Adande Refrigeration

Company Details The Adande Refrigerated Drawer system was the brainchild of the two consulting design engineers who were frequently asked by chefs working on North Sea oil & gas rigs to provide fridges and freezers that would hold temperature. With staff on the rigs being fed day and night, the fridge & freezer doors were in constant use. With chefs working 24/7, the problem of cold air falling out on each door opening was leading to food spoiling and being thrown out - a very expensive hobby for any caterer! The co-founders of Applied Design and Engineering Ltd (brand name ‘Adande’) thought through this problem, coming up with a patented solution that has evolved into today’s Adande Refrigerated Drawer - a modular unit that has now proven itself with caterers in all segments of the market. Adande's unrivaled temperature stability reduces the time that the engine spends cooling your foodstuffs, resulting in significantly lower energy consumption than with conventional cabinets or drawers. Adande Refrigeration spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require Adande fridge and freezer parts. We can supply a range of Adande replacement spares for refrigeration units.

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Adande Refrigeration Parts
SUPERSEDED Display & Ribbon Cable (Blue) - Adande ACON Frid
Evaporator Coil - Adande 830 M&C
Evaporator Fan Motor - Adande Varicool VCS Freezer
Defrost Heater Assy - Adande M-VCS ADE5105 Freezer
Door handle - Adande Varicool
Temperature Probe - Adande VCS2 VCR Fridge
SUPERSEDED Drawer - Adande Varicol
RH Runner - Adande Varicol
LH Runner - Adande Varicol
Controller - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-01 VCS Fridge
Drawer Seal - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-01 Fridge
Display & Ribbon(Blue) - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-
Evaporator Fan Motor - Adande 101012 Fridge
Panel Housing Base - Adande VCSC/E2010
Drawer Front - Adande - Fridge - VC3
Condenser Fan - Adande VC3 Fridge
R/H Support - Adande - Fridge - VC3
L/H Support - Adande - Fridge - VC3
L/H Runner - Adande VC3 Fridge
R/H Runner - Adande VC3 Fridge
L/H Clip - Adande - Fridge - Serial 100995
R/H Clip - Adande - Fridge - Serial 100995
SUPERSEDED Seal for slide out drawer - Adande - Fridge - VARICOOL 830M+C
Controller - Adande VCR Fridge
Drawer Switch - Adande VCS Varicool 100700 Fridge
Resistor Adande VCS Fridge
Fuse - Internal 6.3amp - Adande VCS
Evaporator Coil Painted (VCR) - Adande VCR- Fridge
Drawer Switch - Adande ADE5105 Fridge
Control Panel - Adande VCS- Drawer Freezer
Drawer Handle - Adande VCS Chiller
Retainer Kit - Adande VCS Blast Chiller
Internal Evaporator Cover Only- Adande VCS- Chiller
Insulated White Container/Drawer - Adande VCK Fridge/Freezer
Evaporator Coil - Adande VCS Chiller
Insulated Lid Assembly - Adande - VCR
Ribbon Cable Extension - Adande - ADE5119
Grey Drawer Seal - Adande VCS Fridge
Power Supply - Adande VCS Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor 400mm x 400mm x 20mm - Adande - Fridge
M5 Nut - Adande VCS- Chiller
Capillary - Adande ADE5105 Freezer
Internal Evap Cover with Fan - Adande VCS- Chiller
Capillary - Adande - ADE5105
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Adande - ADE5105
Drawer Support Rear - Adande VCS IP21 - Fridge
Food Bin - Adande VCC Prep Chiller
Lid Diffuser Screws - Adande ADE5105 Freezer
Ribbon Cable - Adande VCR Fridge
Display - Adande VCR Fridge
Drain Pipe - Adande M-VCS ADE5105 Freezer
Evap Fan Motor- Adande EVCS 202837 Chiller
Screw for Evap Fan- Adande EVCS 202837- Chiller
Filter Drier - Adande VCS212557 Fridge
Pipework - Adande VCS- Chiller
Castor 50mm - Braked (Old) - Adande VCS- Fridge
Drawer Slide Assembly - Adande - Fridge - EVCM
Drawer - Adande - Fridge - EVCM
Drain Filter- Adande VCS - Fridge
Drawer Seal- Adande EVCC- Fridge
Drawer Front Assembly- Adande VCS IP21 - Fridge
Evap Fan Cowling Cover- Adande VCR/R2- Chiller
Mains Inlet Socket - Adande VCS - Chiller
Daisy Chain - Adande VCS - Chiller
Defrost Heater - Adande - Fridge - VCR
Drawer Slide Assembly - Adande Varicool - Fridge
Diffuser (old 4 evap fans)- Adande ECS- Chiller
Mains Lead- Adande VCS- Drawer Freezer
Castors 50mm Unbraked- Adande VCS- Fridge
Castors 50mm Braked- Adande VCS- Fridge
Unbraked Castor - Adande - Fridge - VCS
Braked Castor - Adande - Fridge - VCS
M5 x ST/ST Screw - Adande VCS- Chiller
M5 x 8 Screw Hex Flange Stainless Steel - Adande VCS- Chiller
Condenser Coil - Adande - Fridge - VCS
Screw - Adande - Fridge - VCS
Washer - Adande - Fridge - VCS
Evaporator Coil Painted - Adande - Fridge - VCS
Drawer support RH (OLD) - Adande
Drawer support LH (OLD) - Adande
Insulated Lid Assembly (VCS) - Adande
Drain Pipe - Adande
Resistor - Adande VCS
Mains Supply Cord - Adande - Fridge - VCS
PCB Board - Adande- Fridge
Diffuser Assembly - Adande - Fridge - VCS