Universal Items

Universal Items Parts
Green Signal Lamp - Silko CGE7021 700 series
SUPERSEDED EGO thermostat 55.13624.010
Controller - Dixell XB570L-5N1C1-X
1/2" Gas Hose Quick Release
Minisit 710 Valve - Code: 0.710.650
Universal Thermocouple 1200mm
Control knob - Sunvic Simmerstat TYJ6303
SUPERSEDED Simmersat - 50.57071.010
Thermostat -Ego 55.10022.010 Thermostat 0-100 Deg
SUPERSEDED Ego Control Thermostat 55.13039.110
Ego Thermostat 30-120 - Number 55.13222.210
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat Single Pole - 55.18003.010
Thermostat -Ego Thermostat
Thermostat -Ego Safety Thermostat, 3 Phase 55.32532.020
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 55.32542.090
Thermostat - 55.34034.050
Control Thermostat - T150
Triple-Pole Thermostat 50-320°C
Gasket - Dexion
Omnipure Water Filter ACQ 5420 8" 1m Carbon
SUPERSEDED Ego 13amp Simmer Switch - 50.57021.010
Deflector Plate Screw - GS25 Crypto Peerless
Pilot Tube- Mareno
Pilot Assembly - mareno
Rocker Switch - Crypto Peerless 475G/W (green)
Button - Crypto Push Button
SUPERSEDED Diamond H Control - Equivalant Simmerstat
Simmerstat Control 41ER110B1 41ER110B1
SUPERSEDED Ego Energy Regulator 50.57021.010 - Dualit DSK1 Soup Kettle
Pilot Injectors 0.25 - Angelo Po 72D 30FS2
Twin Lead Thermopile 36"
Thermostat 130-190C 830G 117/6
Thermostat 50-250C 2930 201/3.1
3/Pole Limiter 225C 830G 179/6
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 30-93 830G 98/6
Thermostat 82-96C 830G 147/6
Limiter 234C 1050G 96/6
Aux T/Stat 50-280C 1430 160/3
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 110 Deg - 55.17022.030
SUPERSEDED EGO Thermostat - 55.18032.020
Push Switch - A P Wyott HL-12A Plate Dispenser
Cotter Pin
Gas Control Tap/ FSD
SUPERSEDED 3/Pole Limiter 295C 1770 128/4
Thermostat - Ego 55.33559.030 Thermostat 300-18
Thermostat 60-200°C 880 77/6 - 55.34032.030
Ego 55.34034.200 Thermostat 105-200°C 1480 133/6
Thermostat 95-190°C 2300 133/6
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 125-195C 840 135/6
Fernox DS-3 Descaler 2 kg - Non Returnable
SUPERSEDED Ego Thermostat 30-110C 870G113/6
Pilot Burner - SIT series 150
SUPERSEDED Minisit Valve
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat/Thermostat 220-250v
Gas Spring - Hackman Viking Kettle
Infra-Red Lamp - Caterlux 4IRLGS
55.13052.104 Ego Thermostat -
Slave Module - Dixell XW271K
Evaporator Probe 2000mm with Connector - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/1 Full Size
Beige Pilot Knob- Robertshaw R-82220 Unitrol Gas Valve
Rosamon Element 355 mm 2 1/4 bsp
Sunvic Simmerstat - Backer HC6 13020
SUPERSEDED Sunvic Simmerstat
Sleeving 400mm - 1 metre Length
Amber On/Off Switch - Fagor FI-130 Dishwasher
Green Pilot Lamp - Electrolux QCF/E2
Cap/ Nozzle - Electrolux Zanussi
Support - Zanussi Electrolux
Roller - Zanussi Electrolux
Gasket - Zanussi Electrolux
Gasket - Zanussi Electrolux
521 Washer - Electrolux Zanussi
Wash Pump Housing Gasket - O ring
700 Wt Element - Zanussi Electrolux
1000Wt Element - Zanussi Electrolux
Nozzle - Zanussi Electrolux
Pilot Lamp Green - Electrolux Zanussi
Amber Pilot Lamp - Electrolux Zanussi
Spacers - Zanussi
Control Knob - Zanussi
Jet - Electrolux Zanussi
Electrode - Zanussi Electrolux
Spacer - Electrolux Zanussi
Heat Regulator - Zanussi MI-E2
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch/Commutator 7 Pos.- Electrolux 7B
Blow Pipe - Electrolux Zanussi
Ring Nut - Electrolux Zanussi
Spring - Electrolux Zanussi
Cotter Pin - Zanussi Electrolux
Element - Zanussi Electrolux
Gasket - Zanussi Electrolux
Sealing Ring - Zanussi Electrolux
16amp bottle Fuse
Roll - Electrolux Zanussi
Hose - Zanussi Electrolux
Stopper - Electrolux Zanussi
Connector - Electrolux Zanussi
Red Lens Lamp - Zanussi Electrolux
Door Seal - Electrolux
Hinge - Electrolux Zanussi
Screw for Lever - Zanussi Electrolux
Heating Element - Electrolux Zanussi
Knob - Electrolux Zanussi - TCF-ETQ
Temp Control Knob - Electrolux QBR-E2C Bratt Pan
Selector Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Thermostat - Zanussi Electrolux
Door handle and screws - Zanussi ZVC-17
Red Neon 240V - Zanussi
Screw - Zanussi
Small Injector - Zanussi Electrolux Oven
Handle - Zanussi
2.5 Ltr Air Pot - Stainless Steel
Gasket- Zanussi
Screw - Zanussi
0-6 Knob - Electrolux/Zanussi QCF/E2 QCF/E2M4 Oven
Fan Blade 230mm - Zanussi Electrolux
Lever - Zanussi Electrolux
Facia Plate - Electrolux Zanussi Dishwasher
Gasket - Zanussi Electrolux
Nut - Zanussi
Shaft Sealing - Zanussi Electrolux
Wheel - Zanussi Electrolux
Spring - Zanussi Electrolux
Washer - Electrolux Zanussi
Microswitch - Zanussi Electrolux
Knob - Electrolux
Control Knob - Zanussi Electrolux
Hose - Zanussi
Gasket - Electrolux Zanussi
Pilot Burner Nozzle - Electrolux/Zanussi ECF/G201 PCPG350 Pasta Boiler
Gasket - Zanussi Electrolux
Thermocouple c/w interupter - Zanussi Electrolux
Thermocouple - Electrolux Zanussi 272042
1200Wt Element - Zanussi Electrolux
Support Bracket - Zanussi Electrolux
Protection - Zanussi Electrolux
Selector - Zanussi Electrolux
Washer, Lock Nut - Zanussi Electrolux
Bracket Support - Electrolux Zanussi
Spindle - Zanussi
Shutter - Zanussi
Screw - Electrolux Zanussi
Washer - Zanussi Electrolux
Knob - Zanussi
Thermostat 115-300 C- Zanussi
Universal Thermocouple c/w interuptor
Split Nut for Thermocouple
4.7mm Shaft Simmerstat / Thermostat 200-250v 13amp
Cynergy3, Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switch
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/2 Half Size
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/2 Full Size
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 600mm x 400mm
Lid - Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm
12" Front Oven / Hob Thermocouple - Imperial IR10 CIRB36 IR6 CIR-8
Thermocouple - Wolf SCB25CE7 SCB36CE8 C34SE-35
Probe for LAE controller - Bare Wire version
Energy Regulator PA310-RFI
Thermocouple Universal - 1800mm
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 55.13549.010
Red Bipolar Rocker Switch 250V 16A (30x22mm)
Caster 125mm - Non-Brake
Cabinet Fan Motor - Fagor VG-101 Oven
SUPERSEDED E350 Red Indicator Lamp
Operating Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1865 Fryer 350 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1104 Mk2
SUPERSEDED SimmerStat for hot plate Ranco
SUPERSEDED Robert Shaw Gas Thermostat
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 56.10549.580 240 - 13 'C
SUPERSEDED Ego Safety Stat 56.10549.500
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - Suitable for - Vesta Deep Fat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 30-85'C 55.18012.010
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 30-110C 6mm Diameter
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - EGO 55.13212.330
Thermostat -Ego D11E Thermostat 80 - 190 Deg
Thermostat -Ego Thermostat
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 50-250 Deg 16amp
SUPERSEDED 6 Position Selector Switch - EGO 43.27232.000
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Silko
Handle - Electrolux S250
Washer - Crypto Peerless
Safety Switch- Crypto Peerless
SUPERSEDED Hatco 60Wt Lamp
SUPERSEDED Neon Switch ( RHE Plate Warmer ) Blanco
LAE Controller- BIT20B11E Replacement
SUPERSEDED Dixell Control PCB - Slave controller to T620
Trip Free/Fail Safe Limit 230C 712 5/6
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 50-300°C 840 79/6 - 55.34055.020 - ego
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 130-190°C 1480 219/6
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 55.34022.020 ( 30 - 110 Deg )
Thermostat - EGO 55.34012.859
3/Pole Limiter 235C 235C107/6
SUPERSEDED 3/Pole Limiter 230C870 107/6
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - Single Pole - 30-85°C
SUPERSEDED Aux Thermostat 50-320C 1430 160/3.1
Limiter 230C-12K 670 77/6 - ego
SUPERSEDED Ego Thermostat 50-320C 830 16
Thermostat -- Ego Thermostat 50-320C 830 160/3.1
Thermostat 130c - 190c
SUPERSEDED Override thermostat Falcon Oven
4 Position Selector Switch 16A 250V -max 150c
Thermostat 50-250c 1130 208/3
Split Ring Retainer
30amp Porcelain Connector 2 Way
Chrome / Silver Heat Shade
SUPERSEDED Minisit Valve 1.75 metre
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat - 55.13034.010
Flat Fibre Gasket
55.13059.020 Ego Thermostat 48-260 Deg
SUPERSEDED Contactor - AEG LS4K 9A Contactor 4kwt
Gas Valve - Electrolux QPIG15H Rice Boiler
Probe - IC912 12V Eliwell Controller
Motor - 0,09Kw 230V 50Ht phases1
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 354mm x 325mm
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 530mm x 650mm
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 30-110C Single Pole 2930mm
750 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
36" 1000 Watt 250V Straight Rod Element
500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
750 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
500 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
1000Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
Thermostat - Ego thermostat - 55.19022.804
500Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
1500Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
20000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
500 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
300 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
W Shape 84"" 240v 8mm I/Loy 4BA Element
Brass gland - suitable for elements
Brass ferrel - suitable for elements
Operation 2-postion switch (4-pole) 34A
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner - SIT series 150
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Cougar Bain Marie
Knob and Bezel - Energy regulator (PA310-RFI)
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/1 Full Size
Notched Lid - Size: GN1/1
Notched Lid - Size: GN1/2
Magnetic 12"" Knife Rack
10"" Coarse Steel
Plastic Funnel - 18cm diameter
Anti-Slip Julienne Peeler
Heavy Duty Chopping Board Rack
Grey 40 litre Curver Pedal Bin
Rattan Basket - GN1/3
Rattan Basket - GN1/2
Heavy Duty Sieve - 26cm diameter
Reed Switch In-Sink-Erator 781
Thermostat - EGO Safety Thermostat 235°C
Over Heat Thermostat Ego 55.33542.090
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - temperature range 120-190°C
LAE X5 Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
Spring Tension Spring - 2167000
SUPERSEDED Ego Operation Switch 4 Pole 16 Amp
Pilot flame nozzle - Garland
Control Knob -Lincat Oven/Grill/Fryer/Boiling
Amber Neon - Lincat Oven/Fryer/Griddle/
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 140°C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 140 °C
Thermosat- Ego 55.18031.010 Thermostat t.max. 190 °C
Ego Single Phase Thermostat 30-110
Single Phase Thermostat 0-70°C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 140 °C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 140 °C
Single Phase Thermostat +30 +90'C
Thermostat- EGO Single Phase Thermostat 150'C
Safety Thermostat - EGO Single Phase Saftey Thermostat
Single Pole Safety Termostat 230'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 230'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 230'C
SUPERSEDED Single Pole Safety Thermostat 228'C
Control thermostat - Parry 9184 9185 PPS PPD
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 125'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 220'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 230'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 126 °C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 230'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 130'C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 125'C
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 3 -poles - 55.34034.801
Heat Resistant Cable - 2.5mm x 10m Roll
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 5m Roll
Red Bipolar Switch 16A 250V
Thermostat - Ego 55.32524.020 Thermostat 135°C 3 -poles
Triple-Pole Thermostat 105-185 Degrees C EGO
Triple-Pole Thermostat 50-300° C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 50-300 ° C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 130-185 degrees C EGO
Triple-Pole Thermostat 100-180 degrees C EGO
Triple-Pole Thermostat 95-185 Degrees C - EGO
Triple-Pole EGO Thermostat 180-192 degrees C.
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 330 Degrees C
Single-Pole Thermostat 340 Degrees C - EGO
Single Pole Thermostat 360 Degrees C EGO
Single-Pole Thermostat 340 Degrees C - EGO
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 285 Degrees C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 320 Degrees C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 246 Degrees C
Single-Pole Safety Thermostat 360 Degrees C
Single Pole Safety Thermostat 420 Degrees C
4-Position EGO Switch, 2-poles - EGO 43.24216.000
Reducer Flow rate 3 l/min black
Triple-Pole Safety Thermostat 120 Degrees C
Triple Pole Safety Thermostat 132 degrees C
Formed Hose Elbow
Ego 49.41015.300 16amp 250v Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Triple-Pole Thermostat 100-300°C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 40-320°C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 50-310° C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 50-320°C
Triple-Pole Thermostat 100-300°C
Handle - Encore Spray Gun
Triple Pole Thermostat 40-320¶øC
Water Pressure Reducing Valve - Angelo Po
Heating Element - Zanussi Electrolux
Emergency Stop Switch
55.34059.806 Triple-Pole Thermostat - 100-300
Display - LTH1500 Chiller SSD90B35E-C
Jet/Gas Nozzle - Angelo Po 30FS2 Oven/Fryer
Thermocouple fixing nut
Thermocouple - 90cm
SUPERSEDED Conveyor Belt - Rondo Dodge
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - EGO 46.27266.500
Thermostat for WardGardner 1989 JOB NO 4649
Universal rocker switch
Red rocker switch - Universal
Stainless Steel Table Number Stand 205mm (H) - Olympia
Sunvic Simmerstat knob to suit TYJ6805
Diaphragm / Membrane Lamber S851
OBSOLETE Simmerstat/Energy Regulator Knob - Cona Stawell C500 ST6 Toaster/Water Boiler
Finder 16v Relay
55.13622.120 Thermostat - 30-128°C 1 -poles
Thermostat - 55.34012.030
SUPERSEDED 10W Fan motor - Universal
16W Fan motor - Universal
Knob - Ego thermostat - 55.34032.030
Manual water softner 8L 3/8""
2-contactor with aux 110kw 400v LC1-F225
Knob- Ego Control Knob 4 Postion
Protecting cover for rocker switch 30 x 11mm
Differential Air Pressure Switch - Universal
3/4"" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
1 1/4" Gas solenoid valve - Universal
Rotary Switch for Element
LAE Controller ACI-5TS2RW-A comes with probe
PEL Gas Valve - PEL22S/V
Thermocouple - L-900mm 6-Piece
55.34022.010 EGO Thermostat
gas connecting M20x1,5 tube ø 12/10mm for PEL
Knob- Ego control knob - Max 300°C Ø 50mm
Calpeda pressure set electrical cover
Temperature Probe - Eliwell
THERMOSTAT (1PH - 50-320*C)
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
Heater Element - Vulcan Hart
Pasta Basket - H1 230mm W1 145mm L1 165mm
Minisit Thermostatic Gas Valve (0.710.754)
Heavy Duty Oven Cloth Beige. Size: 20 x 40.5"
Hygiplas Dial Thermometer
Green Rocker Switch - Universal
LAE Controller - AD2-5C24W-BG
Super universal thermocouple interupter 900mm
SUPERSEDED Compressor - NEK2150GK
Red rocker switch - Universal
SUPERSEDED Axial fan - Universal 120 x 120 x 38mm
25W Fan motor Elco N25MFI NET5T25P - Universal
Modulus Heavy Duty Container
Space Saver Container Lid
Space Saver Container 18ltr
Steam Guard Mitt
Serrated Bread Knife
440v 3kwt EGO Hotplate - 11.33473.335
3/4"" Cater Hose - Bayonet Fitting Connector
Hotplate - EGO Hotplate - 13.14463.030
Door Hinge Roll Holder - mounting distance 94mm
Large Carvery Board with Gravy Lane - Alto
Probe - PT100 -50°C - 200°C
Thermometer - LTS12PTE 230V
Airguard Type 4 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Led Light Assembly Mains lead
Sit 710 Gas Valve - 0710756
Ignition Box - Honeywell S4565A 2092 1
Commutator - Electrolux Marine 5636 ME40/50
Thermoregulator - Electrolux ERNA224A Chiller
Gasket - Electrolux
Safety Thermostat EGO 230°C 3 Pole 20A Sensor
Single Phase 325c Safety Thermostat - Mareno
Green Switch Complete Animo KKW-N
Thermostat t.max. 185 °C 1 -poles 16 A
Red Head Connector 100pcs
Blue Head Connector 100pcs
Plug Red Cable
Starting Capacitor 53÷63 µF 33
Insulating Shell for Thermostatic Valve
Green Indicator Lamp
Ring 250mm (for fan)
Green Bipolar Changeover Switch
Emergency Mushroom
Heating Element 6540w 240v
Stainless Steel Hose 150cm
PTC 2 Wire Probe 1500mm
Straight Inlet Hose
Straight Inlet Hose ø 1/2' 150
Drain Pipe 24x1500mm
Hose Clamp 10-17
3 Inlet 1500mm Pipe Kit
NTC Silicone Probe 1500mm
Digital Thermostat - EVERY CONTROL EVK203
Single Phase Thermostat 50-250°C
Thermostat up to 300°C (0 to 300°C) 1 pole
Pawl Wrench RFA 124
Spray Gun
Heating Element for Boiler 6000w
Pressure Switch 55/30 MM 250v
3-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
2-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
Yellow Indicator Lamp
Grey Magnetic Door Gasket (2000mm)
Drain Cleaner - Biological Drain Cleaner - 12 tablets
Compressor - Cubigel MX21TB
Blue End Pipe 100pcs
Red End Pipe
Pre-Insulated Terminal
Ribbon Cable LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Knob Dial Plate
Safety Thermostat
Winch Multivac HW10 Goods Lifter
Single-Phase Thermostat
Thermostat Knob
Safety Thermostat Three Phase 245c 20amp - Electrolux Fryer
Oven and Hot Cupboard Fan Motor
SUPERSEDED 3 Position Switch Ego 43.24232.000
Gasket - Dexion
Black control knob - Suits Thermostat
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - 55.19062.800
Solenoid Valve - MBM LT151S
Piezoelectric igniter mounting ø 18 mm
Pilot burner SIT type series 160 1 burner
NTC Air Probe - Dixell XR60C XR02CX Controller
Thermostat 90-185°C EGO 55.19719.800
1/2" Gas Valve - Maxitrol RV48LM
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt 7PH 1970
20L Bowl - Cecilware
Replacement kit - Robertshaw Type D1 30A 120-
Robert Shaw Electric thermostat
Controller - 230V 8/15A - Compatible with PTC
Hotplate - EGO Hotplate 4kwt 400v
Pin - Zanussi Electrolux
Knob - Mareno
Timer - Inoxtrend CVE-10 CVE-20
Thermocouple Set ø 5mm point length 15mm
Yellow Indicator Light - Inoxtrend CVE-10
Water Filter - Fagor
Jeavon gas govenor 1/2 inch
Heating Element - Hobart
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Hobart
Nova Gas Valve - Dexion & MBM Convection Oven
Slim Infra Red Halogen Heat Lamp 220-240v
LAE Controlller - LAE-5TSRD-A
Gas Tap Knob - MBM G150
Cold Water Knob - MBM G150
Union Screw ø 6mm - Zanussi HC/G811
Burner - MBM G150
Heat Mat - Non Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
NTC Probe To Suit Dixell XW260L Controller -40 up to +110°C
Flame Failure Device Daimond H
SUPERSEDED Switch - 42.03400.009
SUPERSEDED Contactor - Vulcan Hart
Thermostat - EGO thermostat - 55.19039.808 - Single pole
Relay - Dexion ME077-03-020 Boiler
Selector Three Way Heat Switch - Dexion
Bridge Rectifier - Cleveland
Transformer - Cleveland
Capacitor - Cleveland
Filters- Everpure 9601-12 AC Water Filter cartridge (cold)
Limit Switch - Cleveland
Heating Element - Metos
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 187°C 1 pole
Single Phase 360c Safety Thermostat - Silko CGE6040C Hotplate
55.19052.843 Single Phase Thermostat - Silko
Control PCB - Fagor
AEG Contactor LS7K 18amp 230v 7.5kwt - Silko
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Valentine V2200T Fryer
Rotary Switch - EGO 49.42915.704
Timer Motor - Fiber M51BJ0R0000
Controller Every Control EVK411JSVHBS
Link Bar - Falcon
L/H Fan Motor - QL4-3000 2124 - 45mm Wheel Ø
R/H Fan Motor - QL4-3000 2124 - 45mm Wheel Ç?
Thermostat- Eliwell Thermostat IC912 12v
Gland Kit Suits EGO 55.13039.040
Switch 3-position - Ugolini
Orange Indicator Lamp
Single Phase Thermostat - EGO 55.13639.030
Switch- Ranco Temperature Switch
Thermostat- Ranco Thermostat - C17-100-057
Plate Rack 370x370x100mm
Pasta Basket H1 230mm W1 145mm L1 165mm
Front Display LAE LTH3RU-A
Honey Well Gas Valve
Thermostat - Vulcan Hart
245°C Safety Thermostat EGO 55.32549.816
Reducing Sleeve - 3/8 to 3/4 Water Softener
Working Thermostat - Hatco C-9
Hi-Limit Thermostat - Hatco C-9
SUPERSEDED Thermostat t.max. 185 °C
Universal thermocouple - 1500mm length M9x1
Contactor - Electrolux
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 56-190°C - 55.34032.863
Energy Regulator - 41ER104C1
Brush - Vogue Round Pastry Brush with wooden handle &
Silicone Pastry or Basting Brush (heat
Clear Squeeze Sauce Bottle (screw top,
Hand Grater - Stainless steel box grater with
White Cotton Thermo Standard Piping Bag -
Heavt Duty Tinner Sieve (double mesh, flat
Hot air fan - EBM 120/240V 45W RRC/B45
Carel Controller PJEZC00000
1/2" 1 Meter Long Bayonet Fitting Gas Hose
3/4"" 1 Meter Long Bayonet Fitting Gas Hose
LAE Controller AC1-5A52RW
Dixell XT120C Controller 230v
Dixell XT110C Controller
NTC 3000mm Sensor Dixell XT120C XT110C
3kwt 230v Heating Element - Rotisol
Food Approved Oil
34 Watt Elco Universal Fan Motor
Safety Thermostat Electrolux
Terminal Block - Lang
Fuse Holder - Lang
Heating Element 2600watt - Lang French Plate 480v
Door Switch - Lang
Knob Assembly - Lang
Motor - Lang
Mechanical Timer - Lang
Contactor - Lang
Strip Terminal - Lang
Toggle Switch - Lang
Controller- Eliwell IC912, # IC11P00THD300 Controller
Mini Sit Gas Valve 0.710.702
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - 55.33549.030
Fan Blade Ø170mm 28° Angle
Plug - Electrolux
Knob - Electrolux
Knob 55mm - Elframo
Interface Suppressor - Elframo
O-ring - Fagor
500w Quartz jkt New Type Lamp
Agitator - Crathco
Thermostat - Hotpoint
Front & Back Handle Grip Red - Vulcan
Screw - Vulcan
Handle Assembly - Vulcan
Safety gas valve - Front fixing M12x1 1/4mm
Universal nut - M12x1
Universal thermocouple set - L 1200mm 6-Piece
Tap - Olis
Green Indicator Lamp -230v Dexion
Green Indicator Lens Cap - Dexion
216mm, 500W Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Hotplate - EGO Hotplate - 145mm 1000w 230v
Thermostat - Electrolux
SUPERSEDED EGO Hotplate - 180mm 2000w 230v
Pilot burner RH SIT type series 160 2 burner
Pilot burner SIT type series 160 2 burner
Solenoid Outlet (3-way outlet) - Lainox
Baby Sit Valve 0.660.190 - Universal
Red Neon - MBM
Pressure Switch - Honeywell Pressure Switch C6065F1175:2
Three- Phase Thermostat 30-110'
Ignitor 18mm flat - Universal
ID961-12V Controller
PTC Probe LAE 2 Wire, 1K Sensor, 5M Long, T1
Contactor - Danfoss Contactor
Simmerstat 13a 240v - Bakers Pride
Thermostat Knob - Silko
Dipper Well With Faucet Cecilware CECW5
Fan 120mm x 120mm x 38mm - Ebmpapst Axial Fan ADDA AA1282HS-AT
Boiler Electrolux
Polestar Motor GMA3-450S-1
Piezo Ignitor - 22mm hole is needed for assy
Ignitor HT Lead 450mm 2.8mm Flat Both Ends
Sinkrobelt HTD850/5M25
Plate Lock - Hobart
16 Litre Water Softener
Contactor - Siemens 3RT2016-1AP01
Switch - MBM
Temperature Probe - Hobart
20 x Bolt - Fagor
Ceiling Element - Multivac A200/15
knob gas tap with ignition flame ø 72 mm
Single phase thermostat
Infrared Lamp 1kw 240v 370mm OAL 280mm
Element Cover - Electrolux
Electrics for compressor - Universal parts
Three Phase Thermostat 50-300°C - EGO 55.34059.801
Temperature Gauge - Alto-Shaam 500-2D
Illuminated Switch - Electrolux
RH Spring Hinge - Polaris TN140
LH Spring Hinge - Polaris TN140
Element Fri-Jado NR100047572
8min Timer 230v FIBER P255J02J2E4
300W 220mm Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Plastic Bracket - Avery Berkel HL210 Scales
Scroll Type Fan Motor Cross Flow 28wt RPM1500
Thermostat -Ego Safety Thermostat 55.13569.070, 320°C
Spring (12.5 x 147mm) - Lowerator
Fryer Basket - 390x235x120 mm
Spring (26 x 148mm) - Lowerator
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-B
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-A
Relay - Crathco
Magnet (Cupboard) - Dexion
Eurosit valve - Max 340°C 100-340°C Gas input
IMO Contactor Howden M766 4Kw
Sit Euro Valve - 0.630.332
Element c/w Thermostat Howden M766 4Kw
Rotary Waste Valve - T&S
Parts Kit for Waste Valve - T&S
Thermostat - EGO 55.40083.010
Orange Bulb - Bertos
Green Bulb - Bertos
Switch (Hotplates) - Bertos
Knob Backing - Bertos
Solenoid Valve - MKN
Knob Backing - Bertos
Knob Backing - Bertos
Contactor AEG LS4K 9A 230V 4Kw
Knob- EGO Control Knob
Gear Motor Kelvin Type K80640
Capacitor 16uF
Switch EGO 43.42032.000
Heating Element 2000w 230v
Heating Element 6000W 230V
Victorinox Fibrox Handled Pastry Knife
Victorinox Serrated Bread Knife Black 21.5cm
Weighstation S/S Hanging Kitchen Scale 100kg
Rosamon Element 2500W, 240V 1 1/2" BSP x 10
Victorinox Cooks Knife (Dishwasher safe)
Victorinox Paring Knife
Victorinox Steel - Black Handle
Thermocouple - Stott Benham
900mm Nickel-Plated Thermocouple
12.5kwt Heating Element - Metos
Air Condenser Filter - Metos
SUPERSEDED Costech 16/15 w Evaporator Fan Motor - Metos
Seal - Metos
Seal Axel w/ ss Spring - Metos
Fuse 6.3a - Metos
Door Microswitch - Metos
Belt PJ1549 - Metos
Door Seal - Metos
Cabinet Temperature Sensor - Metos
Bimetal Thermostat - Metos
Pressure Switch - Metos
2.7kwt 440v Heating Element - Metos
Plexiglass Guard - Metos
Overload - Metos
Block Contact IP400 - Metos
Switch - Metos
Obsolete Sharpener Assembly - Metos
Safety Thermostat - Metos
80c Thermostat - Metos
Door Lock - Metos
Rubber Door - Metos
2-way Inlet Valve - Metos
Cleaner, Wheel, Blade - Metos
Blade - Metos
Seal - Metos
NTC Thermostat Probe - Metos
Contactor - Metos
Contactor - Metos
Trafo 440/24v 60va - Metos
Transformer, T1 440,415,380V/230V 60VA - Metos
Single Phase Thermostat - Foinox - FC20E
Thermostat 30-117°C 16a
G4 20w 12v Halogen Lamp - Foinox
Fan Motor - Foinox
120min Timer - Foinox - FC20E
Bush for door handle - Foinox
Green Indicator Lamp - Foinox
Selector Switch - Foinox - FC20E
Solenoid Valve - Metos
Thermostat - Metos
Fuse Terminal - Metos
Oven Lamp - Metos
Switch - Metos
Coil - Metos
4-pole Relay - Metos
Emergency Switch - Metos
60hz Timer - Metos
Microswitch - Metos
V-Belt - Metos
Complete Stop Switch - Metos
Complete Start Switch - Metos
Ball Bearing - Metos
Ball Bearing - Metos
Latch - Metos
Door Switch - Metos
Motor for Condenser Fan- Metos
Drain Heater - Metos
10w 12v Halogen Bulb - Metos
Cooling Fan - Metos
Solid State Relay - Metos
500w Middle Heating Element - Metos
Agitator Paddle - Metos
Agitator Motor - Metos
500w Side Heating Element - Metos
Door Lock Spring Clip - Metos
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Metos
Fuse - Metos
Switch - Metos
Evaporator Heater - Metos
Light - Metos
Auxillary Switch - Metos
Complete Timer 220v 60hz - Metos
Oil Seal - Metos
Ball Bearing - Metos
Rubber Ring - Metos
Needle Bearing - Metos
Filter- Metos
50hz Timer - Metos
Condenser Fan Motor - Metos
Contactor - Metos
230v Bimetal - Metos
Washer - Metos
Heating Element - Metos
Heating Element - Metos
SUPERSEDED Timer - Metos
Ball Bearing - Metos
Thermostat - Gico
Hose Clamp - Electrolux
Heating Element 254v 10.5kwt - Electrolux
Contactor 180-210v 50hz 200-240v 60hz - Electrolux
SUPERSEDED Thermopile 820mm, 750mV 3/1" NEF Thread
10kwt 230v Heating Element
O-Ring Gasket, diameter 67mm
Thermostat - EGO 55.32529.810
Thermostat EGO 55.32552.808
Steam Control Switch Ø34mm,
Thermostat - EGO 55.34042.805
Belt - IMC 1204 PC2 Chipper/Waste Disposal
Black Sealant 300° 310ml
White Sealant 300° 310ml
Thermocouple L 1500 mm 6-piece
Super Universal Thermocouple set 600mm 12-piece
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - 55.34032.858
Thermocouple set 1200mm 12-peice
Thermocouple set 900mm 12-piece
Thermocouple set L 600 mm 6-piece
Knob for Minisit Valve - MBM
Pump Impellor (91mm x 30mm)
Adjustable Stainless Steel Foot - 93-130mm
Gas Set - Testo 310 Flue Gas Set with Printer
Magnet Unit - L 50mm ø 14mm
Lamp 6Watt 9" T5-225mm - UV Insect Light Tube
Fan Motor 230v 1ph 50hz 0.25kw 2600rpm
Thermocouple - MBM
Water Tap Knob - MBM
Control Knob - MBM
Orange Lamp - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Thermostat 30064900 - Bertos
Lifting Cylinder - Frima VCC211
Motor - M37LN 230v
Belt Bando SPZ612
SUPERSEDED V Belt Special Beha Hedo Industrier
Rocker Switch 30 x 22mm Red 1-pole 250v
18W Elco Multifit Motor
Contactor ABB A12-30-01
Conn Link ABB BEA16/116-D812242
Sleeve suitable for square pipes, external
Thermostat - American Metalware 8441QE-NSF
Thermostat - EGO 55.19212.020
Safety Thermostat - EGO 55.13522.400
Electronic Card - Angelo Po
Electronic controller - Type AKO 14724
Controller - AKO-CHILL- Range -50° to +99°C
Cooking Plate - Metos
Airgard Type 4 S/S Mesh Filters c/w Handles & Holes
1.4kw Element - Franke
Controller - Dexion
Double Solenoid Valve - 220/240V
2x Red 2x Blue Divets & 2x Screws
Motor - Polestar
Deep Container - Victor CARIB WDRWL4Z Display Unit
End Switch - Hobart
Contact Block - Hobart
Pilot Burner Assembly - Modular
LPG Pilot Jet - Modular
1500mm Thermocouple - Modular
Pilot Burner - Honeywell Pilot Burner Q334A
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
Fan Motor 120FB180/6V
Gear Motor - Meteor type MOD956UL/T60
Knob - Ego Control Knob
Plug With Cable To Suit Novasit 0.820.018
Heating Unit - Hobart
Gas Valve Novasit 0.820.018
Magnet - Hobart
Emergency Stop Button - Universal
1/2" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
230v/12v 3VA Transformer
M20 Nut - Fagor FI-80BBT
Digital Temperature Display - Lincat GBM3
Lava Rock (5 kilos)
S/S Wheel without Brake - Bourgeat - 950217
Universal Castor 159mm Height, Max Capacity
Fuse 300v 15amp - Bakers Pride
Belt 360JPJ914 With 4 Ribs
Fuse- Rational Fuse 1.6A (pack of 10)
SUPERSEDED 6a 250v Selector Switch - EGO 49.27215.520
Sunon Fan KDE2408PTS1-6
3 Pole Contactor Lang
Relay - Siemens Relay 60947-4-1 Alternative
Extractor Fan 220V 50/60Hz
Extractor Fan 220V 50/60Hz
Single Phase 30-110c - Thermostat -Ego Control Thermostat
Switch - EGO 49.27015.000
Universal Amber Rocker Switch 230V 16A
Bi-Directional High Voltage Diode 2X062H
3-Phase Thermostat - EGO 55.34035.080
Key 1/4"" x 1/4"" x 4"" - Hobart
Pressure Switch - Johnsons Control Pressure Switch P20EA/9950C
Six Month Temperature Log Book
Thermostat - Ego Thermostat 55.19052.818, 50-300c 16a 250v
Sunon Fan 120mmx120mmx25mm 12V 3.4W
Sensor / Interrupter - Falcon G2203 G9665 G2206
SIT M9x1 400mm Thermocouple - Silko
4Kw Element - Hobart
Thermocouple - Baron 7FRI/G415 9FRIG/815 Fryer
Bush for Drive Shaft ø 16mm L 30mm
Red Indicator Light - Angelo Po
On/Off Switch - EGO 49.22015.000
Knob - EGO 524.056
Safety Thermostat- Robertshaw Safety Thermostat -
ABB Electrical Contactor 20amp B7-40-00
Single Phase 100-500c Thermostat - EGO 55.13082.010
Retaining Ring Shaft 12mm thickness
Glass Panel 250mm x 100mm x 5mm
Energy Regulator - PA310
Breaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Unbreaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Motor - UDS11NE1LHZ 230V ø 48mm Turn Direction Left SAIA for Timer
Motor FIBER 230V 50Hz shaft 12mm
Energy Regulator - 50.59070.051
Plug Connector with Cable Run
Baffle Type Grease Filter 395mm x 496mm x 45mm - Stainless Steel
Thermostat - 55.19082.809 (temperature range 50-450°C)
66PT100 Digital Controller - Universal
681T/C Controller - Universal
8820 - Digital Temperature Controller - Universal
Control Knob - Dexion
Control Knob - Dexion
2amp Ceramic Fuse - Metos
1amp Ceramic Fuse - Metos
Timer - Metos
N322 PID Digital Controller - Universal Fridge & Heating
Fan Motor 1350rpm 170w 0.78a 300mm & plug
Green Rocker Switch 30 x 11mm
PTFE Tape 12m reel
Oven casing - Metos
Relay - Danfoss solid state relay
Microswitch with lever 250v 16a 1CO
Safety Bimetal Thermostat 100°C
Fan Motor 120w 1ph c/w 4mfd capacitor
LAE controller LCD32Q4E-C 230v
Hi Limit Thermostat - EGO 55.13525.050
5000mm (4mm dia) Heating Cable 25w 230v
Ignition Control Box - 0.503.204
Power Relay Connection Male Faston DIN Rail
O-Ring EPDM thickness 2,62mm ID ø 39,34mm - Univerbar OMEGA
Safety Thermostat - EGO
Timer Motor - Fiber M51BJ0R0000 230v 50x15mm
Motor holder set
O-Ring (for fryer Element ) Viton thickness 3,53mm
600mm Thermocouple
Control Knob (7 Position)
Victorinox Paring Knife 7.5cm (S/S blade, nylon handle)
Victorinox Serrated Blade Slicer 30.5cm
Chantry Knife Sharpener
Pastry Brush- Matfer Pastry Brush Natural Bristles 3cm
Spatulat- Vogue Rubber Ended Spatula 16in
Spoon l- Vogue Heat Resistant Spoonula 14in Length: 355mm
Spoon - Vogue Serving Spoon 13in
Motor- Belleco Electric Motor - JT2-HC - 401204
Airgard Type 4 S/S Mesh Filters c/w Handles & Holes
Stop Switch Complete - Beha Hedo
Round Hotplate 440v 2.6kwt
Hot Plate - 11.33454.334
Fine Flat Filter 8mm diameter
High Limit Thermostat
LAE Temperature Display - LT6CTD-2
Thermostat 300°
Microswitch- Honeywell BZE6-2RN7 Microswitch 15amp 250v
Cage and Splash Guard Assembly - Hobart
Cast Iron Scroll w/shaft
Working Thermostat - APW Wyott
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - 55.18022.040
Wing Nut - Blakeslee
Cam Shaft Assembly - Blakeslee
Stop Pin - Blakeslee
End Barrier - Blakeslee
Fuse Clip - Blakeslee
Impeller Guard Disk Weldment - Blakeslee
Impeller Guard Housing Weldment - Blakeslee
Screen - Blakeslee
End Filler - Blakeslee
Hex Head Cap Screw - Blakeslee R-LL-80
Hex Head Cap Screw - Blakeslee R-LL-80
Nut Acorn - Blakeslee
394mm x 394mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Stainless Steel Funnel 120mm diameter
Control Thermostat - EGO 55.13034.100
Descaler 2ltr
Green Rocker Switch - Combisteel 17VVQPTEL3R1295
Mounting plate for Microswitch Fagor
Hand Wheel 200mm hole 20mm
Shut Off Valve Connection - Offcar
Knob - Ego Control Knob 30-110°C
9.6kwt Element - Fagor FI100 Dishwasher
100mm Castor - braked, bolt through
Draw off Valve 1'1/2F
Energy Regulator / Thermostat 240V - Robert Shaw INF-240-2B
Thermocouple Universal - 900mm
Solenoid Valve - Welbilt / Garland
Ignition Module- Garland G56
Orifice Fitting LPG - Garland G80 Series
Red Rocker Switch - 2 pole 250V 16A
High Temperature Silicone NOVASIL S76 acetoxy
Universal 7 Wt Motor
Spout Gasket - Hobart
Grinding Wheel - Hobart
12v Temperature Controller - Eliwell IC912 PT
Pump Assy No.2 - IMI Cornelius MAXI 110
Thermocouple - Universal
SUPERSEDED Electronic Controller (Obsolete - replaced by
Probe for LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
7x44mm Electrode - Universal
Pre-Rinse Hose Gun ( B2285-B)
LAE MTR11 T1RES Controller 230v
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 530mm x 352mm
Safety Thermostat 90-110c 1-pole 16A
Nut M12x1 H 3,5mm WS 17 SS
Pilot Tube L-3000mm Copper - Mareno
Mains Switch Complete with Neon - Hatco
Knob to suit EGO Thermostat 50.57011.010
Closing Joint (Graphite Seal) - Fagor
Board - Fagor
Universal Control Knob to suit 33ER3HT Diamond H Controls
0-Full Control Knob to suit 33ER3HT - Diamond H Controls
Water Level PCB - Bunn-O-Matic
Three - Position Pilot Bracket Fagor
4000w 440v Electric Hotplate 300x300mm
Tube Grease 45g
Belt - A42 - Length 42"
Door Catch **only 2 at this price**
EW2EDI0XC4712 Controller 230v
Star Handle Intake Tap - Offcar
EMT50HDP Hermetic Compressor
Benedikt And Jager Contactor K2/09 A10 25a 24 VAC
LAE Controller - LAE LTR-5CSRE-A(P)
15a Double Connector
Coil Castel 230v HM2 ATEX
Water Inlet Solenoid Valve - Caterbrew CK0233
PVC Hose 2m length
100w White Jacketed Quartz Lamp 118mm
Compressor - 2CS4Y
White Thermostat Knob (F) - Electrolux
Isolation Plate Front (10x140x640mm) - MKN
Door Switch - Burco CTC001
Strain Plate Self Sharpening
Single Phase Thermostat - EGO 56.10534.530
Safety Thermostat - Cleveland
Water Filter - 3M-HF15MS
PCB - XW260K-5N0C4
18w Motor Plug In 230V 50/60Hz 1300rpm VNT 18-30/1682
Screw (10pcs) - Electrolux
Thermostat 100-80 degree 3phase bulb 6x130 mm
Amber Indicator Lamp
Relay - Burco CTC001
25w Multi-fit Fan Motor 230/240v 50/60hz 1300/1550rpm
Compressor SC15CN
10m NTC Probe for Eliwell controller IDPLUS961 12v
HT Lead - Fagor CG9-11BP Oven
Three - Position Bracket Clamp Fagor
Pilot Deflector For Inner Ignition Fagor FG99/G
Compressor EMY70HEP
Lower Bracket - Electrolux
PTC Temperature Probe
660ltr Cold Water Digital Softener
Membrane - Electrolux
Fan Motor - 230v 1300/1550rpm
Spring Form Round Cake Tin 28cm
Tin- Vogue Non-Stick Loaf Tin 8x30x11cm
Tray- Vogue Carbon Steel Non-Stick Muffin Tray 12 Cup
3/4" Gas Hose 1500mm unbraided
Yellow Gas Hose 1/2" 1.5m Unbraided
Dixell XR60C Controller
Dixell XR10C Controller
Green On/Off Rocker Switch - Rieber
Lamp Globe - Lang
Thermostat (Range 53-195°C) - EGO 55.60034.010
Pilot Assy NG/LPG - c/w 2 Jets
Swing Spout Assembly - Bunn-O-Matic
Solenoid Valve - Polaris
Hi Tension Ignition Wire - Garland
Sensor Lead - Cleveland
Knob for Steam Valve - Garland
Gas Stoker - Honeywell S4565BD 1072 Automatic Gas Stoker
Porcelain Terminal Block, 3-pole
Foot (40x40mm)
Thermostat - Garland
Thermostat - EGO 55.34032.100
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam 1000-MR1
Compressor ZR34K3E-PFJ-522
Signal Board COND 0-12 VDC - Blodgett BG2136
1" Gas Solenoid Valve - Honeywell
Delay Fuse - Pack of 10
Fast Blow Fuse - Pack of 10
Controller SF-104S-2
Switch Momentary-12A - Blodgett - BG2136
Ball Valve inlet 3/4" NPTF outlet 3/4" NPTF 240V L 93mm 50/60Hz brass off-
Ring Terminal 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Babysit Control Valve 3/8" - 0660190
Controller - Alto-Shaam
Square Expander 24-27mm For Castor - Eloma
Acid Away for POE - Rectorseal - Compressor Burnout acid
Right Angled PT100 Food Probe S/S
Gas Thermostat - 660 Babysit 30-110 °C
Coil for Solenoid Valve - 220v 50/60hz - Danfoss
Safety Thermostat - Electrolux
Shelf 530mm x 650mm steel plastic coated
Thermostat - EGO 55.19312.802
Wheel/Castor Unbraked- Electrolux
Element 480v 11kwt - Lang
Element 11kwt - Lang
Drive Gear- Hobart
Right Bottom Hinge - Baron - BFAPA PSPD
Thermal Fuse / High Limit Stat Hobart
Element 208v 11kwt - Lang
Pilot Light 240v - APW Wyott HL-12A
SUPERSEDED Green Light Switch - Loipart
Circular Heater 3000w 230v - EGO 28.06013.400
Toothed Belt - T5/225 - Bizerba
Swivel Castor with swivel brake ø 125mm plates fixing 95x70mm
Swivel Castor 125mm plates fixing 95x70mm housing plastic
Tension Spring ø 19.4mm. Length 145mm. 1.6mm Wire Gauge
Tension Spring ø 25.5mm Length 150mm Wire Gauge 2mm
Magnet - Electrolux
Solenoid Valve Body
Filter Holder Gasket
Timer Gear Motor - FIBER M51BJ0L0001
Fan - Metos
Contactor - Vulcan Hart VS-1EP
NTC Probe (2m) 2KOhm - LAE
1200mm Ignition Cable - Mareno
Solenoid Coil 230v 50hz
Delta Star Switch - Metos
Controller- Eliwell IWC740 Controller, 230v
LPG Pilot Injector - Parry 7000 7090 Fryer/Grill
Energy Regulator - EGO - 50.57031.010
Kiour Controller REF-FR-SB
Ego Thermostat 80-190deg
Electronic Controller XW260L-5N0C0 - Dixell
Circuit Breaker - Lang
1/2" Maxitrol Gas Regulator
55.34032.010 Ego Thermostat
Thermostat - EGO 55.19034.802
Ticket/EPOS Strips
Tray -Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm Tray - 150mm Deep
Hose Connector Brass Straight Thread 3/8" 12mm dia.
Flame Retardant Charcoal Oven Mitt 17"
Microswitch - Electrolux
Compressor - Zanotti BGM320148F- Monoblock
Check Valve - Bunn-O-Matic
20-300PA Differential Air Pressure Switch C/W 2m Of Piping
Safety Temperature Limiter - Blanco
Radial Fan - Blanco
Pipe Heater/ Element - Blanco
Power Switch - Blanco
Sensor - Blanco
SUPERSEDED 1/4" Ali Tubing x 3 Meter
Gear Motor - KENTA type K9115153 28W 230V 50Hz 5RPM
1" Honeywell Gas Solenoid Valve - G01N Gas Interlock System
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 95°
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 400°
Bi-Metal Thermostat - Hole distance 23.5mm - Switch off temp 122°c
Infinite Switch - Duke
Thermostat -Ego Control Thermostat - 55.13052.350
Diamond Controls - 47THC/G5
Dixell XT11S 24v Thermometer
Dixell Display - T620-000C0
230v Controller - Dixell XW60V-5N0C1
Timer Motor Fiber M51 Right-Hande 24VAC
Interruptor - Falcon Rice Boiler
15minute Timer 16A 250V
60minute Timer 16A 250V
SUPERSEDED 500W 220mm Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Microswitch - Sirman
Switch 0-1-2-3 - Beha Hedo
Inlet/Solenoid Valve - Quasar ITV 50
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 230v
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 400v
600mm Thermocouple M9x1
Thermostat 110° temperature range 32-110°C 3-pole 3CO 16A
Motor Kit - SAIA 15 24v AC 50/60hz clockwise
Fixing Screws - Zoin HL15B-MA
Gas Thermostat SIT type MINISIT - 0.710.647
19w 50/60hz 119mm Axial Fan 230VAC - ebm-papst 4650N
Ignition Electrode
Solenoid Dispense - Follet
Plastic Foot - Victor UED10100
Firebrick 665 x 336 x 15mm
Handle Strap - Roller Grill
Relay / Start Capacitor/ Run Capacitor - T6220U
Knob Adapter Shaft ø 10x8mm L 0mm
Element 6000w 230v - Chef King 1500
Adjuster for Outlet
Thermostat 110°
Digital Thermometer ST9281D WH
36" Thermocouple - Robert Shaw
48" Thermocouple - Robert Shaw
Boiler Kit - Electrolux
Door Handle - Alto-Shaam
Gearbox & Motor - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Thermostat 3 pole, 50-300°, 440v
Thermostat - EGO 55.13053.140
Oven Gas Injector Thread M10x1 dia.2.1mm MBM
Bypass Screw Nozzle Type PEL20/21 - Angelo Po
Klixon for FG85HAK Compressor
Orange Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm 230v 16a
Controller Type ID970 Model ID12C00TCD700
Airgard Type 2 Stainless Steel Baffle Filter 444x444x45
Roller for Drawer - Franke - FFV-810S
Selector Switch - Modular
Door Seal - Corsair - COR692 COR693 COR694 COR687
Compressor -Embraco Compressor NEK6165GK/EMT65171
Thermostat - EGO 55.13022.050
Minisit Sensing Element
Pilot Burner Assembly
250w 240v Ruby Reflector Infrared Bulb 125dia E27
Klixon -Embraco Klixon - EM50
Compressor - Embraco Compressor R404A
Thermostat 185°
Fuseholder - Blodgett
Red Light Indicator - Blodgett
Contactor, 3-pole - Blodgett
QLC Heat Switch 230v
Motor - Elco W26/A N 25-30/839
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat - 55.34059.130
Tangential Fan 300mm Impellar
Compressor - Danfoss Compressor MTZ28JE5AVE
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 332°
5mtr Drain Line Heater Tape 200w
Thermostat 55.60012.530
LAE Controller CDC122T1R2
Pasta basket L1 160mm W1 96mm H1 180mm stainless steel
Electrics for EM Range
Isolation Plate Front (10x180x530mm) - MKN
Gas Solenoid Valve
Gas Solenoid Valve
Minisit Valve 120°-200°C
Circular Fan Motor no blades - 15W, 1300rpm.
Ring Terminal 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Plug Connector 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Tube Terminal Bar 500pcs Faston Packing Unit
Tube Terminal Bar 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Timer CDC 7804F1 / 34402 engines 1 chambers 4 operation time
Compressor - L'unite Hermetique TAJ4519Z
36" HT Lead - Garland
500w Heat Lamp - Porkka
Self Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
Thermostat Knob - ø 50 mm 30°-110°C
Compressor - Copeland Compressor
Electrics for Copeland Compressor
Knob Assembly Induction Lang- Lang Star RT36E-440VM
Digital Thermometer -50+300°C/-58+572°F
Rubbermaid Catch and Handle Kit
Lock Nut - Hobart
Lock Nut - Hobart
momentary rocker switch mounting measurements 34.2x12.6mm orange 2NO 250V
Carel Controller PJEZSNH000K
Double Coil for Solenoid Valve - SIT 0.967.003
Pin for Drain Tap Handle - Charvet
Electrode - Fagor
Control PCB - Fagor
Handle (Drain Tap) - Charvet
Single Polar Grade Pole PVC Strip 200mm W x 2m H
Screw - Hobart
Contactor - Hobart
Fuse - Hobart
Beater - Fimar PLIP4040050T
Starter For Fluorescent Lamp - WFS-U
Controlcal Low Water - Vulcan
Thermostat EGO 55.13215.050
Single Phase Thermostat - Ego 55.34683.010 Range - 100-615/645°
Condenser Fan Motor - Gamko MG1/315SD
Module Assy - Blodgett
Claris Water Filter - Everpure
Rack 1000mm x 22mm x 4mm
Axial Fans Fan Wheel 230v
Fan S4E350-AN02-43 Fan Wheel 355mm Blades 5 230v 50hz
50ml Loctite 620 Glue Adhesive (medium/high strength)
Fan Motor - Frigidair RLE14005
Fan - Frigidair RLE14005
Gastronorm Container- Vogue Polycarbonate 1/1 Gastronorm Container 65mm Black
Gastronorm container - Vogue Polycarbonate 1/2 Gastronorm Container 65mm Black
Gastronorm Container - Vogue Polycarbonate 1/4 Gastronorm Container 65mm Black
Lid- Vogue Polycarbonate 1/1 Gastronorm Lid Black GN 1/1. Full Size.
Lid- Vogue Polycarbonate 1/2 Gastronorm Lid Black GN 1/2. Half Size.
Lid - Vogue Polycarbonate 1/4 Gastronorm Lid Black GN 1/4. Quarter Size.
Probe NTC TPE IP68 3000 MM - Carel IR33
Heating Element - Porkka
Heating Element - Porkka
Optyma Controller
Drip Tray- Jordao
Defrost Control Box - LAE Controller
Complete PCB - Olis 74102FREM
Polycarbonate Panel (Overlay) - Olis 74102FREM
Thermomax Coltrec RCX100 Controller
Fan - 80x80x38mm - 230v, 14W w/ leads
250W Heat Lamp - Buffalo
Aluminium Heat Shade Brass - Buffalo
Potentiometer - Sogeco
Faston 100 PCS Packing Unit - Olis
Terminal Cover - Olis Universal
Pressure Control Switch 46/26mbar
Screw - Fagor
Green Neon Light - Desco CPE72M00
Fan Motor 1300RPM, 330mm blade - 220v, 50hz
Self Adhesive Wire Wound 450 x 450 A VTBC 400W 2m Leads Exit TBC C/W 80c 1/2" Disc
Thermostat - Ugolini MT2GL - Slush Machine
Sensor - Franke FKE80S2
Compressore - LF 18032 - Freezer
Thermostat- EGO 55.13549.010
Copper Gasket ED ø 37,7mm ID ø 32,5mm thickness 2,7mm for thread 1"
Screw M6x20 CSK SS - IMC
Drive Belt - Middleby Marshall
Fan Motor - Sagi 32M7160
Single Phase Thermostat 30-110°
Cutting Disk - MBM CHEF200
Gas Valve - Fagor FG7-102C
PTC Temperature Probe -50 up to + 150°C
Starting Relay - Sammic
Controller - Carel - MD33D5FB00
Compressor - Danfoss Compressor SC12ML
Tension Pin - Kenwood SP505
Filter Drier - Combisteel
Planetary Set - Sammic
Controller - EVCO - EVK221N7VXS / EVK221N7VXBS
Tubed R290 1PH NEK2134U Compressor
Pump Housing - Cornelius
Pump Assy - Cornelius
Internal Baffle - Combisteel - Lighting
Heater Pad - Skycold
Safety Thermostat - EGO 55.32524.170
Thermostat- Ranco Thermostat K22L2554
Nylon Hose 5m length
Rocker Switch - PitcoSE14
Resistor 300K Ω - Vulcan Hart
2m Connecting Cable, Connection F2.8, 7.9mm Connection Distance
Black Thermostat Knob (max 500c, 50mm shaft) - ego
Bulb - Lincat- P6P4
Operating Capacitor capacity 5µF 450V tolerance 5% 50/60Hz
Orange Neon - Hobart
Controller 230v - EVCO EVK401N7VHXXX01
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Gico/Mareno
Temp Control Thermostat- Perlick BC48S
Single Pedestal, Twin Feed Pre-Rin Bowl fill 12"
Compressor Hose
Solenoid Valve 230V
White Temp Probe NTC cable length 3m
Black Temp Probe NTC cable length 3m
Thermostat - EGO Thermostat 3 phase 50 - 300°
Suction Transducer with Cable & Plug - HZF11-3B2O/SBG Condensing Unit
Condensing Unit -Copeland ZF11KCE-TFD
22mm Honeywell Piezo Ignitor
Gas Valve - Giga/Modular/Lotus/Rollergrill/Silko
Hose 2000mm
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Hobart/MBM
Thermostat 110°
Motor Fan Guard ebm-papst 330mm diameter
Pilot Safety Valve - BASO - H15DA-3
Selector Switch - EGO 42.06000.016
Nut - Electrolux
Control Card c/w On/Off Button - Miele
Thermostat 0-40° 55.13204.010
Ego Thermostat 135° 55.13524.070
Dixell Controller - Dixell XR44CH-0N0C8
Dixell Controller IC121CX
18W Fan Motor - ASPERA UJ9232GK - Condensing Unit
Temperature Probe - Fagor
Controller and Probe - LAE MTR122T1RE
Steam Tank Probe - Fagor
Chamber Thermcouple Set - Fagor
Green Rocker Switch - Electrolux
Water Filter HF20-SE
Heating Element 4400w 230v - Bertos
Wiring Loom - Hobart
Suction Valve - Copeland ZF15 - Compressor
Operating capacitor capacity 7µF 450V tolerance 5% 50/60Hz
Compressor EMT6144GK
Complete Door Handle
Lid Gasket - Electrolux PUET17LGC0 - Braising Pan
BMKS Mouting Kits - Polestar Fan Motor 105FM150R
Knob Dial Plate 7 Postions - Universal
Compressor ZS1120S1
Drip Tray - Luve - Evaporator SHA14E50
Drip Tray - Searle KS45-8
Compressor RK5518C
NTC Probe 1500mm faston 2.8mm
Axial Fan 92x92x25 mm
LAE Controller AT1-5AS5E-G
Energy Regulator - Diamond H Controls 31ER1MHT
LAE Relay - AD2-28C1S5E-B - Controller - Slave Module
Lamp 118mm
Lamp Holder 118mm
Lead for W1G 1500mm
Door Gasket - Metos
SUPERSEDED *** Fan 120mmx120mmx38mm with leads
Power Contactor resistive load 45A 230VAC (AC3/400V) 23A/11kW main
Embraco Compressor NEK1118Z
Heating Element - Edesa
Axial Fan AC17251CU7C1Y
Fan - GMA1-500S4-1
Condenser Fan - Beer Master- BMO-150-1 - Condensing Unit
Hinge Bush - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Bottom Door Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Top Door Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Top Pivot Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Bottom Pivot Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Contactor 24VAC
Compressor - FH4531Z Valved
Compressor ZF13K4ETFD556
Push Button - Electrolux
Button Body - Electrolux
Bearing - Electrolux
Button Cladding - Electrolux
Switch - Electrolux
Timer Gasket - Electrolux
Controller Dixell UNIV-R4-6N4C0
Upper Hinge - Baron - BFAPA PSPD
Fan Motor with Capacitor - Hubbard - PREMIUM 150
Controller 230v 50/60hz - Eliwell EW961
Controller ST501-QE1TA.09 STÖRK-TRONIK
Infra-Red Lamp 290mm 240v 1300w
Display Board - Falcon
Red Stop Button - Gas Interlock System G02R
Hygiplas Chefs Knife Black 25.5cm
LAE Controller - LAE BD1-28C1S5W-A
Controller - Emerson Condensing Unit
GreasPak Battery Pack c/w Connector
250w Infrared Bulb
Control Ignition Module - Robertshaw
Danfoss Controller - Thermomax - AK-RC101
Polypropylene Frame Sieve 7cm Stainless steel mesh
Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug 2Ltr 70oz - Olympia
Stainless Steel Buffet Tongs 9" 235mm - Vogue
Mini Automatic Piston Funnel 0.8ltr - De Buyer
PME Craft Brushes Set of 5 (3x round and 2x flat brushes)
Water Solenoid - Castel 1132/08 G 1"
Coil - Castel 230V HM2 ATEX
LAE Controller RU33-2NT
Embraco Compressor - NT6220U
Knob Assortment Case 70mm(dia) 128-Piece
Thermostat (3ph 250c) - EGO 55.32566.806
Control Thermostat - 55.19035.010
Embraco Compressor EMIE65HER R134A
Compressor - L'Unite AE2410Z
Wiring Loom for M9947 Ignition Module
Cross Flow Fan 60mm roller
Evaporator- Caravell R750-2IX
Heating Element - Bonnett
Hinge- Kason - Special Dryer
Filter - E10 Everpure
Filter - SR-X Everpure
Operating Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1848 Fryer Oven
Controller FK203B
Ego Thermostat 3 -Poles
Vogue Lemon Zester with Canele
Hygiplas Colour Coded Chopping Mats Set
Vogue Wood Heat Triangle
1800mm Super Universal Thermocouple
Safety Valve 3060/34C300 30 bar
Evaporator Fan Motor - ELCO - NET5T05ZVN001
Carel Controller - PJ32S0H00K
Controller 230v - Dixell XR10CX-5N0C1
Valved Compressor - TAG4573Z
Single Phase 30-90c Thermostat - EGO 55.19019.856
Selector Switch for Oven - EGO 42.08000.025
Single Phase Thermostat - EGO 55.13253.010
Heat Control W/Pote- Parragon Spin Magic 5 MS-52 - Candy Cotton
Set of 4 Brushes - Parragon Spin Magic 5 MS-52 - Candy Cotton
Suction Rota Lock Valve - Compressor NT2210GK
Brown Heat Resistant Cable 1.5mm
Brown Heat Resistant Cable 2.5mm
On/Off Switch
Controller EV3X21N7 - Evco
Timer Motor - Fiber M51BJ0R0000
Compressor - GS34MLX - R404a
Everpure SR-X Scale Feeder System
Eliwell EWID961 EZ-HT c/w Probe
Gas Valve 7000BGOR
Contactor- Wells
Compressor Electrics - CAJ9510Z
SIT Gas Valve 0820303
Programming Key 4K for electronic controller Dixell