Pasta Boiler Spares

Pasta Boiler Spares Parts
Inlet Tap - Silko CNG70160 Pasta Boiler
Basket - Charvet Pasta Boiler NR046282 Basket
Handle- Giorik CPG3N Pasta Boiler Tap Handle
Pasta Basket - L 295mm x W 100mm x H 150mm GN2/8
Complete Gear Set -Imperia Pasta Machine RMN
Safety Thermostat - Electrolux E260 Pasta Boiler
Tap Assy - Zanussi Electrolux MCPG15 Pasta
TYJ6202/303 Simmer Stat
Knob - Mareno PD9-8E10-P19-8E15
3/8" Cock - Angelo Po 30CPS Pasta Boiler
Filler Tap Giorik 3CPG - Pasta Boiler
Nat Gas - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2206
Stainless Steel Pasta Basket 200x145x320mm
Thermocouple - Falcon G2206 Pasta Boiler
Insulation tube - Falcon Prolite LD69 Pasta
Anglo Po 70CPR Pasta Cooker Element 4890w
Heating element - Angelo Po Heating element for Pasta Cooker
Heater Element - Mareno PC74E Pasta Boiler
Safety Thermostat - Mareno PC74E Pasta Boiler
Teflon Seal - Mareno PC74E Pasta Boiler
Silicone O-Ring - Mareno PC74E Pasta Boiler
Heating Element 8000W 230V - Ambach
Drain Valve Knob - Ambach - GUK45
Flexible hose for drain - Rosinox Cuisa-Pates
Element Gasket - Mareno PC74E Pasta Boiler Element Gasket
Basket - Zanussi Pasta Boiler 163402
False Bottom - Zanussi Pasta Boiler 163402
Lid Assembly - Zanussi Pasta Boiler 163402
Ignition Lead - Zanussi Pasta Boiler 163402
Basket - Giorik Pasta Basket for 3CPG
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Falcon LD69 Pasta Cooker
Heating Element 2.75kwt - Falcon LD56 LD50
Main Injector - Hobart HGC47 Pasta Boiler
Bypass Screw - Hobart HGC47 Pasta Boiler
Element - Lincat PB66 Pasta Boiler 3kwt Element 240v
Element - Mareno PC9-6E PC9S-4E PC7-4E PC7-6E PC9-4E
Water Valve - Mareno
Pasta Cooker Basket - 290mm x 98mm
Pasta Cooker Basket - 135mm x 180mm
Heating Element - Electrolux
Heating Element - Electrolux Pasta Boiler
Commutator 4-pos Switch - Electrolux
Gasket - Electrolux Pasta Cooker
Inline Water Filter Roundup Pasta Boiler
Pressure Switch - Silko EDG92142 Pasta Cooker
Turning Knob, Nut & Pin - Imperia P108 Pasta Machine
Element Valentine VMC2 Pasta Boiler
Lower Grill - Electrolux E9PCEH2MF0
Basket - Electrolux E9PCEH2MF0 Pasta Cooker
Basket - Electrolux E9PCEH2MF0 Pasta Cooker
Prologation Water Cock - ATA K9GCP10 Pasta
Water Cock - ATA K9GCP10 Pasta Boiler
Basket - Unversal Pasta Basket - H = 200mm W = 140mm
Drain Valve With Valentine VMC3 Pasta Boiler
LH Heating Element - Lincat PB66/FL Pasta Boiler
9wkt 230v Heating Element - Olis 94-04CPE
LPG Nozzle - Zanussi PCPG350 Pasta Boiler
Minimum Screw - Zanussi PCPG350 Pasta Boiler
Gas Tap Knob - Zanussi HCPG400 Pasta Boiler
Switch Knob - Zanussi HCPG400 Pasta Boiler
Water Tap Knob - Zanussi HCPG400 Pasta Boiler
NG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
LPG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
Pasta Cooker Basket CPE LE Lotus
Switch Knob - Mareno V9-4E V9-8E PC9-6E
Pasta Basket - Garland G89 Pasta Boiler
Ball Lock Valve 1/2" - MKN 2020402S Pasta Cooker
Handle for Valve - MKN 2020402S Pasta Cooker
Element 1.85kw 240v 285mm L - Hobart Pasta Cooker HEC47 HEC77
Blue Ring for Gas Knob - Gico - Pasta Boiler - 8CP9N755A
Control Thermostat - Lincat - Pasta Boiler - PB33/FL
Element - Silko CNE6230 Pasta Cooker
Drain Plug - Giorik 3CPG Pasta Boiler
Safety Thermostat - Angelo Po 0A1CP1E-ZRRO Pasta Boiler
Solenoid Valve - Bonnet B1A9CP4PE-40 Pasta Boiler
Steam Packing/Gasket - Maestrowave MRC5L Rice Cooker
Heating Element - Rosinox CUISERA30ERC8 Pasta Boiler
Set of 4 Baskets - Angelo Po ALPHA900 Pasta Cooker
Heating Element 3x3333w-230v - Electrolux Pasta Cooker
Drain Tap - Fagor ME9-15BM Rice Boiler
Pasta Basket Frame- Mareno Pasta Boiler
Universal Pasta Basket - 140mm x 140mm x 200mm
Main NG Burner Jet - Fagor CPG7-05 Pasta Boiler
NG Pilot Jet - Fagor CPG7-05 Pasta Boiler
Pasta Basket - Electrolux E7PCGD1KF0 Pasta Boiler
Pasta Basket - Electrolux E7PCGD1KF0 Pasta Boiler
Pasta Basket - Desco CPE71 Pasta Boiler
Water Ball Valve - ATA K9GCP10 Pasta Boiler
Element Oven Bottom 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Element Oven Top 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Water Valve - Blue Seal - G47
Pasta Cooker Heating Element - Lotus CP76ET
Support- Fimar S1320- Pasta
Guide- Fimar S1320- Pasta
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Pitco PG14D Pasta Cooker
Green Neon Light Cover - Desco CPE72M00
Selector Switch - Desco CPE72M00
Control Knob - Desco CPE72M00
Side Element - Desco - Pasta Boiler - CPE71
Centre Element - Desco - Pasta Boiler - CPE71
Thermocouple - Giorik - 3CPG - Pasta Cooker
Over Flow Pipe Multicooker- Valentine VMC3 - Pasta Boiler
Selector Switch - Angelo Po - Pasta Cooker
Element- Blue Seal E47- Pasta Cooker
Shut-Off Valve connection 1/2" 1/2" straight total length 52mm
star handle bore Ìü 10mm Ìü 58mm L 38mm black
Heating Element - Angelo Po OG1CP1E Pasta Cooker
False Bottom Mesh Complete - Angelo Po 0T1CP1GH Single Pasta Cooker
Safety Thermostat - Desco CPE72M00 Pasta Boiler
Handle / Knob - Gico - Pasta Boiler - 8CP9N755A
Temperature Control Board with Led Display - Charvet Pasta Boiler