Coldroom Spares

Coldroom Spares Parts
Handle 14mm - Arneg Coldroom
Block for Handle
Strike for Handle
Handle to suit L/H hinged door
Electrical Kit - CAJ2446Z Compressor
Internal & External Handle Kit
Shim Kit 60-80mm
Shim Kit 81-100mm
Shim Kit 101-120mm
Heating Element cable for Door 90w 230v 5000mm
Condenser Fan Motor - Beermaster BMS100-1 Condensing Unit
Crankcase Heater - Beermaster BMO-200-1 Condensing Unit
EBM Papst Fan Motor - A4E350-AA06-23, 230V, 50/60Hz
Inner Door Fastener Carvael Cold Room
Drip Tray Heater Caravel TN63/7M Cold Room
Capacitor 5uf to suit EBM Papst A4E350-AA06-23 Fan Motor
Spring (inside door lock) - Crio-cabin
Handle kit - Crio Cabin EF2224TN02 Cold room
Controller Criocabin LM12BT Cold Room
Danfoss Controller L255
Fan Motor - Desmon GUR-M07-10 Coldroom
Fan Blade - Desmon GUR-M07-10 Coldroom
Fan Cover - Desmon GUR-M07-10 Coldroom
Heating Element - Desmon - Cold Room
Controller - Desmon Coldroom
Evaporator Complete - Desmon GUR-M04-06 Coldroom
Condensate Tray Desmon GMCM02-04-35E Cold
Evaporator Tray - Desmon - Cold Room - GURM0406
Controller - Desmon GUR-M0406
Handle and Lock - Desmon Mini Cold Room - GUR-M07-10
Door Seal Desmon Mini Cold Room
Door Seal - Desmond GUR-M-11-14 Cold Room
Eliwell Controller - IWC750X
Condensor Fan Motor - Extra Kold CSU-0500MEHZ Condensing Unit
Door Gasket c/w Retaining Strip - Fermod
Non-Locking Fastener - Fermod
Locking Fastener - Fermod
Fastner W/Lock - Fermod 620/621 Cold Room
Strike - Fermod - Coldroom - 620/621
Spring For Internal Handle Fermod 430 431 Handle
Door Catch for Off-Set 27-42mm W-54mm L-117mm H-47mm 620/621
Locking Handle 621 with Key Lock - Fermod
570 Automatic Latch for small doors - Fermod
Door Gasket - Fermod Cold Room
Condensate Tray Heater - Foster Commando 50
Door seal - Foster Cold room
Controller Kit Foster SP301HW Cold Room
Door Gasket 655 x 2030mm - Foster Walk In Cold Room
Door Seal (925mm x 1935mm-within 10mm allowance) - Foster Coldroom
Unit Cover Assembly - Foster Coldroom - BC/F21
Coving End Piece (White) - Foster Coldroom
Door Seal - Foster Cold Room - SP3HC/RSS012
Defrost Heater - Foster FKEC25-6L
Condenser Fruilinox Caravel M-TN63/7M
Fan Speed Control (Alco FXS-42S) -
Filter Drier (Danfoss DML083 Flare Type) -
Flexible Hose - Hubbard HCPSZ21KMH-T
25w Evaporator Fan Motor - Interlevin Walk In
Latch - Kason Series 531
Adjustable Cam-Rise Hinge - Kason Series 1247
Locking Latch Heavy Spring - Kason - 778
Stainless Steel Safeguard Latch - Kason Model 778 - Coldroom
Relay for L'Unite CAE4440Y Compressor
L'Unite Compressor CJ2446Z - Porkka Cold Room
Plastic Fan Blade Housing - Luve Contardo
Drip Pan Heater - Luve Contardo HCI59E3 Cold
Evaporator Casing - Luve Contardo SHA41E40
Defrost Heater Kit - Lu-ve - Cold Room - SHS32N
Cubic Unit Cooler 4750W@10KTD Fin Spacing 4.5mm
Casing for FHA Series 1630mm 3-Fan Coolers. 1630mm Overall Width
Drain Line Heater - Lu-ve - Cold Room - SHS32N
Defrost Heater - Luve Contardo SHA30N32 Walk
Evap Drip Tray - Luve - Cold Room - SHS32N
Casing for FHA Series C/W Drain Fitting And Fan Guard Drain Tray Kit
Chrome Strike- Luve SHA41 E50 - Walk in Fridge
Frost Free Inside Release Handle- Luve SHA41 E50 - Walk in Fridge
Door seal - MBM CM37B Cold room
Handle Set Misa Cold Room
Misa Coldroom FB13TQ-6 Condensate Tray
Condensate Tray c/w Heater Misa FB13G/6 Cold
Door Handle Misa Cold Room MTH CSI 500TN
Door Lock - Misa FB12 Cold Room
Door Seal Misa FB12 Cold Room
Vapourising Tray - Misa FD13N/10 Cold Room
Vaporising Heater - Misa FD13N/10 Cold Room
Door seal 1860 x 727 - Misa - Cold Room
Drive Shaft - Misa - Cold Room
Heat Exchanger - Porkka - 9470325
UF-12A23 Axial Fan Motor - Porkka
Evap Heater Tray- Porkka M0840FU-4LN - Walk in Freezer
Dixel Kit - Porkka CDC80 Coldroom
Chrome Latch - Porkka Coldroom
Barrel Lock & Keys - Porkka Coldroom
Hinge / Pivot - Porkka - Coldroom - APS/L014
Hinge Bracket- Porkka - Coldroom - APS/L014
SUPERSEDED Latch Assembly - Porkka - Coldroom - M0940CU-4LW
Fan Motor - Porkka M0940CG Coldroom
Dixel Retrofit Kit - Porkka Coldroom
Condensate Tray - Porka M0840FU-4LN- Walk in Freezer
Handle - Porkka Cold Room - MK4
Condensor Filter - Porkka LF1130 Walk In
SUPERSEDED Emergency Door Release Porkka 9470055LM930
SUPERSEDED Door handle latch - Porkka Cold Room
Door handle bracket - Porkka Cold Room
Heat Exchanger - Porkka M4R0940C
Evaporator Coil - Porkka ULPPVU Walk-In Cold
Evaporator Coil - Porkka Cold Room M930
Remote heat dump unit - Porkka 9470055
Door handle strike - Porkka MO940CG41W
Evaporator Coil - Rivacold SFM009Z001 Cold Room
Capillary Tubing - Rivacold SFM009Z001 Cold Room
Evaporator - Technoblock Bi-Block OVTB40
Plastic Evaporator Drain Tray Assy - Technoblock AK170U
Drip Tray - Tecnoblock - AN060S
Evaporator Drain Fitting - Technoblock HBK120
Defrost Heater - Technoblock HN210 Evaporator Block
Drip Tray - Technoblock - Coldroom - AK170
L/H Side Panel - Technoblock - Coldroom -
Coil Heater .55Kw - Tecnoblock HBK170
Thermomax Coltrec controller
Handle Latch - Universal - Mounting distance 150mm
External Coldroom Handle (5000 Handle)
N6000 Square Door Strike - Walk In Cold Room
Internal Unlocking Device - Universal Cold Room
Universal Coldroom Complete Handle
External Non-Locking Handle - Universal Coldroom
MTH Door Catch - Universal - Coldroom
Univeral Potential Relay - For Compressor
Edgemount Latch and Strike - Kason - Universal Coldroom
Universal External Sliding Handle - Coldroom
Door Handle Walk In
Hinged Kit & Strike - MTH Cold Room
Complete Locking Handle - MT Cold Storage
921 Replacement Barrel & Keys
Drain Tray - Valera M-TN43/7M Cold Room
Inner Release Handle - Williams G-P Coldroom
Evaporator Tray Heater - Williams HWP92 LJ1SA Coldroom
Evaporator Fan Motor - Williams Cold Room - HIG1322
Lever Handle - Williams GP1/4 Coldroom GP
Solenoid Valve 3/8 EVR6 Solder - Williams NSC-1-5 Coldroom
Solenoid Coil c/w Terminal Box - Williams NSC-1-5 Coldroom
Compressor - Williams - Cold Room - A150SCN
Heater 300w - Williams - Coldroom - GP
Fixing for Relay Zanotti
Condensor Fan Motor - Zanotti BDB135T002F Coldroom
Condensor Fan Motor & Capacitor - Zanotti MAS135T397F Coldroom
Vaporiser Coil - Zanotti MSB135T02F Condensor Unit
External Drip Tray/Fan Housing - Zanotti MSP135TO305F Coldroom
Door Switch - Universal Cold Rooms/ Zanotti
Liquid Line Dryer - Zanotti BSB125T180F Freezer
Chrome Flush Roller Strike - Walk In Cold Room
Sensor - Zanotti - Condensing Unit - HCU2060S3700F
Fan Speed Controller - Zanotti - Condensing Unit - HCU2060S3700F
Door Switch (Roller Catch Type) - Zanotti - Chiller - MTM11040F
Condenser Block - Zanotti - Coldroom - BGM320398F
Evaporator Tray - Zanotti MDB121T013G
Evaporator Fan Motor & Blade - Zanotti MSB135N476P
Zanotti VCMA20S Pump
Waste pump - Zanotti VCMA205 Coldroom
Timer M48 Right Hand 220-230v
Capilliary Tube - Zanotti BGM11702 MTP121N02G/INL Coldroom
Vaporiser Coil - Zanotti MGM105260F
ACC Compressor
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Zanotti GM1 Walk In Cold Room
Bulb Fittings - Zanotti GM1 MAS123T02F Walk In Coldroom
Drain heater - Zanotti BSP21NO305F
Evaporator coil block - Zanotti BSP21NO305F
Condensor coil block - Zanussi BSP21NO305F
Condensor coil block - Zanotti MGM107260F
Front cover - Zanotti BGM11702F Cold Room
Drip tray - Zanotti MTP121N02F
Drain Piece Holder Elbow - Zanotti MGM107260F
Evap Motor Blade - Zanotti BGM2181 Coldroom
Condensate Tray - Zanotti MGM2112259F Cold Room
Sensor - Zanotti MDB123TO2F Coldroom