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Company Details By access to a complete range of manufacturers and distributors, A S Catering provides organisations and end users with a one-stop shop for commercial catering spares with a proven track record in sourcing parts for obsolete or difficult to find items

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A S Catering Supplies Parts
6280mm Cogged Belt (feeding section) -
25 watt 240v E14 Clear Lamp
Universal Dishwasher Basket 400x400x100mm
Omnipure Water Filter ACQ 5420 8" 1m Carbon
Lava Rock 9kg bag
Upper Tap Assy A2-5M/13M3
Thermostat Hotcupboard 0-100 Deg 01-99
Extraction Filters Handles & Holes
Pre Rinse Water Hose Adaptor
Grey Rinse Aid Pump Hydraulic 3 Way
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket 290 x 255mm in chromium plated
3kg bag - BBQ Lava rocks
Element - Hendi Ecoline Bain Marie 60"
Cotter Pin
Gas Control Tap/ FSD
Relay - B1-240V/50HZ
500wt Clear Double Jacket Heat Lamp
Fryer basket 250mm x 230mm
Fernox DS-3 Descaler 2 kg - Non Returnable
Pilot Burner - SIT series 150
LTR5TRSE-A Controller
SUPERSEDED 300Wt Double Jacket - Heat Lamp
500 Wt Double Jacket Halogen Heat Lamps - Har
Aluminium Reflector - 300wt Lamp
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/1 Full Size
SUPERSEDED Pilot Control Knob Unitrol - Wolf
3kw Element (288x89mm) - Bain Marie
Jacketed Short 300 Watt Infrared Low Pressure
Fryer Thermopile
Wash Pump 600w 230v 1 phase
TYJ6202/303 Simmer Stat
Cynergy3, Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switch
Lava Rock 9kg Bag
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/2 Half Size
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/2 Full Size
500 Wt Double Jacket Heat Lamp Assy lead type
Heat Lamp Holder
SUPERSEDED Universal Detergent Peristaltic Pump
Detergent Pump - Boris P1DE
SUPERSEDED Dishwasher Detergent / Rinse Pump Tube
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 600mm x 400mm
Knob- PEL Gas Tap Knob
445mm x 445mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Gantry Lamp - Black
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
SUPERSEDED 150Wt Heat Lamp -
Fryer Basket - Chrome-Plated Steel
Hot Air Fan C30R0479CLF 220V 45W
Fryer Basket 160mm x 310mm x 135mm
Pre-Rinse/Mono Deck Mount Std Sprayset
Plastic Dishwasher Basket - 500x500x100mm
Chromium Plated Door Handle
Fryer Basket 255 x250 x 150mm
Fryer Basket 345 x 205 x 150mm (hxwxh)
Control Thermostat Temp range 30-110c
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket - 265mm x 365mm 120mm
Aluminium 1/4" Pipe - 3 mtr length c/w Olives
Steel Wire Dishwasher Basket with slope
SUPERSEDED Wash pump - Electropump LGB ZF131DX
Push Button- Aurea TV98 Vegetable Cutter
Float Switch - Frost Tech D55/100 Upright
Obsolete Pactrol Gas Control Unit - P13
Detergent Tube 2 metres
Split Ring Retainer
Fryer Basket 165mm x 355mm
Control Thermostat - Silesia 20/30 Panini
370mm x 370mm x 45mm Extraction Grease Filter
Chrome / Silver Heat Shade
Thermostat - Old Code 561-460
Wire Dishwasher Basket - 350 x 350 x 165mm
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Ego Thermostat - 55.13012.400
Fryer Basket - 310mm x 160mm x 130mm
SUPERSEDED Rinse Booster Pump - CTM61
Timer - Continental L1030ST21010 Washing
Plug Fitting for 1.5"" Waste Upstand
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket- Chrome Plated Steel
Door Handle (Blue) - Creda C150GI Oven
2000w Dry Heating Element
Motor - 0,09Kw 230V 50Ht phases1
Obsolete Double Burner Control Box - Pactrol P13(CE)
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 354mm x 325mm
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 530mm x 650mm
750 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
36" 1000 Watt 250V Straight Rod Element
500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
750 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
500 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
1000Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
500Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
1500Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
20000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight Rod Element
500 Watt 240V Straight Rod Element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
300 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
3000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
2500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
500 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
1000 watt 240 volt Straight rod element
W Shape 84"" 240v 8mm I/Loy 4BA Element
Brass gland - suitable for elements
Brass ferrel - suitable for elements
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner - SIT series 150
BBQ -Kingfisher 14" Basic Barbeque Black/Orange.
Lever for Drink Dispenser "PULL"
Element - Rosamon Immersion Heater Element
Fryer Basket 340mm x 160mm x 160mm
Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan -1/1 Full Size
Hot Cupboard Element 750wt 1066mm 240v
Notched Lid - Size: GN1/1
Notched Lid - Size: GN1/2
Magnetic 12"" Knife Rack
10"" Coarse Steel
Plastic Funnel - 18cm diameter
Anti-Slip Julienne Peeler
Heavy Duty Chopping Board Rack
Grey 40 litre Curver Pedal Bin
Rattan Basket - GN1/3
Rattan Basket - GN1/2
Heavy Duty Sieve - 26cm diameter
Stainless Steel Pasta Basket 200x145x320mm
Belt- Aurea TV98 Vegetable Cutter
Universal basket - 290mm x 190mm x 115mm
Sink Waste Upstand 300mm 89mm Flange
Heating Element - Rice Boiler
Spring Tension Spring - 2167000
Monetary Switch Unit 250v 16a Single Pole
IRPS1363 GSM Remote Power Socket
Electronic Thermometer 240V
Bezel - PEL Gas Tap Knob Bezel
38"" Flexible Hose Assembly c/w fittings
W shape 2500w 240v Element c/w fixing plate
Heat Resistant Cable - 2.5mm x 10m Roll
Pressure Switch - 180/70mbar
Heat Resistant Cable - 2.5mm x 10m Roll
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 5m Roll
Red Bipolar Switch 16A 250V
Element Seal (PACK OF 9)
Reducer Flow rate 3 l/min black
Formed Hose Elbow
Emergency Stop Switch
SUPERSEDED Plastic Plate Rack (500mm x 500mm x 116mm)
Universal dishwasher detergent pump - 24V
Heated Gantry Dimmer Switch Knob
Charcoal filter - Ariston A2041 Cooker Hood
Knob and Scale Plate for Dimmer Switch
SUPERSEDED Encore 3/4" Pre-Rinse Spray Head
120" 3 Kwt 240v 8mm U Bent Element
Red Selector Control Knob
Stainless Steel Table Number Stand 205mm (H) - Olympia
72"" 2.5kwt 240v Element Loop Type
Compressor CAE4440Y (tubed) 240v R134a
25w fly killer tubes Insectaflash 1F50 1F75
Compressor Aspera J9232GK
SUPERSEDED Base Bricks Pizza Oven 450mm x 300mm x 19mm
Airguard Type 11PPF - PPF59647 - Filter
Compressor - ICC GL80PB
SKF Explorer 6204-2RSH Seal Ball Bearing
Door seal for WIB101 Washing Machine
Simmerstat - Microwave
Heat Mat Self Adheshive 400wt c/w limiter
Fryer Basket L330 x W300 x H110mm
Pasta Basket - H1 230mm W1 145mm L1 165mm
Minisit Thermostatic Gas Valve (0.710.754)
Heavy Duty Oven Cloth Beige. Size: 20 x 40.5"
Hygiplas Dial Thermometer
Modulus Heavy Duty Container
Space Saver Container Lid
Space Saver Container 18ltr
Steam Guard Mitt
Serrated Bread Knife
Sink Waste Outlet Ring - Scrap Ring
Stainless Steel Fryer Basket
Drip tray - Luve Contardo SHF50S Fridge
Base Plate H 2mm, L 38mm, W 11mm, Mounting
Base Plate H 5mm
Lever Lock, Non Lockable, Mounting Distance
Door latch with Adjustable Hook L 38mm W 18mm
Base Plate H 1mm, L 38mm, W 11mm, Mounting
Led Light Assembly Mains lead
Relay Switch - Clifton Food Range Waterbath
Tangental Fan Motor 1500 Rpm 28wt
Tab Grabber 18""
SUPERSEDED PS18BM-1 18 Watt Multifit Fan Motor
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Thermostat t.max. 185 °C 1 -poles 16 A
System 2650 Nightblind with Solid Grey Out
Red Head Connector 100pcs
Blue Head Connector 100pcs
Plug Red Cable
Starting Capacitor 53÷63 µF 33
Insulating Shell for Thermostatic Valve
Green Indicator Lamp
Ring 250mm (for fan)
Emergency Mushroom
Heating Element 6540w 240v
Stainless Steel Hose 150cm
Straight Inlet Hose
Straight Inlet Hose ø 1/2' 150
Drain Pipe 24x1500mm
Hose Clamp 10-17
3 Inlet 1500mm Pipe Kit
Digital Thermostat - EVERY CONTROL EVK203
Single Phase Thermostat 50-250°C
Thermostat up to 300°C (0 to 300°C) 1 pole
Pawl Wrench RFA 124
Spray Gun
Heating Element for Boiler 6000w
Pressure Switch 55/30 MM 250v
3-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
2-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
Yellow Indicator Lamp
Grey Magnetic Door Gasket (2000mm)
Drain Cleaner - Biological Drain Cleaner - 12 tablets
Compressor - Cubigel MX21TB
Blue End Pipe 100pcs
Red End Pipe
Pre-Insulated Terminal
Knob Dial Plate
Safety Thermostat
Single-Phase Thermostat
Thermostat Knob
Wash Tank Element - Alpha Euroline 50S Dishwasher
Oven and Hot Cupboard Fan Motor
Piezoelectric igniter mounting ø 18 mm
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt 7PH 1970
SUPERSEDED Certificate of Commerce Metos RPF4/22 Cooking
Bain Marie Element 83"" 2kwt 6mm c/w leads
Silver Grey Sealant 310ml
Thermocouple Set ø 5mm point length 15mm
Door Lock - FB12 Cold Room
Thermocouple 4.8mm 305mm Long Honeywell
Starter Relay - GX18TB Compressor
Orange Indicator Lamp
Plate Rack 370x370x100mm
Pasta Basket H1 230mm W1 145mm L1 165mm
Fryer Basket L1 335mm W1 165mm H1 150mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 285mm W1 215mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 235mm W1 270mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 290mm W1 230mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 290mm W1 215mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 280mm W1 225mm
Thermocouple - FAG Pizza Oven
PT100 3m Probe Fryer Range
Bowl Lift Handle Knob - Apuro Mixer
Mincer Plate Size 22 - Hole size 4.5
Fryer Basket 320mm x 245mm x 120mm
Pre Rinse Unit with wall mounted water tap -
Brush - Vogue Round Pastry Brush with wooden handle &
Silicone Pastry or Basting Brush (heat
Clear Squeeze Sauce Bottle (screw top,
Hand Grater - Stainless steel box grater with
White Cotton Thermo Standard Piping Bag -
Heavt Duty Tinner Sieve (double mesh, flat
1/2" 1 Meter Long Bayonet Fitting Gas Hose
3/4"" 1 Meter Long Bayonet Fitting Gas Hose
3kwt 230v Heating Element - Rotisol
Food Approved Oil
Food Lube 300ml Spray Bottle
Belt PJ483/190J
500w Quartz jkt New Type Lamp
Door - Brema CB955A Ice Machine
Universal Fryer Basket - W=275mm, L=245mm
Glass Rack 400x400x170, 3 rows 120mm spacing
216mm, 500W Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Pilot burner RH SIT type series 160 2 burner
Pilot burner SIT type series 160 2 burner
Pump inlet ø 63 mm outlet ø 48 mm type L280mm
Auger For Drinks Dispenser - Vendor Drinks
Pizza Stone
Piezo Ignitor - 22mm hole is needed for assy
Ignitor HT Lead 450mm 2.8mm Flat Both Ends
Sinkrobelt HTD850/5M25
Retrofit kit drain pump
84" 2000W 230V 8mm I/LOY 6"C/E 4BA, U Bent To
Mix Basket 350mm x 350mm x 150mm
Compressor MX21TB
Compressor - Embraco NT6226GK Compressor
Heating Element 1500w 220v
Electrical Kit - CAJ2446Z Compressor
knob gas tap with ignition flame ø 72 mm
Plate Insert for 15 plates - 308mm x 100mm
Infrared Lamp 1kw 240v 370mm OAL 280mm
Compressor - CAJ94807 Tubed Version
3-Row Glass Basket 500x430x170mm
4-Row Glass Basket 500x450x170mm
Pilot Burner - Universal Single Flame
8min Timer 230v FIBER P255J02J2E4
300W 220mm Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Scroll Type Fan Motor Cross Flow 28wt RPM1500
Pizza Stone 915mm x 610mm x18mm
Fryer Basket - 390x235x120 mm
Regeneration hose - LT12 Water Softener
Pizza Stone 500mm x 500mm x 17mm
Oven Fan Motor 36W Clockwise 150mm Blade
Airgard Type 2 Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
Gauge Glass - Burshaw BE3M Boiler
Heating Element 2000w 230v
Heating Element 6000W 230V
Victorinox Fibrox Handled Pastry Knife
Weighstation S/S Hanging Kitchen Scale 100kg
Victorinox Cooks Knife (Dishwasher safe)
Victorinox Paring Knife
Victorinox Steel - Black Handle
Blade covering for knife 250mm
Slicing machine blades 250mm
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
900mm Nickel-Plated Thermocouple
Compressor (Valve) CAJ4461Y L'Unite Hermatique
Burner Orifice - LPG - CCT24/36/48 Griddle
Thermostat 30-117°C 16a
LPG Pilot Orifice - Griddle GGT24/36/48
Rack for glasses 500x430x170mm
10kwt 230v Heating Element
O-Ring Gasket, diameter 67mm
Light bulb - Cantina Upright cooler C501CFM
SUPERSEDED Element 2500w 240v (19cm)
SUPERSEDED Slicing machine blade - Standard C45
Pizza Oven Fire Brick/Stone - 500mm x 500mm x 14mm
Black Sealant 300° 310ml
White Sealant 300° 310ml
Pump Impellor (91mm x 30mm)
25uf Run Capacitor Carrier HC91DA025
Fan Motor ECB12NN002
Medway Belt B61 17x1549LI
Medway Belt SPB1800
Fan Motor 230v 1ph 50hz 0.25kw 2600rpm
Dishwasher Rack - Plate Peg (500x500mm)
R2K150-AC01-15 Oven Centrifugal Fan
Motor - M37LN 230v
Pizza Stone 700mm x 350mm x 19mm
Belt Bando SPZ612
Rocker Switch 30 x 22mm Red 1-pole 250v
Nightblind 1700mm Wide x 1400mm Drop
Electronic Every Controller type FK200XN7
Contactor ABB A12-30-01
Conn Link ABB BEA16/116-D812242
Sleeve suitable for square pipes, external
Airgard Type 4 S/S Mesh Filters c/w Handles & Holes
Double Solenoid Valve - 220/240V
Fryer Basket - 310mm x 145mm x 140mm
Gear Motor - Meteor type MOD956UL/T60
SUPERSEDED Belt 427L 19mm Wide 114Teeth
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 45mm Stainless
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 48mm Galvanised
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 50mm Stainless
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 50mm Galvanised
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 48mm Stainless
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 45mm Galvanised
Grease Filter 495x240x18mm Galvanised Steel
Grease Filter 495x240x20mm Stainless Steel
Grease Filter 495x240x20mm Galvanised Steel
Grease Filter 495x240x18mm Stainless Steel
Fryer Basket - 300mm x 225mm x 120mm
Lava Rock (5 kilos)
Universal Castor 159mm Height, Max Capacity
Belt 360JPJ914 With 4 Ribs
Six Month Temperature Log Book
Fryer Basket 330mm x 285mm x 140mm
Fryer Basket L260mm x W220mm x H105mm
1/4 Gastronorm Tray - 265mm x 162mm x 200mm
Fryer Basket 245mm x 125mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket 275mm x 165mm x 130mm
Fryer Basket 305mm x 175mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket 245mm x 220mm x 95mm
Bush for Drive Shaft ø 16mm L 30mm
Heat Mat Self Adheshive 250wt 240V
ABB Electrical Contactor 20amp B7-40-00
Mix Basket 400mm x 400mm x 120mm
Mix Basket 400mm x 400mm x 170mm
Fryer Basket 290mm x 285mm x 125mm
Retaining Ring Shaft 12mm thickness
Glass Panel 250mm x 100mm x 5mm
Firebrick/Pizza Stone - 610mm x 305mm x 17mm
Plug Connector with Cable Run
Baffle Type Grease Filter 395mm x 496mm x 45mm - Stainless Steel
Fan Motor 1350rpm 170w 0.78a 300mm & plug
L'Unite Compressor - AE4460Y
1ph Pump 0.7HP 0.5kW 50hz 230v W500SX
Overflow Pipe 43x170mm
PTFE Tape 12m reel
Microswitch with lever 250v 16a 1CO
Safety Bimetal Thermostat 100°C
Pump (ZF522VSX) 230v 50hz 1ph - Dishwasher
5000mm (4mm dia) Heating Cable 25w 230v
Front Door Sheave Nylon Roller - Hot Cupboard
Rear Door Sheave Nylon Roller - Hot Cupboard
Rear Sheave Steel Roller - Hot Cupboard
Power Relay Connection Male Faston DIN Rail
O-Ring EPDM thickness 2,62mm ID ø 39,34mm - Univerbar OMEGA
O-Ring (for fryer Element ) Viton thickness 3,53mm
Control Knob (7 Position)
Airgard Type 4 S/S Mesh Filters c/w Handles & Holes
Basket Base Grid
Dishwasher Basket 450x450x130mm (mesh-type)
Fine Flat Filter 8mm diameter
Basket Cover - Dishwasher
Energy Regulator - PA300RFI
400mm x 400mm Glass Basket
400mm x 400mm Insert for Glasses for Round Basket
400mm x 400mm x 170mm - Glass Basket
400mm x 400mm x 240mm - Glass Basket
Plate Insert - 365mm x 365mm
400mm x 400mm - Rack insert for Glasses
Cast Iron Scroll w/shaft
SUPERSEDED Glass Basket - 396mm x 396mm (9 glasses)
Compressor -Electrolux Compressor - GVY57AA
Stainless Steel Funnel 120mm diameter
Descaler 2ltr
Gas Jet M10x1 - 0.90mm jet diameter
Solenoid Valve 2-ways 230VAC 1/8"
Circular Siliconne / Rubber Heating Element 155mm 70w 155/230v
Seat Cup Washer for Water Boiler
100mm Castor - braked, bolt through
Draw off Valve 1'1/2F
Handle/Hand Grip for drain/draw off tap
Single Phase Thermostat 0-270 Deg
Spray Hose 1200mm Long
High Temperature Silicone NOVASIL S76 acetoxy
220mm 500wt double jacketed heat lamp
Chrome lamp Heat Shades c/w 1 meter lead
Copper Shade Ceramic Lamp Holder
Lamp Holder Clip Fitting 500w 219mm
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp (wire type) - Lincat LB2 / GMB3
Pre-Rinse Hose Gun ( B2285-B)
Universal Control Knob - Suitable for 8-Burner Fields & Pimblett
BBQ / Universal Grid Shelf 530mm x 352mm
Dishwasher Detergent Pump Hose
SUPERSEDED Rinse Aid Tubing for dishwasher pumps
Safety Thermostat 90-110c 1-pole 16A
Nut M12x1 H 3,5mm WS 17 SS
Dishwasher Basket plates 13 plate ø 160mm
Dishwasher Basket
Control PCB GGC 1270/2270 - Horeca-Select
Tube Grease 45g
EW2EDI0XC4712 Controller 230v
100w White Jacketed Quartz Lamp 118mm
Non-return Valve inlet 4x6mm outlet 1/8" L 50mm
Evaporator Fan Motor
SUPERSEDED Compressor - GP12AB
Amber Indicator Lamp
6 Pole Drain Pump Switch
Cutlery Insert 115x135mm
Compressor SC15CN
Compressor EMY70HEP
Motor - Bras - Juice Dispenser - QUARK1
PTC Temperature Probe
70’’ 2400w 240v 8mm LOY800 8’’CE 4BA
Compressor - EMYE70HLP
660ltr Cold Water Digital Softener
Compressor EMT61702 R134A
Spring Form Round Cake Tin 28cm
3/4" Gas Hose 1500mm unbraided
Yellow Gas Hose 1/2" 1.5m Unbraided
Fryer Basket 365mm x 115mm x 100mm
Bi-Metal Thermostat
Bracket for Contact Thermostat
PEL Type 24STS Gas Thermostat - PEL - 24STS
Porcelain Terminal Block, 3-pole
Foot (40x40mm)
Phase Angle Electronic Heat Switch 15a Maximum w/
Compressor ZR34K3E-PFJ-522
Handle to suit L/H hinged door
Controller SF-104S-2
Ball Valve inlet 3/4" NPTF outlet 3/4" NPTF 240V L 93mm 50/60Hz brass off-
Compressor AE4470Z-FZ (R404A)
Overflow Tube 12" S/Steel 1-1/2inch NPS Swaged
Wall Mounted Wash Down Reel with enclosed 15m hose in
Ring Terminal 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Shelf 530mm x 650mm steel plastic coated
1000mm S/S Shower Hose - Pre-Rinse Unit
Block for Handle
Strike for Handle
Swivel Castor with swivel brake ø 125mm plates fixing 95x70mm
Swivel Castor 125mm plates fixing 95x70mm housing plastic
Tension Spring ø 19.4mm. Length 145mm. 1.6mm Wire Gauge
Tension Spring ø 25.5mm Length 150mm Wire Gauge 2mm
Solenoid Valve Body
Filter Holder Gasket
Cartridge - HF25S
Solenoid Coil 230v 50hz
Adjustable black Stand H-520mm - W-D 390 to 620mm
Adjustable chrome Stand H-520mm - W-D 390 to 620mm
Controller BRC1E52A
Compressor- Aspera Compressor J9238GS
Ego Thermostat 80-190deg
Airguard Type 2 Baffle Filter - 390mm(H) x 715mm(W) x 45mm
Compressor 3 phase (solder connections)
Fryer Basket - L1 360 mm W1 160 mm H1 150 mm L2 650 mm
1/2" Maxitrol Gas Regulator
Dishwasher Basket 500x500x106
Airguard Type 4 Mesh Filter - 450mm x 450mm x 50mm
Plate Inset - 405mm x 100mm (20 plates)
Dishwasher Basket - 382mm x 382mm x 90mm
Hose Connector Brass Straight Thread 3/8" 12mm dia.
15minute Timer 16A 250V
60minute Timer 16A 250V
SUPERSEDED 500W 220mm Double Jacketed Heat Lamp
Bespoke U Shape Element - 55" 1650W 240v - c/w spade ends
Airguard Type 2 Baffle Filter (c/w Handles & Drain Holes)
Firebrick 665 x 336 x 15mm
Relay / Start Capacitor/ Run Capacitor - T6220U
Knob Adapter Shaft ø 10x8mm L 0mm
Element 6000w 230v - Chef King 1500
Adjuster for Outlet
S/Steel Sink Plug Hole
Klixon for FG85HAK Compressor
Compressor TAJ4517Z, 3 phase, 404A, Valved
Orange Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm 230v 16a
Controller Type ID970 Model ID12C00TCD700
Airgard Type 4 Mesh Filters with Handles and Drain Holes
NT6222GK Electrics Kit
Airgard Type 2 Stainless Steel Baffle Filter 444x444x45
S/S Shelf 400mm x 600mm
Pilot Burner Assembly
250w 240v Ruby Reflector Infrared Bulb 125dia E27
Grey External Handle - Cold Room
Latch Assembly - Cold Room
Bracket (handle to door) - Cold Room
Inner Release Handle (80mm) - Cold Room
Guard for Inner Release - Cold Room
5mtr Drain Line Heater Tape 200w
Ring Terminal 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Plug Connector 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Tube Terminal Bar 500pcs Faston Packing Unit
Tube Terminal Bar 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Compressor - L'unite Hermetique TAJ4519Z
Heating Element cable for Door 90w 230v 5000mm
Element - ADC - Tumble Dryer
Compressor - Copeland Compressor
Electrics for Copeland Compressor
Thermostat t.max. 90°C temperature range 0-90°C 1-pole
Wash Pump pump inlet ø 62mm outlet ø 50mm type
Rubbermaid Catch and Handle Kit
Oven Gasket profile 2440 sold per meter
Relay & Capacitor to suit GP12AB
Starter For Fluorescent Lamp - WFS-U
White Gasket - Cofrimell/Elmeco
Rack 1000mm x 22mm x 4mm
Contactor 3 Pole Open 5.5kw 14a
Compressor R134A GTH93AA 220-240v
Optyma Controller
Firebrick 615 x 606 x 25mm
Relay RVA5G3C
Fryer Basket 250x270x100 mm
Pressure Control Switch 46/26mbar
Compressor - RK5113C (407c)
Self Adhesive Wire Wound 450 x 450 A VTBC 400W 2m Leads Exit TBC C/W 80c 1/2" Disc
Internal & External Handle Kit
Shim Kit 60-80mm
Shim Kit 81-100mm
Shim Kit 101-120mm
Water Filter - BanHard CTU System - 10 Litre - 6,580 Litre Capacity
Single Phase Thermostat 30-110°
Salt Tablets for Water Softeners (25kg)
Compressor - ZEL HVM12AA (R600A)
Tubed R290 1PH NEK2134U Compressor
Locking Internal Handle
10uf Run Capacitor
80uf Start Capacitor
Potential Relay
Door Seal 676mm x 1594mm
White Temp Probe NTC cable length 3m
Black Temp Probe NTC cable length 3m
Electronic Controller 230v SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Perforated Pizza Oven Paddle 36cm x 36cm
Hose 2000mm
Pump Bracket
Compressor NT2168GK
Thermostat 110°
Motor Fan Guard ebm-papst 330mm diameter
Pilot Safety Valve - BASO - H15DA-3
Gas Hose 1" 1000mm Braided
Compressor ZF18K4ETFD556
Solenoid Valve single straight 230VAC inlet 3/8" outlet 3/8" DN10 t.max.
Compressor - ZEL HTH14AA R600a 220-240v 50hz
Door Handle - Pentland KBC Range
Hot Air Fan 32w 220-240v - FIME C20X0E0136CLH
Pump inlet ø 62mm outlet ø 52mm type ZF800DX 230/400V 50Hz 3 phase 2,7kW
Water Filter HF20-SE
Base Brick 300mm x 600mm
Locking Handle Heavy Spring Chrome
Locking Handle Light Spring Chrome
Suction Valve - Copeland ZF15 - Compressor
Operating capacitor capacity 7µF 450V tolerance 5% 50/60Hz
Hinge 10mm L 47mm mounting pos. bottom right H 20mm
Compressor EMT6144GK
Complete Door Handle
Monobloc Tap Ceramic Tap Head 1/2" 180° Spout Length 250mm Spout Height
Danfoss 105G6879 R134a Compressor - SECOP NL8.4MF CSIR
External Handle Strike
External Handle
Compressor ZS1120S1
Compressor RK5518C
SUPERSEDED *** Fan 120mmx120mmx38mm with leads
Evaporator Drain Assembly - Marstair X50 CXE70 - Chiller
Axial Fan AC17251CU7C1Y
Fan - GMA1-500S4-1
Contactor 24VAC
Compressor - FH4531Z Valved
Compressor ZF13K4ETFD556
Compressor - EMIE70HEP
Door Seal - Logik - Fridge/Freezer - LTL60W14
5/8" Suction Coupling Valve for a NJ9232GK Compressor
Copeland Compressor ZR61K3ETFD522
Compressor Tubed R600a 1ph - ZELHPKD190A
IR33W7HR20 Controller
Controller ST501-QE1TA.09 STÖRK-TRONIK
Infra-Red Lamp 290mm 240v 1300w
External Cold-Room Handle & Internal Push Button Release
Compressor Tubed R600a 1PH HVM86AA
Fryer Basket L1 255mm W1 95mm H1 110mm L2 440mm H2 170mm H3 230mm
Controller - Emerson Condensing Unit
Internal Release Handle - Walk in freezer
250w Infrared Bulb
521 Complete Locking Handle - Cold Room
Polypropylene Frame Sieve 7cm Stainless steel mesh
Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug 2Ltr 70oz - Olympia
Stainless Steel Buffet Tongs 9" 235mm - Vogue
Mini Automatic Piston Funnel 0.8ltr - De Buyer
PME Craft Brushes Set of 5 (3x round and 2x flat brushes)
Knob Assortment Case 70mm(dia) 128-Piece
External Handle - Fridge
Door Closer + Hook (flush)
Door Closer + Hook (offset)
Embraco Compressor EMIE65HER R134A
Cross Flow Fan 60mm roller
Cross Head 1/2" Tap
Complete Door Handle (Cold-Room) 90mm thickness
520 Latch (61/77mm)
17mm Shim
520 Latch (44/60mm)
3/4" strike 1 1/2" offset
3/4" strike 2 1/2" offset
Closer - Coldroom
Controller FK203B
Vogue Lemon Zester with Canele
Hygiplas Colour Coded Chopping Mats Set
Vogue Wood Heat Triangle
1800mm Super Universal Thermocouple
Safety Valve 3060/34C300 30 bar
Valved Compressor - TAG4573Z
Spray Gun Repair Kit
Resin 5L
Trolley Wheel Hanger & Bracket - Cold Room
Bracket - Cold Room
Brown Heat Resistant Cable 1.5mm
Brown Heat Resistant Cable 2.5mm
Chrome Handle - Coldroom
Fan Motor TBS18R-1
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