Heated Gantry Lamps

Heated Gantry Lamps Parts
25 watt 240v E14 Clear Lamp
Bulb 300 Wt - Corsair HotRock Food Trolley
QVR/S-RFI-TB Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
SUPERSEDED Halogen Infrared Heat lamp 120mm
500 Wt Double Jacketed Halogen Heat Lamp 118m
Halogen Heat Lamp 500w High Pressure 120mm
Halogen Quartz Infra Red Heat Lamp - X6-CC533
300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
1000wt IR Lamps with leads
1000wt IR Double Jacket Heat Lamp 345mm
Copper Heat Shade - Food Use
Ceramic Long Wave Infrared Heating Element
Dimmer Switch- A13202E QVR Energy Regulator
SUPERSEDED 300Wt Double Jacket - Heat Lamp
500 Wt Double Jacket Halogen Heat Lamps - Har
Aluminium Reflector - 300wt Lamp
EBB3-4FD-11 Chip Scuttle Element
Red Neon Switch - Stellex R6 Serran Servery
500 Wt Double Jacket Heat Lamp Assy lead type
300 Wt Halogen Reflector c/w Jacketed Heat Lamp 118mm
Heat Lamp Holder
Halogen Heat Lamp 150wt 240v 120mm
Green On/Off Switch - Moffat VCHT3 VEGEN299 Hot Cupboard
Heat lamp (push-in type) - Lincat GBM3 LD3 Bain
Gantry Lamp - Black
SUPERSEDED Lamp 500w 219mm Clip Fitting
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
SUPERSEDED 150Wt Heat Lamp -
300watt Jacketed Heat Lamp - Inomak M1711/PTL
Element - APW Wyott Gantry
500wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
300W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
Lamp Holder for 1000Wt Push Fit Heat Lamp
1000wt Halogen Heat Lamp - Jacketed - Push Fit 350mm
500 Wt Halogen reflector & heat lamp
Heat Lamp Reflector 150mm x 90mm - 120m Bulb
Quartz Gantry Lamp - 200W IR JKT
High Pressure Lamps/Bulb 200 Watt 120mm
300Wt High Pressure Lamp 120mm
Heat Lamp - 120mm Long 300wt Moffat VGN299
Heated Gantry 500w Halogen Lamp Holder 217mm
Halogen Lamp Holder suitable for 300 & 500wt
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp (Wire In) - Lincat Gantry GM3, Chip
Heated Bulb Holder (Wire In)
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp - Double Jacket 120mm Long 300wt
500W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm long HH210
SUPERSEDED Victor 500W Halogen Heat Lamp
217mm 500W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
100w High Pressure Lamp 120mm
Lamp Holder - Suitable for 120mm long Lamp
300Wt Quartz Heat Lamp ES
Heat Resistant Cable - 2.5mm x 10m Roll
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
Halogen 500w Food Heat Lamp
1000wat Halogen Lamp Holder 345mm
Heated Gantry Dimmer Switch Knob
Knob and Scale Plate for Dimmer Switch
Infrared lamp - Short wave 1kw - 240v - 280mm
SUPERSEDED - Moorwood Vulcan 500W Halogen Heat Lamp
Bulb for Moffat Gantry
Lamp - Phillips Infrared 500wt 13169CF/850 Lamp
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp UCI Energy Regulator 15amp 230v
Halogen heat lamp - 110V 300W Jacketed 220mm
Halogen Bulb - Roller Grill BMV3
Green Pilot Lamp - Beha Hedo M31AA F19/1 Galley
Lamp spring connector - 3mm Ø fixing hole
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
Bronze Lamp Shade - Gantry
Heat Lamp - Victor CARIB2.319 Hot Trolley
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Energy Regulator - PA300RFI
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 750w 26.5"
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 1100w 44.5"
200watt 230v Double Jacket Heat Lamp 118mm
220mm 500wt double jacketed heat lamp
Chrome lamp Heat Shades c/w 1 meter lead
Copper Shade Ceramic Lamp Holder
Lamp Holder Clip Fitting 500w 219mm
SUPERSEDED Bulb for gantry - Moffat VCHT3 Heated Displ
Light Tube - T8 36W
Assortment Case Uninsulated Terminals and Porcelain Clamp
SUPERSEDED Sneeze Screen - Moffat - Carvery Unit - VCCV4
Heat Lamp- Hatco Retractable Decorative Heat Lamp - Polished Bright Nickel
Phase Angle Electronic Heat Switch 15a Maximum w/
SUPERSEDED Quartz Jacketed Lamp R7 Screw Cap 300W Clear 240V
Element - Hatco UGAHL-72 Heated Gantry
300Wt Halogen R7s Infrared Heat Lamp 240V 117mm x 10mm Clear
ObsoleteLamp Holder 118mm - Suitable for Lamps with R7S ends
Heat Light Unit - Volrath Hot Cupboard
200W Jacketed Push Fit Quartz Lamp 120MM
1kwt 230v Ceramic Heat Element - Mareno Chip Scuttle
Reflector for 2238A lamp - Moffat
Glass Cover - Lincat LD3 Heated Servery
Return Mechanism Pull Box - Hatco
Lamp - Norpe SAGA90HSD Heated Display
Halogen Lamp Assembly (Lamp, Reflector & Holder) - Caterlux
Lamp Holder For 300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
Infrared Coated Bulb 240v 250w - Hatco
Ceramic Heating Element - Hatco
Clear Coated Lamp 240v 60w E27 - Hatco
Quartz Lamp (with holder & reflector) - Falcon
250W Heat Lamp Red Bulb ES Edison Screw
Heat Lamp Bulb - Hatco