Display Equipment Spares

Display Equipment Spares Parts
M5 Nut - Adande VCS- Chiller
M5 x ST/ST Screw - Adande VCS- Chiller
M5 x 8 Screw Hex Flange Stainless Steel - Adande VCS- Chiller
Gasket- Mobile Banqueting Unit - Alto Shaam 1000-BQ2/192
Carvery Board without Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Carvery Boad with Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Carvery Board with Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Canopy Bulb - Alto Shaam ECU96 Deli Display
Thermostat - Alto Shaam ECU96 ED2-48 Deli Display
Switch, Master - Angelo Po
Switch, Window Lighting Display - Angelo Po
Wet Well Element - Archway HD5 Heated Chicken Display
Front Upright Support Set - Arevalo MR-278-P Pizza Counter
Shelf - Arevalo MR-278-P Pizza Counter
Rear Upright Support Set - Arevalo MR-278-P Pizza Counter
Aluminium Support Set - Arevalo MR-278-P Pizza Counter
PCB Assembly (display & main) - Arneg - Display - ASPEN
Manual Night Blind (1250mm) - Arneg Berlino - 2SL110205
Night Blind (1800mm) - Arneg - Display - 1800
Sensor Set - Arneg - Display - ASPEN 2MRG1CAA9523050
Off Tension Pin - Arneg
Spring Lower Hinge - Arneg
Door Gasket - Arneg S -Lagos Display Chiller
Drain Pan Heater - Arneg Multi-Deck Trent
Door Seal - Arneg Fridge KYOTO VENT 3125
Door Gasket - Arneg Wipper 1800V.D. 2400VC 2400VD
Roller Blind Motor - Arneg - Display Fridge - CHESTER 2 MF110/205
500wt Clear Double Jacket Heat Lamp
1000w/400V Heating Element - Beha Hedo
Evaporator Coil - Caravell Display Fridge
Curved Front Glass Coldmaster Display Unit
Element - Coldmaster Chef 3 Dry Display Unit
Glass Top Lid Coreco CVEP925CC Serveover
Door Seal - Delfield - Display Unit- F18PD56-PHD-E
Door Gasket - Duke - Display Fridge - SWD600-86LFM
Switch - Electrolux used on their Bain maries, display and refrigerated units
Semi-Circular Handle - Enodis 900 Self Serve - AB1CHSC0900GB
Condenser Tray Heating Element - Moffat -
Top Hinge Bracket - Foster - PMC3HRT Salad Display
Valve - Danfoss Valve TUB - Franke - Display
Lift Up Lid - Framec - RUMBA13
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Framec 0000014711000 Display
Drain Heater - Framec - Display Fridge -
Thermostat - Fri-Jado CL60
SUPERSEDED Fan Assembly - Fri-Jado CL60
Digital Thermostat - Fri-Jado CL60
Temperature Probe (PTC)- Fri-Jado CL60
Night Roller Blind - Fri-Jado CL60
Set of Hinges for 1 Door - Fri-Jado FHS6 - Hot Display
Heat Lamp Holder - Fri-Jado HD4
100w Heat Lamp - Fri-Jado HD4
End Glass (with lower holes) - Frilixa - Display Unit - MAXIM MEAT
End Glass (without lower holes) - Frilixa - Display Unit - MAXIM
Top Evaporator- Frilixa- Refrigeration
End Glass Fixing - Frilixa - Display Unit - CANEDO 1.0M
End Glass - Frilixa - Display Unit - CANEDO 1.0M
Side Glass- Frillixa FADO 1.5m - Chiller
Door Seal - Frilixia - Saladette Saladeria2P
Side Glass - Frilixa Celebrity150 Serveover
Night Blind - Frilixa - Display Chiller - FRESCO 1.00M
Sneeze Glass - Frilixa - Display Chiller - FRESCO 1.00M
End Glass - Frilixa - Display Chiller - TAMEGA 1.5M
Top Glass Frilixa GERES1.5M Display Unit
Curved Glass Frilixia GERES2.0M Display Unit
Curved Front Glass Frilixia GERES1.5M
Curved Glass Front Panel - Frilixa Counter
Microswitch - Frost Tech Multideck
Float Drip Tray - Frost Tech Multideck SD75/150SH
Ball Drip Tray - Frost Tech - Display - DP75-100
Left Hand Hinge Fruillinox TR75/3 Saladette
Right Hand Hinge Fruillinox TR75/3
Left Hand Gripping Plaque Fruillinox TR75/3
Right Hand Gripping Plaque Fruillinox TR75/3
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Friulinox TR75/3 Saladette
Lid Gasket/Seal - Gram K1807 Counter Chiller
Rod Element - Hatco - GR2SDH-42D
Relay - Hatco - Display - FDW-1X
Door Stop - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
Short / Centre Door Flap - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
Long / End Door Flap - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
Viewing Glass - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
Ceramic Lamp Holder - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
SUPERSEDED Blower Motor - Henny Penny HMT3 HMT5 Hot Counte
Fan Blade - Henny Penny HMT5 HMT3 Hot Counter
Display Filter Board- Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Filter Board
Regulator- Henny Penny HMT-5 Display Temp. Regulator
Element - Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Element
Controller - Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Controller
Dark Grey Lower Lid - Iarp - Display Fridge - GAMMA200NR
Dark Grey Upper Lid - Iarp - Display Fridge - GAMMA200NR
Defrost Heater - Igloo - Display Cabinet - MONIKA 2/1.7SM
Evap Fan - SC25AL Drink Display Cabinet
Night Blind - ISA Bastia Umbria Millennium 0712- Display Chiller
Hydrolift Piston - Jordao - CANTO.EXT.30 Esfrerico Pasion
Motorised Shutter - Jordao Primus S4 Slim
Glass Support Right Jordao Passion C/GP
Evaporator (at the bottom) - Jordao Vitrina
Green Indicator Lamp - Jordao Display Fridge
Cond/Evap Fan Motor - Jordao 105 VRV-CG950
Drain Connector Jordao Canto Exterior 90
Element - Jordao Display Fridge
Rear panel - Jordeo - Display Cabinet -
2 Panels - Jordeo - Passion 9OC/GP - Display
1 Panel - Jordeo - Passion 9OC/GP -
Glass Front Display- Jordao VIT.HORIZ.PLUS REF.SUP.SALAD- Serveover
Evaporator- Jordao VRV-DG - Display Fridge
Plastic Light Cover- Jordao Vitrina Passion 200 - Display Chiller
Plastic Light Cover - Vitrina Passion 200 - Chiller Serveover
Solenoid Valve - Lincat D6R7SB
Control Unit & Probe - Lincat Display
Glass Door - 560mm(W)x466mm(H) - Lincat
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor (& blade) - Lincat D6R75S
Element - Lincat LD3 Heated Display Unit
Evap Coil - Lowe - Display Cabinet - SD60/120FG
Shutter- Mafirol 9271017 - Display Chiller
Night Blind - Mafirol - M Cronus M1.5 FVL-C
Front Curved Glass Mafirol Display Unit
Plastic Locking Clip - Mafirol - MCRONUS M3FVL-C
End Glass Panel - Mafirol - Refrigerated Display - FVBT-TVCR BECO1420
Curved Front Glass Panel - Mafirol Euromini
Top Glass Panel - MBM ATR160
Front Glass Panel - MBM ATR160
Side Glass Panel - MBM ATR160
Fixing Set - MBM ATR160
Heat Lamp for Merco Heated Display
Merco Heat Lamp End Caps
Condenser Fan Cover - Metos Salad Display
Ball Bearing - Metos
Complete Strip Light Fitting - Moffat VCRW4R
Sneeze Screen c/w Fixing Screws - Moffat FTTG4 Hot Display
Temperature Controller Moffat VCRW4C Display
Glass Panel - Moffat D5HD Display Unit
Sneeze Screen - Moffat
Evaporation Heater Element - Moffat VCRDFCLSA
Drip Tray - Moffat - Display - VCRW4
Start Capacitor- Mondial E6143N0276- Langar Chiller
Vaporiser Tray - Mondial - Display Unit - SUNNY SL7T
Complete Plexiglass Door with 2 Translucent Plastic Handles - Mondial
Heat Lamp - Norpe - Display Unit - M23900S
Curved Front Glass - Norpe SAGA-90-N-RST SAGA90-M-STS+2+8
Corner Piece (pair) Deli Night Blind - Norpe G200006 Display Fridge
PCB - Norpe H35100S Chilled Display
RH End Glass Panel - Norpe - Display - M32904S SAGA-135-M-STS
LH Door (no hinges) - Oscartielle - Display - ARGUS G.IL35
Top Light Cover Panel - Oscartielle Banco
Front Sneeze Screen - Oscartielle Banco Mira
Shelf brackets - Oscartielle L200 Display fridge
Double Glazed 1500 Gold Trim Double Bend Front Glass - Parry -
Sneeze Glass - Parry - Display - C3LU
Flat Front Glass Parry MSB18G Heated Display
Night Blind- Pastorkalt Q4002050/2000M1 - Chiller
Plastic Ticket Strip for Shelf - Pastorkalt - Display -
Lid- Polar Salad/ Pizza Prep Refrigerated Counter Lid - Polar G605
Fan Motor - Polar G619 G211 SC-70
Foot - Polar CB509 Fridge
R/H Bottom Door Hinge - Polaris KST03TN Chiller (c/w insert)
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L
Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L DB0220L0 DBQ220LS
Motor - Roller Grill RD60TI Cake Display
Glue - Sagi - Display Unit - KP12Q20P64
Top Glass - Sagi - Display Unit - KP12Q20P64
Evaporator - Scaiola - Cake Display - ERG400
Motor for Cake Stand - Scaiola - Display unit - 230ERG
Belt - Sciaola - Cake Display - 400ERG
Motor - Scaiola - Cake Display - 400ERG
Large Switch on Control Panel Scanfrost
Controller & Probes - Stellex R5 Chillscreen
Element - Studio 54 BATIDA Hot Display
Lift Up Door - Tecfrigo Orizont 200 Chilled
Gasket - Tecfrigo Prisma 400- Cake Display Unit
320mm Light Strip - Tefcold BA25H/ALU UF50G Cooler
Wash Tank Element - Teikos TS830 Dishwasher
10amp 250v M1DX20 Micro Switch- Teikos TS601- Dishwasher
Front Glass Assembly - Ubert - Deli Cabinet - DHT51BJ2015
Digital Controller - Ubert DHT31 DHT41 Heated Display Unit
Left Hand Sliding Door Ubert DHT31 Heated
Right Hand Sliding Door Ubert DHT31 Heated
Bottom Door Runner Ubert DHT31 Heated
Top Door Runner Ubert DHT31 Heated
Sliding Door Assembly - Ubert - Heated Display - DHT31
Element 500w - Victor - Heated Display - HDU20X
Condensate Heater Assembly - Victor
Float Switch Victor CARIB18Z Salad Bar
NTC Probe 1500mm - Victor CARIB3 BM30MS Servery
Spring Tensioner - Victor - Display Cabinet - RMR100E
Capillary (per metre) - Victor - Display - CAR1B7.419XF
Drain Pan Heater - Victor DRMT5WY WDRWL4Z
End Glass - Victor Deli - CARIV6212Q
Curved Glass - Victor - Servery Unit - CARIB7.416XF(S)
Sneeze Screen - Victor - Display Unit - HDU30GX
500w Quartz Lamp - Viscount ACA19HCBMD
Condensor / Evaporator Tray - Viscount ACA12RDWA Display Unit
Roller Shutter - Williams - Display
1/6 BRIDGING BAR (172mm) - Williams CPC 32002
Evaportor (Upper)- Zoin HL20
Lower Evaportor Coil- Zoin HL15B- Chiller
Evaporator - Zoin JY15B-VA Display Fridge
Glass Fixing Screw - Zoin HL20B-VA
Chrome Plated Glass Fixing Screw - Zoin HL20B-VA
Upper Evaporator - Zoin JY20B Serve-Over
Top Glass Panel Zoin HL10B Display Unit
Glass RH End Panel - Zoin HL15B/VA Display
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Zoin SN15B-VA Display Counter
Upper Evaporator Coil - Zoin HL15B-UB Display Counter