American Dryers

Company Details American Dryers were first to market many of the innovations that are now industry standard. American Dryers are known for their efficiency, performance and serviceability. American Dryers is today an internationally recognized firm with a reputation for reliability. American Dryer spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require help sourcing American Dryer parts. We can supply a full range of American Dryer replacement spares for their machines.

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American Dryers Parts
Surface Ignitor - American ADG30 Dryer
Sensor Probe - ADC American Gas Dryer
Lint Screen - ADC American Dryer
Gas Valve - ADC ADG50HS Tumble Dryer
Capacitor for 230v Blower Impellor - American
Element JLA T30 ADC Tumble Dryer
Sensor JLA T30 Tumble Dryer
Auto transformer - American Dryer
Heating Element - American Dryer - ADE50V
Overheat Thermostat - ADC30HS American Dryer
Thermostat 225 Deg - American Dryers ADE15
Thermostat 130 deg - American Dryers ADE15
Dual Timer Control Panel Assy - American
Contactor 25A 600V 2 Pole - American Dryers
Thermostat 180 Deg - American Dryers ADE15
Thermostat 150 Deg - American Dryers ADE15
Belt for Motor - American Dryer - ADG25HS
Top Belt - American Dryer - ADG25HS
Relay Box - American Dryer - ADG25HS
Fuse - American Dryer - Dryer - ADG25HE
Resistor - American Dryer - Dryer - ADG25HE
Belt - American Dryer AG205BH
Flame Probe - American Dryer ADG30
Keypad - ADC Dryer
60hz Motor - American Dryer
Belt - ADC Dryer
Lint Screen - American Dryer ADG30HS - Dryer
Lint Draw Switch - ADC Dryer
Nut 10-32 Hex (4 per element) - ADC - Tumble Dryer
Wheel Assembly (Front Right / Rear Left) - ADC Dryer
Heating Element - ADC ADE-50V Dryer
Element - ADC Dryer
Automatic Ignition Box - American Dryer Company ADG30HS Dryer
Idler Pulley - ADC Dryer
Contactor - ADC Dryer
Element - ADC D50 Tumble Dryer
Contactor - ADC ADE-25V
Pure Touch Blue Pointer - American Dryer - Tumble Dryer
15 Minute Timer - American Dryer - Tumble Dryer
External Ceramic Isolator - ADC Tumble Dryer
Internal Ceramic Isolator - ADC Tumble Dryer
Busbar, by foot - ADC Tumble Dryer
10-32 Hex Nut - ADC Tumble Dryer
10 x Star Washer - ADC Tumble Dryer
Belt - ADC Dryer
Relay - American Dryer - ADE50
Contactor - ADC Dryer
Socket Terminal - ADC Dryer
Transformer - ADC Dryer
Door Switch Assembly - ADC Dryer
Display Card - ADC ADS120ES Tumble Dryer
Lint Bag - AD-50V Tumble Dryer
Sail Switch - American Dryers D40G Tumble Dryer
Element - American Dryer - ADE50
Wheel Assembly (Front Left / Rear Right) - ADC Dryer
Autotension Belt - ADC Dryer
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Laundry Spares
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