Company Details Adler dishwashers and glasswashers can be found in commercial kitchens up and down the country. Adler supply a wide range of professional-quality dishwashers and glass washers for most commercial ware washing requirements, from a pass through dishwasher like the CF1201, a standard upright heavy duty unit like a CF70 or DS600 or a space-saving under-counter machine like the CF50 DP. A S Catering Supplies can source a wide range of spare parts for Adler dishwashers and glasswashers, from very small o-rings and control knobs through to complete rinse pumps and wash pumps and wash tank elements. If you know what Adler spare part you require and are able to identify it yourself, please search our site or browse through the parts list below to buy online. Our online list of Adler spare parts is not exhaustive – if the part you require is not currently shown we can usually source it for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or are in any doubt as to the suitability of a specific spare part for your Adler machine, please call our dedicated spare parts team who will be happy to assist you. A number of the spare parts available are model and serial number specific so if you are in any way unsure then please do ask. We will be happy to advise you of the part you need to get your Adler dishwasher or glasswasher doing what it does best – cleaning the dishes and glasses so you don’t have to! Adler dishwasher spare parts are available from A S Catering Supplies. We stock a full range of replacement spares for Adler dishwashers and glasswashers especially Adler drain plugs. Contact us if you require Adler dishwasher and glasswasher parts

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Adler Parts
Rinse arm cap Adler CF35-1
Large Nut - Adler CF40 Dishwasher
O-Ring - Adler CF40DL Dishwasher
Drain Plug - Adler CF35 CF40 CF235 DS201 Dishwasher
Drain Connector lock nut - Adler GlassWasher
O-Ring for Lower Wash Arm Support - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Timer Knob 45mm - Adler DS600 CF1000 Dishwasher
Wash Arm Bush CF40DL - Adler CF50 Glasswasher
Wash Arm Boss - Adler WT2QDD / CF50
Drain Plug ATA AL55PS
Pump Housing Gasket - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
relay 400 volt for tank element Adler CF50
Electric Drain Pump - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Drain Pump 100w 230v 50hz - Adler CF50DP
Wash Arm Top Spindle - Adler CF1201A Dishwasher
Door Assembly Screw - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Door Catch - Adler DS600DP
Upper impellor support assy -Adler Dishwasher
Wash Arm Holder - Adler CF40DL dishwasher
3/4" Double Solenoid Valve for CF50 DS600DP
Hood M/Switch- ADLER CF50DP CF1000Glass/Dishw
Wash Tank 4kwt Element - Adler DS2000 CF1201
Wash Tank Element 2.8Kw 230v - Adler CF50DP A350 Dishwasher
Contactor - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Round Green On/Off Switch - Adler CF40/1
DS600 DP Drain Pump - Adler Dish/Glass Washer
Boiler / Rinse Tank Element 2400w 230v
SUPERSEDED Rinse Tank Element 2.8Kw 230v ADLER CF50DP
SUPERSEDED Adler TAV348 Drain Pump
Double Solenoid Valve - Adler Dishwasher
240v Solenoid Valve - Adler - Dishwasher CF40
Rinse Aid Pump - Adler CF40 10L CF50 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Detergent Pump CF50
Wash tank thermostat 0 - 60 'C - Adler CF50DP DS600 Dishwasher
2kwt Wash Tank Element - Adler CF40/10L
Wash Pump Single phase - Adler CF40A
Drain Pump - Metos / Adler Dishwasher
Drain seating - Adler CF35/1 glass washer
Drain Hose - Adler CF40DLDP Dishwasher
Pump Housing- Adler CF50- Dishwasher
Pump Impellor - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Black Knob Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Single Phase Bolier tank thermostat w/ probe - Adler Dishwasher
Timer Switch - Adler CF35DP Dishwasher
External Rinseaid Pump Tube (per metre) -
Main Waste Outlet - Adler CF40 CF35 CF235
Wash Tank Element - Adler CF40 glasswasher
Wash Pump - Adler CF50 CF50DP Dishwasher
Drain Pump - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Detergent injector - Adler CF50 CF35
85° Thermostat - Adler Dish/Glass Washers
3-Cam Timer - Adler B103 Dishwasher
Timer - Adler CF50DP CF1000 Dishwasher
2.8kwt Rinse Tank Element - Adler CF50 CF50DP Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Adler Glasswasher B103
Sump Hose (right angled) - Adler Edlund Dish
Complete Wash Arm Assembly - Adler CF40
Wash/Rinse Arm Complete - Adler CF70 CF1000
Latch - Adler Glasswasher Latch - DS600DP
4 Way Connector - Adler CF235 Glasswasher
Wash Arm - Adler CF1201A Dishwasher
Rinse Arm - Adler CF1201A Dishwasher
Lock Nut - Adler CF35, CF40 DL/DP, CF50A/DP
Non Return Valve Filter Hose Connector - Adler CF235 g/w
Air Chamber Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Drain Connector - Adler CF40DL Glasswasher
CF50DP Rinse Tank Thermostat Adler
Rinse Arm - Adler CF1201A Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Detergent pump - Adler CF40 Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Element 2400w - Adler CF235
Drain Plug - Adler CF400L Glasswasher
Twin Detergent Rinseaid Unit - Adler CF40DL
Wash Tank Heating Element 2kwt - Adler CF40DL
Rinse Tank Element - Adler CF1201A dishwasher
Rinse Tank Element Seal - Adler CF1201A
Drain Plug - Adler PM50 Dishwasher
Bar - Adler CF50 DS1200 Dishwasher
Nut - Adler CF50 DS1200 Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Adler CF1000
Rinse Tank Element - Adler 1201A 3 Phase
On / Off Switch - Adler CF40 Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support Mounting Bottom - Adler CF50DP CF50 Dishwasher
Rinse Tank / Boiler - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Support Spindle - Adler CF40DL/DP
Terminal for mains lead - Adler DS600
Plate for mains lead - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Staple for mains lead - Adler DS600
Terminal - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Connector block 450v 20A - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Drain plug - Adler A350 Dishwasher
Spring 43mm x 325mm - Adler DS1200A Dishwasher
Rinse Arm - Adler CF35 Dishwasher
Rinse Arm - Adler CF35 Dishwasher
165mm Wash Arm 3 Jets - Adler CF35 Dishwasher
Rinseaid Pump - Adler CF40DL Twin Detergent / Rinseaid Pump - Dishwasher
O-Ring - Adler CF40 CF35 CF235 DL240 DS101
Element gasket - Adler CF50 CF50DP Dishwasher
Wash arm - Adler CF1201A dishwasher
Lock Nut - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Detergent Pump Internal Hose - Adler CF50DP
Pressure Switch 85c - Adler CF50A Dishwasher
Drain Plug / Upstand Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Washer/ O-ring - Adler CF40 Dishwasher
Green On/Off Rocker Switch - Adler CF235 Dishwasher
Drain Assembly - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Pressure Spring - Adler CF50 - Dishwasher
Impellor Housing - Adler CF50 - Dishwasher
6kwt Rinse Tank Element 6kwt - Adler A720
Spacer - Adler CF50 - Dishwasher
Closer Door Catch - Adler Dishwasher CF50
Nut - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
O Ring - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
T-Fitting Connection - Adler Glasswasher
Rod - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Wash Pump - Adler DS1200A- Dishwasher
Salt Container - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Outlet Pressure Reducer. 0.5 L/H Red. For ELB
Signal Bulb Socket/ Green Lamp Receptacle. 10
Triple Switch Block
Double Solenoid Valve - Adler Dishwasher
Indicator Lamp 220v - Adler/Electrolux G400DP Dishwasher
Wash Jet Deflector - Adler Dishwasher
Complete Wash Jet - Adler B300 B301 B303
Wash Jet for Adler
Rinse Jet - Adler Dishwasher
Complete Wash Jet for Adler B101F-B103F-B40-
Wash Pump- Adler DS600-Dishwasher
Air Trap Chamber - Adler AD70-T Dishwasher
Timer - Adler CF121A Dishwasher
Detergent Dosing Pump - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Drain Plug - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Locking nut 1.5" - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Lower Wash Arm Support-Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Nut - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
85 Deg 250v 16amp Pressure Switch 55/20 - Adler CF50DP
Power Contactor - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Timer mount - Adler CF1000 CF50DP Dishwasher
Push Button Unit - Adler Dishwasher
Wash Pump Impellor - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Vibration Damper / Shock Absorber- Adler- Dishwasher
FIR1204DX Wash Pump 2 hp - 3.2kW - Adler Dishwasher
Manifold / Connector - Adler Connector 3 way
Wash Pump - 550W 230VAdler- Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Adler CF35 Dishwasher - 180W 230V
Wash Pump 220W 230V- Adler - Dishwasher
Solenoid Valve -Adler Regeneration - Dishwasher
Filter- Adler Filter for wash pump Ø 70mm - Dishwasher
Wash Pump 750W 230/415V - Adler- Dishwasher
Wash / Rinse Booster Pump 190W 230V - Adler Dishwasher
Solenoid Valve - 230V- Adler- Dishwasher
Filter - Adler Round Filter for Wash Pump- Dishwasher
O-Ring ø 1.78 x 11.11mm - Adler- Dishwasher
Spindle - Adler- Dishwasher
Spindle - Adler - Dishwasher
O-Ring ø 1.78 mm x 14 mm- Adler- Dishwasher
Rinse Jet Cap - Adler CF35 CF50A CF50ADP CF235 CF1201 Dishwasher
Rinse Jet- Adler Inner Rinse Jet ø 9 mm - Dishwasher
O-Ring for end cap -Adler Dishwasher
Drain Filter ø 50 mm- Adler Dishwasher
Rinse Arm End Cap - Adler CF50A CF50ADP CF70PD CF235 CF12013 Dishwasher
Wash Arm End Cap - Adler CF35 CF50A/DP CF70PD CF235 CF1201 Dishwasher
Drain filter screw- Adler- Dishwasher
Disk - Adler
Spindle - Adler - Dishwasher
O-Ring ø 1.78 x15.6 mm- Adler - Dishwasher
Finder Relay - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Single Phase Safety Overload Thermostat - Adler CF235 Dishwasher
16amp Thermostat - Adler CF235 Dishwasher
Wash Pump Adler DS600 Dishwasher
2KWT 230v Wash Tank Element - Adler - Dishwasher -
Drain switch housing - Adler Dishwasher
Drain switch - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Drain switch - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Button for switch - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Rotary Timer Switch - Adler CF1201 Dishwasher
Hose Clip - Adler CF35 Dishwasher
Power Cable & Connector Block - Adler CF40-1
DEM Capacitor - Adler CF50DP
Pressure Switch 115/40 16amp - Adler 1000 Dishwasher
Booster Pump - Adler - Dishwasher - CF50DP
Wash Pump- Adler DS400- Dishwasher
Foot - Adler - Glasswasher - 727043
Lower Wash Arm Support - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Contactor - Adler CF70H Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support - Adler DS1200A dishwasher
2800w 230v Wash Tank Element - Adler Dishwasher
Glasswasher Basket 400mm x 400mm x 135mm
Disc - Adler - Dishwasher - CF1000
Bottom Wash Arm Support - Adler - Dishwasher - CF1000
Main PCB Board - Adler Dishwasher AT50 AT60 PM50E
Bipolar Switch- Adler CF35- Glass Washer
On/Off Cap- Adler CF35- Dishwasher
Timer Knob Spring - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Microswitch - Adler - Dishwasher - CF40
Door Catch - Adler - Dishwasher - CF40
Hood Spring Bracket - Adler - CF1201A - Dishwasher
Interface Board - Adler Dishwasher AT50 AT60 PM50E
Cable Harness - Adler Dishwasher
Upper Delivery Pipe - Adler CF1000 Dishwasher
Screw for Wash Arm Support - Adler Dishwasher
Spacer Ring - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Door Shaft - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Bottom Wash Arm Support - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher