcco 4442470 - Hot Water Boiler
Standard Tap Complete Burshaw Boiler
Element - Calomax Water Boiler
Water Inlet Solenoid - Calomax - Boiler - CLIPPER15L
Water Solenoid Valve - Caterbrew - CK0233
13Kw Element - Cimbali Junior Boiler
Float Valve - Cona Boiler 502141
Pressure Switch - Dexion ME077-03-020
Commutator Knob - Deion ME077-03-020 Boiler
Gas Tap - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan, Hobart BMG10
Heating Element - Dexion ME09905020 Rice Boiler
Spark Electrode - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan
Water Tap & Handle - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan
Limit Thermostat - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 30-85C 830 92/6
SUPERSEDED Interrupted Thermocouple - Electrolux
Thermostat - Electrolux ZPISG214P Boiling pan
Gas Valve - Electrolux
Extension Knob - Electrolux
Control Knob - Electrolux
Double Ring Burner - Falcon - G1478
Element - Garland - Boiler - EDU-30B
Garland KT12E Water Level Control PCB
Thermostat - Garland KT12E Kettle
Garland Steam Trap 1/2""
Safety Valve - Groen TDB7 Kettle
3/4"" Safety Valve 25 PSI - Groen DL20 D40
Thermistor - Heatrae Sadia SUPREME180SS Boiler
PCB - Heatrae Sadia SUPREME180SS Boiler
Lid Seal - Hobart Boiler - HT3KW-10
Momentary On Black Rocker Switch - Hobart - BEX
O-Ring - Hobart BEX Boiler
On/Off Switch - Hobart - HT3KW-10
O ring - BBG Boiler
Hobart 1'' Outlet Water Spout - Goose Neck
Nylon Olive for Hobart Water Regulator
Safety Valve - Hobart Boiler
Manometer - Hobart Boiler
Discharge Tap - Hobart Boiler
PC Board - Hyco - Microboil
Heating Element - Hyco Microboil
Level Probe - Hyco Boiler - Microboil
Heating Element Seal - Hyco Microboil
Thermister - Hyco Microboil
Water Spray c/w Adapter - Instanta WB2-6 Water Boiler
Locking Device - Instanta DB2000 Boiler
7"" Yellow Insulate Hose for Steam Tap
Instanta MOD18 Bulk Water Boiler
Instanta Boiler Top Hat Washer - Black Handle
Instanta UCD12/L Under Counter Hot Water
Sous Vide Divider Set of 4 - Instanta Water Bath
Instanta Counter Top Boiler CT8000-6
Display PCB for Instanta WM15-3
Stop Solenoid - Instanta Mark4 3000
Lid Gasket - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Sensor Loom - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Overheat Thermostat on Tank - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Thermostat - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 EB6T CB1
Hotplate (1.5kw/round) - Lincat HT3 HT7 Boiling Top
Water Solenoid Valve - Lincat EB4 EB3 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Safety Stat - Lincat J12 Water Boiler
Inner Tank - Lincat - Boiler - EB3F
Locking Nut for Element- Lincat LWB4 - Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Lincat - WMB3FW
Push Button - Marco PB10 Boiler
Thermostat - Marco Boiler - M5G90L
Lid- Marco T10- Eco Boiler
Hose Silicone Filtro Jug Cold- Marco Ecoboiler WMT5 - Ecoboiler
Plastic Fascia - Marco EZT700
Plastic Rose - Marco EZT700
Facia Insert - Marco - EZT700
Rose Insert - Marco EZT700
Marco Boiler - Plastic tubing (1 Meter)
Circular Heater Element (148mm diameter) 240v
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Metos Viking CS Tilt Pan
Contactor - Metos Rice Boiler
Contactor - Type Q1-Q2, 230V 50/60Hz - Metos
Relay - Moffat
Relay - Moffat CMS26
6kw Boiler Element - Silko - Boiler - MME/5
Tap Non-drip Faucet - ES Tomlinson Boiler
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Drip Tray - Blue Version
Vaillant ECO Tech Boiler Burner Door Gaskets
Electrolux Thermostat 15 A 250-380Volts
Zip Hydro HF007 Boiler Drip Tray
Lid & Gasket - Zip water boiler - HS001
Cistern Lid Clamp Kit- Hydro Boil HS001- Boiler
Clip Kit for Lid - Hypro Boil HS001- Boiler