Potato Chipper Spares

Potato Chipper Spares Parts
R/H Pivot Pin - Crypto Peerless RC12
Segments (Six) - Crypto Peerless RC11
14mm Chip Block Complete - Crypto Peerless
Runner Bearing - Crypto F2F Chipper
F2F Crypto Peerless Push Bar - One Only
Green on switch - Bold R1 Chipper
Crypto RC14 Drive Belt
Slice Knife - Electrolux / Crypto RC14 Potato
Knife Holder Bottom - Crypto Peerless RC10 Chipper
RC10 - Knife Block 3/8"
11mm Chipper Block 7/16" - Crypto RC10
14mm Knife Block x 5 Blades ( Suit 25KC ) - Crypto RC14 RC12 Potato Chipper
RC10 Chipper Knife Holder Bottom
12mm Chipper Block - Crypto RC12 Chipper
Push Bar - Crypto Peerles Potato F2F Push Bar Carriage
F2F Slice Knife - Crypto Peerless F2F
Thumbscrew - Crypto Peerless F2f
Safety Guard - F2F Chipper
Crypto F2F Chipper Brass Runner Rail
Crypto F2F Chipper Brass Runner Rail
Crypto F2F Chipper 5/8" Blade Carrier
Blade Carrier- Crypto Peerless F2F 1/2"
Drive Belt - Crypto Peerless RC11 Potato Chipper
Chipper -Seal - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
RC10 - Chipper Motor Single Phase
Motor - RC10 Chipper Brook Crompton 999.741
Drive Belt - Crypto RC12 Potato Chipper
Drive Belt - Crypto Peerless RC10
Contact block - Bold R1 Chipper
Cutting Blades (in knife block) - Bold R1
F2F Blades - Crypto Peerless Chipper
Screw 10 pcs PTWN 1442 - Electrolux Potato
Washer CS M5 Setx10 - Electrolux Potato
Control Card/Board Assy - Electrolux
PSL40010 Magnetic Detector / Relay - Electrolux Potato Chipper
Ball Bearing 6000 - Electrolux Potato Chipper
Handle Support/Knob Block - Electrolux Potato
Driven Pulley - Electrolux Chipper
Handle / Locking Knob - Electrolux Potato
Handle/Knife Block Carrying Handle
Belt J10 - Electrolux Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED Rotor - Electrolux Potato Chipper 601 091
Run/Permanent Capacitor 10mf - Electrolux
Condenser/Braking Capacitor - Electrolux
Magnet Holder Assy Mounting Block -Electrolux
Power Board - Electrolux Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED Bearing 6204 2RS - Electrolux Potato Chipper
Relay/ Klixon 192 - Electrolux Potato Chipper
3ph Power Board PCB/ 3P Plate Assy - Electrolux/Zanussi
Spring - Electrolux Potato Chipper
Cutting Chamber - Electrolux Potato Chipper
Spacer (Hopper) -Electrolux Potato Chipper
Washer 24x6.2x2(setx10) BM10 - Electrolux
Screw TH M5x12 (setx10) - Electrolux
Chipping Block 14mm x 17mm - IMC Potato
SUPERSEDED Knive Block Long Blades (Sold Individually)
Bearing - IMC PC1 MF-10 Potato Chipper/Peeler
8mm Blade Pack - IMC PC2 Chipper
17mm Blade Block - IMC PC2 CSC1 Potato Chipper
14mm Blade Pack - IMC Potato Chipper PC2 Series
Baffle Plate - IMC 1204 1604 GDU Waste Disposal
Drive Belt - IMC Chipper PC2
SUPERSEDED Blade 17mm - IMC Potato Chipper PC2 Series
SUPERSEDED IMC PC2 8mm Knife Block
SUPERSEDED On/ Off Button Housing - PC2 Chipper - IMC
Knife Block (14mm - without carrier)
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt - IMC PC1 Chipper
Blade - Hobart EC7040 Potato Chipper
F2F Lower Roller Assy
F2F Con Rod Assembly -Crypto Peerless Chipper
Upper Roller Assy - Crytpo F2F Chipper
Bearing - Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Drive Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless C56
Crank Assembly - Crypto Peerless Chipper F2F
Cage Plate - Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Cage Carrier - Crypto F2F Chipper
F2F Chipper Blade Large Single
Cutting Blade- Crypto Peerless F2F
Bearing Spindle / Pin - Crypto F2F Chipper
Bronze Roller - Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
SUPERSEDED 14mm Chipper Block - Crypto RC12 Chipper
Small Type Blade 14mm - Crypto RC12 chipper
Rotor Assy - Crypto Peerless RC11 & RC14
Slice Knife 4" Blade - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Chip Knife for14mm & 12mm Blocks- Crypto Peerless RC11
14mm Cutter Block Assy - Crypto Peerless RC10 Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED 14mm Knife Block - Crypto Peerless RC12 RC
Oil Seal - Crypto Peerless Potato Chipper
Magnet - Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Magnetic Switch- Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Rotary Switch - RC10 C/W Knob
Bearing Crypto Peerless - 25mm bore  47mm dia
Slice Knife - Crypto Peerless RC10 Potato
Knife Holder Top - Cryto RC10
Set Spacers 14mm To Suit - Crypto Peerless
12mm Block Assy - Crypto Peerless RC10
12mm Chipper Block - Sammic CF4 CF5 Peeler
Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper 2BA Screw
Bearing Assembly - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Main Slicing Blade - Bold R1 Chipper
SUPERSEDED Green switch - IMC PC1 Series 35 Chipper
Knife Block (17mm X 14mm - without carrier)
Magnetic Reed Switch- Crypto F2F Chipper
Oil Seal - IMC PC1 MF-10 VP7 Potato Chipper
External Circlip - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Internal Circlip - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
O Ring IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Crypto RC10 Potato Chipper On / Off Switch
Red off switch - Bold R1 Chipper
230v - 240v Transformer - IMC PC2 series 1
SUPERSEDED Knife Block Small Cutter Blades Each
Spacer 7/16" - Hobart EC7040 Chipper
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft Pin - IMC PC2 Potato Chipper
Crank Assembly- Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
* Obsolete *12mm Knife Block - Crypto Peerless RC12|RC14
Set of 4 feet - Sammic CF4 Chipper
Hose Connector- Metcalfe 10lb Potato Peeler Hose Connector
Drive Shaft for a Crypto P. RC11 Chipper
Bush for a Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Side Plate (Pair) Crypto F2 Potato chipper
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt IMC PC2 Potato Chipper
Bearing - Hobart FD3-200-D3 Waste disposal / Potato Chipper
8mm Chipper Block - IMC PC2 Potato Chipper
1/2" Blade & Holder Assembly - Nemco -
Motor IMC PCI89M31 Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED Bearing Kit - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Screw (pack of 10) - Crypto Peerless RC14
Oil seal (pack of 5) - Crypto Peerless RC14
Screw (pack of 10) - Crypto Peerless RC14
12mm Knife Block Complete - IMC Potato Chipper PC2
Bush for Rotor - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Bearing Housing Assembly - IMC PC2 CSC1 Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED Drive belt - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Stop / Start Button Kit - IMC PC2 Chipper
Start button assy - Crypto Peerless RC12
Stop button assy - Crypto Peerless RC12
12mm Knife Block - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Knob Block - Crypto RC14 Chipper
Lock Knob - Crypto RC14 Chipper
2 Pole Toggle Switch Crypto F2F Chipper
Chipper Switch - Crypto Peerless RC14
Spirol Pin - Hobart EC7040
Retaining Ring - Hobart EC7040
Ball Bearing - Hobart EC7040
Knife Block 10mm Crypto RC11 Potato Chipper
Temperature Probe Franke F3D3P Chip Dispenser
Black Button c/w Waterproof Rubber Surround -
14mm Blade Set - Metcalfe Hand Potato Chipper
Gruppo Timer Assembly - Electrolux 601071
14mm Block, Frame and Knives - Metcalfe HPC12/2271/4H
Chip Knife - Bold - Chipper - R1
Slice Knife - Bold - Chipper - R1
Spring - Metcalfe HPC Chipper
Roller, Pin & Spindle Assembly - Crypto - Chipper - RC14
Spring (Set of 2)- Sammic CF4 Potato Chipper
17mm Knife Block - IMC CSC1 Chipper
14mm Knife Block - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
SUPERSEDED Blade 14mm - IMC Potato Chipper PC2 Series
Timing / Drive Belt - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Tension pin - IMC PC1 Chipper
Stop Switch - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Red Push Button - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Triangular Chip Cutter Blade - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
PC1 Mark 4 Potato Peeler Slicer Blade
Blade Block 14mm Complete - IMC PC2 Chipper
Knife Block - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper Knife Block 12mm
12mm Knife Pack - IMC PC2 Potato Chipper
14x17mm Knife Block - IMC PC1 Chipper
Green Push Button - IMC PC1 Chipper
14mm Block Blade - Bold R1 Chipper
17x21mm Knife Pack - IMC PC2 Potato Chipper
Motor Relay - IMC PC2 Chipper
Hopper Assy - IMC PC2 Chipper
Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Transformer - IMC PC2 Chipper
Knob For Rotary Switch - Crypto Peerless RC10
Base - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Knife Block Frame & 14mm Blade Set - Metcalfe Hand Potato Chipper
Right Hand Pivot - Crypto Peerless - RC12
Left Hand Pivot - Crypto Peerless - RC12
Small Pulley - IMC - Potato Chipper - CSC1
Polishing Wheel Assembly - Waring WKS800
Washer - IMC
Base Seal - IMC VP7 Potato Peeler
Pizza Stone - 1056x526x14mm - Moretti
Belt - Imc VQ.53 - Potato Rumbler
Knife Block Frame & 12mm Blade Set - Metcalfe Hand Potato Chipper
12mm Knife Block Complete - IMC Potato Chipper CSC1
Motor Pulley - IMC PC2 Chipper
Motor Pulley - IMC PC2 Chipper
Magnet - IMC PC2 Chipper
Screw - IMC PC1 Series 1 Chipper