Company Details Alto-Shaam is a leader with their Alto-Shaam / Combitherm Convection Oven-Steamer in both electric and gas, Alto-Shaam Quickchillers, and institutional hot/cold dietary tray carts. These were designed to save costs and improve operating efficiencies. Alto-Shaam spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require help sourcing Alto-Shaam parts. We can supply a full range of Alto-Shaam replacement spares for their catering equipment.

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Alto-Shaam Parts
Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200 - TH/111 Air Temp S
Hi Limit Thermostat - Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200 -TH/111
Sensor w/ Mounting Block & Screws - Alto-Shaam
SUPERSEDED Digital Controller - Altoshaam 1000-BQ2-96
PCB - Alto-Shaam Hot Cupboard
Rail - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot cupboard
Shelf Clips - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot
Element Kit - Alto Shaam 750-TH-11
Board CT - Alto Shaam Combi Oven Steamer
Board Speed/Timer S BMS 2006 - Alto Shaam
Fan Blade - Alto Shaam 750-TH-11
Temp Gauge Altoshaam 1000 -SPT
SUPERSEDED - Meat Probe 220V 60HZ 2400W- Alto Shaam Halo H
SUPERSEDED Core Probe - Alto Shaam 750-TH/111
Shelf - Altosham 1000-B02/96 Hot cupboard
Thermostat - Cook Type Altosham 1000 TH-1 S/N
Control Switch Thermostat - Alto Sham
Relay Solid State - Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200
Cook Control Knob - Alto-Sham 1000 TH-1
Fan Unit - Alto Shaam 750-TH-11
Board CTProgram S BM-P - Alto Shaam Combi
Board temperature S BM-T - Alto-Shaam
Screw In / Door seal - Alto-Shaam T750 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Guage - Altosham B2Q
Lockabale Castor 6"" - AutoSham 1000 BQ2
Carvery Board without Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Carvery Boad with Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Carvery Board with Gravy Lane - Alto Shaam
Door Gasket - Alto Shaam 750-S Heat
Thermostat -Alto Shaam Hot Cupboard
Transformer - Alto Sham
Alto Sham Digital Display Transformer
Canopy Bulb - Alto Shaam ECU96 Deli Display
Thermostat - Alto Shaam ECU96 ED2-48 Deli Display
Shelf - Altoshaam BQ2/96 Banquet Cart
Fuse - Altoshaam 1000-BQ2-96
PCB Board, Alto Shaam
Temperature Gauge AltoShaam 1200-UP/SR
Cable Heating Service Kit - Alto-sham
Element Insulation HaloHeat TY96
Mounting Bracket Sensor Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Block Sensor Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Control PCB - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR Hot Cupboard
Oven Temperature Sensor - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR Hot Cupboard
Rocker Switch - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Hinge 1-3/8" Offset Pair Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Handle Offset Mag Latch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Element Assembly Kit Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Large Carvery Board with Gravy Lane - Alto
Element - Alto Shaam 1018ML Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED - Thermostat - Alto Shaam 500D-2 Food Warmer
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam Food Warmer
Door Handle - AltoShaam Food Warmer
Heating Element - AltoShaam Food Warmer
Quick Connect Meat Probe - Alto-Shaam Oven
Temperature Gauge - Alto-Shaam 500-2D
Support Shelf - Alto-Shaam 1200PH3
Heating Element - Alto Shaam TY96/PR Oven
Element - Alto Shaam OSP10/1002R Oven
Oven Heating Element - AltoShaam OSP10.1002
Control Altoshaam 500-3D Drawer Warmer
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam HUD6.10WW
Timer - Alto-Shaam HUD6.10WW
Timer Knob - Alto-Shaam HUD6.10WW
SUPERSEDED Controller - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - B1000B02
Fuse 10 amp - Altoshaam
Controller - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96 Hot Box
Door Seal - Altoshaam 500-S Hot Cupboard
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam 1200-UP 1000-TH
Pair of Hinges - Alto Shaam 1200-UP Hot Cupboard
Core Probe Altoshaam 1200-TH/III Oven
Meat Probe - Alto-Shaam 1200TH111 Oven
Shelf - Alto-Shaam - Oven - 1200-TH/III
Board Power Supply - Alto-Shaam
Cord Set - Alto-Shaam
Door Sensor - Alto Shaam - Oven
Door Seal - Alto Shaam 1000-B02-96 Plate Warmer
Door Gasket - Alto-Shaam 1000-MR1
Door Seal - Altoshaam - 1000-BQ2/96
Controller - Alto-Shaam
Rigid Castor - Alto Shaam - Hot Cupboard - 1000-BQ2-96
Door Seal - Alto-Shaam - 1767-SK-111 Smoker
Off Set Hinge (Pair C/W Screws) - Alto Shaam 500-PH-GD
Lamp - Alto-Shaam TY-48 Counter Top Heated Display
Lamp Fitting - Alto-Shaam TY-48 Counter Top Heated Display
Door Catch - Alto-Shaam Warming Cabinet
Reversible Motor - Alto-Shaam ASC-4E Oven
Rocker Switch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
White Block - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - 500-TH/III
Sensor - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - 500-TH/III
Heating Element - Altoshaam ED2-48 Hot Cupboard
Handle - Alto-Shaam 1000BQ296
Door Handle - Alto-Shaam
Swivel w/brake Castor - Alto Shaam - Hot Cupboard - 1000-BQ2-96
Power Board Supply - Alto-Shaam
Control Module - Alto-Shaam Oven
Temperature Probe - Alto Shaam 500-1D Hot Cupboard
Handle / Catch - Altoshaam - Oven - 1000TH111
SUPERSEDED Knob Thermostat- Alto-shaam 1000BQ22192- Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Alto-Shaam 1000BQ2192- Oven
Gasket- Mobile Banqueting Unit - Alto Shaam 1000-BQ2/192
Contactor 240v 20a - Alto-Shaam HUD20.20
Contactor 240v 25a - Alto-Shaam HUD20.20
Contactor 24VDC LP1-EC08B 2NO+2NC - Alto-Shaam HUD20.20
Probe Quick - Alto-Shaam
Relay - Alto-Shaam
Sensor - Alto-Shaam
Reed Switch - Alto-Shaam
Electronic Control - Alto-Shaam
725mm x 620mm Door Seal- Alto Shaam 10.10.ES- Oven
Door Gasket - Alto Shaam 1200-UP/SR
Neon - Alto-Shaam
On/Off Rocker Switch - Alto-Shaam
Drawer Bearing - Alto-Shaam
Overlay - Alto-Shaam
Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-S/HD
Defrost Thermostat - Alto-Shaam Fridge
Element - Alto-Shaam Smoker
Element - Alto Shaam - 767-SK/111
Cooling Fan - Alto-Shaam 500-3DN
Hinge Bush - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Filter - Alto-Shaam
Bottom Door Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Top Door Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Top Pivot Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Bottom Pivot Hinge - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Beeper - Alto-Shaam
Circuit Breaker Switch - Alto-Shaam
Cable Heating Element- Alto Shaam
Air Temp Sensor - Alto Shaam
Thermostat - Alto-Shaam 500-4DN
Latch with Strike - Alto-Shaam
Door Seal - Alto-Shaam - Hot Cupboard - 500-TH/III
Wire Element - Altoshaam 100-B02-128
Shelf Slide - Altoshaam 1000-BQ2/96
Shelf Clip - Altoshaam 1000-BQ2/96
Shelf - Altoshaam 1000-BQ2/96