Company Details Ambach manufacture top end modular systems. The different requirements of customers coupled with space restrictions in professional kitchens are the main factors in their designs. Ambach spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require help sourcing Ambach parts. We can supply a full range of Ambach replacement spares for their dryers

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Ambach Parts
Simmerstat for an Ambach Salamander SE60
Element - Ambach EF1-45 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Ambach EF2\45\D Fryer
Oven Shelf - Ambach EKE 70 Oven
Hinge Left - Ambach Ecoline EHE/80
Fill Heater Element - Ambach KSK-50 Boiling Pan
SUPERSEDED Switch - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
White Control Lamp - Ambach CH90 EP/90
Thermostat - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
Control Thermostat - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
Pilot assembly - Ambach GF1/40 Fryer
Radiation Element - Ambach CH90 Electric Oven Range
Main Gas Burner - Ambach GLG80 Grill
Oil Drip Pan Ambach GP/90
Safety Thermostat - Ambach EPK/40
Control Thermostat - Ambach EPK/40
Power Contactor - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Step Switch - Ambach Oven
Gas Valve - Ambach GH-90 GP-45
Heating Element - Ambach SE80 Grill
White Control Lamp - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
3kwt Bottom Element - Ambach EHE/80
Knob Ambach Ecoline EHE/80
Hinge Right - Ambach Ecoline EHE/80
Hinge Holder - Ambach Ecoline EHE/80
SUPERSEDED Ambach EF2\45\D Overheat Thermostat
Step Switch - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Ignition Controller -Ambach AM11 GF1/45 Fryer
Micro switch with handle & switch
Filter - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Thermocouple - Ambach GH09 GHG/80 GH/90-G
Thermostat - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Regulator - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
Ego 43.24432.000 32amp 250v Switch - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Piezo Ignitor - Ambach GH-90 GP-45 GP/90 Solid Top Oven
Thermostat Water Control - Ambach
Pilot Assembly - Ambach GLG45 Grill
Thermostat - Ambach ESK100-E11 Boiling Pot
Knob - Ambach Oven
Element - Ambach 7CH180 Electric Oven
Ignition Electrode - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Sit Valve - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Contactor - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Filter - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Spark Sensor - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Red lamp - Ambach EP/90 Oven
Thermostat bracket - Ambach EP/90 Oven
Hydraulic Arm - Ambach GB90 Oven
Element - Ambach SE60 Salamander Grill
Heating Element 8000W 230V - Ambach
Drain Valve Knob - Ambach - GUK45
LPG Jets - Ambach GLG/90 Grill
LPG Jets - Ambach GBP/90 Grill
LPG Jets - Ambach GP/45 Solid Top
LPG Jets - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
LPG Jet - Ambach GH/45-H Range
Control Knob - Ambach GH/90G Oven
RH side bottom door Hinge - Ambach -ABW-90-11
Handle For Hood Ambach ESI-60 Grill
2kwt 230v Element - Ambach BU70 Fryer
Temperature Probe 1500mm - Ambach
Gas Valve 110-190C - Ambach GF1/40 Fryer
Control Knob - Ambach GPSG/80 Oven
Ignitor Cable - Ambach GP90 Oven
Red Reset Switch - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Rosette Reset Black Amback GF1/45 Fryer
Spindle Motor type SRBFU0, 09/2-B31R/0310
Heating Element 1.3kwt 400V - Ambach Grill
Heating Element 5kwt 230v - Ambach GUE40/70-V
Thermocouple Spring Ambach GH80-H Oven
3kwt Hotplate - Ambach EHE/80 Range
Gas Valve Ambach GPSG/80 Solid Top
Igniton Electrode Ambach GPSG/80 Solid Top
Ignition Cable GPSG/80 Solid Top
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Ambach GRGC/105
Flame Supervision Wire Loom - Ambach GF1/45
Electrode - Ambach GLG/45
Burner Jet NG Ambach Fryer
Aluminium Seal Ambach Fryer
Burner Jet NG Ambach Fryer
Thermocouple 500mm - Ambach
Burner Holder Assy - Ambach GF1 Fryer
Front pilot injector NG - Ambach GH/90-G Oven
Electric Surface Range- Ambach EP90 Hot Plate
NG Pilot Assembly - Ambach - GH90
Control Knob - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Interrupter Thermocouple M9X1 - Ambach
Probe Holder - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
Round Cover - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
Cyclinder Screw - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
Microswitch - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
Yellow Lamp - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
SUPERSEDED Basket (330mm x 140mm x 140mm) - Ambach Fryer
Venturi Spring Clip - Ambach
Valve Rail - Ambach
Nut - Ambach
SUPERSEDED Olive for 12mm Pipe - Ambach
Fryer Basket 140mm x140mm x 330 mm
Lava Rock Supports - Ambach GLG80 Grill
Ignition Electrode - Ambach GSK/150
Drain Tap - Ambach
Connection Bracket - Ambach GF2-60 Fryer
LH Bottom Hinge - Ambach
Ignition Electrode - Ambach GSK/150
Burner Gas Boiling - Ambach GSK/150 Oven
Control Knob Seal - Ambach Grill
Basket Sieve - Ambach - Fryer - GFI/45
2000w 240v Heating Element - Ambach - Grill - SE60
Pet Safety Cook Seal - Ambach GSK/150
LH Bushing Nylon - Ambach
PCB Control Unit - Ambach EB/105E Bratt Pan
Selector Switch - Ambach
Drawer Seal - Ambac - Fridge - TRSS/3VDX
9000w 520mm x 600mm Heating Element - Ambach Bratt Pan EKM-50
Venturi Tube - Ambach
Burner Elbow (Lower Part) - Ambach
Lava Rock Tray - Ambach S-8GLG/80 Chargrill
Control Knob Bezel - Ambach Grill
Thermostat -Ego 55.34062.826 Thermostat - Ambach Grill
Insulating Mat - Ambrach EBP/90-R-BF
Heating Element 2kw - Ambrach EBP/90-R-BF
Middle Heating Element 1.3kw - Ambrach EBP/90-R-BF
Internal Heating Element 1.3kw - Ambrach EBP/90-R-BF
Hinge Right - Ambach
220mm x 220mm Hot Plate 2.6KW 400v - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
Hob Radiation Heater 300 x 300 4000w 400v
Bottom RH Hinge - Ambach
LH Hinge - Ambach
Plug Tap Handle - Ambach
Ball Valve - Ambach Fryer
Grid for Charcoal - Ambach
Cover Handle - Ambach
Gas Burner - Ambach
LPG Pilot Gas Jet - Ambach
Gas Tap - Ambach
Pilot Burner - Ambach
Air Regulation Bracket - Ambach
Pilot Olive - Ambach
Electric Knob - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
Knob For Thermostat - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
Heating Element 400v, 1500W - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
7 Step Switch - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
ORANGE INDICATOR LAMP - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
Oven Thermostat - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
Lid Support - Ambach
Stop / Start Cam Switch - Ambach
Safety Thermostat - Ambach
Pan Support - Ambach
Pasta Basket 160x140x175mm - Ambach