Grill Spares

Grill Spares Parts
Grill Shelf Rack - Falcon G1532 G2532 Grill
Grill Pan Handle Black Plastic FALCON 1092
Heating Element - Silko CGE7021
2900w 230v Element 425 x 165mm - Mareno SME-63M Grill
Ceramic Electrode for PLX80 Grill
Grill Handle - Falcon Grill G1518 G1528
Grill Knob - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Thermocouple - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Bracket - Falcon G3532 Grill
Refractory Tile - Angelo Po 60SM Salamander Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
LPG Gas Tap - Falcon G350/10 Chargrill
Chargrill Control Knob - Falcon G350 G359 G31
Relay Switch Unit - Falcon E1532 Grill
Fuse Holder - Falcon E1522 Grill
Kantark fuse 20A - Falcon E1522 Grill
Control Thermostat - Falcon E350/46
4kwt 240v Grill Element - Falcon Salamander
Heating Element 3ph 440v - Falcon E1532 Grill
Grill Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
Gasket Set for Two Plagues - Falcon G1528
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2925
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Pilot Burner Assembly N/G - Falcon G9622 Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G9622 G2830 G9922 G9211
Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Grill brick - Falcon G1522 Griddle
LH Element - Franke FR1/1EW Grill
Jet Grill Jet 55 - DCS Imperial Elite CIR-6-
SUPERSEDED On / Off Control Knob - Falcon Dominator
Brander Plate Supergrill 600 Cast Aluminium
Simmerstat for an Ambach Salamander SE60
Control Knob - Mareno Chargrill GL7
Bar Burner - Mareno GL7-8G Gas Chargrill
NG Gas Tap Injector - Falcon G1512
Natural Gas Jet - Falcon G350/19 G1532 Grill
Support Bar for Plaques - Falcon G1532 Grill
Brander Drip Trough - Falcon G2532 Grill
Grill Burner Brick Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
Thermocouple - Falcon G1502 G2502 G1532 G2532 G9502
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
Nickel Plated Thermocouple M10x1 1000mm - Falcon Dominator Grill
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
SUPERSEDED Falcon G2923 Chargrill Grill Thermocouple
Set of 6 Grill Bricks - Falcon G9532 Grill
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
Thermocouple Kit - Falcon G2924B G2629 G9622
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
SUPERSEDED Knob - Blue Seal Salamander G91B
Burner Assembly - Blue Seal G91B Grill
Branding Plate - Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill
SUPERSEDED Ignition Button - Mareno GL7 Chargrill
Ignition Lead - Mareno PLG40 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED LH Spring - Ital Vesuvio IR/RTIM Panini Grill
Heating Element 235mm x 210mm 1700w 230v - Ital SAL1 Grill
Panini Grill Top Element - Ital Vesuvio
Control Knob - Bartlett Yeoman F20G/6 Grill
450mm M9x1 Thermocouple - Blue Seal G91 G91B Grill
Conversion Kit NG to LPG Blue Seal
Thermocouple - Angelo Po 60SM Grill 191FAAGCPMO
Element - Angelo Po CE08/ 60SME Grill
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1532 Grill
Brander Plate - Bartlett F56G F21G-8 F21G Power
Pilot Nut 1/4 for Gas Tap - Blue Seal Masterchef G59-6
Pilot Olive 1/4 for Gas Tap - Blue Seal G59-6
Grill Element- Bakbar / Blue Seal E92
Neon indicaator - Falcon Salamander E2523
3kg bag - BBQ Lava rocks
Conversion Kit- Stott Benham Multigrill GMG260NG Grill -
Burner (LPG) - Bartlett Yeoman F25G/8 Grill
Gas Burner - Bartlett F21G/8 F21G/8 F56G
Bottom Elements - Aristarco Pinini Grill -
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lang Flat Grill CLGPB-48-S
Jets- Stott Benham Supergrill 600 Jets
Top Element - Ital Panini Grill CG2/FR
Oven Thermocouple - Moorwood Vulcan M-Line ML90G-F 60MC2R-NG
Knob- Moorwood Vulcan Infragrill 900 Control Knob
Grill Plate- Moorwood CL92EG Grill Plate c/w Handles
2kwt Element - Corsair CH351 Grill
Wiring of Plate Connecting Spring - Buffalo - L530
Gas Regulator - Imperial IR-6 Cooker
Pilot Burner Valve - Hobart Wolf chargrill
Element Moorwood Vulcan Grill 1.5kwt 240v
Pilot Fimar B50 Grill
Main Gas Valve - Rankin Delux Chargrill
Element - Falcon KE162 Grill
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat Thermostat - Falcon KE162 Grill
SUPERSEDED Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22/SS Salamander
SUPERSEDED Red On/Off Rocker switch - Buffalo L518
30w 230v 50Hz Motor - Roller Grill GR80E Kebab Grill
Element Bottom - Rollergril Panini Majestic R
Round element - Rollergrill FC26 Grill
LPG Gas Pilot Assembly - Falcon Grill
Burner plaque gauze - Stott Benham Supergrill
Drip tray - Stott Benham Supergrill 800
Stott 800 Branding Plate 590mm x 500
600 / 800 Stott Benham Grill Handles
Rotary Switch - Stott Benham EM66
Element - Stotts GE600 Grill Element 1.1kwt
1.4 Kwt Element 240v Stott Benham 8SGE S/n
Element 1.8Kwt - Stott Benham EMG6 EM6 Grill
Injector - Stott Benham Grill 800
Grill Burner - Stott Benham Supergrill 800 JG380 JG480
SUPERSEDED Mesh - Stott Benham Multi Grill GMG 260
Burner Plaques - Stott Benham 800 600 GSG28
Chargrill Burner Thermostat -Fields & Pimblet
Pilot Assembly - Zanussi 285774 Chargrill
Element - Zoppas 171256/
Thermostat - Electrolux/Zanussi TR2 0-300C
Heating Element 1900W 220V Electrolux/
Pilot Assembly - Zanussi Chargrill CE 0051AQ0
Heating Element - Electrolux/Zanussi Grill
Heating Element - Electrolux/Zanussi SL
Burner Mesh - Fields & Pimblett Double Grill
SUPERSEDED Ubert MP205 Grill Fan Motor
NCLTD 1153 Gas Tap - Stott Benham GMG2-60 Super Grill
Gas Tap - Stott Benham GMG2-60 LPG Gas Tap
Plaque Assembly - Stott Benham Multi Grill GMG
Grill Element for Stott Benham
Selector Switch ESG3.80 Grill - Stott Benham
Brander Plate - F21G Bartlett Power Grill
Brander Plate - Stott Benham 800 Super Grill
Open Top Burner Valve Stott Benham Super Grill
Coal Support Grid - Rosinox GR20 chargrill
Ego 55.13069.500 Thermostat 50-320c Single Phase - Roller Grill Oven
Red On /Off Rocker Switch - Buffalo L518 SO4 L554 Contact
SUPERSEDED Grill Thermocouple - Parry
Gas Tap Assembly - Parry 7073 7072 7090 Grill
2.5kwt Element - Parry 1872 Salamander Grill
SUPERSEDED Top Element - Buffalo Contact Grill
Master Chef Grill MC60MC4G-NG
Griddle Element L/H - Electroway EW33G
Burner Assembly - Moorwood Vulcan 80G Grill
Grill Knob Moorwood Vulcan Gemini MK 1
Element - Electroway Heatray Grill Element 2.7kwt
Main Gas Burner - Ambach GLG80 Grill
Gas tap assembly - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Gas Valve - Lincat Salamander Silverlink 600
Sit 1200mm Thermocouple - Lincat GR3-GR7 N Grill
Green Main Switch - Lincat Salamander Grill
Control knob - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Thermostat Control Knob - Lincat Grill
Infrared Tube Element - Lincat/Cougar Grill LPC LSC
Energy Regulator - Lincat Electric Salamander
Heating Element - Lincat Electric Grill Opus
Grease Drain Drawer - Lincat OG7401 Chargrill
Pilot Tube - Imperial EBA 2223 Chargrill
HT Lead - Imperial EBA 2223 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Right Elite B B Q CEBA2223 - Imperial
SUPERSEDED Hobart Wolf Chargrill Pilot Tube
Radiant - SCB36CE/1 SB125CE Wolf Chargrill
SE60 Grill Element - Hobart Salamander
Element - Giorik SRH2011 SH510P Grill
LPG Small Orifce - Garland ST280-36B Chargrill
Middle Thermocouple - Garland Chargrill
Knob (Gas Tap) Universal Dial Kit GD Grill
Hob/Griddle Control Knob - Garland ST283 ST286 Griddle
Griddle/Grill Pilot - Frialator
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G2532 Grill
2800 Wt 230V Element - Falcon LD22 Grill
Control panel - Falcon Salamamder E2523
Relay - Falcon E1532 E2523 E2532 Grill
Relay Kit - Falcon E2532
Relay conversion kit - Falcon E1532 E2523
Control Knob - Falcon E1532 Grill
Heating Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
SUPERSEDED - U Shape Element - Falcon E1522 E2522 Grill
SUPERSEDED Contactor Rotary Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Element 240v - Falcon E1502 Oven
Control Knob Falcon Steakhouse Grill
E1501 Steak House Grill Element
NG -LPG Conversion kit - Falcon G350/19 Grill
Ce Gas Control NG - Falcon G1528 Multigrill
Front Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 EN203 Grill
Gas Valve - Falcon G1532 G2502 G2512 G2532 G9532 G2522
Wire Shelf - Falcon G1528 Grill
6CH24-1 3 Way NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1528 Grill Nat Gas Pilot Assembly
Pilot Burner with Olives - Falcon G2624 G1102 Oven
Pilot Electrode c/w lead - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Control Knob - Falcon Grill G2532 G1502 G2502
Louve Set of 10 - Falcon G9622 Grill
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 G1518 G1848
Pilot Injector- Falcon Dominator G2624 G2924B
Control Knob - Falcon G9922 G9122 G9907 G9942
Bezel - Falcon G9622 Chargrill
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Natural Gas Pilot - G1528 Salamander Grill
Green & Black Hob Control Knob - Falcon G1528
Burner - Falcon G1532 G350/19 SteakHouse
Knob - Falcon Steakgrill G1532
SUPERSEDED Grill Brick - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
Conversion Kit Nat To LPG -Falcon G9522 Grill
Centre Brick Support - Falcon G9522 G2522 Oven
End Supports - - Falcon Salamanda Grill
SUPERSEDED LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G1532 Grill
Pilot Assembly (NG & LPG)- Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
Centre Brick Support - Falcon Grill
Obsolete Grill Burner Brick - Falcon G1532 G350/19
Food Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Long Support - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Flame Failure Device (NAT GAS) - Falcon G1532
LPG Injector - Falcon G9532 G1532 Grill
Grill Brick 7 1/4" X 4 3/4" - Falcon G1527
Lead Electrode - Falcon Salamander G1528
Franke FR1/1E2 R/H Grill Element
On/ Off knob - Falcon G1511 Grill
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Grill Brick 6 x 11 Pimples - Falcon
Single Side Brander Plate - Falcon G1528
Brander Plate - Falcon G1512 G3512
LPG Nozzle - Zanussi Electrolux SLG802 Grill
L/H Grill Element - Franke FR1/1E2
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Valve - Mareno Chargrill GL 8G C7FG-9G
LPG Burner Assembly - Mareno PLG40 Chargrill
Element - Baron Salamander Grill SBE57T
Ribbed cast-Iron grill plate - Charvet 800
SUPERSEDED Control thermostat - Stott Benham EBB2MG
SUPERSEDED Element - Moffat E91B/Blue Seal Grill - has a
Piezo Gas Spark Ignitior - Blue Seal G576 G594 G570 G506DF Grill
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Blue Seal G594
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Masterchar Grill G59-6
SUPERSEDED - G91B Ce Blue Seal Salamander Grill Burner
SUPERSEDED Ignitor Lead - Blue Seal GT45
Control Knob - Blue Seal G594 G50D G91B G59/6 Grill
HT Electrode Lead - Blue Seal Chargrill G594
Gas Tap - Blue Seal G91 Grill
Element - Blue Seal E91 E91B Salamander Grill
Rack Handle - Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill
Burner - Blue Seal G59-6 G594 Master Char Gas Grill
F20G/6 Bartlett Grill NG Nozzle
Grill Brander Handle 8mm - Bartlet Yeoman F25G/8
Grill Element- Bartlett F20E Yeoman Grill Element
Natural Gas Burner Jet -Bartlett F20G/6 Grill
Heating Element - Ambach SE80 Grill
LPG Jet - Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Pilot - Montague Grizzly Salamander SBE3418-C
Fan Assy - Eurogrill TG550 Chicken Rotisserie
Double Element 3100W - Eurogrill TG330 Rotisserie
Control Knob - Eurogrill TG550E
SUPERSEDED Grill Element 1500wt MLE90G-F EW63GR
2R-L Element - Orion Brander-Aristarco
Lower Element - Parry - PCGT/3
Piezo Ignitor - Imperial - CIR-6
Oven Heating Element - Rosinox Salamander
NG Pilot Injector - Fimar 50 Chargrill
LP Gas Main Injector - Bartlett F23G/8 Grill
Piezo ignitor - Blue Seal MasterCHA Chargrill
Thermostat knob - Rowlett Rutland SE501-EL
Thermostat - Rowlett Rutland SE501-EL Grill
Element- Hobart SME-70M Hobart Grill Element
Top Element - Buffalo L511 Contact Grill
Outer Door Glass - Rollergrill FC60 Grill
Bottom Element - Buffalo L511 Contact Grill
Pilot Assembly - Ambach GLG45 Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lang CLG-36A Oven/Grill
Complete Burner - Falcon G1532 G2532 G9502
Stainless Steel Burner - Blue Seal G596-LS Chargrill
Burner Plaques Set - Falcon G1532 Grill Pre C
Selector Switch 0-4 Postion 16amp 250v - Franke Salamander Grill
SUPERSEDED Falcon Gril E1532 Simmerstat w/ Knob
SUPERSEDED Gas Burner Grill Brick - Falcon G1521 G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Grill Shelf Handle - Falcon G1528 Grill
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2512 G2532 Grill
On/Off Control Knob - Falcon G1502
Piezo Ignitor - Fimar Chargrill B50
Element - Buffalo P106 Grill
Conversion kit LPG to NGFalcon G2532 Salamander Gas Grill Convertion
Upper Casting Plate - Rollergrill
Quartz Heat Element - Roller Grill FC60TQ
Grill Handle - Moorwood Vulcan MC60 Grill
Re Indicator Neon Lamp - Buffalo L371 L501 L511
SUPERSEDED Ital / Stresa Grill - L/H Spring 18 x 42mm
Gas Govener - Garland GA1COR6AO-NG
Thermocouple - Garland GA1COR6AO-NG
Grill Burner - Montague Grizzly G2616-6-2F2B
Louvre double sided - Falcon Grill G9622
Bottom Element - Buffalo L537 L553 L554 CD474
Top Element - Buffalo L537 L553 L554 CD474
***OBSOLETE*** Louvre singled sided- Falcon Grill G9622
Heat Control Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Pilot Assembly - Moffat NG /LPG Chargrill G596
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon G1532 Grill
Control knob - Falcon Salamander E2523 E2512
Oven Burner Jet - Lincat CG4 Chargrill (NG)
Chargrill Lava Rock Briquettes (20lb) Garland ST280-30
Nut - Montague Grizzly Salamander SBE3418-C
Tubing- Wolf SCC-SPC - 3/16"" DIA FLEX TUBING X 18
Olive - Montague Grizzly Salamander SBE3418-C
Jet - Montague Grizzly Salamander SBE3418-C
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Lincat OG7201 Grill
LPG Regulator - Bakers Pride Chargrill XXE-4
L/H Heating Element - Franke Salamander Grill
R/H Spring - Ital CCG1-F RR-RR TIM Grill
Knob- Stott Benham Control Knob
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
Thermocouple - Montague Grizzly Salamander
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2532 Grill
HT Lead - Elmwood Grill
Lower Grid - Fagor BG705 Chargrill Lower Grid
Thermocouple- Fagor BG705 Chargrill Thermocouple
Inner Door Glass - Roller Grill FC60
** Obsolete** Knob- Stott Benham GMG3-60-NG Grill Knob
Thermocouple - Fimar CKO 345 Chargrill
Conversion Kit LPG to NG- Falcon G1532 Grill Gas Conversion Kit
Grill handle - Electrolux GMG480 Grill
Grill Handle Heat Protection Disc- Electrolux
Switch - Stott Benham ESG3.80 Grill
Top Plate Guide - Roller Grill Majestic Lissi Panini Grill
Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Gas Valve- FALCON G1528 EN203 PRE 9/6/97 Gas Valve
Gas Grill Burner Assembly- Falcon G2505
Control Knob - Lincat OE7303 Grill
Electric element for Modular Salamander grill
Red Neon indicator - Falcon LD22 Grill
SUPERSEDED Grill Thermocouple 1200mm- Falcon G1518 G1528
Grill Element- Angelo Po Salamander 60SME Grill Element
Thermocouple (80mm) - Rosinox Salamander
Grid Handle & Set - Falcon Grill- G2502
Pilot jet - Electrolux Salamander SLG480
Main burner jet - Electrolux Salamander
2.8kw Element - Lincat GR3 GR3SL Grill
Pilot Orifice (NG) - Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
Control Knob - Buffalo L518 Contact Grill
Thermocouple - Wolf RB36E Grill
Gas Burner NG- Wolf (F) CIRB36E
Middle Louvre - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
End Louvre - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Burner Assembly - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Door Hinge Spring for upper door hinge O
15 Minute Timer & Knob - Parry 1806 Grill
Thermocouple 450mm - Parry 7072 7073 Salamander Grill
Ferrule Spring & Screw - Grill LSC-LPC -
Element connector - Lincat LPC LSC Grill
Element - Ambach SE60 Salamander Grill
Crosslighting injector LPG - Falcon G1521U
Thermocouple - Falcon G1532 Grill / Sock Pot
Spring - Buffalo L554 Grill
1/2" Gas Governor - Falcon Salamander G1478 Grill
Selector switch - Rowlett Rutland RE200DT
Economy mode switch (Red) - Rowlett Rutland
Branding Grid- Falcon EN203 G350/10 Chargrill
LPG Jets - Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Loop Wires - Parry Pizza/Sandwich Grill 1806
Heating Element - Falcon Chieftan E1106 Oven
Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Grill
Grill Drain Cock for Drip Tray- Falcon G1528
Element - Moorwood Vulcan E80G Grill Element
Grill Bricks - (Pack of 8) Falcon Grill G2512
Element - Keating Electric Grill 36NFLD Element
Gas Regulator 3/4 J78R 9-17 - List £145.00
Pipe - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Ring - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Nut - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Bracket - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Pilot Burner - Fimar B80 CK0347 Chargrill
Thermocouple - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Gas Pipe - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Ignition Cable - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Outer louvre - Lincat CG6 Chargrill
Middle louvre - Lincat CG6 Chargrill
Ceramic Burner - Blue Seal Salamander Grill
Pilot Jet LPG - Garland MSTSRC Salamander Grill
3kw 230v Element - Blue Seal E91B Grill
SUPERSEDED PEL21S Gas Valve - Lotus CW74 Chargrill
Support Bar Set - Falcon Grill G1522
Double Sided Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
Spark Electrode - Falcon G350 Griddle
Control Knob - Angelo Po Gas Chargrill
Flexi Tube - Blueseal Chargrill CB6
Grill Shelf - Falcon G1512 Grill
Thermocouple - Newscan B50 Chargill
Pilot Assembly Y Shape LPG -
Retro Fit Kit Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 Grill
LPG Nozzle - Zanussi PGGV700 MGV/G2 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED - Thermocouple Falcon G2925 Grill
SUPERSEDED - Pilot Assembly Falcon G2925 Grill
LPG Gas Jets - Rosinox Salamander SPM25G
Drip Tray - Falcon G2532 Grill
Gas Burner - Zanussi PGGV700 MGV/G2 Chargrill
Wire Grid - Falcon G2532 Grill
1/4" Dia Pilot Tubing-FF RT
Thermocouple - Blue Seal G91B Grill
Hearth Surround Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Heart Rod Set x17 Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Grill Supports Garland ST280 Grill
Gas Valve- Stott Benham Grill Gas Valve - OU0842
LPG Jets - Ambach GLG/90 Grill
LPG Jets - Ambach GBP/90 Grill
White Switch Knob (post 9/6/90)
Pilot Nut & Olive- Garland MSTSRC
1.65kwt 230v Heating Element 315 x 200mm - MKN Grill
LPG Burner Jet - Zanussi 163711 Chargrill
LH Element 2kwt 230v- Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
RH Element 2kwt 230v- Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Amber Neon - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
15 Minute Timer - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Switch - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Knob - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Burner Assembly - Rosinox SPM25G Salamander
Gas Valve Knob - Keating 30BFLO Grill
385mm Element 700w 110v - Rollergrill SEM60TQ Grill
Gas tap for Moorwood Vulcan Chargrill
Terminal post assy - Falcon E1100 Grill
1/2" Regulator - Blue Seal G91 Grill
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
Burner Kit and Pilot Shield Garland GF
Element 2100W - Eurogrill TG550 Rotisserie
Grill - Fagor BG705 Chargrill
Lava rock grid - Fagor BG705 Grill
SUPERSEDED Control Board Hatco QTS1 Salamader Grill
SUPERSEDED Top Element Hatco QTS1 Salamader Grill
Grill Element 1150W - Leisure / Flavel
Pilot Assembly (NG) - Blue Seal G91B Grill
Shield for Handle - Bartlett F20G6 Grill
Wire Grill - Bartlett F20G6 F20E6 Grill
Gas Valve LPG Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Copreci CAL24200 Gas Valve NG - Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Pilot Burner - Imperial CEBA Chargrill
Relay - Falcon E2522 Grill
Handle For Hood Ambach ESI-60 Grill
SUPERSEDED Pilot light - Dexion Grill
1.35kw 240v Element - Dexion/MBM ME077-03-003 EFTA777L Grill
Contactor - Dexion ME077-03-033 Grill
Ceramic Burner Assembly - Charvet V01837
Knob for Gas Valve - Charvet V01837 SALAM600
Complete Burner - Lincat GR7N GR7/P Salamander Grill
Themocouple Clamp Nut Blue Seal Grill
Flexible Pipe Assembly Angelo Po 60SM
Thermocouple - Blue Seal G91 Salamander Grill
Element Pantheon PANAT936 Grill
Knob Lincat GR7N Grill
Ceramic spacer - Rollergrill SEM60QT Grill
Glass Tube - Rollergrill SEM60QT Grill
Grate for Lava Rock - Zanussi MG/G700 Chargrill
Bench legs (set of 4) - Falcon E1512
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple- Rosinox SPM25E Salamander Grill
1.5 kwt 240v Element Hatco Contact Grill
Panel Decal - Hatco QTS1 Salamander Grill
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G9922 Chargrill
Element 1.4kw - Stott Benham - Supergrill 800
Gas govenor - Falcon G1532 Grill
Commutator - Rollergrill RST1270
Burner Mesh Tecnoinox SEL2/0 Salamander Grill
Valve Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Thermocouple Bertos G9FL8M-2 Bratt Pan
Burner Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Pilot Body - Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Spark Plug Bertos G9FL8M-2 Bratt Pan
Hinge Pin - Ital CCG2R Contact Grill
Operation switch - Rollergrill RST1270
Bolt - Ital CCG2R Contact Grill
Heating Element - EuroTech SE800 Waffle Grill
Control knob - Blue Seal Evolution G91B Grill
Control Knob - Blue Seal Evolution G91B G596-LS Grill
NG-LPG Conversion Kit- Moffat G59/4 Chargrill
Control Board - Hatco QTS1 QTS2 Salamander Grill
Wiring Loom - Lincat LRG
Pilot Injector - Blue Seal G598LS Gas Chargrill
Pilot Burner -Garland MSTSRC Salamander Grill
Thermostat - Blue Seal G528DF Chargrill
Burner Fagor BG705PF Chargrill
1.3kwt Bottom element - Buffalo L530 L519 Contact Grill
Top element - Buffalo L530 Contact grill
Screw Fagor BG705PF Chargrill
Air Regulator Fagor BG705PF Chargrill
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1528 Grill
Gas Burner Brick (set of 12) - Falcon G9522 G2522 Grill
Gas Tap MBM SAG660 Salamander Grill
Injector - Falcon G1100 G1107 G21225 G3925
Wire Grill - Franke FR1/1EW2 Grill
SUPERSEDED Slanted Grate - Wolf SCB47C Chargrill
LPG Regulator - Wolf ACB60 Chargrill
Control Knob Assembly Angelo Po 60SME Grill
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Grill -
Burner - Bonnet Maestro Salamander Gas Grill
3kwt Dry Heating Element - Electrolux
Injector Holder C/W Injector Plate - Falcon G350 Grill
Heating Element 1.3kwt 400V - Ambach Grill
HT Lead 250mm Ring Terminal - Blue Seal Chargrill
Elbow Zanussi Dishwasher
Branding Plate 470x300x55mm - Angelo Po
Set of 4 Legs - Angelo Po IGOGRG-COM03
Grill Tray Stott Benham Supergrill800 Grill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill -
Ceramics Kit - Montague Grizzly Grill NSFD043109
Ceramic- Montague Grizzly Grill - Single Ceramic
Thermocouple 10" Bakers Pride XXE-4
Pilot Burner Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
LPG Orifice Hood Bakers Pride XXE-4
Minimum by-pass gas nozzle - Electrolux
Control Knob Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Multicock Gas Valve Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Governer & Adaptor NG 1/2" - Falcon G1518 Grill
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner Assembly NG - Falcon G1518 Grill
Branding Grid - Falcon Dominator Grill
Thermocouple - Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Heating Element 5kwt 230v - Ambach GUE40/70-V
Thermostatic Switch Prodis Contact Grill
RH Heater - Vulcan Hart VB73 Salamander
LH Heater - Vulcan Hart VB73 Salamander
BBQ Casting Grate Blue Seal G59/6 Grill
Pilot Bracket - Garland - Grill - MSTSRC0022
Gas Valve - Magikitch'n BBQ Grill
Gas Control Knob - Magikitch'n BBQ Grill
Thermocouple - Rankin-Delux 2123 Chargrill
Burner jet - Lincat OG402N Grill
Pilot jet - Lincat OG402N Grill
Pilot Valve Knob - Magikitch'n BBQ Grill
Green Pilot Lamp 400-440v - Electrolux
Burner Assembly Rollergrill SMG10B Salamander
Lava Rock - Lincat Chargrill Lava Rock 3kg Bag
NG Injector - Rollergrill SMG10B Salamander Grill
Cast Iron Grill Plate Fimar B/80 Grill
Element - Garland ED-24G Grill
Thermostat Knob - Prodis PA10173 Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED NG Gas Valve - Falcon G2925 Grill
Grill Shelf - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
Grill Element - Stott Benham Supergrill 600
RH Pilot assembly - Moffat Blue Seal G91B Grill
Slanted Grate 4.25" Wolf SCB47CE-1 Chargrill
Thermostat Switch - Rollergrill PSR600E
RH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
LH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
Grill Element - Stott Benham Supergrill 600
Rotary Switch - Falcon E2532 Grill
Burner - Fimar B111 Grill
Burner - Fimar B111 Grill (25 x 545mm)
Control Switch Falcon KE162 Grill
Wall Bracket (set of 2) Falcon E1532JS Grill
LPG Pilot Assembly- Falcon G9622 Chargrill
Terminal Block - Falcon E2512 E2522 E3512 Grill
Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22 Grill
Switch Franke FR1/1E Grill - 49.25215.530
Compression nut - Montague Grizzly
Compression sleeve - Montague Grizzly
27" Flex tubing 3/16 SS - Montague Grizzly
15" Flex tubing 3/16 SS - Montague Grizzly
Jet Sleeve - 3/16 Montague Grizzly GE60-6-2
Side Rack Blue Seal G91 Salamander Grill
Base Element Lincat LCG2 Grill
Spring For Handle Arm - Lincat LCG2 Grill
Handle Assembly Lincat LCG2 Grill
Top Element Lincat LCG2 Grill
Conduit Assembly Lincat LCG2 Grill
Side Rack Screw - Blue Seal Grill
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G1528 Salamander
LPG Burner Jet - Blue Seal G91B Grill
Element - Hobart SEL2/0 Salamander Grill
Splash Guard - Electrolux PGGV350 Gas Grill
Nut - Blue Seal G91 Grill
Element - Parry RO-SWG Salamander Grill
Element Ozti OGPDE8090N Grill
Safety Thermostat Ozti OGPDE8090N Grill
Three Phase 50-300c Thermostat Ozti OGPDE8090N Grill
2kwt 230v Element - Tecnoinox SEL2 Salamander Grill
Insulation - Roller Grill Savoye Contact Grill
Element 3000W 380-400V Beha Hedo 61D
Brander Plate Moorwood Vulcan MC60 Grill
Toast Rack - Moorwood Vulcan MC60 Grill
Spring Girdle - Rollergrill Double Panini Grill
Stainless steel plate - Fimar B115 Grill
Lava rock 5kg - Fimar B115 Grill
Griddle (Flat) Blue Seal G59-4 Grill
Casting Barbecue (Ribbed) - Blue Seal G59-4
Timer - Lincat LSC Grill
Gas Tap/Valve - Archway Charcoal Grill
LPG Gas Valve - Keating FU36X30LD Grill
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon Chargrill
Lava Rock (4kg) - Olis - Chargrill - 74/02PLG
Top Gas Valve- Electrolux Supergril l800 Grill
Bottom Gas Valve Electrolux & Supergrill 800
Complete Pilot Burner NG Electrolux
Rock Support - Olis - Chargrill - 74/02PLG
Support - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Drawer Assembly Mareno Grill
Burner Magikitchen Magicater LPG60 BBQ Grill
Grid Shelf w/Handles - Falcon G1528 Grill
Centre Support Magikitchen Magicater LPG60
Knob - Hatco QTS00002 Salamander
Timer/Temperature Control Switch - Hatco
Jackson Mayfair Grill MF92EG Element
Ignition Button Assembly - Rosinox GRREVISGRCM Grill
Halogen Bulb - Rollergrill - RBE25
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
Lava Rock Grid Universo PLX80 PLX47 Grill
Burner - Universo PLX80 PLX47 Grill
Pilot Burner - Universo PLX80 PLX47 Grill
Box Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Bag Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Tempered Glass - Hatco QTS00002 Salamander
Control Knob - Archway - Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Parry 1872 Grill
Door Seal BBQ King VG7NE Grill
Door Seal Assembly BBQ King VG7NE Grill
Heating Element - Giorik Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple 600mm - Bartlett F20G/6 Grill
Conversion kit - Moorwood Vulcan MV2GSA90-NG 90MCG
Louve Set - Falcon G9922 Grill
Bottom Grate Imperial Elite Chargrill
Black Lava Rocks Imperial Elite Chargrill
Set of 8 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1512 Grill
Gas Valve - Rosinox
Runner Tube Magikitchen CM624 Chargrill
Long Burner Archway Chargrill
Element - Chergui - TCH800-1976
Quartz Tube - Chergui - TCH800-1976
Brander Bar Angelo Po Chargrill
Hood Orifice - Hobart - Chargrill - SCB36CE
Gas Valve 21/SV M9X1 - Fimar - Chargrill -
Control Panel - Giorik SRH2011 Salamander
Control Knob - Moorwood Vulcan Grill
Burner - Bakers Pride FLB60 Grill
Thermostat Knob Label - Dexion 159PR Fry Top
Knob Housing Clip -Dexion 159PR Fry Top Grill
Knob - Dexion 159PR Fry Top Grill
Radiant - Bakers Pride FLB60 Grill
Branding Grid - Falcon G2624 Chargrill
Lava Rock Briquette - Charvet Chargrill
Handle- Falcon Gas Grill Grid Handle & Disc
SUPERSEDED Red Control Knob- Hobart IRB Salamander Grill
RH Pilot Runner Tube Magikitchen
LH Pilot Runner Tube Magikitchen
Pressure Regulator Valve Falcon G3925
Knob & Ring Black - Hobart
Handle - Falcon G2532 Salamander Grill
Temperature Sticker - Hobart
Red Neon Indicator Buffalo DM902 Grill
Green Neon Indicator Buffalo DM902 Grill
Control Knob - Zanussi MGU61 Lava Grill
Thermocouple - Fimar GL40 B50 Grill
Control Knob Fimar GL40 Grill
LPG Jet - Parry 7072P Grill
Burner - Parry 7072P Grill
Tempered Glass Giorik SH510R Grill
Gas Cock Fimar GL40 Grill
PEL21 Gas Tap - Angelo Po 60SM Grill
PEL21 Gas Valve - Zanussi MGU61 Lava Grill
Bottom Element Rowlett Rutland Double Grill
Bottom Element Rowlett Rutland Double Grill
Timer Label - Rowlett Rutland Double Grill
SUPERSEDED Top Element Rowlett Rutland Double Grill
SUPERSEDED Top Element Rowlett Rutland Double Grill
Main Burner - Zanussi SLG802 Grill
Thermocouple Zanussi Grill
Wall Bracket - Falcon G2512 Grill
Gas Pipe Fitting - Silko
Pilot Burner - Silko
Centre Feed Burner Tube - Bakers Pride XXE8
Cast Iron Radiant - Bakers Pride - XXE-8
LPG Pilot Jet - Mareno FR7-7G Grill
Tube Burner Fimar GL40 Grill
Electrode - Fimar
Bracket for Pilot Assembly - Fimar
Element - Bartlett Yeoman F25E8 Grill
Drip Tray Assembly - Falcon G2925 Grill
LPG Injector c/w Holder - Falcon G9522 Grill
Electrode - Angelo Po 60SM Salamander Grill
Pilot Deflector - Angelo Po 60SM Salamander
SUPERSEDED Single Grill Brick - Falcon G1502 Grill
Set of 12 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1522 Grill
Chargill Support - Mareno GL7/8G Chargrill
Water Tub Deep Set - Magikitchn FM672 Chargrill
Conversion Kit (NG to LPG) - Falcon G1528 Grill
LPG Control Valve - Falcon G218525B G2625 Chargrill
Timer 120min - Rollergrill FC60 Grill
Control Panel - Giorik SH510R Grill Foil Control Panel 715mm x 67mm
Grill Element 265mm x 165mm - Giorik SH510R
Support Bar Set - Falcon G9522 Grill
Large Roller Bearing - Garland MSTSR16/280 Grill
Front Bearing Bush - Garland MSTSR16/280 Grill
Rear Bearing Bushing - Garland MSTSR16/280 Grill
Heating element 2.0KW 230V - Salvis AG Salamander
Gas Tap - Universo Chargrill PLX80 Gas Tap
Grill Plate Handle - Stott Benham Supergrill 800 Grill
Pilot Injector 0.30mm NG - Blueseal - Grill - G91B
Injector 1.15 NG - Blueseal - Grill - G91B
Pilot Supply Pipe - Blueseal - Grill - G91B
Side Rack - Blue Seal G91B Grill
Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Dial for Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Control Valve - Lincat - Chargrill - OG7401/N
0.87kw Element - MKN 2121501S03 Grill
Gas Valve - Archway - Grill - 49STD
Burner Bar - Silko BG62TLL Grill
Power card - Fri Jado STG5+STG5 Grill
Handle - Charvet Chargrill
SUPERSEDED LPG Burner - Wolf SCB25 Chargrill
Piezo Ignitor - Wolf SCB25 Chargrill
Outer Back Panel - Falcon - Grill - G2522
Burner Bar - Hobart SCB25 Chargrill
Selector Switch - Blue Seal E91B Grill
Knob Kit - Garland Salamander Grill
Steel Rod - Garland ST280-36B Chargrill
Food Scraper - Lincat OE7405 Chargrill
LPG Orifice Fitting - Garland MSTSRC Grill
Control Knob - Buffalo GF453 Electric Grill
Energy Regulator Control Knob - Lincat OE7304 Grill
Fat Jug Assy - Falcon Grill
21" Steel Support Bars - Garland MST17B Chargrill
Element Assembly - Roller Grill - Grill - TS3270
By-Pass - Zanussi SRG700 Fry-Top
Nozzle - Zanussi SRG700 Gas Fry-Top
Lower Element 180mm x 180mm - DIHR - GrillXBR/2
L/H Gas Pipe - Fimar CK0347 Grill
R/H Gas Pipe - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Injector - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Nut Fitting 3/16 M8 - Hobart Chargrill
Olive Ferrule 3/16 - Hobart Chargrill
Radiation Heater Element - Salvis/Franke HL-C Grill
Biconical Nut - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Biconical Ring - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Heating Element - APW Wyott
NG Gas Valve - Blue Seal G594 Grill
On/Off Switch - Garland HEEE-60NG Grill
Foot - Buffalo - Grill - L553
R/H Lighter Tube 5 - Garland HEEG Grill
Lighter Tube - Garland HEEG Grill
Switch Power Breaker c/w Green Light - Garland HEEG Grill
875w Heating Element (Top) - Fimar Grill
Heating Element - Fimar PS24-36R Grill
Upper Element - Hendi Panini Grill - 263808
Pilot c/w Thermocouple - Wolf - Grill
Element - Lincat GR3 Grill
Programme Switch - Salvis Grill
Programme Switch - Salvis Grill
Red Pilot Lamp 230v - Salvis Grill
Control Panel - Blue Seal - Grill - G592
Element - Vulcan Salamander VTMB22XPB702.4 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal Cobra Grill - CS9
LPG Burner Jet Blue Seal G91B Grill
Timer - Hatco - Salamander - THERMOMAX
Conversion Kit - Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill
Green Neon Light Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Heat Resistant Cable Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Rotary Switch Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Yellow Signal Lamp - Salvis RH-S Salamander Grill
Buzzer Print - Salvis RH-S Salamander Grill
Relay - Salvis RH-S Salamander Grill
Program Selector - Salvis RH-S Salamander Grill
Burner Support - Fagor BG9-10 Char Grill
Burner - Fagor BG9-10 Char Grill
Element - Palux SE60/0 Grill
Handle/Knob - Ital CG1 Contact grill
R/H Heating Element - Franke Salamander Grill
Brass Nut for Thermocouple - Garland 45-40R Oven
Screw End Cap for Door Handle - Garland
Thermocouple - Garland Salamander MSTSRO
Infrared Burner - Garland MSTSRC Grill
Gas Burner - Garland SRC Grill
Burner repair kit - Garland MST-SRC SRC Grill
Broiler Pilot - Wolf SCB47CE-6 C34SE-35 Chargrill / Oven
Red Control Knob - Wolf SCB47CE-6 Chargrill
Pilot Assembly- Wolf SCB-SPC Grill
Rock Support- Elite Chargrill 2Burner 09111404 Rock Support
Gas Valve -Elite CIFS40 L/H Gas Valve with Pilot
Gas Valve Elite BBQ Ceba 223
Burner Assembly- Imperial CIR6RG24 Full Burner Assy - Mesh N/A
Griddle Wire Mesh - Imperial CIR/6RG24 Grill
Injector - Lincat CG6 Grill (LPG)
Complete burner - Lincat GR3 Grill
4.5kw Element - Lincat AS4
Infra Red element - Lincat Silica Grill
Infra Red Tube Element - Lincat QG6 Grill
Energy Regulator Retro Kit - Lincat OE7303
Burnner Jet - Lincat GR3P Grill
Control Knob - Lincat GR7N Grill
Control thermostat - Lincat OE7105 OE7104
Gas tap - Lincat OB7402N Chargrill
Grill Tap Gasket - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Mk1
SUPERSEDED Knob - Garland Starfire ST283 Griddle
Knob- Electroway 483 Grill Thermostat knob
Burner Control Knob - Moorwood Vulcan 80G Grill
Grill Thermocouple - Moorwood Vulcan E2NG
Grill Burner - Moorwood Vulcan 90MC9
Burner Unit - Moorwood Vulcan 60MCG MC6G Grill
Black Plastic Handle - Moorwood Vulcan M-Line
Element - Salamander Grill MLine+ Moorwood
Grill Burner - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Elite 8
Thermostat- Moorwood Vulcan Control Thermostat
Grill Element 2.7 Kwt 240v Electroway Grill
Infra Red Burner Moorwood Vulcan
Ignition Cable - Modular 70.70 Char Grill
510mm Glass Element - Parry AS1929 CAS CAS2
Grid Shelf c/w Discs & Handles - Falcon G3532 G2532 Grill
Thermostat - Ceado Panini Grill - BSR
L/H Lighter Tube 4 - Garland - Grill - HEEG48CE
Armoured Element - Bonnet - Grill - V101F11
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal G91B Salamander
Top Element Prodis PA10176 Contact Grill
Rope Seal - Falcon - Grill - G9641
End Support Falcon G1521 Grill
LPG Pilot Jet - Bonnet
NG Pilot Jet - Bonnet
Set of 8 Elements - Falcon - Grill - E1522
Control Knob Seal - Ambach Grill
Pilot Ladder - Bonnet
Element - Ozti - Grill - OS-200
Spark Igniter Lead Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Pilot Burner - Falcon G2623 G2922 G2923 G21223 G21523
Gas Valve - Hobart IRB36E Salamander Grill
2000w 240v Heating Element - Ambach - Grill - SE60
Gas Burner Lincat OG7301/N Grill
Gas Injector - Angelo Po - Grill - 60SM-COMO
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Moorwood Vulcan MV2GSA90-LP Grill
Thermocouple - Bonnet - Grill - SGM600-555941
Lamp - MagiKitch'n
Pilot Jet Holder - Bonnet
Wire Shelf - Bartlett F25G8
Element - Buffalo - Grill - CD679
Lifting Strap - Lincat Silverlink 600 AS3 Salamander Grill
Thermocouple M9x1 600mm Fagor Chargrill
Temperature Control Knob - Universo PLX80M Chargrill
Handle - Universo PLX80M Chargrill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill - G9622
Pilot Burner Kit - MKN - 1361301-02
Grill Brander Handle 10mm - Bartlet Yeoman F25G/8
PCB Control - Salvis HLC Salamander
Operation Switch - Salvis Grill
Gas Valve Control Knob - Parry 7090 Grill
Coal Fret - Archway - Grill - 3BS
Outer NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
Inner NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Mareno Grill
Water Tub (set deep) - Magikitch'n - Chargrill - CM648
Injector - Stott Benham Supergrill 800 Grill
Handle - Stott Benham Supergrill 800
Shelf c/w Handles & Grill Pan Complete - Lincat GR3 Grill
Black Control Knob - Stott Benham Grill
Cross Lighting Assy - Falcon G9522 Grill
Terminal Block - Blue Seal E91 Grill
Cable Clamp - Blue Seal E91 Grill
Superceeded Piezo Ignitor - Fimar B50 Chargrill
Gas Tap - Bonnet SAL53G SMB Salamander Grill
Main Burner Injector NG - Falcon - Grill - G3532
Trigger Handle - Wolf - RB36
Spring Kit Unox XP020PR Panini Grill
Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 Grill/Oven
Element 350W 240V Hatco GR18 Grill
LPG jet - Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Element - Lincat - Grill - OE8406-A001
5 Way Terminal Block - Lincat - Grill - OE8406-A001
Pilot Injector NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Gas Control Knob - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Gear Motor - Fri-Jado - Grill - STG5-P
Thermocouple - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Flexible Thermocouple Extension - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Control Knob - Rankin-Delux 2123-E Grill
R/Hand Spring- Ital VESUV10R- Grill
Cooking Grid 400mm - Baron Chargrill
Heating Element 4000W - Aluminox
Grate - Wolf - Chargrill
Pilot Burner Nozzle - Angelo Po - Grill - 60SM-COMO
Gas Valve Knob - Falcon - Grill - G3925
NG Burner Jet - Blue Seal - Grill - G596
Spark Electrode - Stott Benham - Grill - GSG380NG
HT Lead 900mm - Gico Grill
HT Lead - Gico VF9N126C Grill
Piezo Ignitor - Gico VF9N126C Grill
NG Pilot Assembly - Gico VF9N126C Grill
Lava Rock Briquettes (84pcs) - Garland ST280-18 Chargrill
Grill Selector Switch - Falcon G7096 Domestic Grill
Casting - Blue Seal - Grill - G59
Timer - Buffalo L508 GF453 Grill
Wired Basket - Ubert - Grill - RT305
Crosslighter/Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
Heating Element - Garland ED-35G-0018 Grill
Jet - Angelo Po - Grill - 60SM-COMO
Bottle Heating Element Holder - Roller Grill
Bottle Heating Element Holder - Roller Grill
Brander Plate - Parry 1872 Salamander Grill
Steel Rack - Garland MST17BE Chargrill
Top Burner Valve- Rankin - 2123-E
Grid Shelf anti tilt c/w handles - Falcon - Grill - G2522
Thermostat - MagiKitch'n
Burner for Lincat Salamander Grill
Pilot Jet - Propane / Injector Lincat Oven OG7401 OG7101
Indicator Light - Electrolux - Grill
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal G596L8 Chargrill
NG-LPG conversion kit - Parry 7072 Salamander Grill
Ceramic Heating Element - Bonnet SEM600BDS Salamander Grill
Element - Buffalo GF452 Grill
Pilot Light Injector - Bonnet - Grill - SGM600-555941
527mm Quartz Heating Element - Rollergrill RST1270 Grill
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal Grill
Griddle Plate - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
Element - Dualit - Salamander - RSG1
15 Minute MTS49 Timer - Rollergrill BAR2000 Grill
2500w 400v Element - Metos Salamander
Thermoregulator - Metos Salamander
Fire Brick for GR80E Kebab Grill Roller
Black Section of Handle - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2512 Salamander Grill
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
Nozzle - Silko SFG0800 Salamander Grill
Heating Element - Electrolux - Grill
LPG Burner Jet - Blueseal - Grill - G91B
Burner Plaque Holder - Falcon G2532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Grill Burner Brick- Falcon C1532- Grill
Pilot Light - RollerGrill SGM600 Salamander Grill
Transformer - Hatco QTS1 Grill
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal G594-LS Grill
440v Element - Falcon E1522
Handle - Hobart - Salamander - SE60/4
1200w 220v Heating Element - Emainox/Dexion
Drip Tray - Falcon G2922 Chargrill
Lava Rock Tray - Ambach S-8GLG/80 Chargrill
Gas Burner - Newscan LATODX Chargrill
Cable - Newscan LATODX - Chargrill
Amber Neon - Prodis FGD9 Grill
LPG Conversion Kit - Parry PGC6 Chargrill
Steel Grate Bar - Garland - Chargrill - MST17BE
Nozzle - Electrolux Grill
Thermostat Knob - Rowlett Rutland RE100 Contact Grill
Burner - Imperial ISB36
Foot - Rowlett Rutland RE100 Contact Grill
Thread for Feet - Rowlett Rutland RE100 Contact Grill
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2522 Salamander Grill
UK Power Lead & Plug - Buffalo L537 CC193 Contact Grill
Gas Valve C/W Ignition Lead - Parry Salamander Grill
Gas Pipe - Newscan LATODX Chargrill
Control Knob Bezel - Ambach Grill
Thermostat -Ego 55.34062.826 Thermostat - Ambach Grill
Pilot Tubing - Zanussi JGG580 Salamander Grill
Radiant - Lincat Chargrill
Right Hand Element- Lincat Grill
Tooth Lock Washer - Ital SAL1- Grill
1800w 235v 570mm Heating Element -Kupperbusch FEG620- Grill Plate
Middle Louvre - Lincat Chargrill - OG7402
Bottom Element- Roller Grill- Bar100- Grill
Control Knob - Parry 7072 Salamander
1 x Kit of 2 Springs- Unox XP020PRGB- Grill
Piezo- Fimar GRIGL70- Chargrill
Ht Cable- Fimar GRIGL70 - Chargrill
Cable (Ignition Lead) - Cannon - Grill
Burner Assembly 415mm x 85mm - RollerGrill
L/hand Spring- Ital VESUV10R- Grill
Thermal Cut Out - Waring Contact Grill
Element - Hatco - Grill
Ceramic Heating Element- Rollergrill SEM800PDS
Pilot Feed Tube - Blue Seal - G91B
Firewell for Mesh - Archway - Grill - 3BS/NG
Mesh for lava rock - Archway - Grill - 3BS/NG
Control knob - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Control Valve - NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Bottom Heating Element- Sirman Cortlr- Grill
Crumb Tray - Blue Seal - Grill - G594
LPG Jet- Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Pilot Assembly With Electrode - Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Fish Guard - Mareno
Handle - Mareno
By Pass 140 For Tap - Mareno
Pilot Injector Nat Gas - Mareno
SUPERSEDED Electrode-Igintion - Mareno
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple 850mm - Mareno
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Mareno
Jet Burner Nat Gas - Mareno
Lava Stone - Mareno
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Salamander Grill
Fat Jug - Falcon - Chargrill - G9440
Pilot Cover - Garland
24" Burner Shield - Garland
Fire Brick l 588mm x W 294mm x H 19mm- Cuppone
Injector (LP) Grill - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Elite 2 Oven
Element 220v - Falcon E1522 Grill
Three Phase 100-180c Control Thermostat - Arox / Bertos - E7FL8M
Plug Socket - Rollergrill GR60E- Grill
Thermostat Knob- Stott Benham GSR56BNG- Grill
On/Off Switch - Buffalo L501-B Grill
Burner 375mm x 200mm 6kw - Angelo Po 1G0GRG Chargrill
Orifice Extension - Wolf - SCB25CE
M8 Split Nut - Wolf - SCB25CE
Magnet Cover - Wolf - SCB25CE
Split Nut - Wolf - SCB25CE
Handle Assembly - Roller Grill Majestic L Grill
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Brussels - Roller Grill GES10
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Liege - Roller Grill GES10
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Stickers - Roller Grill GES10
Chain - Roller Grill CT540
Bottom Heating Element - Roller Grill GES10
Heating Element - Roller Grill GES10
Gas Tap Knob- Stott Benham Supergrill 600 - Grill
Gas Tap- Stott Benham Supergrill 600 - Grill
Triac - Hatco QTS1 Salamander Grill
Crumb Tray - Archway - Grill - 3BS
Indicator Light 10mm Red 240V - Ozti - Grill - OGP7065
Element 1500w 230v - Ozti - Grill - OGP7065
Tension Bracket - Buffalo - Grill - DM902
LPG Jet 0.8 (for gas tap) - Parry PGF1200 Grill
Burner Injector NG - Fagor - Chargrill - BG-705
Washer - Fagor - Chargrill - BG-705
Bicone - Fagor - Chargrill - BG-705
Grid for Charcoal - Ambach
Cover Handle - Ambach
Gas Burner - Ambach
LPG Pilot Gas Jet - Ambach
Gas Tap - Ambach
Pilot Burner - Ambach
Air Regulation Bracket - Ambach
Pilot Olive - Ambach
NG Pilot Jet - RollerGrill SGM600 Salamander Grill
Indicator Light 10mm Green 240v - Ozti - Grill - OGP7065
Gas Tap/FFD- Moorwood Salamnder - Grill
Element - Lincat - Grill - OE7304-4001
Piezo Ignitor - Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Infraglo Burner Retrofit Kit LPG - Falcon - Grill - G1528
Control Module - Garland HEEGM48CE Chargrill
Handle- Buffalo L530-B-02
Burner, Centre Feed (21") - Bakers Pride - FLB60
Ignition Pilot - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Gas Pipe to Pilot Burner - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Cable - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Reversible Grate - Hobart
Igniter Earth Wire - Falcon - Chargrill - G3625
End Plaque Support Bar - Falcon G9532 - Grill
LPG Conversion Burner Jets - Rollergrill SGM600 Grill
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Blue Seal - Chargrill - G596
Louvres Supports Pair - Lincat CG4/N - Chargrill
Conversion Kit NG To LP - Falcon G9532 - Grill
Pilot Pipe c/w fitting - Falcon - Grill - G9532
Wire Harness - Falcon - Grill - LD22
Element - Garland Salamander - SUERC
Heating Element 2000w 230v Right - Eloma
Timer - Buffalo L508 GF453 Grill
1/2" Gas Govenor- Stott Benham Supergrill 800- Grill
1/2" Gas Govenor- Stott Benham Supergrill 800- Grill
Safety Thermostat - Electrolux Fry Top
Bracket - Electrolux Fry Top
Element Glass Sheet - Giorik - Salamander Grill - ST30
Grid Shelf- Falcon LD22 - Grill
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2625
Burner Jet - Hobart - Grill - SGM60
Heating Element 8.25kw 230v - Lincat OE7406 Chargrill
Pilot Bracket - Imperial CIRB24 - Chargrill
Assembled Grill - Rosinox GR20 chargrill
Single Phase 780c Thermostat - Giorik - Grill - ST30
Element - Zanussi Chargrill - PGV/E2
Control Knob - Buffalo GF453 Electric Grill
Wall Mounting Bracket - Hatco PMS1 - Grill
Heating Element 2000w 230v - Lincat OE8206 Grill
Light Assembly - Bakers Pride 2028 - Grill
Relais Finder/Contactor - Capic - Salamander - W340301
Tempered Glass Seal - Hatco QTS00002 Salamander
LPG Injector Pilot Light - Roller Grill SGM600 Grill
Thermocouple - Thor - Chargrill - GL171N
U Burner - Thor - Chargrill - GL171N
Coal Support Grid - Rosinox Chargrill
NG Injector - Roller Grill - Grill - RGB200
Safety Pilot Valve- Magikitch'n CM648
Inner Side RH - Falcon G2532
Wall Mounting Bracket - Blue Seal Evolution G91B Salamander Grill
Thermostat Control Knob - Vollrath Griddle
Thermostat - Vollrath Griddle
Pilot Light - Vollrath Griddle
Heating Element - Vollrath Griddle