Sink Accessories and Spares

Sink Accessories and Spares Parts
White Shower Head - Angelo Po - Pre Rinse Unit - 3359605
Spray Gun- Aqua Jet Eco Spray Gun
Single Feed Faucet Deck Mounted - Aquajet
Reviver Kit - Aqua Jet
SUPERSEDED Tap Repair Kit - Aqua Jet
Mono Block SH Pre-Rinse 12" BF 680mm WSH
Spring Retainer Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Twin Feed Pre-Rinse, levers & ECO Gun - Aquajet Pre-Rinse
Pre-Rinse Unit c/w 6" Bowl Fill Tap - Aquajet 20
Spring for Spray Gun - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Single Feed Pre-Rinse Unit - Aquajet
Adjustable Inlet & Washer Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Hose Adapter Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Pre Rinse Spray Head - Aqua Jet - Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Unit (12" faucet) - Aqua Jet
Pedestal Twin Water Tap - Aquajet
Pre Rinse Unit - Aqua Jet AJSG019ECO
Spray Gun Body (Only) - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
SUPERSEDED Aqua Jet Spray Gun Hose 1/2"" BST
Handle & Washer - Aqua Jet Spray Gun Hose 1/2
SUPERSEDED 1/2" BSP Pre-Rinse Spray Head
Complete pre-rinse spray gun assy standard
Spray Gun - Aqua Jet Spray Gun 1/2" Complete
Pre Rinse Assembly
Spray Gun Valve Repair Kit - Aquajet
Spray Gun Assembly - Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
Wash Gun - Aquajet pre-rinse unit
Washers (Pack of 3) - Aquajet
Spray Gun - Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
Pre-Rinse/Twin Deck Mount/Std Spray - Aquajet
Face Plate & Screw - Aquajet
Spray Gun Trigger and Screw - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Rubber Ring - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Outer Support Spring - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Tap
12" Spout - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Tap
Handle For Spray Gun Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Pair of Aquajet Levers
Valve Body (HOT) - Aquajet
Bowl Fill;er c/w 12"" Spout and Lever Aquajet
Bowl Filler Body Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Body Deck Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Valve Body (fits cold for lever) - Aquajet
SUPERSEDED Aquajet 30 Twin Pedasatll, Twin Feed Pre
6" Spout Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Twin Pedestall Pre-Rinse Aqua Jet Unit with Levers
Mechline 12'' Bowl Filler
Complete Inner & Outer Hose Assy c/w End Fittings
Spring Retainer Aqua Jet AJPR30 Pre Rinse
Valve Bonnet & Gland - Aquajet
Valve Body - Aquajet
Bowl Filler Body - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Assy
O-Ring (pack of 2) - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Assy
16 Inch Replacement Spout - Aqua Jet Pre
Pre Rinse Spray Arm with 16inch Faucet - Aquajet
500mm Chrome Pipe - Aqua-Jet Pre-Rinse unit
Aquajet 20 with levers
Rinser Hook for Gun Head Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Spray Hose 1200mm Long
Pre Rinse Unit with wall mounted water tap -
Sink Waste Upstand 300mm 89mm Flange
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Sink Waste Outlet Ring - Scrap Ring
SUPERSEDED Encore 3/4" Pre-Rinse Spray Head
38"" Flexible Hose Assembly c/w fittings
Plug Fitting for 1.5"" Waste Upstand
Element - Rosamon Immersion Heater Element
Pre Rinse Water Hose Adaptor
Pre-Rinse/Mono Deck Mount Std Sprayset
Cross Head 1/2" Tap
Spray Gun Repair Kit
Overflow Tube 12" S/Steel 1-1/2inch NPS Swaged
Wall Mounted Wash Down Reel with enclosed 15m hose in
1000mm S/S Shower Hose - Pre-Rinse Unit
Monobloc Tap Ceramic Tap Head 1/2" 180° Spout Length 250mm Spout Height
S/Steel Sink Plug Hole
Drain Handle - Blakeslee
Shower Head - Classic Gastrotop PreRinse Unit
Tap Lever - Classic Gastrotop Pre Rinse Unit
Tap Markers- Classic Gastrotop Pre Rinse Unit
Cold Water Tap Assembly - Cleveland
Sleeve Connection 3/8" - 1/2" Length 27.5mm
8" Spout - Diepat
Tap Faucet and Pre-Rinse Unit - Mini Pre-Rinse Units
Gooseneck Tap w/ Spout - Diepat
Waste Drain Outlet Fitting for Catering Sink
Pre-Rinse Unit - Double Wall Mounted - With Flexible Hose
Pantry Tap - Diepat
Hand Shower 1/2'M - Electrolux Pre-Rinse
Water Mixer Block - Electrolux LM55 sink
Spring - Electrolux operated sink mixer
Pre-Rinse Unit SASH3P - Electrolux
Pre Rinse Hose- Encore Tap Pre Rinse Hose
Spray Head Repair Kit - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Hose Grip - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Handle Complete Assembly - Encore CHG W19
Pre-Rinse - Universal
Spray Valve Repair Kit - Encore Pre Rinse Unit
3/4" Spray Gun - Encore Pre-Rinse Unit
Mono faucet body (no spout supplied) - Encore
Hose Assembly With Grip Ecnore CHG Pre Rinse
Hose Assembly 37" Without Grip Encore CHG
Hose Assembly 44"" With Grip Ecnore CHG Pre
Hose Assembly 38" Without Grip Ecnore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Gun Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Gun Ecnore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
950mm Hose for Encore Pre-Rinse Unit
Face Plate Service Kit (W/O Valve) - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Riser 18 Inch - Encore
Nozzle - Pre Rinse Unit
Hot Valve Assembly - Encore Pre Rinse
Deck Pre-Rinse Assembly with Wall Bracket - Encore
Add-On Tap 6inch Swing Spout - Encore
Add-On Tap 8inch Swing Spout - Encore
Add-On Tap 12inch Swing Spout - Encore
Pre-Rinse - Encore
Low Water Sensor - E&R Moffat Sterilising Sink
Gastrotop Single Long Level Monoblock Tap
Pre Rinse & Mixer Set - Hobart HPR100
Control Board Kit - Hobart VE30 Tilting Skillet
Pre-Rinse Unit 1 Pedestal 1 Feed
Tap - Mechline
Tap - Mechline
Deck Mounted Swan Neck Swivel Tap - Mechline Basix Sink
DECK mounted Pre-Rinse Spray, Twin Pedestal, Twin Water Feed
Spray Gun - Mechline - Pre Rinse Unit - AJPR50
Coiled Hose - Mechline - Pre Rinse Unit - AJPR50
Knee Operated Valve - Mechline Basix - WS2KVS
300m Swivel Spout (H:325mm)
Mixing Tap 3/4 - MKN
Outlet for 3/4 Mixer Tap (400mm;350mm) - MKN
Strainer - MKN
Flat Ring Seal - MKN
Goose Neck Perlick
Handles Hot/Cold Perlick
Controller (Equivalent) - Portland Sterilising Sink
3 1/2" Lever Waste with Overflow Connection
3 1/2" Inch Lever Waste without Overflow
3 1/2" Inch Lever Waste with Overflow
Element - Stott Benham 3Kwt Immersion Element
Thermostat - Stott Benham Sterilising Sink
Repair Kit - Spray Tap Head
Pre-rinse hose - T & S Brass and Bronze
Twin Faucet Body with 457mm Spout
40" Hose - T&S Brass Pre-rinse unit
Bonnet Assembly - T&S Brass
Spray Valve Handle - T & S Brass
Standard spray gun - T & S Brass and Bronze
Pre-Rinse Twin Deck STD, Spray & Faucet - T&S Brass
Standard spray gun - T&S Brass
Spray Valve- T & S Brass and Bronze
Spray Valve- T & S Brass and Bronze
Tap Washer/Gasket T&S Brass Tap
Grip Handle - T & S Brass & Bronze - Rinse Hose Grip handle
Blue Spray Gun T&S Brass
Pre Rinse Hose T&S Brass 44" Long
Low flow spray valve for pre-rinse unit - T & S Brass
Double Pantry Swivel Base Faucet Deck Mount
Sink Mixer Double Pantry Swivel Base Faucet
Blue handle for spray valve assembly
Spring Body - T&S Brass Pre-rinse Unit
Overhead spring - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
Handle - T&S Brass Pre-rinse Unit
Washer for spray valve Assy - T&S Brass
Flex Hose 44 - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
Washer - T&S Brass Pre-rinse Unit
Hold Down Ring - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
Cold Water Index T&S Brass
Spindle Assembly With Spring T&S Brass
Quarter-Turn Eterna Cartridge, LTC w/ Spring Check
Lever Handle T&S Brass
Screw For Lever Handle T&S Brass
Hose Assembly 44"" T&S Brass B-0133BTS
Lever Arm Repair Kit - T&S
Repair Kit - T & S Brass
Grey Spray Face - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
Lever Handle Kit - T&S Brass
ASM, 12" Big Flow Swing Nozzle - T&S Brass
Wall Mounted Glass Filler - T&S Brass
SUPERSEDED 37"" Pre Rinse Hose - T&S Brass
Tap - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
SUPERSEDED Pre Rinse Hose Assy - T & S Brass - Pre Rinse Un
Pre Rinse Unit - T & S Brass
Spray Face - T&S Brass
Add-On Faucet Hot Cartridge - T&S Brass
Pre-Rinse Twin Deck Std. Spray & Faucet
Wall Bracket 300mm - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
12" Swing Nozzle - T&S Brass
Cold Spindle Assembly - T & S Brass
Hot Spindle Assembly - T & S Brass
Faucet pre-rinse deck mounted chome with 20" hose
Hot Internal Spindle - T & S BRASS
Complete BYPASS TAP T&S - Pre Rinse Unit
1200mm S/S Hose - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Assembly
Pre-Rinse / Single Deck / Ext / Std Spray
Quarter-Turn Eterna Cartridge, RTC
Screw; Sprayface - T&S Brass
Blue Gasket - T&S Brass
Ring for Spray Head - T&S Brass
Cold Ceramic Cartridge Assembly - T&S Brass
Mixing Faucet - T & S Brass - Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Twin Deck Low Flow & Faucet - T & S Brass
Pre Rinse Hose Assy (508mm) - T & S Brass - Pre Rinse Unit
152mm Swivel Spout for Faucet - T&S Brass
12" (305mm) Swivel Spout for Faucet
18" (475mm) Swivel Spout for Faucet
Wrist Blade Handle c/w 2 Coloured Screws
Stainless Steel Spring - T & S Brass Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Unit - T & S Brass
Lock Washer - T&S Pre-Rinse Unit
Add on Faucet w/ 1/4" - T&S Pre-Rinse Unit
Pre-Rinse Mono Deck Low Flow/Faucet - T&S Brass
Universal Chrome Tap Asssembly - Lever Action 1/2"
Wall Mounted Tap - 130-170mm Adjustable Centres
Braided Hose - 1/2 Inch - 1 Metre
3" Diameter twist handle drain
Re-build Repair Kit - Waste outlet-Universal
Pre-Rinse/ Single Deck Mount/ Std Spray
Waste Outlet 2" NPT (no overflow) Twist Handle
Waste outlet 2" NPT, with Overflow, requires Head & Elbow
Overflow Elbow (356mm x 457mm / 14" x 18")
Overflow Head
Shower head - Universal Pre-rinse unit
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
SF Model Tap 1/2"" Complete Tap
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Stainless Steel Overflow Pipe - KC53 10230
Pre Rinse Hose 1000mm Stainless Steel 1/2" Female Connections
Mixing Valve Thread 1/2"ET - 1/2" IT - 1/2" ET
S/Steel/Brass Hose - 1000mm - 1/2" Connection - Op. Pressure 10bar
Pre-Rinse Unit with Pillar Tap Ceramic Tap Head w/ Swivel Tap
Blanking Disc - Wasteoutlet
Pre-Rinse Spray- Vogue Pedestal
Spray Gun - Vogue CE984 Pre Rinse Unit
O- Ring Kit - Zanussi knee operated sink