Microwave Spares

Microwave Spares Parts
SUPERSEDED Door Spring Large - Merrychef/ EC501-CTM3/RD5
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE2640
Magnetron - Crypto Peerless MW1600 Microwave
Microwave Inner Screen - Crypto Peerless 1710
Fascia- Samsung CM1929 Fascia
SUPERSEDED Magnetron - Samsung CM1229 Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
Transformer -Crypto Peerless MW1300 Microwave
High Voltage Rectifier - Sharp MW1600
Resistor - Crypto Peerless MW1600 Microwave
PCB Logic Control board - Merrychef 1025
Door Spring Set - Merrychef Microcook 1700
Wire Rack - Panasonic NE-C1275 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Glass - NE1480 BP
Fuse 10 amp - Sharp Microwave R21ATP
Micro-switch (MF5000) - Menumaster Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Fuse Holder
Anntena Bearing - Sanyo Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceiling Plate - Panasonic NE1330 Microwave
Thermostat RMC6804 - MerryChef Microwave
Door safety switch - Menumaster U1600I Microwave
HD Blower & Fan Motor - Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Screw - Menumaster - Microwave
Nut - Menumaster - Microwave
Fan Blade - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Durable Membrane Assembly - Merrychef 402S
Ceramic Base - Daewoo KOM-9F85 KOM9F85 KOM9F50
Door Assembly - Sanyo EMS1000UK2 Microwave
Touchpad - Amana RFS5115W2A Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Panasonic NE1253 Microwave
Stirrer Cover / Roof Liner - Maytag UHDC518
Stirrer Motor - Brother Microwave
Switch - Sharp R7200K microwave
Roller Ring - Buffalo Microwave L320
Glass Tray - Buffalo Microwave L320
Laminate PCB Covan TEC6MX
Cover - Sanyo Microwave Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover
Handle - Sanyo Door Handle
Door Handle - Sanyo Microwave
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Roof liner - Electrolux MW1800 microwave
Roof Lining - Sanyo EMC1900 EM1900 Microwave
Touch Pad PCB - Sanyo EMC1900
Main PCB Assmebly - Sanyo Microwave
Shaft - Sharp Microwave
Coupling - Sharp R1330S microwave
SUPERSEDED - Self adhesive plastic sheet - Maestrowave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1900 EMC1901 Microwave
Ceramic base plate - Amana / Litton /
High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Door Latch Assembly - Amana RFS511MP
SUPERSEDED Oven Lamp Screen inside - Sharp R24AT
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
U3100i Litton Menu Master Impellor & Housing
3100I Litton Microwave Clips
Thermostat Knob - Merrychef RMC-1003
Choke Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner Samsung CM1829
Door Hinge - Samsung CM1829 Microwave
Magnetron - Samsung CM1929 CM1229 CM1329 CM1626 Microwave
Film for Lens - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Door Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave
Overload Thermostat Motor - Amana SRD5265W
Escutcheon A - Panasonic Microwave
PCB Board - Panasonic Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Panasonic Microwave
Terminal Fuse -Panasonic Microwave
3A Fuse - Panasonic Microwave
Cook switch bracket - Panasonic NE1747
AC Motor 2w - Panasonic Microwave
PCB Board with component- Panasonic microwave
Door screen - Panasonic Microwave
Hook Spacer - Panasonic Microwave
Rubber door seal - Panasonic Microwave
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE1330 NE167 Microwave
Wave Guide Assy / Stirrer Blade - Amana
Base Plate - Litton U3100 Microwave
Inner Door Panel/Inner Window Kit - Amana
Ceramic Base Plate - Marren Microwave
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic base plate - Amana S518S Microwave
Door Surround - Amana UHDC518 Microwave
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1880 NE3280 Microwave
Heating Element B - Panasonic Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE1780 microwave
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor (oven overheat)- Panasonic
Door Interlock Assembly - Panasonic NE1856 NE1456 Microwave
Inner Door - Panasonic NE1880BP NE1540 Microwave Oven
Door Arm - Panasonic microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo EM1800 EM1802 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Air Inlet Filter - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Stirrer Fan Cover & Antenna - Merry Chef MC1
SUPERSEDED Magnetron - Panasonic NE1456 NE1880 NE1856
Single Pole Capillary Thermostat - 250degrees
SUPERSEDED Base Plate - Merrychef 1425C Microwave
Door Choke - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Obsolete Inner Door Casing - Amana UHDC5182 Microwave
Lever - Sharp R22DV microwave
Door Spring - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
Power Transformer - Merrychef 30M0033 MD180
Enamel Oven Tray - Merrychef EC501 Oven
Micro Switch - MerryChef Microwave
Door Seal - Merrychef EC401 microwave
SUPERSEDED Short Seal (pair) Stirrer Glass MERRYCHEF
Roof liner - Merrychef HD1425 HD1725 HD1925
SUPERSEDED 2M244 Magnetron - Merrychef Microwave
Mains Filter Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Door Switch - Merrychef - ETM-3
SUPERSEDED Door Choke Cover - Merrychef MC1800 MD1400
Ceramic Tray - Merrychef Microcook 1925 Microwave
Control PCB - Merrychef D500 Microwave
Glass Roof Liner - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1630 Microwave
Power Relay - Panasonic Microwave
SUPERSEDED Timer Knob - Panasonic Microwave
Door Hook - Panasonic Microwave
Roof Liner/Stirrer Cover - Menu Master 3100
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Choke - Sharp R24AT
Stirrer Covers- Crypto Peerless 1710 Microwave
Magnetron - Crypto Peerless MW1710 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out - Crypto Peerless
Thermal Cut Out - Crypto Peerless
Capacitor- Crypto Microwave 9/99B Capacitor
Lead Wire- High Voltage Rectifier
LED Unit - Sharp Microwave
SUPERSEDED Samsung CM1929 Microwave Fuse
SUPERSEDED Samsung CM1929 Microwave High Voltage Trans
Selector Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Door choke - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Stirrer c/w clips -Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Antenna Shaft - Sharp Microwave
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Sharp R21ATP NE1440 NE1856 CM1900 Microwa
SUPERSEDED Sanyo EMC1900 Ceramic Tray
Main PCB Display Unit - Brother MF5000
PCB - Amana Microwave - AMR10763207
Magnetron - 2M120 Amana Maytag Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Panasonic NE1856
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Digital control - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Knob - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Control Panel - Sharp R23AM microwave
Hitachi Magnetron - Panasonic NE1030 & Brother MF5000
Door - Panasonic NE2740 Door A
Door - Panasonic Microwave Door E
SUPERSEDED - Oven Tray Handle - Merrychef EC401 Microwave
Base Plate - Panasonic NE1880 NE3240 NE1540
Fuse 15a- Litton 3100I
SUPERSEDED Interlock Switch Module - Litton 3100I
SUPERSEDED Door Film/Screen - Panasonic NE1747 NE1446
Shelf - Panasonic NE1670 Microwave
Inner Door Window/ Door Film- Amana URFS518S
Light Socket - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Strap Capacitor - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Switch Interlock - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Window Outer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Transformer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Door Linner - Amana RS591SS Microwave Oven
Sub-12544812 - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Thermal Fuse - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Grease Shield - Amana RS591SS Microwave
NLA - touch panel assy - Amana Microwave
Fuse (10amp) - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Obsolete Board - PC-R (SUB 10092301) - Amana Microwave
Antenna Cradle - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Sub (Motor Blower) - Amana RS5SS Microwave
Antenna Assy - Amana RS59155 Microwave
Board - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Temperature Probe Jack K - Amana RS591SS
Magnetron - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Thermal Cut-out - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Door Switch Holder - Panasonic NE1856
PCB Main - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Protector Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwav
Thermal Cut Out for Magnetron - Panasonic
10amp Fuse - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Panel/Switch Membrane - Panasonic
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Spacer - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Plug Top 13amp - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
PCB Low Voltage Transformer- Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out for Oven - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Antenna Motor (upper) - Panasonic NE1856
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Door Assembly Complete - Panasonic NE1856
Upper/Lower Hinge Plate - Merrychef MD1800
Inner Door Film - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Inner Handle - Merrychef MD1800 Mircowave
White Base plate - Panasonic NEC1275 M.Wave
Door Body - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Partition Plate Kit - Merrychef Mealstream EC401 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Merrychef MD1800 Microwave Inner Door Panel
SUPERSEDED Ceramic base plate -Amama MenuMaster UHDC51
Touch Pad - Amana URCS 511 Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic Pro2 NE3280 Microwave
Sealent - Amana Microwave Sealent
Oven lamp - Amana UHDC5142 Microwave
Interlock relay PCB - Sanyo EM-C1900
Plastic Door Surround - Inner - Amana UHDC518
Air Filter - Sharp Microwave Air Filter Strip
Oven Element - Maestrowave Combi Chef 4 5 6
Transformer - Amana UCRC518T2 H V
Latch head - Sharp R-86STM-A Microwave
Door Seal - Merrychef 402S Combi-Oven
Pin Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Door Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Spring Key - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Control Circuit Fuse (2.5amp) - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
3kwt Element - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Exhaust Fan - Maestrowave Combi Chef 5
PCB - Amana UHDC 518 Microwave
Door Handle - Merrychef EC401 Combi-Oven
Roof Liner - Samsung CM1929 CM1329 CM1300 Microwave
Motor - Sharp Microwave
Power Relay - Panasonic NE1330 Microwave
Turntable Tray - Merrychef EC401 E3 Microwave
Ceramic Insulated Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Door Panel -Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Door Panel
Microwave- Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Escutcheon
Door- Panasonic NE-1840 Microwave Door
SUPERSEDED Fuse Cartridge - Samsung Microwave CM1929
Door Seal Set - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Lower Door Catch -Electrolux MW1710 Microwave
SUPERSEDED High Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1929
Door Spring (Large) - Merrychef Microwave
Shelf - Sanyo Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Sanyo EMC1800
Stirrer motor - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Panasonic NE1446 NE1856 Microwave
Door Front Fascia -Merrychef Microwave HD1925
Ceramic Plate - Amana UCRC518D Microwave
Antenna with Bearing - Sanyo EMC1800 EMC1900
Temperature sensor/probe - Sharp 1900W
PCB Touchpad / Control panel - Merrychef
Fuse- Sanyo EMC1800K 10amp Microwave Fuse
Temp Sensor Probe- Merrychef CTM Microwave Temp Sensor Probe
Side Plate- Merrychef 402S Microwave Side Plate L/H
In Line Fuse - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Diode for Samsung CM1929 Microwave
1.1mf Capacitor for Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Control Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Fan Motor - Merrychef Microwave
Base Plate- Merrychef Microwave Base Plate
Microswitch Z154 - Merrychef Microwave
3kwt Element - Merrychef Combi Microwave
Element - Merrychef Combi Microwave 2.5kwt Element
Potentiometer - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave Potentiometer
Axial Fan- Merrychef Microwave Axial Fan Ebmpapst 8550n 80mm
Fan- Merrychef HD1425 Microwave Axial Fan
On/Off Rocker Switch - Merrychef HD1425 Microwave
Magnetron 2M244-M16 - Merrychef Microwave
Lamp - Merrychef Combi Microwave lamp / Bulb E14 15w
Switch Holder - Merrychef MD1804 - SWITCH HOLDER (INTERLOCK)
MD1804 - Merrychef Microwave Microswitch
Microswitch- Merrychef Microwave Microswitch V5A010CB (4)
Bracket - Merrychef Microswitch Adjustment Bracket
Membrane switch - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave EC402S Microswitch
Cooling fan - Turbo Chef Tornado NGCEWD02801
SUPERSEDED Door Complete - Samsung CM1329 CM1929 Microwave
Base Plate - Panasonic NE1856 NE1247 Microwave
Door Catch - Samsung CM1069 CM1059 Microwave
Door Key Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Door handle - Sanyo EM-S1000UK2 Microwave
Knob- Maestrowave Combichef 4 Control Knob
Spring Key - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Roof Liner Clip - Panasonic Microwave NE1880
Outer handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Noise PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
16amp in-line Fuse - Panasonic NE-C1275
High Voltage Transformer - Panasonic NE-C1275
PCB-Panasonic NE1440 Microwave Main PCB
Diode Harness - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Panasonic 1330 Microwave Roof Liner
Rubber glass gasket - Merrychef Series 5
Main PCB - Amana URCS511 Microwave
Door Choke - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Gasket/Seal for Glass - Maestrowave
Inner Door Glass - Maestrowave Combichef 4
Ceramic Plate - Samsung Snack Mate CM1059 CM1069
Timer Knob - Panasonic Microwave Oven
Switch - Sanyo EMC1901 Response Switch
Timer - Panasonic Microwave Oven
2M244-M12 Magnetron - Merrychef Mealstream
Clip - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Motor- Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave Stirrer Motor Upper
SUPERSEDED Antenna bearing - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Door Handle - Samsung CM1059 CM1069 Microwave
Fuse - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Capacitor - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sanyo Mircowave EMC1901
Complete Door - Samsung CM1069 CM1049 Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp Microwave R24AT
Capacitor - Menumaster V1600I Microwave
Ceiling Plate / Stirrer - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane - Panasonic NE1880
HV Fuse - Sharp R24AT Microwave
10A Fuse - Merrychef EES XX5 Microwave
1.1 Rating Capacitor MERRYCHEF
Cap- Merrychef 1425 Microwave Top Door Cap
Magnetron HV Transformer - Turbo Chef C3
Micro Switch - Maerrychef MD1800
Interlock Switch - Merrychef MD1800
Low Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1319
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Pad - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Door front - Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV 4
Inner Door Panel Assembly - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Diode Panasonic NE 1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch pad - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Touch Panel - Merrychef Mealstream EC501 Microwave
Base Plate Adhesive
Wire Shelf - Amana Menu Master Microwave
2M229K(A) Magnetron - Menumaster UC14E Microwave
Magnetron - Maestrowave MWS1200 Microwave
Bottom Plate for Sharp Microwave R-21 ATP
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave Oven
Inner Door Film - Sanyo EM1900 Microwave
Internal Door Film - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Amana UCA1400 Microwave
Magnetron - Sanyo EM1800 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Complete Door - Samsung EMC1800K EMC1901
Simmerstat - Microwave
Door Microwitch 16A 250v - Panasonic Microwave
Logic Board (MAIN PCB) Merrychef EC501
10 Amp fuse - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Touch Pad - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Amana URFS518S URCS511
Magnetron - Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Cavity Cover - Sanyo Microwave EMC1901
Seal for Partition Plate - Merrychef EC402S
Partition Plate - Merrychef EC402S E3
PCB - CD2 Control Meal Stream - RD501
Touch Panel - Merrychef MD1000 MD1400 MD1800
Plastic Door Mesh Cover Sanyo EMC1800
Control Frame & Touch Pad - Sharp R-24AT R22AT Microwave
Microswitch - Merrychef Microcook TA1725
Fan Motor - Merrychef EC501 Oven
Knob - Merrychef Mealstream RD501 Microwave
Handle bearing - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Inner handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Microswitch 2 Terminals - Samsung Microwave
Interlock Switch 3 Terminals - Samsung
Timer - Merrychef Mealstream RD501 Microwave Oven
10A Fuse Samsung CM1929 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Spring Kit Merrycheff TA1725 Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor- Amana UC14E Microwave
Magnetron - Merrychef Menukey2 Microwave
Main PCB Display Board - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
HV Board - Menumaster UCA1400 Jet Wave
Temperature sensor - Menumaster UCA1400
Complete Door Assembly (Blue) - Merrychef HD1725 Microwave
High Voltage Transformer Turbo Chef NGCEW
Ceramic Base Plate - Merrychef 2025C Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Blower Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out Limiter Heater Box - Amana UCA2000NT UCA2000 Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
Turntable motor - Siemens HB86Q560B/01
Logic Board - Merrychef EC403 EC401 Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
PCB - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Front Panel Assembly -Samsung CM1919 Microwa
PCB Power Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
PCB Control Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Protector Diode Red - Panasonic - Microwave
10 Amp Fuse - Panasonic - Microwave - 1856
Fan For Magnetron Merrychef EC401
Bulb Cover / Film - Panasonic - Microwave -
Insulating Sheet - Panasonic - Microwave
Diode Blue - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Noise Filter Board - Panasonic NE1856
2M210-M Magnetron Panasonic 1856 Microwave
Fan For Magnetron Merrychef EC401
Main PCB Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Oven Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
Mag Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
High voltage transformer - Panasonic NE-1856
Air Filter Frame - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
PCB - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Select Knob Samsung CM1329, CM1629 Microwave
Push rod - Maestrowave Combi 4
Mesh - Maestrowave Combi 4
Top door panel - Maestrowave Combi 4
Handle - Maestrowave Combi 4
Door choke no glass grey - Maestrowave
Inner door panel c/w inner glass -
Main door frame (brown) - Maestrowave Combi 4
R/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
L/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
Knob Samsung CM1329, CM1629 Microwave
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Control Panel Assembly - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Table Stirrer Motor Buffalo G316 Microwave
Latch Body Assembly (Door Interlock) - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Control Base - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Shelf - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
Power cable - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Quartz element - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Fuse - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Sealant - Merrychef Microwave
Fuse- Panasonic NEC1275 Thermal Fuse 15amp
SUPERSEDED Door Assembly - Buffalo G316 Microwave Oven
Door Interlock - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Handle - Samsung CM1049 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Plate - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
PCB Controller Complete - Merrychef 402S Microwave
Intake Filter -Samsung CM1329 Microwave Air Intake Filter
Transformer Service Kit Turbochef Microwave
Transformer Turbochef Microwave
Oven thermistor - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Air Filter Strip - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwav
Ceramic base plate - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Diode - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Door - Merrychef 1425C Microwave
Switch Base Assy - Sanyo 1800K Microwave
Spring - Sanyo 1800K 1900K Microwave
Control panel - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Touch Pad - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Door Seal Strip - Panasonic Microwave Rubber door seal strip
SUPERSEDED Metal Door Handle - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Door Frame - Panasonic - Microwave - NE-1447
Light Film - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Air Filter - Merrychef HD2025 HD1925 HD1725
Capacitor - Hobart HM1600 Microwave
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Transformer - Amana URFS518S Microwave
Hot air motor assy - Merrychef EC501
RH Fan Motor - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
LH Fan Motor - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Stirrer Cover Clips - Panasonic NE3280
Plastic Strip - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Touchpad - Amana Microwave
Capacitor - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
Top Air Grid - Maestrowave Microwave
Lower Antenna - Panasonic NE2640 Microwave
Magnetron - Amana FRS511SW2A Microwave
Turntable Disk - Merrychef EC401 E3 Microwave
25wt Oven Lamp - Sharp Microwave
Latch Arm Pin - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Oven Lamp- Sharp Microwave Oven lamp - R-2370
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Touchpad membrane - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Door Assembly - Buffalo CF359 CF358 Microwave
Push switch - Buffalo CF359
Door Assembly - MerryChef Microwave
Tuning stub kit - Amana Menumaster UCA1400
Escutcheon - Panasonic NE1580 Microwave
Top Antenna Kit c/w Rivets - Amana -
Magnetron - Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Glass Dome Stirrer Cover - Maestrowave Microwave Combichef
Touch Panel Menumaster UC11E Microwave
PCB- Panasonic Pro2 NE1580 PCB Display Control
Door Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Bulb Cover - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED HV Fuse - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1040 Microwave
PCB Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Door Choke - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Door Choke - Amana Microwave
Roof Liner Side Seal - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
High Voltage Transformer - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Base Plate/Oven Tray Assy - Sharp 1900WR24AT Microwave
Eikon Hinge Service Kit - Merrychef Oven
Capacitor - Merrychef - Microwave -
Cooling Fan - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Cooling Fan Motor Amana UCRS511A Microwave
Magnetron Overheat Stat - Merrychef -
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1900M Microwave
Power Cable - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1800
Door - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1800
Fan Motor - Samsung - Microwave - CM1929
Transformer - Amana - Microwave
Shaft - Stirrer - Amana - Microwave -
Stirrer Kit - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Magnetron - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Main Control Board- Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Backspacer - Panasonic Microwave NE1840
Fuse - High Voltage - Buffalo - Microwave -
Cavity Liner - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Interlock Assembly - Merrychef Menumaster
Handle - Electrolux - Microwave - MW1800
Antenna Kit with Rivets - Amana Microwave
Keypad Touch Panel - Menumaster - DFS18E
Thermal Cut Out Cavity Amana Microwave
Thermal Cut out Mag - Amana Microwave
Knob - Samsung - Microwave - CM1059
Door Latch Head - Sharp Microwave
Door Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - CF765
Touch Pad Control Panel Panasonic NE1880
Latch Switch Lever B- Sharp
Obsolete Latch Switch Lever C- Sharp
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch A
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch B
Obsolete Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch C
Latch Switch Lever A - Sharp
Door Catch - Sharp R-21ATP
Obsolete Switch Lever- Sharp
Latch Hook Nut- Sharp
Latch Hook Screw- Sharp
Obsolete- Latch Hook - Sharp - Latch Hook
Obsolete Latch Lever Spring- Sharp
Door Catch - Panasonic NE1037
Bread Basket Merrcyhef Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sharp 1900M Microwave
Door handle - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle cushion - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle lever - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Control Panel PCB -Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out Menumaster MDC182
Top Antenna Assembly - Menumaster MDC182
Rear Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Touch Pad Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Grease Filter Merrychef EC403 Microwave Oven
Side Panel RH Merrychef EC403 Microwave
Lower Antenna Assembly Menumaster MDC182
Blower Motor Amana MDC182 Microwave
Thermal Cut Out Amana MDC182 Microwave
Fuse 25amp Amana MDC182 Microwave
Diode Kit - Amana MDC182 Microwave
Rectifier Diode Amana MDC182 Microwave
Blower Motor Amana MDC182 Microwave
Air Filter Amana MDC182 Microwave
Touch Control Membrane - Amana URCF511A
Stirrer motor - Amana URCF511A Microwave
Door Cover - Bosch HMT9656GB Microwave
Door Screen - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
High Voltage Transformer - Sharp R-24AT
Display Panel Fascia - Sanyo EMC1800K
Menukey Assembly - Merrychef - Microwave -
Transformer (HV) - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
10amp Fuse - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
HV Transformer - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef 402S Combi Microwave
SUPERSEDED Magnetron Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Menumaster - Microwave
Door C - Inner Frame - Panasonic Domestic Microwave
Auxillary Transformer Kit - Merrychef - 402S
Membrane Switch - Maestrowave Combi-Chef V
Transformer - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Spring Kit (Pair) - Merrychef HD1725 Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Round Grill Tray - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Steel Rack - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Pizza Paddle - Merry Chef EIKON E3 Microwave
Handle for Tray - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Relay Board - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Complete Door and Hinges - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Back Panel - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Flat Cable - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Plastic door frame - Amana LD510P Microwave
Relay - Samsung - Microwave - RW13EBSS
Start Button - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
Control Panel Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1629
Mains Lead Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1929
Jet Plate W/Support Rails - Turbochef NGOEWD00410 Microwave Oven
Hot Air Low Speed Fan Motor - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Stirrer Kit - Merrychef - E4CSV305GCU1GMEU
Blade - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Blower Fan Motor - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Grommit for Filter - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Clip for Filter - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Assembly - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Front Fascia - Merrychef - Microwave - HD2025
Thermal Cut-Out (M4D69) - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Touch Side Panel - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out for Magnetron - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Thermal Protector - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
White Ceramic Base Tray - Maestrowave - MW1000
Module Relay - Siemens HTHB86K Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Screw - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Control Panel - Samsung - MC455TBRCSR
Cover - Menumaster - Microwave - DEC14E2
PCB - RFS518TS - Microwave - Menumaster
Touch Pad Assembley - RFS518TS - Microwave - Menumaster
Membrane Board - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Triac - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Magnetron - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Rotary Encoder - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Microswitch A - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Microswitch B - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
HV Transformer - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Ceiling Plate - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Spring - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Door Hook/Catch - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Turntable Drive Coupling - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Frame - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Fuse - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Female Connector 37POL - Houno CVC1.10 Microwave
Handle - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Handle Piece - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Outer Door Glass - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Blade - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Blade Screw - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - G316
75ml Sealant for Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Turntable Motor - Menumaster - RFS511TSW
Steel Rack - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Door Handle - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
Base Plate & Seal - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Relay Switch - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Door Handle (outer handle only) - Merrychef
Knob (1-12) - Sharp R2340H Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane - Sharp Microwave
Switch - Sharp R2230K Microwave
Base Plate - Hobart Microwave M1600T
Temperature Sensor - Panasonic Microwave
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Resistor - Panasonic Microwave
Control Membrane - Merrychef 1025 Touchpad Control Membrane
Stirrer Assembly / Fan - Merrychef TA1725 TA1925 HD1025
Stirrer & Roof Assy - Merrychef MC1800 MD1800
Fuse - Merrychef MD1800
Fuse Ceramic 20amp - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Microwave Transformer - Merrychef 24T7ZV
Silicon Compound - Merrychef Microwave
Long Seal Stirrer Glass - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Cover - Merrychef EC401 microwave
Microswitch & Bracket - Merrychef Microwave
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
Obsolete Heating Element Double - Amana Convection
Inner Glass for Merrychef Door EC401
SUPERSEDED Merrychef Combi Oven Door Seal
Thermal Fuse Switch - Top Exhaust Duct -
Ceramic base Plate - Panasonic NE1037 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Pad - Amana - RFS518S Microwave
Stirrer blade kit - Menumaster Microwave
Solenoid Plunger - Merrychef Microwave HD2025
Door Glass Seal - Maestrowave Microwave
Door Choke - Merrychef Microwave
Door Front Fascia -Merrychef Microwave HD1925
Timer Knob - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Glass (Door) - Sanyo EMC 1800K Microwave
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Internal Door Frame - Panasonic NE2740 M/Wave
Internal Door Glass - Panasonic NE1480 BP
Main PCB - Panasonic 1446 1846 Microwave
PCB Relay Board - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
PCB Board - Panasonic Microwave
Touch Pad - Panasonic NE1456 Microwave
Capacitor - Sanyo High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Filter Electro (glass membrane) - Amana
SUPERSEDED Inner Roof Liner - Amana URFS518S Microwave
Roof Liner - Amana/Menumaster URFS518S Microwave
Window Outer - Amana Microwave
Outer Door Glass - Amana Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Amana UHDC518 UC11E2 UC18E Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Frame Assy - Amana UHDC518
Temperature Sensor / Thermistor - Merrychef Mealstream
Base Plate - Panasonic Microwave
Potentiometer - Mealstream RD501 MC1800
Door Key - Panasonic NE1757 Microwave
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Door Guide Roller Pin - Panasonic NE1670
Handle Piece L/H - Panasonic Microwave
Neoprene Flat Fan Belt - Panasonic Microwave
Power Relay Assembly - Panasonic NE1670
Oven Lamp Sheet - Panasonic NE1670
Magnetron Thermal Cut out - Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1670 Microwave
Switch Buttons (3 of) - Panasonic NE1747
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1670 microwave
Inrush Resistor - Panasonic Microwave
Door Push Button Return Spring NE9053
Cook Button Spring - Panasonic NE1747
High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Glass Tray - Sanyo-Sharp Micro Wave
Touchpad/ Switch Membrane - Samsung CM1829
Start Button - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
Roof Liner Holding Clips - Microwave
SUPERSEDED Thermopile - Microwave
Litton Microwave 381038 Plastic Roof Liner
U3100i Litton Menu Master Impellor & Nut
Door Seal - Maestrowave Combi-Chef Mk4
SUPERSEDED Film Sealer - Sharp Microwave R24AT R22AT
Handle Insert - Microwave
High Voltage Capacitor - Sharp Microwave
Turntable Motor - Merrychef Microwave
Control Panel - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Complete Door - Sanyo EM-C1900 CM1900 Microwave
Door Choke - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV Seal
Lamp Screen - Sharp R23AT Microwave
Inner Door Film - Sharp R24AT R23AT Microwave
Door Film - Panasonic NE1037 Microwave
Main PCB - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
PCB - Merrychef - Microwave - EC403E5
Air Filter Assy - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - RFS518TS
RH Door Guide Moulding - Merrychef 1925C HD2025 HD1925
LH Door Guide Moulding - Merrychef 1925C HD2025 HD1925
Fan Bracket - Merrychef 1925C Microwave
Lamp - Samsung CM1099 CM1089 Microwave
Door Switch Assembly - Amana - Microwave - UCA1400
Control Panel Assy - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Blower Motor (metal) - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Smeg Magnetron 2M107A-825
HV Capacitor - Amana RFS511SW2A Microwave
Resistor 50R 50W - Merrychef EC501-CTM5
Waveguide Cover - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Triac 25a - Menumaster
Spacer - Sanyo Microwave
Noise PCB Kit c/w Cable Samsung CM1519 Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Magnetron - Buffalo GK640 Microwave
Relay PCB (XE5) - Merrychef
LH Hinge - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Magnetron - Buffalo G316 Microwave
Window, Outer - Menumaster UC11E Microwave
Handle Bar - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Key Latch for Door - Samsung - CM1089
Magnetron Panasonic 2M167B-M23
Fan Motor - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Thermal Cut-Out - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Internal Lamp Assembly - Menumaster RCS511TS Microwave
Waveguide - Merrychef RD501, CTM3/CD2, EC501, CTM3, CTM5,
Stirrer Motor Sub Assembly - Merrychef Mealstream EC501
Outer Door - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
1 Metre Red Silicone Stirrer Cover Seal - Merrychef Eikon E5 Oven
Door Interlock Assembly & Switches - Panasonic NEC1253
Transformer Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Door Solenoid (RH) Red - Merrychef HD2025 HD1925 HD1725
Relay PCB - Merrychef Microcook CD Microwave
Blower Magnetron - Turbochef Microwave
Heater Fan Motor - Panasonic NEC1558 Microwave
Capacitor 0.53mf - Panasonic NE1440 Microwave
Changeover Microswitch - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE1747 Microwave
Touchpad PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic Microwave 2M181-M1
Fan Motor Panasonic Microwwave
Transformer Panasonic Microwave
PCB Merrychef Microwave
Magnetron Sharp Microwave
Diode - Merrychef Mealstrem RD501 ED501 Microwave
Relay Board - Merrychef RD501 EC501 Microwave
Magnetron - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Transformer - Menumaster - RFS518TS
Door Interlock Switch - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Relay PCB - Merrychef 1025 1425 1725 1925 2025 Microwave
Motor - Merrychef EC402S Oven
Wave Guide Cover Sheet 500mm x 450mm
Door Arm - Merrychef EC501 Microwave
Door Handle - Sharp MW1210 Microwave
Capacitor - CH86-252130B
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Stirrer Cover Guide - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Runner Clip - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Timer Knob - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Filter - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Front Panel Membrane - Merrychef - Microwave - 1725C
Switch Panel Assy - Merrychef 1025C Microwave
PCB Capacitor - Merrychef Microwave - EC401
Ceramic Plate Retainer- Merrychef Microwave - Eikon E3
Lamp Cover Film - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Transformer - Daewoo - Microwave - KOM-9F50
Relay Board - Merrychef - Microwave - HD1025
Monitor Switch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Interlock Switch & Latch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Personality Module - Merrychef - Eikon E3
Inner Door Glass - Merrychef 1025C Microwave
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Amana - Microwave - RFS511SW2
Durable Membrane (Ver.3) - Merrychef Microwave
Diode Assembly - Merrychef HD1425 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Keypad - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Door Body Latch Assembly - Samsung / Buffalo GK643 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Element - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Gearbox - Merrychef - Microwave - EC401
Capacitor - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Door Switch Assy - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo - Microwave - EM1802
Door Handle & Frame - Menumaster UMLD510D Microwave
Air Filter Assembly - Merrychef EC402S Microwave
Fuse - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643
Capacitor - Merrychef E3NXE305CEU2GMUK Microwave
Thumb Nut - Merrychef E4CSV305GEU1
Low Voltage Transformer - Merrychef Microwave
Fan Unit - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
PCB Kit - Samsung Microwave
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - CF764
Stirrer Support - Maestrowave Combichef 4 Microwave
Cavity Cut Out Switch - Merrychef - Microwave
Transformer - Merrychef - Microwave - MD1400
Diode - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
HV Lead Assembly - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
Capacitor - Merrychef EC401EE5 Microwave
Touch Pad - Electrolux/Sharp MW1800 R22A Microwave
Control Panel PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Heating Element - Turbochef
Speed Controller - Turbochef
PCB - Turbochef
Door Seal - Merrychef Eikon E5 Microwave
Magnetron - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Bridge Rectifier - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Main PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Main Circuit Board - Panasonic - Microwave - NE-C1275
Main PCB - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Grease Filter Housing - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Grease Filter - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Teflon Sheet - Merrychef E3 Microwave
Relay - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Relay Board - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Timer Knob - Hobart HM1600 Microwave
Magnetron - Toshiba 2M248H(A)
Control Panel PCB - Daewoo KOM9F85 Microwave
Motor - Panasonic Microwave - 1880BP
Light Bulb Plastic Cover - Sharp - R22AT
Magnetron - Amana UCA1400 Microwave
Filter c/w Clips - Sharp R22A R24AT Microwave
HV Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Diode - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Base Plate - Menumaster RFS518TS- Microwave
Stirrer Motor Assembly - Merrychef Microwave
Inner Door Glass - Samsung CM1529 Microwave
Door Catch Kit - Menmaster RCS511TS P2002405M Microwave
Protection Diode - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Capacitor - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Base Pan Assembly - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Foot - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Escutcheon & Touchpad Assy - Panasonic Microwave
Fine Fuse - Menumaster Microwave
HV Transformer Primary - Menumaster Microwave
Door Latch - Sanyo - Microwave - CM1929
Ceramic Plate - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Door Catch/Choke - Sanyo CM1929 Microwave
High Voltage Diode - Sanyo Microwave
Magnetron- Crypto Peerless MW1600- Microwave
Front Air Filter - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Clip Shell - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Clip - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp - Microwave - R-24AT
Shaft - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Motor - Sharp R24AT Microwave
11"x11" Solid Black Bread Basket E2S - Merrychef Microwave
Fuse 15a - Lang
Fuse 20a - Lang
Complete Door- Burco CTMW01 444441097 Microwave
Door Hook - Panasonic - NE1880
Door Lever - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Joint Lever - Sharp - R24AT
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Latch Fixing Angle - Sharp - R-24AT
Shelf 328mm x 375mm - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Upper Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Lower Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Air Filter - Merrychef - Microwave - AIKON E2
Packing Tape - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900
Door Cover - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900
Door - Samsung CM1929 CM1029A Microwave
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Stirrer Blade Assembly - MerryChef - Microwave
Motor Cooling Fan Blade - Merrychef E3
All parts for this model OBSOLETE Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Door Assembly - Samsung - Microwave - CM1529
Tension Spring for Door Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Complete Door Latch - Samsung CM1929 - Microwave
Fuse 2.5a 50v - Sharp R23AM Microwave
HV Diode - Menumaster
PCB - Menumaster
Fan Wheel - Menumaster
Ceramic Plate 327x297mm - Menumaster
Lead Wire / Timer - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Timer Knob - Buffalo GK643 Microwave
ASSY CONTROL PANEL;CM1529-1/XEU,0.9CU.FT - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Torsion Bar Hinge Assembly - Merrychef - Microwave
Turntable Drive Assembly - Merrychef Microwave
Transformer - Panasonic NE3280 Microwave
Main PCB - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Interlock Switch Assembly for Door- Amana URFS518S- Microwave
Door - Buffalo GK640 Microwave
Magnetron - Amana Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane- Samsung CM1929 - Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Back Casing - Sharp - Microwave - RT24AT
Smart Relay PCB Assy - Merrychef Microwave
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Latch - Body - Samsung CM1929/XEU Microwave
Mircrowave- Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Liner - Merrychef EIKON E2 Microwave
145deg Cut Out Thermostat - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Top Touch Control Panel - Amana - JET14
Door Release Lever - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Door Handle - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Top Jet Plate - Turbo Chef - Microwave - SOTA
Motor - Panasonic Microwave - NE1856
Noise Filter Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643
Silicon Cooking Mat - Merry Chef EikonE2 Microwave
Roof Liner / Stirrer Assembly - Sanyo Microwave
Ceramic Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
SD Card Slot PCB - Panasonic Microwave
Lamp - Icandescent 230V 25W - Buffalo - GK640
Lamp with Base/Holder 25w T170 240v - Panasonic
Diode - Buffalo - GK640 - Microwave
Waveguide Cover - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Fan Blade - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Control PCB - Panasonic - Microwave - NE1853
Magnetron - Buffalo GK643 Microwave
Complete Door Assembly - Burco CTMW02
Noise Filter Board - Panasonic - Microwave - NE1853
Fan Blade - Leibher GGPV1470 - Fridge
Clip- Panasonic Alternative Clip for Filter - EMC1901 Microwave
Alternative Grommit- Panasonic Alternative Grommit for Filter- Microwave
LH End Peice - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Merrychef Eikon E3 Microwave
Light Bulb - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Touchpad Transformer - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Handle Assembly - Merrychef EIKON E2S
Antenna Upper - Panasonic - NE1853BP
Magnetron & Exhaust Thermistor - Sharp Microwave
Screw - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
Horn Cover Frame E2 - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
Partition Plate Kit - Merrychef E2SDBMV5HEU1CLEU Microwave
2.5uf Starter Capacitor - Merrychef - Microwave - EC501
Magnetron - Samsung CM1099 Microwave
Bulb(LED)28V - Ugolini Giant
Door Choke Pressed - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Housing - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Switch Membrane - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
PCB - Merrychef - Microwave - EC402S
Thermistor - Sanyo - Microwave - AMC1900
Choke Cover - Sharp R21APT
Magnetron - Samsung CM1029 Microwave
Control Knob - Panasonic NE1843 Microwave
Start Switch - Panasonic NE1843 Microwave
Complete Door - Sharp - R-21
Quenching Box - Lainox HMG201X Combi Oven