Company Details Aluminox are headquartered in Athens, they are a leading company in Greece with a dynamic presence in the international market.

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Aluminox Parts
1/2 Basket - Aluminox FRE720 Fryer
1/1 Basket - Aluminox FRE720 Fryer
Grid - Aluminox FRE720 Fryer
RH Door Hinge & Pin - Aluminox Range
Door - Aluminox R8ALIELS9XE Washing Machine
Belt SPA957 - Aluminox Mixer
Set of Cables Rear Hotplates - Aluminox
Set of Cables Front Hotplates - Aluminox
Hotplate 3KW/400v - Aluminox
Heating element - Aluminox K14M Oven
Heating Element - Aluminox - FRER702
Element - Aluminox K/14-M Cooker
Hotplate 3000W, 440V - Aluminox
Heating Element - Aluminox Soup Kettle
Heating Element 4000w 480v - Aluminox HAT80L Bratt Pan
Heating Element - Aluminox Oven
Hotplate - Aluminox
2000w/220v Heating Element - Alluminox
3000w/230v Heating Element - Alluminox
Heating Element - Aluminox
Element - Aluminox
Element Aluminox WB12 Water Boiler
Element Aluminox 156 Bain Marie
Heating Element - Aluminox - Bain Marie - MM-TH-166
Door Seal - Aluminox FEN21SH2M
Gear Box Set - Aluminox MX30INOX Mixer
Stainless Steel Clamp 25/40 Aluminox T60
Hose Holder Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Stainless Steel Clamp 12/22 - Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Knob - Aluminox K14m Oven
Indicatior Light - Aluminox K14M Oven
Microswitch - Aluminox
Conductor 400v/5.5Kw - Aluminox Mixer
3 Way Hoint D Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Upper Turret Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Upper Delivery Pipe Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Whisk 30Ltr - Aluminox Mixer
Mixing Blade - Aluminox Mixer
Oring Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Blind Gasket Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Gasket Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Relay Circuit Board 440v - Aluminox - Fryer - FRE820M
Elbow M-F 1/4 Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Rinse Axis Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox - FGN350
Cap Nut - Aluminox
Turret Fixing Ring Nut Aluminox T60
Brass Nut For Fitting Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Brass Fitting Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Switch - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
Switch - Aluminox - Oven - K36M
Switch - Aluminox
SUPERSEDED Switch - Aluminox
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Aluminox Mixer
Switch For Aluminox K14-M Oven
Limit Microswitch - Alumnox Mixer
On/Off Double Switch - Aluminox Mixer
Selector Switch Aluminox K14M Oven
Potentiometer - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Timer 0-60 Min - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Mixer Invertor 400/440V - Aluminox Mixer
Thermostat - Aluminox
Safety Thermostat - Aluminox FRE/720 Fryer
Operating Thermostat Aluminox FRE/720 Fryer
469 728/87 Thermostat - Aluminox K14M HAT 80 Oven
Thermostat - Aluminox
Thermostat 30-110c - Aluminox WB12 Water Boiler
Rinsing/Washing Unit Aluminox T60 Dishwasher
Saftey Valve Ball Aluminox T60 Dishwasher