Microwave Spares

Microwave Spares Parts
SUPERSEDED Door Spring Large - Merrychef/ EC501-CTM3/RD5
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE2640
Magnetron - Crypto Peerless MW1600 Microwave
Microwave Inner Screen - Crypto Peerless 1710
Fascia- Samsung CM1929 Fascia
SUPERSEDED Magnetron - Samsung CM1229 Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
Transformer -Crypto Peerless MW1300 Microwave
High Voltage Rectifier - Sharp MW1600
Resistor - Crypto Peerless MW1600 Microwave
PCB Logic Control board - Merrychef 1025
Door Spring Set - Merrychef Microcook 1700
Wire Rack - Panasonic NE-C1275 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Glass - NE1480 BP
Fuse 10 amp - Sharp Microwave R21ATP
Micro-switch (MF5000) - Menumaster Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Fuse Holder
Anntena Bearing - Sanyo Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceiling Plate - Panasonic NE1330 Microwave
Thermostat RMC6804 - MerryChef Microwave
Door safety switch - Menumaster U1600I Microwave
HD Blower & Fan Motor - Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Screw - Menumaster - Microwave
Nut - Menumaster - Microwave
Fan Blade - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Durable Membrane Assembly - Merrychef 402S
Ceramic Base - Daewoo KOM-9F85 KOM9F85 KOM9F50
Door Assembly - Sanyo EMS1000UK2 Microwave
Touchpad - Amana RFS5115W2A Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Panasonic NE1253 Microwave
Stirrer Cover / Roof Liner - Maytag UHDC518
Stirrer Motor - Brother Microwave
Switch - Sharp R7200K microwave
Roller Ring - Buffalo Microwave L320
Glass Tray - Buffalo Microwave L320
Laminate PCB Covan TEC6MX
Cover - Sanyo Microwave Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover
Handle - Sanyo Door Handle
Door Handle - Sanyo Microwave
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Roof liner - Electrolux MW1800 microwave
Roof Lining - Sanyo EMC1900 EM1900 Microwave
Touch Pad PCB - Sanyo EMC1900
Main PCB Assmebly - Sanyo Microwave
Shaft - Sharp Microwave
Coupling - Sharp R1330S microwave
SUPERSEDED - Self adhesive plastic sheet - Maestrowave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1900 EMC1901 Microwave
Ceramic base plate - Amana / Litton /
High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Door Latch Assembly - Amana RFS511MP
SUPERSEDED Oven Lamp Screen inside - Sharp R24AT
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
U3100i Litton Menu Master Impellor & Housing
3100I Litton Microwave Clips
Thermostat Knob - Merrychef RMC-1003
Choke Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner Samsung CM1829
Door Hinge - Samsung CM1829 Microwave
Magnetron - Samsung CM1929 CM1229 CM1329 CM1626 Microwave
Film for Lens - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Door Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave
Overload Thermostat Motor - Amana SRD5265W
Escutcheon A - Panasonic Microwave
PCB Board - Panasonic Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Panasonic Microwave
Terminal Fuse -Panasonic Microwave
3A Fuse - Panasonic Microwave
Cook switch bracket - Panasonic NE1747
AC Motor 2w - Panasonic Microwave
PCB Board with component- Panasonic microwave
Door screen - Panasonic Microwave
Hook Spacer - Panasonic Microwave
Rubber door seal - Panasonic Microwave
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE1330 NE167 Microwave
Wave Guide Assy / Stirrer Blade - Amana
Base Plate - Litton U3100 Microwave
Inner Door Panel/Inner Window Kit - Amana
Ceramic Base Plate - Marren Microwave
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic base plate - Amana S518S Microwave
Door Surround - Amana UHDC518 Microwave
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1880 NE3280 Microwave
Heating Element B - Panasonic Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE1780 microwave
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor (oven overheat) - Panasonic
Door Interlock Assembly - Panasonic NE1856 NE1456 Microwave
Inner Door - Panasonic NE1880BP NE1540 Microwave Oven
Door Arm - Panasonic microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo EM1800 EM1802 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Air Inlet Filter - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Stirrer Fan Cover & Antenna - Merry Chef MC1
SUPERSEDED Magnetron - Panasonic NE1456 NE1880 NE1856
Single Pole Capillary Thermostat - 250degrees
SUPERSEDED Base Plate - Merrychef 1425C Microwave
Door Choke - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Obsolete Inner Door Casing - Amana UHDC5182 Microwave
Lever - Sharp R22DV microwave
Door Spring - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
Power Transformer - Merrychef 30M0033 MD180
Enamel Oven Tray - Merrychef EC501 Oven
Micro Switch - MerryChef Microwave
Door Seal - Merrychef EC401 microwave
SUPERSEDED Short Seal (pair) Stirrer Glass MERRYCHEF
Roof liner - Merrychef HD1425 HD1725 HD1925
SUPERSEDED 2M244 Magnetron - Merrychef Microwave
Mains Filter Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Door Switch - Merrychef - ETM-3
SUPERSEDED Door Choke Cover - Merrychef MC1800 MD1400
Ceramic Tray - Merrychef Microcook 1925 Microwave
Control PCB - Merrychef D500 Microwave
Glass Roof Liner - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1630 Microwave
Power Relay - Panasonic Microwave
SUPERSEDED Timer Knob - Panasonic Microwave
Door Hook - Panasonic Microwave
Roof Liner/Stirrer Cover - Menu Master 3100
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Choke - Sharp R24AT
Stirrer Covers- Crypto Peerless 1710 Microwave
Magnetron - Crypto Peerless MW1710 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out - Crypto Peerless
Thermal Cut Out - Crypto Peerless
Capacitor- Crypto Microwave 9/99B Capacitor
Lead Wire- High Voltage Rectifier
LED Unit - Sharp Microwave
SUPERSEDED Samsung CM1929 Microwave Fuse
SUPERSEDED Samsung CM1929 Microwave High Voltage Trans
Selector Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Door choke - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Stirrer c/w clips -Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Antenna Shaft - Sharp Microwave / Sanyo EMC1900
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Sharp R21ATP NE1440 NE1856 CM1900 Microwa
SUPERSEDED Sanyo EMC1900 Ceramic Tray
Main PCB Display Unit - Brother MF5000
PCB - Amana Microwave - AMR10763207
Magnetron - 2M120 Amana Maytag Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Panasonic NE1856
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Digital control - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Knob - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Control Panel - Sharp R23AM microwave
Hitachi Magnetron - Panasonic NE1030 & Brother MF5000
Door - Panasonic NE2740 Door A
Door - Panasonic Microwave Door E
SUPERSEDED - Oven Tray Handle - Merrychef EC401 Microwave
Base Plate - Panasonic NE1880 NE3240 NE1540
Fuse 15a- Litton 3100I
SUPERSEDED Interlock Switch Module - Litton 3100I
SUPERSEDED Door Film/Screen - Panasonic NE1747 NE1446
Shelf - Panasonic NE1670 Microwave
Inner Door Window/ Door Film- Amana URFS518S Microwave
Light Socket - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Strap Capacitor - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Switch Interlock - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Window Outer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Transformer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Door Linner - Amana RS591SS Microwave Oven
Sub-12544812 - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Thermal Fuse - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Grease Shield - Amana RS591SS Microwave
NLA - touch panel assy - Amana Microwave
Fuse (10amp) - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Obsolete Board - PC-R (SUB 10092301) - Amana Microwave
Antenna Cradle - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Sub (Motor Blower) - Amana RS5SS Microwave
Antenna Assy - Amana RS59155 Microwave
Board - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Temperature Probe Jack K - Amana RS591SS
Magnetron - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Thermal Cut-out - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Door Switch Holder - Panasonic NE1856
PCB Main - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Protector Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwav
Thermal Cut Out for Magnetron - Panasonic
10amp Fuse - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Panel/Switch Membrane - Panasonic
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Spacer - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Plug Top 13amp - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
PCB Low Voltage Transformer- Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out for Oven - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Antenna Motor (upper) - Panasonic NE1856
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Door Assembly Complete - Panasonic NE1856
Upper/Lower Hinge Plate - Merrychef MD1800
Inner Door Film - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Inner Handle - Merrychef MD1800 Mircowave
White Base plate - Panasonic NEC1275 M.Wave
Door Body - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Partition Plate Kit - Merrychef Mealstream EC401 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Merrychef MD1800 Microwave Inner Door Panel
SUPERSEDED Ceramic base plate -Amama MenuMaster UHDC51
Touch Pad - Amana URCS 511 Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic Pro2 NE3280 Microwave
Sealent - Amana Microwave Sealent
Oven lamp - Amana UHDC5142 Microwave
Interlock relay PCB - Sanyo EM-C1900
Plastic Door Surround - Inner - Amana UHDC518
Air Filter - Sharp Microwave Air Filter Strip
Oven Element - Maestrowave Combi Chef 4 5 6
Transformer - Amana UCRC518T2 H V
Latch head - Sharp R-86STM-A Microwave
Door Seal - Merrychef 402S Combi-Oven
Pin Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Door Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Spring Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Control Circuit Fuse (2.5amp) - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
3kwt Element - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Exhaust Fan - Maestrowave Combi Chef 5
PCB - Amana UHDC 518 Microwave
Door Handle - Merrychef EC401 Combi-Oven
Roof Liner - Samsung CM1929 CM1329 CM1300 Microwave
Motor - Sharp Microwave
Power Relay - Panasonic NE1330 Microwave
Turntable Tray - Merrychef EC401 E3 Microwave
Ceramic Insulated Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Door Panel -Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Door Panel
Microwave- Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Escutcheon
Door- Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Door
SUPERSEDED Fuse Cartridge - Samsung Microwave CM1929
Door Seal Set - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Lower Door Catch -Electrolux MW1710 Microwave
SUPERSEDED High Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1929
Door Spring (Large) - Merrychef Microwave
Shelf - Sanyo Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Sanyo EMC1800
*****OBSOLETE***** Stirrer motor - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Panasonic NE1446 NE1856 Microwave
Door Front Fascia -Merrychef Microwave HD1925
Ceramic Plate - Amana UCRC518D Microwave
Antenna with Bearing - Sanyo EMC1800 EMC1900
Temperature sensor/probe - Sharp 1900W
PCB Touchpad / Control panel - Merrychef
Fuse- Sanyo EMC1800K 10amp Microwave Fuse
Temp Sensor Probe- Merrychef CTM Microwave Temp Sensor Probe
Side Plate- Merrychef 402S Microwave Side Plate L/H
In Line Fuse - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Diode for Samsung CM1929 Microwave
1.1mf Capacitor for Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Control Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Fan Motor - Merrychef Microwave
Base Plate- Merrychef Microwave Base Plate
Microswitch Z154 - Merrychef Microwave
3kwt Element - Merrychef Combi Microwave
Element - Merrychef Combi Microwave 2.5kwt Element
Potentiometer - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave Potentiometer
Axial Fan- Merrychef Microwave Axial Fan Ebmpapst 8550n 80mm
Fan- Merrychef HD1425 Microwave Axial Fan
On/Off Rocker Switch - Merrychef HD1425 Microwave
Magnetron 2M244-M16 - Merrychef Microwave
Lamp - Merrychef Combi Microwave lamp / Bulb E14 15w
Switch Holder - Merrychef MD1804 - SWITCH HOLDER (INTERLOCK)
MD1804 - Merrychef Microwave Microswitch
Microswitch- Merrychef Microwave Microswitch V5A010CB (4)
Bracket - Merrychef Microswitch Adjustment Bracket
Membrane switch - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave EC402S Microswitch
Cooling fan - Turbo Chef Tornado NGCEWD02801
SUPERSEDED Door Complete - Samsung CM1329 CM1929 Microwave
Base Plate - Panasonic NE1856 NE1247 Microwave
Door Catch - Samsung CM1069 CM1059 Microwave
Door Key Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Door handle - Sanyo EM-S1000UK2 Microwave
Knob- Maestrowave Combichef 4 Control Knob
Spring Key - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Roof Liner Clip - Panasonic Microwave NE1880
Outer handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Noise PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
16amp in-line Fuse - Panasonic NE-C1275
High Voltage Transformer - Panasonic NE-C1275
PCB-Panasonic NE1440 Microwave Main PCB
Diode Harness - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Panasonic 1330 Microwave Roof Liner
Rubber glass gasket - Merrychef Series 5
Main PCB - Amana URCS511 Microwave
Door Choke - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Gasket/Seal for Glass - Maestrowave
Inner Door Glass - Maestrowave Combichef 4
Ceramic Plate - Samsung Snack Mate CM1059 CM1069
Timer Knob - Panasonic Microwave Oven
Switch - Sanyo EMC1901 Response Switch
Timer - Panasonic Microwave Oven
2M244-M12 Magnetron - Merrychef Mealstream
Clip - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Motor- Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave Stirrer Motor Upper
SUPERSEDED Antenna bearing - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Door Handle - Samsung CM1059 CM1069 Microwave
Fuse - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Capacitor - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sanyo Mircowave EMC1901
Complete Door - Samsung CM1069 CM1049 Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp Microwave R24AT
Capacitor - Menumaster V1600I Microwave
Ceiling Plate / Stirrer - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane - Panasonic NE1880
HV Fuse - Sharp R24AT Microwave
10A Fuse - Merrychef EES XX5 Microwave
1.1 Rating Capacitor MERRYCHEF
Top Door Cap - Merrychef 1425 Microwave
Magnetron HV Transformer - Turbo Chef C3
Micro Switch - Maerrychef MD1800
Interlock Switch - Merrychef MD1800
Low Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1319
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Pad - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Door front - Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV 4
Inner Door Panel Assembly - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Diode Panasonic NE 1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch pad - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Touch Panel - Merrychef Mealstream EC501 Microwave
Base Plate Adhesive
Wire Shelf - Amana Menu Master Microwave
2M229K(A) Magnetron - Menumaster UC14E Microwave
Magnetron - Maestrowave MWS1200 Microwave
Bottom Plate for Sharp Microwave R-21 ATP
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave Oven
Inner Door Panel - Sanyo EM1900 Microwave
Internal Door Film - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Amana UCA1400 Microwave
Magnetron - Sanyo EM1800 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Complete Door - Samsung EMC1800K EMC1901
Simmerstat - Microwave
Door Microwitch 16A 250v - Panasonic Microwave
Logic Board (MAIN PCB) Merrychef EC501
10 Amp fuse - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Touch Pad - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Amana URFS518S URCS511
Magnetron - Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Cavity Cover - Sanyo Microwave EMC1901
Seal for Partition Plate - Merrychef EC402S
Partition Plate - Merrychef EC402S E3
PCB - CD2 Control Meal Stream - RD501
Touch Panel - Merrychef MD1000 MD1400 MD1800
Plastic Door Mesh Cover Sanyo EMC1800
Control Frame & Touch Pad - Sharp R-24AT R22AT Microwave
Microswitch - Merrychef Microcook TA1725
Fan Motor - Merrychef EC501 Oven
Knob - Merrychef Mealstream RD501 Microwave
Handle bearing - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Inner handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Microswitch 2 Terminals - Samsung Microwave
Interlock Switch 3 Terminals - Samsung
Timer - Merrychef Mealstream RD501 Microwave Oven
10A Fuse Samsung CM1929 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Spring Kit Merrycheff TA1725 Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor- Amana UC14E Microwave
Magnetron - Merrychef Menukey2 Microwave
Main PCB Display Board - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
HV Board - Menumaster UCA1400 Jet Wave
Temperature sensor - Menumaster UCA1400
Complete Door Assembly (Blue) - Merrychef HD1725 Microwave
High Voltage Transformer Turbo Chef NGCEW
Ceramic Base Plate - Merrychef 2025C Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Blower Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out Limiter Heater Box - Amana UCA2000NT UCA2000 Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
Turntable motor - Siemens HB86Q560B/01
SUPERSEDED Logic Board - Merrychef EC403 EC401 Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
PCB - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Front Panel Assembly -Samsung CM1919 Microwa
PCB Power Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
PCB Control Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Protector Diode Red - Panasonic 1856 Microwave
10 Amp Fuse - Panasonic - Microwave - 1856
Fan For Magnetron Merrychef EC401
Bulb Cover / Film - Panasonic - Microwave -
Insulating Sheet - Panasonic - Microwave
Diode Blue - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Noise Filter Board - Panasonic NE1856
2M210-M Magnetron Panasonic 1856 Microwave
Fan For Magnetron Merrychef EC401
Main PCB Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Oven Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
Mag Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
High voltage transformer - Panasonic NE-1856
Air Filter Frame - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
PCB - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Select Knob Samsung CM1329, CM1629 Microwave
Push rod - Maestrowave Combi 4
Mesh - Maestrowave Combi 4
Top door panel - Maestrowave Combi 4
Handle - Maestrowave Combi 4
Door choke no glass grey - Maestrowave
Inner door panel c/w inner glass -
Main door frame (brown) - Maestrowave Combi 4
R/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
L/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
Knob Samsung CM1329, CM1629 Microwave
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Control Panel Assembly - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Table Stirrer Motor Buffalo G316 Microwave
Latch Body Assembly (Door Interlock) - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Control Base - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Shelf - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
Power cable - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Quartz element - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Fuse - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Sealant - Merrychef Microwave
Fuse- Panasonic NEC1275 Thermal Fuse 15amp
SUPERSEDED Door Assembly - Buffalo G316 Microwave Oven
Door Interlock - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Handle - Samsung CM1049 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Plate - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
PCB Controller Complete - Merrychef 402S Microwave
Intake Filter -Samsung CM1329 Microwave Air Intake Filter
Transformer Service Kit Turbochef Microwave
Transformer Turbochef Microwave
Oven thermistor - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Air Filter Strip - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwav
Ceramic base plate - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Diode - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Door - Merrychef 1425C Microwave
Switch Base Assy - Sanyo 1800K Microwave
Spring - Sanyo 1800K 1900K Microwave
Control panel - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Touch Pad - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Door Seal Strip - Panasonic Microwave Rubber door seal strip
SUPERSEDED Metal Door Handle - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Door Frame - Panasonic - Microwave - NE-1447
Light Film - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Air Filter - Merrychef HD2025 HD1925 HD1725
Capacitor - Hobart HM1600 Microwave
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Transformer - Amana URFS518S Microwave
Hot air motor assy - Merrychef EC501
RH Fan Motor - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
LH Fan Motor - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Stirrer Cover Clips - Panasonic NE3280
Plastic Strip - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Touchpad - Amana Microwave
Capacitor - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
Top Air Grid - Maestrowave Microwave
Lower Antenna - Panasonic NE2640 Microwave
Magnetron - Amana FRS511SW2A Microwave
Turntable Disk - Merrychef EC401 E3 Microwave
25wt Oven Lamp - Sharp Microwave
Latch Arm Pin - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Oven Lamp- Sharp Microwave Oven lamp - R-2370
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Touchpad membrane - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Door Assembly - Buffalo CF359 CF358 Microwave
Push switch - Buffalo CF359
Door Assembly - MerryChef Microwave
Tuning stub kit - Amana Menumaster UCA1400
Escutcheon - Panasonic NE1580 Microwave
Top Antenna Kit c/w Rivets - Amana -
Magnetron - Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Glass Dome Stirrer Cover - Maestrowave Microwave Combichef
Touch Panel - Menumaster UC11E Microwave
PCB- Panasonic Pro2 NE1580 PCB Display Control
Door Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Bulb Cover - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED HV Fuse - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1040 Microwave
PCB Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Door Choke - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Door Choke - Amana Microwave
Roof Liner Side Seal - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
High Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Base Plate/Oven Tray Assy - Sharp 1900WR24AT Microwave
Eikon Hinge Service Kit - Merrychef Oven
Capacitor - Merrychef - Microwave -
Cooling Fan - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Cooling Fan Motor Amana UCRS511A Microwave
Magnetron Overheat Stat - Merrychef -
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1900M Microwave
Power Cable - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1800
Door - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1800
Fan Motor - Samsung - Microwave - CM1929
Transformer - Amana - Microwave
Shaft - Stirrer - Amana - Microwave -
Stirrer Kit - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Magnetron - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Main Control Board- Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Backspacer - Panasonic Microwave NE1840
Fuse - High Voltage - Buffalo - Microwave -
Cavity Liner - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Interlock Assembly - Merrychef Menumaster
Handle - Electrolux - Microwave - MW1800
Antenna Kit with Rivets - Amana Microwave
Keypad Touch Panel - Menumaster - DFS18E
Thermal Cut Out Cavity Amana Microwave
Thermal Cut out Mag - Amana Microwave
Knob - Samsung - Microwave - CM1059
Door Latch Head - Sharp Microwave
Door Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - CF765
Touch Pad Control Panel Panasonic NE1880
Latch Switch Lever B- Sharp
Obsolete Latch Switch Lever C- Sharp
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch A
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch B
Obsolete Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch C
Latch Switch Lever A - Sharp
Door Catch - Sharp R-21ATP
Obsolete Switch Lever- Sharp
Latch Hook Nut- Sharp
Latch Hook Screw- Sharp
Obsolete- Latch Hook - Sharp - Latch Hook
Obsolete Latch Lever Spring- Sharp
Door Catch - Panasonic NE1037
Bread Basket Merrcyhef Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sharp 1900M Microwave
Door handle - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle cushion - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle lever - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Control Panel PCB -Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out Menumaster MDC182
Top Antenna Assembly - Menumaster MDC182
Rear Panel - Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Touch Pad Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Grease Filter Merrychef EC403 Microwave Oven
Side Panel RH Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Lower Antenna Assembly - Menumaster MDC182 Microwave
Blower Motor Amana MDC182 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out Amana MDC182 Microwave
Fuse 25amp Amana MDC182 Microwave
Diode Kit - Amana MDC182 Microwave
Rectifier Diode Amana MDC182 Microwave
Blower Motor Amana MDC182 Microwave
Air Filter Amana MDC182 Microwave
Touch Control Membrane - Amana URCF511A Microwave
Stirrer motor - Amana URCF511A Microwave
Door Cover - Bosch HMT9656GB Microwave
Door Screen - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
High Voltage Transformer - Sharp R-24AT
Display Panel Fascia - Sanyo EMC1800K
Menukey Assembly - Merrychef - Microwave -
Transformer (HV) - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
10amp Fuse - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
HV Transformer - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef 402S Combi Microwave
SUPERSEDED Magnetron Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Menumaster - Microwave
Door C - Inner Frame - Panasonic Domestic Microwave
Auxillary Transformer Kit - Merrychef - 402S
Membrane Switch - Maestrowave Combi-Chef V
Transformer - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Spring Kit (Pair) - Merrychef HD1725 Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Round Grill Tray - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Steel Rack - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Pizza Paddle - Merry Chef EIKON E3 Microwave
Handle for Tray - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Relay Board - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Complete Door and Hinges - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Back Panel - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Flat Cable - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Plastic door frame - Amana LD510P Microwave
Relay - Samsung - Microwave - RW13EBSS
Start Button - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
Control Panel Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1629
Mains Lead Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1929
Jet Plate W/Support Rails - Turbochef NGOEWD00410 Microwave Oven
Hot Air Low Speed Fan Motor - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Stirrer Kit - Merrychef - E4CSV305GCU1GMEU
Blade - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Blower Fan Motor - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Grommit for Filter - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Clip for Filter - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Assembly - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Front Fascia - Merrychef - Microwave - HD2025
Thermal Cut-Out (M4D69) - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Touch Side Panel - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out for Magnetron - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Thermal Protector - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
White Ceramic Base Tray - Maestrowave - MW1000
Module Relay - Siemens HTHB86K Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Screw - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Control Panel - Samsung - MC455TBRCSR
Cover - Menumaster - Microwave - DEC14E2
PCB - RFS518TS - Microwave - Menumaster
SUPERSEDED Touch Pad Assembly - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
SUPERSEDED Membrane Board - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Triac - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Magnetron - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Rotary Encoder - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Microswitch A - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Microswitch B - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
HV Transformer - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Ceiling Plate - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Spring - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Door Hook/Catch - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Turntable Drive Coupling - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Frame - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Fuse - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Female Connector 37POL - Houno CVC1.10 Microwave
Handle - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Handle Piece - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Outer Door Glass - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Blade - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Blade Screw - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - G316
75ml Sealant for Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Turntable Motor - Menumaster - RFS511TSW
Steel Rack - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Door Handle - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
Base Plate & Seal - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Relay Switch - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Door Handle (outer handle only) - Merrychef
Knob (1-12) - Sharp R2340H Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane - Sharp Microwave
Switch - Sharp R2230K Microwave
Base Plate - Hobart Microwave M1600T
Temperature Sensor - Panasonic Microwave
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Resistor - Panasonic Microwave
Control Membrane - Merrychef 1025 Touchpad Control Membrane
Stirrer Assembly / Fan - Merrychef TA1725 TA1925 HD1025
Stirrer & Roof Assy - Merrychef MC1800 MD1800
Fuse - Merrychef MD1800
Fuse Ceramic 20amp - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Obsolete Microwave Transformer - Merrychef 24T7ZV
Silicon Compound - Merrychef Microwave
Long Seal Stirrer Glass - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Cover - Merrychef EC401 microwave
Microswitch & Bracket - Merrychef Microwave
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
Obsolete Heating Element Double - Amana Convection
Inner Glass for Merrychef Door EC401
SUPERSEDED Merrychef Combi Oven Door Seal
Thermal Fuse Switch - Top Exhaust Duct -
Ceramic base Plate - Panasonic NE1037 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Pad - Amana - RFS518S Microwave
Stirrer blade kit - Menumaster Microwave
Solenoid Plunger - Merrychef Microwave HD2025
Door Glass Seal - Maestrowave Microwave
Door Choke - Merrychef Microwave
Door Front Fascia -Merrychef Microwave HD1925
Timer Knob - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Glass (Door) - Sanyo EMC 1800K Microwave
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Internal Door Frame - Panasonic NE2740 M/Wave
Outer Door Glass - Panasonic NE1480 BP
Main PCB - Panasonic 1446 1846 Microwave
PCB Relay Board - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
PCB Board - Panasonic Microwave
Touch Pad - Panasonic NE1456 Microwave
Capacitor - Sanyo High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
SUPERSEDED Filter Electro (glass membrane) - Amana URFS518S Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Roof Liner - Amana URFS518S Microwave
Roof Liner - Amana/Menumaster URFS518S Microwave
Window Outer - Amana Microwave
Outer Door Glass - Amana Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Amana UHDC518 UC11E2 UC18E Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Frame Assy - Amana UHDC518
Temperature Sensor / Thermistor - Merrychef Mealstream
Base Plate - Panasonic Microwave
Potentiometer - Mealstream RD501 MC1800
Door Key - Panasonic NE1757 Microwave
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Door Guide Roller Pin - Panasonic NE1670
Handle Piece L/H - Panasonic Microwave
Neoprene Flat Fan Belt - Panasonic Microwave
Power Relay Assembly - Panasonic NE1670
Oven Lamp Sheet - Panasonic NE1670
Magnetron Thermal Cut out - Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1670 Microwave
Switch Buttons (3 of) - Panasonic NE1747
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1670 microwave
Inrush Resistor - Panasonic Microwave
Door Push Button Return Spring NE9053
Cook Button Spring - Panasonic NE1747
High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Glass Tray - Sanyo-Sharp Micro Wave
Touchpad/ Switch Membrane - Samsung CM1829
Start Button - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
Roof Liner Holding Clips - Microwave
SUPERSEDED Thermopile - Microwave
Litton Microwave 381038 Plastic Roof Liner
U3100i Litton Menu Master Impellor & Nut
Door Seal - Maestrowave Combi-Chef Mk4
SUPERSEDED Film Sealer - Sharp Microwave R24AT R22AT
Handle Insert - Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Sharp Microwave
Turntable Motor - Merrychef Microwave
Control Panel - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Complete Door - Sanyo EM-C1900 CM1900 Microwave
Door Choke - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV Seal
Lamp Screen - Sharp R23AT Microwave
Inner Door Film - Sharp R24AT R23AT Microwave
Door Film - Panasonic NE1037 Microwave
Main PCB - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
PCB - Merrychef - Microwave - EC403E5
Air Filter Assy - Merrychef E4 Microwave
2M246-35GKH Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - RFS518TS
RH Door Guide Moulding - Merrychef 1925C HD2025 HD1925
LH Door Guide Moulding - Merrychef 1925C HD2025 HD1925
Fan Bracket - Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Lamp 230v 20w - Samsung CM1099 CM1089 Microwave
Door Switch Assembly - Amana - Microwave - UCA1400
Control Panel Assy - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Blower Motor (metal) - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Smeg Magnetron 2M107A-825
HV Capacitor - Amana RFS511SW2A Microwave
Resistor 50R 50W - Merrychef EC501-CTM5
Waveguide Cover - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Triac 25a - Menumaster
Spacer - Sanyo Microwave
Noise PCB Kit c/w Cable Samsung CM1519 Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Magnetron - Buffalo GK640 Microwave
Relay PCB (XE5) - Merrychef
LH Hinge - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Magnetron - Buffalo G316 Microwave
Control Panel - Daewoo - Microwave - KOM9P11
Window, Outer - Menumaster UC11E Microwave
Handle Bar - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Key Latch for Door - Samsung - CM1089
Magnetron - Panasonic 2M167B-M23
Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Internal Lamp Assembly - Menumaster RCS511TS Microwave
Waveguide - Merrychef RD501, CTM3/CD2, EC501, CTM3, CTM5,
Stirrer Motor Sub Assembly - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
Outer Door - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
1 Metre Red Silicone Stirrer Cover Seal - Merrychef Eikon E5 Oven
Door Interlock Assembly & Switches - Panasonic NEC1253
Transformer Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Door Solenoid (RH) Red - Merrychef HD2025 HD1925 HD1725
Relay PCB - Merrychef Microcook CD Microwave
Blower Magnetron - Turbochef Microwave
Heater Fan Motor - Panasonic NEC1558 Microwave
Capacitor 0.53mf - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
Changeover Microswitch - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE1747 Microwave
Touchpad PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic Microwave 2M181-M1
Fan Motor Panasonic Microwwave
Transformer Panasonic Microwave
PCB Merrychef Microwave
Magnetron Sharp Microwave
Diode - Merrychef Mealstrem RD501 ED501 Microwave
Relay Board - Merrychef RD501 EC501 Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Transformer - Menumaster - RFS518TS
Door Interlock Switch - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef 1025 1425 1725 1925 2025 Microwave
Motor - Merrychef EC402S Oven
Wave Guide Cover Sheet 500mm x 450mm
Door Arm - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Handle - Sharp MW1210 Microwave
Capacitor - CH86-252130B
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Stirrer Cover Guide - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Runner Clip - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Timer Knob - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Filter - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Front Panel Membrane - Merrychef - Microwave - 1725C
Switch Panel Assy - Merrychef 1025C Microwave
PCB Capacitor - Merrychef Microwave - EC401
Ceramic Plate Retainer- Merrychef Microwave - Eikon E3
Lamp Cover Film - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Transformer - Daewoo - Microwave - KOM-9F50
Relay Board - Merrychef - Microwave - HD1025
Monitor Switch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Interlock Switch & Latch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Personality Module - Merrychef - Eikon E3
Inner Door Glass - Merrychef 1025C Microwave
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Amana - Microwave - RFS511SW2
Durable Membrane (Ver.3) - Merrychef Microwave
Diode Assembly - Merrychef HD1425 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Keypad - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Door Body Latch Assembly - Samsung / Buffalo GK643 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Element - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Gearbox - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Capacitor - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Door Switch Assy - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo - Microwave - EM1802
Door Handle & Frame - Menumaster UMLD510D Microwave
Air Filter Assembly - Merrychef EC402S Microwave
Fuse - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643
Capacitor - Merrychef E3NXE305CEU2GMUK Microwave
Thumb Nut - Merrychef E4CSV305GEU1
Low Voltage Transformer - Merrychef Microwave
Fan Unit - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
PCB Kit - Samsung Microwave
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - CF764
Stirrer Support - Maestrowave Combichef 4 Microwave
Cavity Cut Out Switch - Merrychef - Microwave
Transformer - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1400
Diode - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
HV Lead Assembly - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
Capacitor - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
Touch Pad - Electrolux/Sharp MW1800 R22A Microwave
Control Panel PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Heating Element - Turbochef
Speed Controller - Turbochef
PCB - Turbochef
Door Seal - Merrychef Eikon E5 Microwave
Magnetron - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Bridge Rectifier - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Main PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Main Circuit Board - Panasonic - Microwave - NE-C1275
Main PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Grease Filter Housing - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Grease Filter - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Teflon Sheet - Merrychef E3 Microwave
Relay - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Relay Board - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Timer Knob - Hobart HM1600 Microwave
Magnetron - Toshiba 2M248H(A)
Control Panel PCB - Daewoo KOM9F85 Microwave
Motor - Panasonic Microwave - 1880BP
Light Bulb Plastic Cover - Sharp - R22AT
Magnetron - Amana UCA1400 Microwave
Filter c/w Clips - Sharp R22A R24AT Microwave
HV Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Diode - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Base Plate - Menumaster RFS518TS- Microwave
Stirrer Motor Assembly - Merrychef Microwave
Inner Door Glass - Samsung CM1529 Microwave
Door Catch Kit - Menmaster RCS511TS P2002405M Microwave
Protection Diode - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Base Pan Assembly - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Foot - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Escutcheon & Touchpad Assy - Panasonic Microwave
Fine Fuse - Menumaster Microwave
HV Transformer Primary - Menumaster Microwave
Door Latch - Sanyo - Microwave - CM1929
Ceramic Plate - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Door Catch/Choke - Sanyo CM1929 Microwave
High Voltage Diode - Sanyo Microwave
Magnetron- Crypto Peerless MW1600- Microwave
Front Air Filter - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Clip Shell - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Clip - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp - Microwave - R-24AT
Shaft - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Motor - Sharp R24AT Microwave
11"x11" Solid Black Bread Basket E2S - Merrychef Microwave
Fuse 15a - Lang
Fuse 20a - Lang
Complete Door- Burco CTMW01 444441097 Microwave
Door Hook - Panasonic - NE1880
Door Lever - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Joint Lever - Sharp - R24AT
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Latch Fixing Angle - Sharp - R-24AT
Shelf 328mm x 375mm - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Upper Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Lower Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Air Filter - Merrychef - Microwave - AIKON E2
Packing Tape - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900
Door Cover - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900
Door - Samsung CM1929 CM1029A Microwave
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Stirrer Blade Assembly - MerryChef - Microwave
Motor Cooling Fan Blade - Merrychef E3
All parts for this model OBSOLETE Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Door Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1529
Tension Spring for Door Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Complete Door Latch - Samsung CM1929 - Microwave
Fuse 2.5a 50v - Sharp R23AM Microwave
HV Diode - Menumaster
PCB - Menumaster
Fan Wheel - Menumaster
Ceramic Plate 327x297mm - Menumaster
Lead Wire / Timer - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Timer Knob - Buffalo GK643 Microwave
ASSY CONTROL PANEL;CM1529-1/XEU,0.9CU.FT - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Torsion Bar Hinge Assembly - Merrychef - Microwave
Turntable Drive Assembly - Merrychef Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Main PCB - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Interlock Switch Assembly for Door- Amana URFS518S- Microwave
Door - Buffalo GK640 Microwave
Magnetron - Amana Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane- Samsung CM1929 - Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Back Casing - Sharp - Microwave - RT24AT
Smart Relay PCB Assy - Merrychef Microwave
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Latch - Body - Samsung CM1929/XEU Microwave
Mircrowave- Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Liner - Merrychef EIKON E2 Microwave
145deg Cut Out Thermostat - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Top Touch Control Panel - Amana - JET14
Door Release Lever - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Door Handle - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Top Jet Plate - Turbo Chef - Microwave - SOTA
Stirrer Motor - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Noise Filter Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643
Silicon Cooking Mat - Merry Chef EikonE2 Microwave
Roof Liner / Stirrer Assembly - Sanyo Microwave
Ceramic Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
SD Card Slot PCB - Panasonic Microwave
Lamp - Icandescent 230V 25W - Buffalo - GK640
Lamp with Base/Holder 25w T170 240v - Panasonic
Diode - Buffalo GK640 Microwave
Waveguide Cover - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Fan Blade - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Control PCB - Panasonic - Microwave - NE1853
Magnetron - Buffalo GK643 Microwave
Complete Door Assembly - Burco CTMW02
Noise Filter Board - Panasonic - Microwave - NE1853
Fan Blade - Leibher GGPV1470 - Fridge
Clip- Panasonic Alternative Clip for Filter - EMC1901 Microwave
Alternative Grommit- Panasonic Alternative Grommit for Filter- Microwave
LH End Peice - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Merrychef Eikon E3 Microwave
Light Bulb - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Touchpad Transformer - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Handle Assembly - Merrychef EIKON E2S
Antenna Upper - Panasonic - NE1853BP
Magnetron & Exhaust Thermistor - Sharp Microwave
Screw - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
Horn Cover Frame E2 - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
Partition Plate Kit - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
2.5uf Starter Capacitor - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Magnetron - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Bulb(LED)28V - Ugolini Giant
Door Choke Pressed - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Housing - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Switch Membrane - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
PCB - Merrychef - Microwave - EC402S
Thermistor - Sanyo - Microwave - AMC1900
Choke Cover - Sharp R21APT
Magnetron - Samsung CM1029 Microwave
Control Knob - Panasonic NE1843 Microwave
Start Switch - Panasonic NE1843 Microwave
Complete Door - Sharp - R-21
Lower Motor 7EK24FUN02 - Menumaster Microwave HDC514 HDC518
Main PCB - Panasonic NE1880BP Microwave
PCB - Menumaster - Microwave - RFS511TSW13
Thermostat 125/250v 25/7.5a - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
Inner Door 415mm x 325mm x 28mm - Menumaster RFS518TS
Complete Door - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
20w Lamp - Samsung Microwave
Power Cable - Sharp R-22AT Microwave
Air Filter Assy - Merrychef Eikon E3 Microwave
Oven Lamp Access Cover Assembly - Crypto - Microwave - MW1710
Cavity Liner - Sharp - Microwave - R2297
Door Assembly - Daewoo - Microwave - KOM-9F85
Handle Lever - Sharp - R21ATP Microwave
Cable Heating Element- Alto Shaam
Air Temp Sensor - Alto Shaam
Impinger Plate - Merrychef
Touchscreen Overlay - Merrychef
Fine Fuse 12a Fast Acting 250v
HV Capacitor - Menumaster Microwave
Micro Fuse T 12A 5x20mm - Miele - Microwave - H4000
Cover Stirrer - Daewoo KOM9F50 Microwave
Antenna Clip - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Stirrer Plate & Seal Service Kit - Merrychef Eikon E4S
Thermal Cut Out - Amana Microwave
Thermal Cut Out for Magnetron - Amana Microwave
Door Interlock Assembly - Amana Microwave
Fuse 15amp - Amana Microwave
Sharp Front Foot - Maestrowave ME1000 Microwave