Heated Gantry Lamps

Heated Gantry Lamps Parts
25 watt 240v E14 Clear Lamp
SUPERSEDED 300Wt Double Jacket - Heat Lamp
500 Wt Double Jacket Halogen Heat Lamps - Har
Aluminium Reflector - 300wt Lamp
500 Wt Double Jacket Heat Lamp Assy lead type
Heat Lamp Holder
Gantry Lamp - Black
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
SUPERSEDED 150Wt Heat Lamp -
Heat Resistant Cable - 2.5mm x 10m Roll
Heated Gantry Dimmer Switch Knob
Knob and Scale Plate for Dimmer Switch
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
Energy Regulator - PA300RFI
220mm 500wt double jacketed heat lamp
Chrome lamp Heat Shades c/w 1 meter lead
Copper Shade Ceramic Lamp Holder
Lamp Holder Clip Fitting 500w 219mm
Phase Angle Electronic Heat Switch 15a Maximum w/
Green Pilot Lamp - Beha Hedo M31AA F19/1 Galley
Halogen Lamp Assembly (Lamp, Reflector & Holder) - Caterlux
Bulb 300 Wt - Corsair HotRock Food Trolley
Quartz Lamp (with holder & reflector) - Falcon
Heat Lamp Bulb - Hatco
Infrared Coated Bulb 240v 250w - Hatco
Ceramic Heating Element - Hatco
Clear Coated Lamp 240v 60w E27 - Hatco
Return Mechanism Pull Box - Hatco
Heat Lamp- Hatco Retractable Decorative Heat Lamp - Polished Bright Nickel
Element - Hatco UGAHL-72 Heated Gantry
300watt Jacketed Heat Lamp - Inomak M1711/PTL
Heat lamp (push-in type) - Lincat GBM3 LD3 Bain
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp (Wire In) - Lincat Gantry GM3, Chip
Heated Bulb Holder (Wire In)
Glass Cover - Lincat LD3 Heated Servery
1kwt 230v Ceramic Heat Element - Mareno Chip Scuttle
Reflector for 2238A lamp - Moffat
SUPERSEDED Sneeze Screen - Moffat - Carvery Unit - VCCV4
Bulb for Moffat Gantry
SUPERSEDED Bulb for gantry - Moffat VCHT3 Heated Displ
Green On/Off Switch - Moffat VCHT3 VEGEN299 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED - Moorwood Vulcan 500W Halogen Heat Lamp
Lamp - Norpe SAGA90HSD Heated Display
250W Heat Lamp Red Bulb ES Edison Screw
Lamp - Phillips Infrared 500wt 13169CF/850 Lamp
Halogen Bulb - Roller Grill BMV3
Red Neon Switch - Stellex R6 Serran Servery
EBB3-4FD-11 Chip Scuttle Element
Halogen Heat Lamp 150wt 240v 120mm
300 Wt Halogen Reflector c/w Heat Lamp
QVR/S-RFI-TB Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
SUPERSEDED Halogen Infrared Heat lamp 120mm
500 Wt Double Jacketed Halogen Heat Lamp 118m
Halogen Heat Lamp 500w High Pressure 120mm
Halogen Quartz Infra Red Heat Lamp - X6-CC533
300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
1000wt IR Lamps with leads
1000wt IR Double Jacket Heat Lamp 345mm
Copper Heat Shade - Food Use
Ceramic Long Wave Infrared Heating Element
Dimmer Switch- A13202E QVR Energy Regulator
SUPERSEDED Lamp 500w 219mm Clip Fitting
500wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
300W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
Lamp Holder for 1000Wt Push Fit Heat Lamp
1000wt Halogen Heat Lamp - Jacketed - Push Fit 350mm
500 Wt Halogen reflector & heat lamp
Heat Lamp Reflector 150mm x 90mm - 120m Bulb
Quartz Gantry Lamp - 200W IR JKT
High Pressure Lamps/Bulb 200 Watt 120mm
300Wt High Pressure Lamp 120mm
Heat Lamp - 120mm Long 300wt Moffat VGN299
Heated Gantry 500w Halogen Lamp Holder 217mm
Halogen Lamp Holder suitable for 300 & 500wt
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp UCI Energy Regulator 15amp 230v
Halogen heat lamp - 110V 300W Jacketed 220mm
Lamp spring connector - 3mm Ø fixing hole
Bronze Lamp Shade - Gantry
Light Tube - T8 36W
Assortment Case Uninsulated Terminals and Porcelain Clamp
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 750w 26.5"
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 1100w 44.5"
200watt 230v Double Jacket Heat Lamp 118mm
Infrared lamp - Short wave 1kw - 240v - 280mm
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
Halogen 500w Food Heat Lamp
1000wat Halogen Lamp Holder 345mm
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp - Double Jacket 120mm Long 300wt
500W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm long HH210
217mm 500W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
100w High Pressure Lamp 120mm
Lamp Holder - Suitable for 120mm long Lamp
300Wt Quartz Heat Lamp ES
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
300Wt Halogen R7s Infrared Heat Lamp 240V 117mm x 10mm Clear
ObsoleteLamp Holder 118mm - Suitable for Lamps with R7S ends
200W Jacketed Push Fit Quartz Lamp 120MM
SUPERSEDED Quartz Jacketed Lamp R7 Screw Cap 300W Clear 240V
Lamp Holder For 300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
SUPERSEDED Victor 500W Halogen Heat Lamp
Heat Lamp - Victor CARIB2.319 Hot Trolley
Heat Light Unit - Volrath Hot Cupboard
Element - APW Wyott Gantry