Company Details Aluminox are headquartered in Athens, they are a leading company in Greece with a dynamic presence in the international market. Aluminox spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require help sourcing Aluminox parts. We can supply a full range of Alto-Shaam replacement spares for their catering equipment.

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Aluminox Parts
Heating Element 2500w 400v - Aluminox K14M Oven
Heating Element - Aluminox - FRER702
Element 2500w/440v - Aluminox K/14-M Cooker
Selector Switch - Aluminox K14M Oven
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox FRE/720 Fryer
Operating Thermostat Aluminox FRE/720 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Switch - Aluminox
Hotplate 3KW/400v - Aluminox
469 728/87 Thermostat 50-300c 3 Phase - Aluminox K14M HAT 80 Oven
Set of Cables Rear Hotplates - Aluminox
Set of Cables Front Hotplates - Aluminox
Knob New Type - Aluminox K14m Oven
Hotplate 3000W, 440V - Aluminox
Heating Element - Aluminox Soup Kettle
Switch For Aluminox K14-M Oven
Heating Element 4000w 480v - Aluminox HAT80L Bratt Pan
Microswitch - Aluminox
Thermostat - Aluminox
Door - Aluminox R8ALIELS9XE Washing Machine
Indicatior Light - Aluminox K14M Oven
Mixing Blade - Aluminox Mixer
Heating Element - Aluminox Oven
On/Off Double Switch - Aluminox Mixer
Potentiometer - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Timer 0-60 Min - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Gear Box Set - Aluminox MX30INOX Mixer
Mixer Invertor 400/440V - Aluminox Mixer
Belt SPA957 - Aluminox Mixer
Whisk 30Ltr - Aluminox Mixer
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Aluminox Mixer
Hotplate - Aluminox
Stainless Steel Clamp 25/40 Aluminox T60
Elbow M-F 1/4 Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Oring Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
3 Way Hoint D Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Safety Valve Ball Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Rinse Axis Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Rinsing/Washing Unit Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Upper Turret Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Upper Delivery Pipe Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Turret Fixing Ring Nut Aluminox T60
Brass Nut For Fitting Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Brass Fitting Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Blind Gasket Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Gasket Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Hose Holder Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Stainless Steel Clamp 12/22 - Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Element Aluminox WB12 Water Boiler
Element Aluminox 156 Bain Marie
Door Seal - Aluminox FEN21SH2M
Switch - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Pressure Switch - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Heating Element - Aluminox - Bain Marie - MM-TH-166
On/Off Switch - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
*****OBSOLETE*****Cap Nut - Aluminox
Switch - Aluminox - Oven - K36M
1/1 Basket - Aluminox FRE720 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox - FGN350
Heating Element 4200w 400v - Aluminox
Heating Element - Aluminox
Thermostat 30-110c - Aluminox WB12 Water Boiler
Switch - Aluminox
Thermostat - Aluminox
Heating Element 5000W - Aluminox
Heating Element 4000W - Aluminox
Relay Circuit Board 440v - Aluminox - Fryer - FRE820M
2000w/220v Heating Element - Alluminox
2000w / 440v Heating Element - Alluminox
RH Door Hinge & Pin - Aluminox Range
Top Door Seal - Aluminox FEN21SH2M Oven
Heating Element 4500W - Aluminox
Water Pump - Aluminox DMA/WM07B2 Washing Machine
Indicator Knob - Aluminox K36M Oven
Side Door Seal - Aluminox FEN21SH2M Oven
Set of Cables Front- Alluminox K14M - Hot Plate
Heating Element 1400w/400v - Aluminox M.M4TH Bain Marie