Hot Cupboard Spares

Hot Cupboard Spares Parts
SUPERSEDED Moffat Hot cupboard 3V3 4V3 Control Knob
SUPERSEDED Caterlux - Eurosit 630 NG Gas Valve for Hot Cupboard
3kwt 300mm Fan Heater Element - Bartlett XBSHE/18
Fan Motor L/H/Tangential Fan - Bartlett Excalibur
Simmerstat - Corsair Hotcupboard CH68
Thermostat - Corsair Oven / HotCupboard
Plug part 1 Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Plug Part 2 Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
SUPERSEDED Diamond H Control Thermostat 40TH28LC
Thermostat Hotcupboard 0-100 Deg 01-99
Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200 - TH/111 Air Temp S
Hi Limit Thermostat - Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200 -TH/111
Lead - Caterlux Atlas plate warmer
Inner door for Inomak h/cupboard HCP11
Outer Inomak H/cupboard door for HCP11
Thermostat/Thermal Cut-Out - Stott Benham
Peer Circulating fan - Victor KS3TQA16ZQ 12Z
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 20-105C 830 98/6
Limiter 98C - 6K 830 129/6 - 55.13512.100
Door Gasket - Carter Hoffman Cart
Heating Motor - Carter Hoffman FH90
Thermostat - Wyott Soupwell SM-50-11D
Glass Lens Cover - Inomak Hot Cupboard XWH14 XWH11 XWH19
118mm x 150 Watt Lamp - Inomak XWH14 XWH11 M1711 XWH16
Themocouple - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot Cupboard
Fan & Motor - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ Hot Cupboard
Sticker & Control Knob - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
Amber Neon - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
Red Mains Neon - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Wyott Soupwell SM-50-11D
Socket Part 1 - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
On/Off Switch - Stott Benham Hotcupboard
Thermostatic Controller - Stott Benham Hot
Rear Door Runner - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard
Simmerstat c/w knob & bezel - Stellex R3/MC
Element Kit - Alto Shaam 750-TH-11
Grundy Hot Trolley MSRRV Door Catch
Crossflow Fan Motor - Ubert DHT51C DHT31C Hot Cupboard
Cut-out Thermostat - Preset 100 degrees
Front Door - Grundy Hot Trolley GM17313
Top Door Runner - Grundy Hot Trolley GM17313
Control Thermostat - Caterlux / Falcon
Braked Castor - Victor JPSI Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Victor Hot Cupboard Simmerstat
Fan Motor - Victor BL70H1 BL200H2 BL100H2 BL200H4Z
Bar (handle) - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle Bracket - Victor Hot Cupboard
Door Roller - Victor Peer 19 Hot Cupboard
Door Rail - Victor Pier 19
Knob- Victor Hot Cupboard Fixing Kit inc
Fan Unit - Victor CAB-R 1B 2416
SUPERSEDED Swivel 4inch Castor - Victor CND10140N
Cooling Fan 230v - Zanussi / Electrolux
Wardpark Gardner hotcupboard Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Victor Hot Cupboard Halogen Lamp 300w SCEP1
Swivel Break - Victor CND10140N
Fixing Kit for Control Thermostat / Regulator
Fan Unit - Victor Hot Cupboard
Control Panel Housing - Victor AMB2 Control Panel Housing
Top Door Roller - Victor
Handle - Victor HND70140N Hot Cupboard
Thermostat - Victor JPS1 JPS2 BM21MS Bain Marie
Thermostat Victor Princess - Obsolete
Complete On/Off Switch - Victor BL50H1S BL100H2
Bottom Door Runner - Grundy Hot Trolley
Swivel Castor - (Unbraked)Grundy Mini Serve
Oven Lamp-Philips ES 15wt 300c 240v Oven Lamp
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Overhead Infrared Elements for Grundy GMC H/t
Relay Solid State - Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200
Cook Control Knob - Alto-Sham 1000 TH-1
Door Runner Front - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard
Flame Failure Device - Stott Benham
Handle - Stotts Hot Cupboard MCE49
Handle- Stott Benham Hot Cupboard Handle
Handle - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard 81808
Knob - Parry AS1863 Hot Cupboard
Door Handle - Parry 9214 1888 1894 Plate Warmer
10"" Thermostat - Moorwood Vulcan
Green Neon Rocker Switch for ACS Hotcupboard
SUPERSEDED Main Switch - Moffat FTG3 Focus Hot Top
SUPERSEDED Glass Door - Moffat Hot Cupboard E84L
SUPERSEDED Handle - Moffat Hot Cupboard E84L
Door Roller Moffat HB1 SE
Thermostat - Lincat HCL6 Hot cupboard
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lincat GBM3 Hotcupboard
Speed controller knob - Lincat CT10 toaster
Door Clips - Lincat Panther JBM3 Hot Cupboard
FAS252 Door Catch - Lincat Trolley
Thermostat - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot Cupboard
Light Assembly - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot
Grundy M20040 Hot Cupboard - Thermostat And
5 AMP Fuse - Grundy GMG Hotplate
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Front Door Grundy Hot Cupboard S-M
Grundy G-MAID RC Rear Door
Oven Thermostat - Grundy Oven M86350-YO1
SUPERSEDED Thermostat/Control Swith Kemakeur - EGO Galle
SUPERSEDED Caterlux 5CW EIRLGSSSS Toggle Switch Hot Switch
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEEDED****EA5-9-36 MT 220 Degree Thermostat
Red Rocker Switch - Corsair Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat c/w Sensor - Corsair
Amber Neon - Corsair Hotcupboard CH68
Red and silver rocker switch - Corsair CC184 CH
SUPERSEDED Lamp Holder - Bakbar E78/E74 Oven
Minisit Gas Valve - Bartlett A18G-12
Open Wound Motor - Inomak GE714/PTL
Fan Motor - Inomak EG700 Hotcupboard
Lamp Holder/Reflector/Cover - Inomak RDH319/PTL XWH11 M1711/PTL Gantry
Outer sliding door - Inomak GE711 HotCupboard
Inner sliding door - Inomak GE711 HotCupboard
Aux Thermostat 30-110C 1430 113/6
Electrical Socket Part 2 Moffat Hot cupboard Special H/C
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Moffat Bain Marie 1900
E & R Moffat Hotcupboard Fan Motor 27wt
Piezo ignitor - Caterlux Atlas Plate Warmer
Thermostat - Old Code 561-460
Coiled mains electric lead - Lincat GBM3 GB2A
Conversion Kit - Grundy GMG Hot Trolley
Fixing Kit for Thermostat - Victor Pier
Control Knob Stott Benham Minisit Valve
Door Track 1431mm for a Victor Hot Cupboard.
Thermostat Bracket - Lincat GM2 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp Reflector - Victor Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Grundy Hot Cupboard Quartz
1kwt Fan & Element Assembly - Moffat Hot
Door - E & R Moffat Hot Cupboard Door Complete
Top Door Roller Ball Catch - Inomak GE711
Rocker Switch - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Lamp Holder - Victor SCEP16 Hotcupboard
Door Gasket - Alto Shaam 750-S Heat
Door Seal - Winston HA4507 Holding Cabinet
Hot Cupboard Blower Fan - Moffat HB19E
Tangental Fan Motor - Inomak GE711PTL
Holding Cabinet Blower Motor - Henny Penny HC990
Plate Panel/Small Plate - Electrolux TC1010 Hot Cupboard
Knob - Electrolux TC1010 Hot Cupboard
Change Over Switch - Electrolux TC1010 Hot
Safety Thermostat - Electrolux TC1010 Hot Cupboard
Thermostat - Electrolux TC1010 Hot Cupboard
Door - Grundy Minimaid Hot Trolley
Door catch (RH) - Coulston H358835 Hostess
Door Handle - Moffat CR10 2GG VG2GG-SS Hot Trolley
Relay - Henny Penny HC990 Holding Cabinet Relay
Cooling Fan- Henny Penny HC990 Holding Cabinet Cooling Fan
SUPERSEDED 200 watt halogen Lamps for Moffat Hot Trolley
Door Gasket - Hatco CSC10 Food Warmer
5"" Dia Locking Castor- Hobart
Door seal - Rieber Hot Box - Per metre
Control Knob - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Cable - Grundy GM Hot Trolley
Handle- Victor SOR100F32 White Door Handle
HF105F-4 Autovap Mini Relay - Stellex Hot Cupboard
Thermostat -Alto Shaam Hot Cupboard
Transformer - Alto Sham
Alto Sham Digital Display Transformer
Heater control box - Victor PEDD16 Hot Cupboard
Handle c/w fixing - Hatco HDW3N Warming
Curved Glass - Eurogrill HT3 Hot Cupboard
New Style Striker - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
New Style Chrome Handle - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
Door seal - Stellex A384 Hot trolley
Rocker switch - Lincat GWH1200 Hot Food
Sliding Door Roller - Caterlux Orion 3 Hot
Pair of Sliding Doors - Caterlux Orion 3 Hot
SUPERSEDED Handle - Victor JPS6 Hot Cupboard
Heat Lamp - Victor DED70100 Hotcupboard Heat lamp
Wheels - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard ICE Door Wheels
Wheels - Stott Benham 1CE Hot Cupboard Door Wheels
Control thermostat - Parry KHFM KHFM1 KHFM2
125mm Braked Castor - Moffat GV3 13 4FHCM Hot Trolley
Grundy Pan file 1063 Hot Trolley Hinge
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Knob - Caterlux Electric Unit
Door Track - Victor PEER 16Z Hot Cupboard
Hanger - Victor PEER 16Z Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Electric Thermostat Assembly - Caterlux Hot
Red Switch - Stellex REG4 Hot Cupboard Red Switch
Red Slicone - Stellex Food Trolley TC2
Infra-red overhead lamp - Grundy DU1400
Thermostat - Cres Cor Hot Cabinet
Swivel Castor (Braked) - Grundy Mini Serve Ho
Quartz Lamp 300w (tube) Bartlett A19E
Socket Connector - Bartlett A19E Hot Cupboard
Fuse 250V 3A GMA 5x20mm- Sico Food Warmer
Plug/switch combination - Sico Food Warmer
Grundy GMG5030 Rear left Hand Bracket
Lamp Socket - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Thermostat controller c/w probe - U-Bert
Grundy 91003 Hot Cupboard Probes
Thermostat - Lincat GBN3 Hot Cupboard / Bain
Switch - Viscount Catering Gantry Dimmer Switch
Probe - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG 2x
Thermostat - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TUR
PCB Board, Alto Shaam
Copper Lamp Shade - Caterlux Orion/3 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Thermostat- Lincat Hot Cupboard Thermostat
Handle With Stricker Plate - Grundy Panfile
SUPERSEDED Tangential fan motor INOMAK GE719 GE619
Thermostat - Lincat LPWLR Pie Warmer
Nut - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot Cupboard
Sheer off - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot
LPG Ignition system - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 LPG Hot Cupboard
4mm Copper tube - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG
Simmerstat - Grundy Eclipse 91301X05
P.C.B - Colston H35793 Hostess Trolley
Thermocouple - Colston H35625 Hot Trolley
Water Level Float Switch - Hatco
Control Thermostat Grundy GMA1B
PCB temperature control board. Brandon
Control Knob - Grundy Eclipse 91301X05
FIME C25R8023 Motor c/w Fan - Angelo Po A12A1E
Hinged Door Bearing Block -Reiber Hot Trolley
Lamp - Hatco FSDT-1X Hot Display Unit
Transformer for Temp Display - Hatco FSDT-1X
Ballast - Hatco FSDT-1X Hot Display Unit
Door Seal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard / Trolley
Foot Pedal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard
Door for Grundy Hot Trolley GMG
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Caterlux Atlas 4 Hot Cupboard
Door Strike (RH) for Colston H35532 Hostess
SUPERSEDED Front plate - Sani-Serv 461N 407 Ice Cream Machi
Electric Thermostat c/w knob - Caterlux Atlas Orion
PCB Assembly - Winston HBL1N2GV
Mounting Bracket Sensor Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Block Sensor Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Control PCB - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR Hot Cupboard
Oven Temperature Sensor Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Rocker Switch - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Hinge 1-3/8" Offset Pair Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Handle Offset Mag Latch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Contactor - Grundy Pan File - Hot Cupboard
Door Runner c/w nylon roller - Stott Benham ICE CL47829 Hotcupboard
RH side bottom door Hinge - Ambach -ABW-90-11
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Fan Motor Grundy 1028N11 Pan File
Control Thermostat Vulcan Hart Bread Prover
Control Thermostat Vulcan Hart Bread Prover
Thermostat - Dane Tecline Hot Cupboard
PCB Colston EL2G Hot Cupboard
On/Off Switch (Red) Inomak SA PUSHW116
Grundy GM Trolley Thermostat
Fan Motor - Moffat CHB15ES Hot Cupboard
100mm Braked Castor - Moffat GV3 13 Hot
SUPERSEDED Victor SCEP12 Hot Cupboard Control Thermostat
Illuminated Panel Switch - Green - Grundy -
Silver Grey Sealant 310ml
QLC 4 Position Electronic Switch - Grundy -
Illuminated Panel Switch - Red - Grundy -
Thermal overload (12amp circuit breaker) -
Mounting plate for castor - Lincat GBM3 Hot
Door Catch Pin - Parry Hot Cupboard Door Catch Pin
Door Seal Grundy Hot Cupboard 1063
Thermostat - Bartlett A19E Hot Cupboard
Thermostat - Prodis - Hot Trolley - PA10740D
Thermostat Knob - Lincat G2 Hot Cupboard
Fixed Castor Corsair HMP3TBM Hot Trolley
Plug Moffat HB16E Hot Trolley
Socket Moffat HB16E Hot Trolley
Swivel Castor Corsair HMP3TBM Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Green Luminous Switch- Electrolux Hot Counter
On/Off Switch MBM TE127/1 Hot Cupboard
Handle - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Lamp - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Thermostat Knob - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Set of 4 Castors - Caterlux Atlas Hot Trolley
Door handle - Grundy - Hot Cupboard -
Thermostat Dane Hot Cupboard
Cable - Moffat 1258C200 Hot cupboard
Door c/w seal - Jordao Vitrina Passion150C/GP
L/H Door Panel - Burlodge Multi-Gen 2
Lamp Holder - Victor O2LU Hot Cabinet
Top Hat - Victor - Hot Cupboard - HMU50DD
Circuit Breaker - Victor JPS10.1 Single Socket Circuit Breaker
Thermostat Grundy Gmaid 32586 Hot Cupboard
Push Bar Handle Victor BL100H2Z Hot Cupboard
Magnetic Door Latch - Victor BL100H2Z Hot Cupboard
Fan Motor - Viscount ACA19HC Hot Cupboard
Non Locking Door Latch - Coulston Hostess
Locking door handle - Coulston Hostess
Ring Nut for Thermostat - Moffact HC18ES7 H/C
Red Rocker Switch Grundy Eclipse91301X05
Switch Plastic Cover Grundy Eclipse91301X05
SUPERSEDED - Thermostat - Alto Shaam 500D-2 Food Warmer
Rod Holder - Rieber RRV-U2 Plate Warmer
Evaporator / Water Sensor Winston HBA0D2GV
Solid State Thermostat Assembly Winston
Tank Assembly Winston HBA0D2GV
Evaporator Plug Drawer Winston
Gasket Drawer Winston HBB5D2GV Drawer Warmer
Rod Holder - Rieber - Plate Warmer
Button Timer - Henny Pennt HC900M Food Warmer
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam Food Warmer
Door Handle - AltoShaam Food Warmer
Door Handle - Henny Penny HC-900M Food Warmer
Hot Cupboard - Moffat Hot Cupboard 1250 1kwt Fan Unit
Autovap Float Switch - Stellex - Hot Cupboard
Deflector Caterlux Orion 4 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED 3 Postion Switch
Plastic Door-Stop c/w Rivet - Lincat GM2 Hot Cupboard
Bottom Outer Door Roller - Inomak - Hot
Mains Cable c/w Plug - Victor Baron Hot Cupboard
Pilot Clamp Screw Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Bracket For Pilot Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Drum Thermostat - Hatco FSCHC-7-2
SUPERSEDED 260128X Fan Motor c/w Blade - EMH Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Caterlux Taurus Hot Cupboard
Flex Cable - Reward Hot Cupboard
Porcelain Connector - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Baffle - Caterlux Atlas Range Hot Cupboard
Drip Tray - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - MM12
Cut-off - Rieber Plate Warmer
Heated Fan - Williams HG1TX Food Warmer
Element & Fan Motor - EMH Hot Cupboard
Curved Glass (1416mm) - Moffat MHT15+GH CHB15ES
Door Seal Moffat Hot Cupboard
Cable Gland Parry 1888 Hot Cupboard
Door Seal - Blanco Hot Cupboard
Oven temperature probe - Colston Hostess
Lighting gantry assembly - Apollo 3
402-CP Fermod Edgemount Hinge
Lamp shade & holder - Parry C4LU Table-top
Fan Motor - Blanco BW18 BW36 BW56 Hot Trolley
Black Coiled Flex Cable 1.5mtr - Moffat 3FBM
Halogen Bulb - Colston Hot Trolley H35793
Fan Cable - Moffat 2FBM Hot Cupboard
Lamp 500w - Stellex
SUPERSEDED 200w 120mm Bulb - Moffat VG1C Hot Trolley
Fan motor - Parry KHFM3 Hot Cupboard
Fan Blade - Moffat Hot Cupboard HC13E8
FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX Hot
Pin For FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX
Plug For FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX
Front Door Sheave Roller - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Rear Door Sheave - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Double Sliding Rail- 2 Metre Length Aluminium
Door Assembly - Parry Hot Cupboard 1500
Fan Blade - Blanco Hot Trolley
EM3010L Shaded Pole Motor - Blanco Hot Trolley
Top guide bar - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Bottom Guide Bar for Sliding Doors - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Bottom Rear Door Clamp Profile c/w Castors - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Hot Air Fan Coldmaster Chef 3 Hot Cupboard
4in Swivel Castor - Victor
Swivel & Brake Castor - Victor
Door seal - Coulston Regeneration Hostess
Swivel Castor - Victor
Bottom Inner Door Roller Inomak GE714 Hot
Heating Element - MBM EC15703
Hot Fan - BBQ King - Hot Cupboard - MHC4
Door track - Victor HS20MS Hot Cupboard
Door hanger - Victor HS20MS Hot Cupboard
Gasket for Transport Trolley - Rational
Motor Assembly w/ Fan - Winston HBB0D2
Drain Cap - Winston HBB0D2
O-Ring - Winston HBB0D2
Air Probe - Winston HBB0D2
Hi Limit Thermostat - Winston HBB0D2
Water Probe - Winston HBB0D2
Power Switch - Winston HBB0D2
Handle - Winston HBB0D2
Heat Lamp c/w fitting - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Probe - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabinet
Thermocouple Victor PEER12LPG Hot Cupboard
Door Track Aluminium (3metre)
Door Gasket (per metre) - Victor BL70H1X BL200H4Z Hot Cupboard
Door Track Aluminium (2metre) Victor Peer 19
Un-Braked Castor - Moffat MH9 Hot Cupboard
Lockable Handle - Burlodge Multigen II Hot
4.0mm Spade Style Crimp Connector Female
Heat Resisting Cable (per metre) - Caterlux
Halogen Lamp 116mm 300w - Caterlux
Inner Door (New) - Inomak Hot Cupboard
Outer Door (New) - Inomak Hot Cupboard
Red Mains Neon Dane Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Dane Universal412T Hot Cupboard
Thermostat Dial Dane Hot Cupboard
240v Circulating Motor - Winston HBB5D2GV
SUPERSEDED Moffat HC12ES Fan Heater Thermostat
Glass Front (1416mm x 310mm) - Moffat CHB15ES Hot
300w Surface mounted holder and bulb - Dane Techline
500w Surface mounted holder and bulb - Dane Techline
Digital Temp Controller - Rieber Thermoport 3000U Beheizt Hot Cupboard
Runner Wheel - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Infra-red Lamp 235v 500w 254mm - Afinox 9SAM4NCCRF001
SUPERSEDED Henny Penny HC-900M Hot Cabinet Door Seal
Side Glass Panel - Ubert DHT-31 Hot Food Counter
Silver Edging (2 required) - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Set of Castors - Caterlux ATLAS Hot Cupoard
Set of Castors - Caterlux Galaxy Hot Cupboard
Door Channel 131cm - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Door Channel 163cm - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Door Pull - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Glass Sneeze Screen - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Trim - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Front Door Sheave Nylon Roller - Hot Cupboard
Rear Door Sheave Nylon Roller - Hot Cupboard
Rear Sheave Steel Roller - Hot Cupboard
Door Track (3 metre length) - Stott Benham CL47829 Hot Cupboard
5 Amp Fuse - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Braked Castor - Parry - Hot Cupboard - MSB15G
Unbraked Castor - Parry - Hot Cupboard - MSB15G
Thermostat - Lincat G1 LPWLR Hot Cupboard / Pie Warmer
1 kw Fan Unit - Victor - Hot Cupboard
Temperature Probe - Burlodge - Hot Trolley - MULTIGEN2
Front RH Sliding Door - Lincat GBM2 Hot Cupboard
Latch & Striker Plate - Bourgeat GN68 Hot Cupboard
Adjustment Card - Bourgeat GN68 Hot Cupboard
Leads without plug - Rieber - Hot Cupboard
Mains Lead - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - Thermoport 3000
Left Door - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Right Door - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Silicone Clamp Profile (per meter) - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Fuse 10 amp - Altoshaam
Toggle On/Off Switch - Hatco GRH-60SS Food Warmer
150W Halogen Bulb - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Black Silicone Adhesive - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ
Drop in Hotplate - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ
L/H Door - Parry Hot Cupboard
Door Seal - Altoshaam 500-S Hot Cupboard
Hinge Edgemount Chrome Plated - Victor BL100H2
Catch Recess - Bourgeat - Hot Cupboard - 9502H
Washer - Bourgeat - Hot Cupboard - 9502H
Screw - Bourgeat - Hot Cupboard - 9502H
Pair of Hinges - Alto Shaam 1200-UP Hot Cupboard
Condenser Fan Motor - Lincat - D5R1005A001
Striker plate - Bourgeat 9202H Hot Cupboard
Handle Lincat GM3 Hot Cupboard
Seal Moffat Hot Cupboard
Mains Lead Moffat Hot Cupboard
Terminal - Victor BS30HR850RQ Hot Trolley
QVR/S-RFI-TB Variable Regulator - Stellex Hot Cupboard
Door Gasket 1495x580mm - Bourgeat
NG Gas Valve - Caterlux - Hot Cupboard - ATLAS
Door Catch - Burlodge MULTIGEN32100
3mp Flex Cable 2600mm
Grundy G-MAID RC Front Door
Fuse Holder Grundy GMG hotplate
SUPERSEDED Green Rocker Switch - Grundy GMG2323C3
5 AMP Fuse - Grundy Hotplate GMG
Relay Coil - Henny Penny HC990 Holding Cabinet Relay Coil
SUPERSEDED Corsair Trolley Controller & Probe LTR-5TSRE
Castor -Lincat GBM3 Hot Cupboard Unbraked Castor
Brake Castor - Lincat GBM2 Hot Cupboard
Lockable Castor - Lincat GM3 Hot Cupboard
Mounting plate - Lincat G1 G2 Hot Cupboard
On/Off Switch - Lincat HC6 Hot Cupboard
Thermal Fuse 10amp - Lincat GBM3 Hot Trolley
Door Roller Pin - Moffat HB18E Hot Trolley
Fan Motor - Moffatt Hot Cabinet HB15ES GH
SUPERSEDED - Lamp Holder - Moffat Hot Trolley
On / Off Switch - Moffat 3FHCM/3V304 Hot cupboard
Power Neon Green - Moffat 3V1B Hot Trolley
Lid Handle - Moorwood Vulcan CA-300G
Front Door Roller - Moorwood Vulcan
Rear Door Roller - Moorwood Vulcan Counter P
230V 31w Fan Motor - Viscount Hot Cupboard
Control Thermostat - Moorwood Vulcan Hot Cupboard
Probe - Moffat BF210 Hot Trolley
Magnetic Door Catch Parry 1868 Hot Cupboard
Mains Lead - Parry MSB18G Heated Trolley
Curly Lead - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Trolley
Straight Lead - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Trolley
Blower Motor - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
180mm 25w 230v Tangential Fan Motor - Burlodge EP-2 Heated Trolley
Front Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Rear Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Handle Clip - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Couplin Pin - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
Thermostat - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Castor / Wheel - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Power relay - Afinox - KORO4-1 - Hot Buffet Cart
Lamp (inc holder bulb & reflector) - Stellex Hot Cupboard
Toggle - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Castor / Wheel - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Perspex Sneeze Screen - Moffat 4FHCM Hot Cupboard
Fan Motor - Salva K-M5-E Heated Cabinet
Fan Motor Fixing Kit - Salva KM-5E Hot Cupboard
Green Toggle Switch - Colston Hostess H35875 Hot Trolley
Temperature limiter Duoclic 160 - Rieber Plate Warmer
Gas Valve - Victor - Hot Cupboard - PEER 12
Door Magnet - Caterlux Taurus Hot Cupboard
Hi-Limit Thermostat - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
Control Knob - Dane Universal421T Hot Cupboard
Board Power Supply - Alto-Shaam
Cord Set - Alto-Shaam
Fixing Screws, Nuts & Washers to fit Sneeze Screen Glass to Lincat GBM3
Complete Door - Victor BL100H22 Hot Cupboard
75mm Braked Castor - Moffat VCBM4B Hot Trolley
Door Seal - Alto Shaam 1000-B02-96 Plate Warmer
Turbine for Motor - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
4-Pole Motor - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
Switch - Aluminox
Synergy Control Box - Victor - WDHHBW4RC
Minisit 0710654 - Gas Valve Electrolux/Zanussi
Small Wheel; Assy - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Roller - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Absorber (8pcs) - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Relay 16a-250v - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
NTC Probe - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Reinforced Wheel - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Push Switch - Roller Grill HVC120GN Hot Cupboard
Operating Thermostat - Gico Hot Cupboard
Door Seal - Altoshaam - 1000-BQ2/96
Single Door Skid - Moffat
Double Door Skid - Moffat
Temp Probe - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - THERMOPORT 3000
10a Mains Lead - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - THERMOPORT 3000
Thermometer - Ubert DHT31 Heated Cabinet
Complete Door - Lincat D6R100B Display Cabinet
Fan unit w/ Element - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Rigid Castor - Alto Shaam - Hot Cupboard - 1000-BQ2-96
Sealing Frame 1234mm x 386mm - Rieber Food Warmer
Photocell Pair Sensors Emitter & Reciever - Burlodge Policord PC/7 Conveyor
Wiring Harness - Electrolux MTC1800P Hot Cupboard
Thermostat - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
Door Handle - Caterlux
Alco Solenoid Valve 1/4" - Bartlett - Hot Cupboard - EXCAL64691
Infinite Knob/Switch - Hatco GR Series Food Warmer
Terminal Block - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2
Off Set Hinge (Pair C/W Screws) - Alto Shaam 500-PH-GD
Probe - Vulcan Hart
Door Magnet - Caterlux Atlas Hot Cupboard
Plastic Door Slides - Caterlux Atlas Hot Cupboard
Door Seal - Parry - Hot Cupboard - BT1
Disk Nut - Eloma Hot cupboard
Lamp - Alto-Shaam TY-48 Counter Top Heated Display
Lamp Fitting - Alto-Shaam TY-48 Counter Top Heated Display
Set of 4 Castors - Caterlux Orion Hot Trolley
PCB Plate - Blanco Plate Dispenser
Dimmer Switch - Dane Hot Cupboard
Hot Air Vent - Rieber Hot Cupboard
30-110c Hot Cupboard Thermostat - EGO 55.17024.010
Door Catch - Alto-Shaam Warming Cabinet
NTC Room Probe - Afinox/Rivacold KORO4-1 Hot Buffet Cart
Door Guide Saddle (Plastic Moulding)- Victor
Rocker Switch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Sahara Fan & Element Unit - Moffat VCHT5 Hot Cupboard
Lamp Holder - Dane-Tec 2 Shelf Hot Cabinet
Element 2kw - Ozti OBA70180 Hot Cupboard
Blower Fan Motor - Ozti OBA70180 Hot Cupboard
Control Thermostat - Ozti OBA70180 Hot Cupboard
Blower Fan Blade - Ozti OBA70180 Hot Cupboard
On/Off Switch - Parry KHFM Hot Food Cabinet
Swivel Castor - Moffat VGEN16 Hot Trolley
Fixed Castor - Moffat VGEN16 Hot Cupboard
Tension Spring/Fixed Plate Dispenser Spring - Hupfer
Touch Pad Sticker - Bourgeat 950217 Hot Cupboard
White Block - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - 500-TH/III
Sensor - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - 500-TH/III
Unbreaked Castor - Moffat 3V 4FHCM Hot Cupboard
Drawer Gasket - Winston HBB0N2GV Warming Drawer
1000 Watt Heating Element - Colston Hostess Hot Trolley
Sneeze Screen - Moffat HB/126S Hot Cupboard
On / Off Switch - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Thermostat Knob - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Pair of Doors (w/ Handles & Door Slide) - Caterlux APOLLO4
Handle - Alto-Shaam 1000BQ296
Round Door Roller - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Door Pin Guide - Universal Hot Cupboard
Door Handle - Ozto OBA70180 OBA14218 Hot Cupboard
Thermocouple - Caterlux ATLAS Hot Cupboard
Thermostat Protector Bar - Caterlux
Thermal Cut Out - Lincat P6P4 Hot Cupboard
Lamp Holder - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACSHCUP1500GH
Lamp Holder - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACSHCUP1500GH
Fan Blade - Rieber Trolley
Hexagonal Nut - Rieber Trolley
Knob Switch - Inoksan
Carvery Plate - Moffat HB215ES Hot Cupboard
Lamp and Casing - Mafirol RAVEL1420TOT/FE/VCR Hot Display
L/H Sliding Door - Ubert DHT-41 Hot Cupboard
RH Side Sliding Door - Ubert - Hot Cupboard - DHT-41
Door (Pair) - Inomak MF714 Hot Cabinet
Seal - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Un-braked Castor - Victor Consort BM20MS Hot Trolley
Cooling Fan - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - VGEN16
Lockable Door Handle - Moffat Regen VG2GG
Castor - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Door Roller - Victor Peer 19 Hot Cupboard
Swivel w/brake Castor - Alto Shaam - Hot Cupboard - 1000-BQ2-96
Drip Tray Assembly (w/ elements) - Moffat - MRF18T
Thermostat - Emainox
Heatsink Compound 20ml - to suit Dimmer Switch ASC05455
Divider - Moffat Hot Cupboard - EBEHT
Fan Motor FM62G25/1 - Electrolux
Rubber Door Stopper - Ubert DHT-41 Hot Food Counter
Front Curved Glass - Eurogrill HT3 Chicken Warmer
FIME C20XOE01/73 Fan - Tecfrigo CHEF3DRY Heater Display
Selector Switch - Parry - TEC6MD
Lighting Assembly- Afinox Samoa 4-1 Prasta- Hot Buffet
Temperature Probe - Alto Shaam 500-1D Hot Cupboard
Transformer - Corsair Hot Trolley
Blower Motor - Hatco - Hot Cupboard
Latch Assembly Auto c/p Cranked Handle - Victor Hot Cupboard
Fan complete with Heater - Parry - Hot Cupboard - BT1
4m Mains Lead - Moffat VERSICARTE 1500
Lamp Assembly - Moffat
Door (Inner) 19/190 Hot C- Inomak GE719 - Hot Cupboard
Door (Outer) 19/190 Hot C- Inomak GE719 -Hot Cupboard
Remote Thermostat - Hupfer Banquet Trolley
Handle- E & R Moffat VCHT3 - Hot Cupboard
Over Heat Thermostat - Corsair - Hot Cupbaord - CT174
6"" Castor Swivel Grey Type Needle Bearing - Victor AMB20X
6"" Castor Swivel & Brake Grey Type Needle Bearing - Victor
Terminal Block - Moffat HC+SPEC Hot Plate
Probe Quick - Alto-Shaam
Sensor - Alto-Shaam
Reed Switch - Alto-Shaam
Electronic Control - Alto-Shaam
Door Gasket - Alto Shaam 1200-UP/SR
Glas Lug- Moffat VCHT4- Hot Servery
Handle Clip (x2 req'd per handle) - Victor
Neon - Alto-Shaam
On/Off Rocker Switch - Alto-Shaam
Black Door Handle - Moffat 3FHCM Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED ZP Pins - Moffat CHB18ES Hot Cupboard
Drawer Bearing - Alto-Shaam
Overlay - Alto-Shaam
Cooking Plate 300x300, 2.5kw - Bohnhoff
Operation Switch 4 positions - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Switch K&NCG4 A214 E9 SFS0001
Switch K&N CA10 CG4 SF4624 E9
Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-S/HD
Sealing Frame - Rieber - Hot Trolley - STW NORM 11.22 HL
Bump Ons - Moffat ST64
Contactor / Line Filter - Viscount - ACSAMBI0500
Thermostat- Caterlux
Neon Light- Caterlux
L/H Door - Parry - Hot Cupboard - 1887
R/H Door - Parry - Hot Cupboard - 1887
Black Silicone - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Gasket - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - FTTG3
Switch - Victor Hot Cupboard
Guide Bar Top - Ubert Hot Cupboard
Guide Bar Bottom - Ubert Hot Cupboard
Wheel (Slding Doors) - Ubert Hot Counter
Door Track - Buffalo GF455 - Hot Display
4m Mains Cable - Moffat - Food Trolley - VCHT5
Opertion Switch 2 Operating Positions - Offcar
Safety Thermostat Switch-Off Temp - Offcar
Connecting Bow Long for Thermostat - Offcar
Control Knob - Rieber
Front Curved Glass - Fri-Jado - Servery Unit - CC-COLDFS
Door Location Rail - Victor - Hot Cupboard - BM30MS
Hot Air Fan 32w 220-240v - FIME C20X0E0136CLH
Mains Lead - Moffat Food Trolley - HP2
Door Roller - Moffat Hot Trolley
Cooling Fan - Alto-Shaam 500-3DN
Divider Assembly - Falcon HS4 Hot Cupboard
Door Gasket 795x585mm - Bourgeat
Hinge Cover (chrome) - Henny Penny - Hot Cupboard
Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard
E88 Bakbar Prover Wet Well Element
Element 500wt W Shape - Bartlett Hot Cupboard
Element - Hatco Grahl Food Warmer Heating Element 240v
SUPERSEDED 2.4 kwt Element - Blue Seal / Bakbar
Element - Stott Benham 8.7kw Hot Cupboard
Element and Motor - Inomak MI714 EWH11
Bain Marie Element - Inomak GE714/PTL GE716/PTL
1Kwt element - Caterlux Gemini 2436 Plate
Element - Falcon Hot Cupboard
Hot Cupboard Element - Vulcan Hart VHP20
Element - Hatco Grahl Heating Element 1725w 240v
Heating Element 660w 240v Hatco / Grahl
Fan & Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Rail - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot cupboard
Shelf Clips - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot
Shelf - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot cupboard
Top & Middle shelf element - Grundy GMG S4
Bottom element - Grundy GMC Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Ego 20.35390.050 Element 1800w - Hot Cupboard
Infra red Heating Element - Grundy GMG
400w Element - Victor CARIB3.1A16Q Hot Plate
Element - Victor Hot Trolley Element 1.5kw
Element - Victor PEF12100 Carribain 2kwt 240v Element
Bain Marie Bottom - Victor JPS1 JPS2.3
Heating Element - Victor Peer 12 Hot
2kwt Element - Victor Peer16z kS 3T 3Q A16ZQ
Shelf c/w brackets - Victor Hot Cupboard 31SS
Adaptor for Lead - PEER16 Victor
Runner - Electrolux 131206 Hot Cupboard
Foil Heating Element - Electrolux
900w 240v Rectangular Top Element - Victor Riviera DHBM5X B/M
2.2kwt Element Bottom - Victor CD600 Conv Typ
Peer 12 Element - Victor Scep 12
Element Victor AMB3T Hot Trolley
1kwt Element - Victor Prince HED50100 Hot Cupboard
1500W Element - Victor BMS30 DHBM5X Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Grundy GM Hot-Cupboard
Element- Stott Benham 100 watt Plug in H/C Element
Element- Parry Hot Cupboard - Heating Element - CCSU2
Element - Moffat 1900ELEC H/CB-M
Adjustable Foot - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip
Element Unit - Dane Bain Marie 200x7508
Bain Marie Element - Corsair NHS2PBM
Bain Marie Element 1.3 KWT - Inomak GE714-PTL MI714
2kw Heater Element - Inomak G714/PT2 MFS714
Element - Wardpark Gardner Element
Bottom element - Apollo 3 Hot cupboard
Top Element - Moffat ZERDTOP3
Hotplate - Lang RT36B-440VM Galley
2kwt Element - Victor PEER16 SCEP22Q Hot Cupboard
Element - Lincat G1 Hot Cupboard
2000w Dry Heating Element
Hot Air Element for Hatco Flav-R-Savor
Element Parry Hotcupboard AS1888 9214
Hot Cupboard Element 750wt 1066mm 240v
Element w/ Fan - Rieber Hot Box
Heating Element - Victor - HD75RU
Element 0.8kw - Grundy GMG Hotcupboard
Grundy Mini - Maid Hot Trolley Element
Element - Victor Hot Cupboard JPS1Q Element
Dry Heating Element 600w - Parry 1910 Hot
3kwt Heating Element - Parry HOT18P Hot Cupboard
1.25kw Element - Lincat G1 G2 GX2 GBM3A GBM3B
Heating Element - Vulcan VHP20 Hot Trolley
Element - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard
Hotplate Element - Corsair CH66S
Element - 250x450mm Stellex Food Trolley TC2
Element - 350x530mm Stellex Food Trolley TC2
Element 750w 240v- Bartlett A17E Hot Cupboard
Heater assembly with Fan and 2kw Element for
Fan Oven Element 2.5kwt 240v - EMH Hot Cupboard
Element - ER Moffat Hotcupboard 5L3
Element - Lincat SHD1050 Hot Cupboard
Element 120W - Henny Penny HC900M Hot
New Style Element - Moffat 125HC2000 HC16E8DBS Hot Cupboard
Element - (600W Foil) - Grundy W 1554 T3
Air Heater/Element - Winston HBAOD2GV Hot Unit
Water Heater/element 230v 600w- Winston Hot
Outer element - Coulston Hostess Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Heating element kit - Hatco food warmer
Cable Heating Service Kit - Alto-sham
Element - Vulcan Hart VHP20
Heating Element - Moffat V-TOP 2 Plus Gantry
Element Caterlux Taurus Hotcupboard
1kw Element & Fan - Moffat 2FHCM6-03
SUPERSEDED Moffat Hot Cupboard HC2000 Fan Element
Element Assembly Kit Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Perspex Sneeze Screen Moffat Versicarte Hot
1kwt Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Moffat ZV1 Hot Cupboard Glass Element
Element - Moffat ZV1 Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Element
Hot Plate Element - Grundy - Hot Cupboard -
Pilot Assembly Jacket - Caterlux Atlas Size 3
2.4Kw Element - Moffat HC2000 Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Electrolux Zanussi
Shelf Caterlux Jupiter Hot Cupboard
Hot Cupboard Ego Element 20.17983.040 1.2kwt
Element Cougar 5H61 5H66 Plate Warmer
Roller Kit - Winston HBA0D2GV Drawer Warmer
Element - Brandon - Hot Cupboard - HC15KD
Heating Element - AltoShaam Food Warmer
2.9kwt Element - Caterlux Atlas 4 Hot Cupboard
Element for Caterlux Orion 4 Hot Cupboard
Motor Complete -Viscount ACA19HC Hot Cupboard
Element - Eurogrill HT3 Hot Cupboard
Shelf - Victor - Hot Cupboard - BL50H1S
Shelf Brackets - Victor - Hot Cupboard
Pilot Head Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Pilot Clamp Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Injector/A Assy Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Element Kit - Hatco Flav-R-Savor FS1 Hot
Heat Rod Duke E-5-CBSS Serving Counter
Heating Element - Viscount Hot Cupboard
Element Kit - Hatco FS1 Hot Cabinet
Pilot assy - Wardpark Gardner 1075 86/AQ/292
Hotplate - Wardpark Gardner 1075 86/AQ/292
Heating Element - Blanco Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Parry HOT12P Hot Cupboard
Ceramic Heater Ubert DSHST-51 Hot Counter
Element Ubert DSHST-51 Hot Counter
Hot Plate 490mm x 620mm - Victor - Hot
Element - Hatco GRAH48 Food warmer
Element- EGO Fan heater element 1.8Kw -
Element 230V 2500W MBM TE127A/1 Hot
LH Element - Coulston Hostess
2800W RH Element - Coulston Hostess
Shelf - Victor CAIRIB2316Q Hot Cupboard
Well Wrap Around Element - Colston - Hot
Air Heater 230v - Winston HBB0D2
Element - Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer
Injector and Olive - Caterlux - Hot Cupboard
Pilot Assembly Jacket - Caterlux - Hot
Heating Element - Rieber Plate Warmer
Spacer Bar Inomak MI714PTL Hot Cupboard
Complete Fan Heater - 125° Focus2000
1.5kw Element Dane Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Hatco GRAHL-42
Pilot Light - Lang Hotplate
Element, Oven - Lang
2kw Element/Fan Assembly - Moffat - HC2000
1.6kwt Element - Victor HMU50CQ
Element - Parry - Hot Cupboard - HOT15
1.5kw Element - Caterlux - Orion Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Caterlux - Jupiter Hot Cupboard
Fan & Element assembly - Reiber Hot box
750wt 240v Element - Victor DED70100 Hot Cupboard
Condensate Heater - Moffat RCA13/96 Hot Cupboard
Element - Moffat HC16E8DBS Hot Cupboard
Rod Shelf - Moffat 3FHCM Hot Cupboard
Heated Ceran Top with Element - Moffat VGEN2GGW
Heating Element - Rieber RRV-H/2 Plate Warmer
Shelf - Bourgeat GN68 Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Ubert Hot Counter
Element - Hatco GRAHL-48 Food Warmer
Element - Hatco - Hot Cupboard - GRH-24-SS
Foil Element - Grundy Panfile 1034P3 WHOSTESS
Element 1 Kwt U Shape - GM 21202 27"" Long 7""
Element - Lincat SCH1085 Heated food display
Element - Moffat HB13E8 Hot Cupboard
Mesh - Moffatt Hot Trolley
Element - Viscount ACA19HC Hot Cupboard
Element - Moffat 3V304 Bain Marie Element
Large fan and element assy - MOFFAT MAA2D
Water Heater - Henny Penny - Hot Cupboard - HHC-990
1500w Element 1" BSP 205mm - Food Warmer
KIT, GR C-LEG STND 13 1/2" Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer
Pipe Heater - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Water Element - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
KIT, GR C-LEG STAND 10" Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer
Heating Element - Inomak GE711/PTL Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Duke E303M Food Warmer
Heating Element - Aluminox
2000w 230v Heating Element - Offcar
1.5Kwt Heating Element - Henny Penny HC900 Heated Cabinet
3kwt Watewell Short Element - Caterlux Atlas Size2 Bain Marie
Heating Element - Rieber RRV-H/2 Plate Warmer
Heater Kit Inomak GE714PTL Hot Cupboard
Heating Element 2400w 240v - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207
Heating Element - Igloo JAMAJKA G0.9 Hot Cabinet
1.5kwt 240v Element - Victor SK2181 Hot Cupboard
350w Heat Blanket - Stellx Hostess Trolley
Fan & Element 1.5kwt - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Element for Hot Cupboard - Caterlux - Apollo 4
Heating Assembly - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Infra-Red Element 32" - Hatco GRAH36 Food Warmer
Air Element - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
Complete Element Assembly- Caterlux Atlas 4/5
Water Heater 230v 1803w - Winston CAC507GV
Air Heater 230v 920w - Winston CAC507GV
Sahara Fan & Element Unit - Moffat VCBM3B Hot Trolley
1.5kwt Heating Element - Victor - HC31MS
2kwt Element - Caterlux APOLLO3 Hot Cupboard
Siliconee Rubber Heating Element - Afinox SAMOACALDO Hot Buffet
Heating Element - Moffat 3FBM Hot Cupboard
Shelf - Victor Hot Cupbaord - HC20MS
Removable Shelf Bracket - Victor HC20MS Hot Cupboard
1 Kwt Heating Element - Moffat HC13X8.E Hot Cupboard
Inner Heating Element - Lincat GB3 Hot Cupboard
Outer Heating Element - Lincat GB3 Hot Cupboard
Straight Element - Moffat HC13X8.E Hot Cupboard
Wheel - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW3
1400w Element - Hatco GRH-60-SS Food Warmer
Heating Element - Altoshaam ED2-48 Hot Cupboard
Element - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Removable Shelf Bracket - Victor CARIB2.322Q Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Moffat Hot Lock Hot Cupboard
Element Insulation - Parry 3013
1.5kwt Heating Element - Inoksan
Fan Unit, Plug & Socket - Moffat - HC2000
Trayslide and Brackets - Moffat Hot Trolley
Foil Heating Element 500w 230v - Rieber
Glass for Middle and Lower Shelf - Norpe SAGA90HSD Hot Cabinet
Heater - Tecfrigo CHEF3DRY Heater Display
Heater Element - Hatco GRAH54 Food Warmer
Bottom Element for Hot Cupboard HCBA3
Element - Lincat G2 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Fan Element and Lead- Moffat 2FBM103
Top Glass Shelf - Norpe - Hot Cabinet - SAGA-90-H-S+65+80
Relay - Alto-Shaam
Element - Prodis PA10724 Heated Display
2kw Element - Lincat - Hot Cupboard - G3
Straight Rod Element 8.5mm Diameter - Hawco
Heating Element 4500W - Aluminox
1kw Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard VCBM3
Element - Victor - DED40100
Foot - Moffat
Element - Apollo - 3CPB
Element Bottom - Vulcan
1.5kw Element - Smeg SE32X Hot Plate
Heating Element - Hatco GRAHL-42
2kw Focus Sahara Fan Unit with socket
Element 1600w 120v - Carter Hoffman BB-96
Heating Element - Ozti - Servery Counter
Spark Ignitor - Wardpark Gardner 1876
LAE MTR11 > LTR5 12v Controller
PCB - Alto-Shaam Hot Cupboard
Front R/H Mounting Plate Grundy Mini Serve
Element Tray Assembly c/w Element - Victor Peer Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Victor Bainmarie SCEP22Q Dimmer Switch
Piezo Ingintor Kit Victor
Controller - Grundy Hostess Trolley LAE Controller
LAE SDU12TORE Electronic Controller - AT1-5BS6E-AG
SUPERSEDED Hot Cupboard LTR5TSRE Digital - LAE
Digital Controller & probe Grundy GMG Hot
Digital Control Box - Inomak Hot Cupboards
LAE Controller - Corsair Heat Trolley 3TG
Electrode - Wardpark Gardner 1075 Hotcupboard
HT Lead - Wardpark Gardener 1876
Digital Controller- Stellex REG-4 Hotcupboard
Temperature display - Eurogrill HT3 Hot
Display- Parry Hotcupboard PHC4 Digital Display
Temperature Controller - Rieber Stork Tronic
HT Lead - Wardpark Gardner 1075 Hotcupboard
Stork Controller - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG
Control Panel Cover - Frilixa Serveover
Temperature Gauge AltoShaam 1200-UP/SR
Control Panel - Grundy Hot Trolley
Controllor (Slave) - Grundy Hot Trolley
Stainless Steel Plate - Brandon HC15KD
1m Long Sensor for a Colston EL2G
Temperature dial for a Colston EL2G
LAE Digital Controller model SDU12T0RDC
SUPERSEDED Temperature control Thermostat - 3FHCM
Green Indicator Light Caterlux Taurus
New Style Short Burner - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot Cupboard
Burner Injector - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG
XT11S-5200N Digital Temp Display - Victor Hot Cupboard
LAE Control Thermostat - Victor BL50H1S Hot Cupboard
Electrode Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Pilot Tube Connect Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - PTC Range 50-150 Degrees
Control Altoshaam 500-3D Drawer Warmer
Control Decal - Henny Penny HMR-103 Hot
SUPERSEDED Controller - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabin
100mm Deep Stainless Steel Container Inomak
SUPERSEDED Controller - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - B1000B02
Fan - Victor SCEP19 Heater Fan Unit Complete
Controller - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96 Hot Box
Thermostat- Moffat Hot Trolley BF210 Digital
Thermometer Dial - Vulcan Hart
Controller Prog 85° - Falcon - Hot Trolley
Temperature Digital Display - Victor BL100H1 Hot Cupboard
Digital Thermometer - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
4mm Gas Supply Pipe to Burner - Caterlux Orion
4mm Copper tube - Caterlux Atlas Size 2
Electronic Control Unit - Afinox KORO4-1 Hot Buffet Cart
Temperature Control Kit - Vulcan Hart
Control Plate - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Glass Hotplate - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - VCHT3
Baffle Plate - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Fan Motor- Ebmpapst EM3010L Fan Motor - Rieber Trolley
Lid - Rieber
Lower Water Tray - Archway BW800/E Warming Drawer
Controller - Falcon Hot Cupboard
ATI-5BS6E-A Controller w/ Probes - Victor - DRMT3DY
Dixell XR10CX Controller - Lincat P6B3
Bent Element - Victor BM32MS