Aqua Jet

Company Details Aqua Jet allows the commercial kitchen operators to 'pre-rinse' soiled plates prior to loading into the dishwashers. Due to the abuse the equipment takes there is a need for high quality and heavy duty robust component parts

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Aqua Jet Parts
SUPERSEDED Aqua Jet Spray Gun Hose 1/2"""" BST
Handle & Washer - Aqua Jet Spray Gun Hose 1/2
Complete pre-rinse spray gun assy standard
Aqua Jet Spray Gun 1/2"" Complete
Pre Rinse Assembly
Spray Gun Valve Repair Kit - Aquajet
Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
Wash Gun - Aquajet pre-rinse unit
Hose assy washer pack - Aquajet
Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
Pre-Rinse/Twin Deck Mount/Std Spray - Aquajet
Face Plate & Screw - Aquajet
Spray Gun Trigger and Screw Aquajet
Rubber Ring - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Twin Pedestall Pre-Rinse Aqua Jet Unit
Mechline 12'' Bowl Filler
Outer Support Spring - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Tap
12" Spout - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Tap
Handle For Spray Gun Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Pair of Aquajet Levers
Valve Body (HOT) - Aquajet
Bowl Fill;er c/w 12"" Spout and Lever Aquajet
Bowl Filler Body Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Body Deck Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Valve Body (fits cold for lever) - Aquajet
6"" Spout Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Complete Inner & Outer Hose Assy c/w End Fittings
Spring Retainer Aqua Jet AJPR30 Pre Rinse
Valve Bonnet & Gland - Aquajet
Valve Body - Aquajet
Bowl Filler Body - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Assy
O-Ring (pack of 2) - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Assy
16 Inch Replacement Spout - Aqua Jet Pre
Pre Rinse Spray Arm with 16inch Faucet - Aquajet
500mm Chrome Pipe - Aqua-Jet Pre-Rinse unit
Pre-Rinse Unit c/w 6"" Bowl Fill Tap - Aquajet 20
Spring for Spray Gun - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Spray Head - Aqua Jet - Pre Rinse Unit
Single Feed Pre-Rinse Unit - Aquajet
Pre Rinse Unit (12"" faucet) - Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet Eco Spray Gun
Single Feed Faucet Deck Mounted - Aquajet
Reviver Kit - Aqua Jet
SUPERSEDED Tap Repair Kit - Aqua Jet
Mono Block SH Pre-Rinse 12"" BF 680mm WSH
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