Hot Plate Spares

Hot Plate Spares Parts
SUPERSEDED High Speed Control Switch - Falcon E350
External control knob-Falcon Dominator
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch (For Hotplate) - Falcon E350
SUPERSEDED Lux Board Panel - Bakbar Hot Plate E92
Hot Plate - Ego Hot Plate 3Kwt 400v 300mm x 300mm
Hot Plate 300x300mm 4000w 400v EGO 11.33454.249
Gas Knob - Angelo Po 2A1TPSG Hotplate
Temperature Control Knob - Stott Benham 6
Temperature Knob - Bain Marie Hot Plate Victo
SUPERSEDED Victor CTP2Q Hot Plate Element
Spring Knob - Electrolux QCF/E2 Hot Plate
Hotplate - Zanussi Hotplate KRG800
Minimum Screw - Zanussi KRG800 Hotplate
Ignitor - Zanussi Gas Solid Top Hot Plate
Electrode - Zanussi 6B 161059-06
Ignitor Leads (Black Flat) - Zanussi Gas
Electric Hob Ring Element - Zanussi SCFE700
Hot Plate Stott Benham EPR2.3S.12
Mica Warming Plate - Buffalo L715
SUPERSEDED Hot Plate Heating Element - Metos Futura
SUPERSEDED Simmer thermostat. Hotplate
Heat Switch/Hot Plate Control Switch -M Line MLE90CR-FRS
Solid Top Hot Plate Element - E90CR-FS/.E90
Thermocouple top / bottom burner - Moffat
Control Knob - Lincat HT7 Boiling top
Thermocouple for solid top hob - Lincat
Universal Hot Plate - Round 8mm spill ring
Control Selector Switch - Falcon KE102
Hotplate - EGO 12.14463.196 Hot Plate Electric
Hot Plate - EGO Hot Plate 30cm x 30cm 3000wt 440v
Thermostat- Ranco Thermostat - C26P0571 994207P
Heat Lamps 500Wt - Bartlett
Black Warming Plate/ Hotplate 200W - Moffat
Control Switch - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Control Knob - Zanussis 6B Gas Solid Top
Square Hotplate - Electrolux
2kwt Hotplate Element - Lincat HT6 HT7 Boiling Top
Hot Plate Element 2600w 240v - Angelo Po
SUPERSEDED Hotplate (Right Hand Side) Moffat Hot Top
Hot Plate Seal - Moffat VCHT3
Element - Victor Heat Plate Element W Element
Control Knob Electrolux 7FTTG1MR
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner Electrolux 7FTTG1MR
Shelf Element - Fri-Jado MD100 Hot Counter
Glass Sneeze Screen Panel - Moffat BCHT3T Hotplate
4kwt 400v 300mm x 300mm Hotplate - Kupperbusch
2.5kwt 400v 300mm x 300mm Hotplate - Kupperbusch
Hot Plate Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element 415V - Falcon Oven
Heating Element Moffat VT G3 Hot Plate
Top Element Moffat VTG3 Hot Plate
Thermostat - Victor - Plate Warmer - MPN10000
Hotplate 300mm x 300mm 3000w 230v
SUPERSEDED Hotplate - EGO 11.33454.247 - 3000w,230v
Spiral Plate Lift Element - Moffat DHPL-0
Electric Hotplate 4000w 440v 30x30cm
Switch - Ego Switch 43.24216.020 - Beha Hedo
1500w Hotplate - Beha Hedo
3000w 480v 320mm Hotplate - Beha Hedo
SUPERSEDED Hotplate - EGO 12.22454.484
Heater Element - Hatco GRAH24 Food Warmer
EGO 49.27215.520 Selector Switch - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Oven Thermostat - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Door Hinge - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Door Hinge - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Oven Heating Element - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
SUPERSEDED Heating Plate - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Red Pilot Lamp - Electrolux Hotplate
Collecting Tray (Burner)- Electrolux Hotplate
Hotplate -EGO Hotplate - 180mm 1500w 230v
Hotplate - EGO Hotplate 2000W 230V Ø180mm
Electric Hotplate 2.6kwt 220mm wide 400v
Hotplate 220x220mm 2600w 440v
Element - Olympia CB729
2.4kwt 230v Element/Hotplate - Mareno Oven
3kwt 400v Hotplate - Dexion
Heating Element - Hatco Grahl 300 warmer
Hotplate 2600w/240v - Toastmaster
Cooling Fan - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
Heating Plate - Bertos - EGO 11.33454.246
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo Hotplate Range
SUPERSEDED Element 2500w 240v (19cm)
Top Heating Element - Lang CLR-36R Hot Plate
Glass plate for CE208 Buffalo plate warmer
440v 3kwt Hotplate - EGO 11.33470.196
Hotplate - 12.18463.018
Electric Surface Range- Ambach EP90 Hot Plate
Red neon - Cougar 3B62 Hot Plate
Hotplate - EGO Hotplate - 12.22453.021
Amber neon - Cougar 3B62 Hot Plate
Controller - Rieber
Transformer - Beha Hedo Hotplate
Obsolete Insulated Conductors - Beha Hedo Hotplate
Handle Protection Rollergrill DW110 Hotplate
Heating Element - MKN - Hot Plate
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - MKN - Hot Plate -
Hotplate - Aluminox
Hotplate 220x220mm 2kwt 400v -
Radiation Heater - Palux D-97980
180mm Dia Hotplate 400/415v 2000w - EGO 12.18463.198
1750w 230v Element - Giga Hotplate
Element 1.75kwt - MKN 2121501-02 2121501S03 Grill
Hotplate 1500w 230mm - Beha Hedo
Hotplate 3000w 320mm - Beha Hedo
Power cordset - Rowlet Rutland R210 Plate Warmer
SUPERSEDED 3kwt Hotplate - Bertos
On/Off Switch - Rieber 1/1-CR3500 Hot Plate
Heating Element 700w 120v - Vollrath 72029 Countertop Warmer
Main Connection Cable 2.5m - Rieber 1/1-cr 3500 Hotplate
Single Phase Thermostat 0-270 Deg
French Plate 208V - Vulcan Hart E60FL/348FL
Minisit - Moffat Hot Plate - HB H1316x8.9
NG Burner Jet - Parry PGF600 Griddle
Control Knob - Buffalo CD407 Induction Hob
Outer Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Operation Switch - Angelo Po
Selector Switch - Angelo Po
Hotplate 4500W/400V 520 x 340mm - Beha Hedo
Element - Moffat 125.DGS- Hotplate
Perspex Sneeze Screen - Moffat - VGEN2GR
3000w Hot Plate - Metos Futura RP4/22
Middle Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Oven Thermostat- Falcon E3101- Hot Plate
Inner Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Hotplate Assembly 415v 3ph 50hZ - Falcon
Thermostat - Aluminox
Ceramic Hob - Angelo Po 6VTR
Main Control PCB - Angelo Po 6VTR
Hot Plate 2500w 230v - Angelo Po 6VTR
Hot Plate 1700w 230v - Angelo Po 6VTR
Key Board - Angelo Po 6VTR
Fuse Moffat VGEN2GGCYN Hot Plate
Hotplate - Ubert PF600SGES-0710-124
Metal Working Coil - Maestrowave Induction Hob
Main PCB - Maestrowave Induction Hob - MC30L4B
Control Panel Membrane - Maestrowave Induction Hob
Solid Top Complete - Bonnet - Flat Top Hob
Control Knob - Lincat LP21B Hot Plate
Hotplate - Mareno 300x300mm 3kwt 400v
Sealant - Moffat - Hot Plate - VCHT3
Element - Parry QLD1 QLD2 QLD3 Servery
Hot Plate - Kupperbusch
Sunon SF23092A 92 X 92 X 25mm Axial Fan - Angelo Po
Dashboard - Angelo Po
Sneeze Screen - Moffat FTG3 Hot Plate
3kwt Element 230v - Beha-Hedo
Control Panel - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
2kwt 480v Hotplate Element - EGO 12.22453.484
HOT PLATE 400V 1500W
2kwt 480v Hotplate Element - EGO 12.22454.485
CU Sensor - Garland BH/BA2500 Induction Hob
Service Plug - Garland BH/BA2500 Induction Hob
Hot Plate - 3KW/440V - Electrolux
Electrical Hotplate Element 400v 2.6kwt - Electrolux
3kwt 220v 60hz Hotplate - Inoksan
White Signal Lamp - Inoksan
Thermostat - Inoksan
700w Recon Element - Moffat HB15E Carvery Unit
Selector Switch - Beha-Hedo 30 Hot Plate
Hotplate 1500w 230v 180mm - Mareno
Induction Coil- Scholl SH/ IN 3500 Induction Plate
Coil- Wok Inductions W/ Carrier - Scholl SH/ IN 3500 Induction Plate
V-Ring Grommet for Knob - Joni
Spacer Collar for Knob - Joni
Hotplate 400x400 400v - Joni
Rotary Switch - Joni
Knob - Joni
Control Lamp Red - Joni
Spring Wave - Joni
Fuse T15A - Garland - Hot Plate - SH/BA3500
Hotplate Insulation Box - Falcon E2101
RH-LH Catch with Lock - Fagor
Control Stat- Rieber 1/1-CR3500 - Hot Plate
Thermostat Knob - Rowlett Rutland
2kw Element - Smeg SE32X Hot Plate
Hotplate 3500w 400v 300mm - Lotus
Generator Heating Insert 3.5kwt 205mm dia. - MKN 1223103 Induction Cooker
Radiant Plate 230v 3x1580w - Electrolux
Burner Jet - Parry
Set of Cables Front- Alluminox K14M - Hot Plate
Pilot Burner LH - Silko
Heating Insert; Induction 5kwt 280x290mm - MKN
Oven Sole Plate - Electrolux
Hotplate 400x350mm 4kwt 440v - Electrolux
Removable Shelf Bracket - Victor BS30AE850R Hot Plate
Induction Generator - Electrolux