Company Details Archway is a family run business, producing all things stainless steel in the catering trade. Archway manufactures everything from Donor Kebab Machines to Chargrills to Chip Fryers as well manufacturing bespoke items. Archway spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require Archway parts. We can supply a full range of Archway replacement spares for their machines.

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Archway Parts
Thermocouple - Archway Flat Griddle
On/Off Button - Archway Chargrill
Long (500mm) Type Frets/ Lavarock Supports suitable
Drip Tray Under Grill - Archway Chargrill
Burner - Archway Kebab Machine
LPG Gas Regulator - Archway Chargrill
Sliding mesh - Archway 4BSTD Kebab machine
Burner c/w plaque - Archway 4BSTD Kebab
Rubber Coupling (btwn motor & stick) -Archway
Thermocouple - Archway 4BSTD Kebab Machine
Gas Valve - Archway 4BSTD Kebab Machine
Gas Tap/Valve - Archway Charcoal Grill
Box Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Bag Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Control Knob - Archway - Chargrill
Long Burner Archway Chargrill
Nat Gas to LPG Conversion Kit - Archway 4BBGA
Ignition Electrode - Archway 3B5 Kebab Grill
HT Lead - Archway 3B5 Kebab Grill
Thermocouple - Archway 3B5 Kebab Grill
Gas Valve - Archway - Grill - 49STD
Wet Well Element - Archway HD5 Heated Chicken Display
NG Gas Tap - Archway Griddle
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Archway 2BG/NG Griddle
Burner Pipe - Archway - Kebab Machine
Coal Fret - Archway - Grill - 3BS
Gas Burner - Archway - Kebab Machine - 3BT/NG
Thermostat - Archway - Pizza Oven - PO6262
Short (380mm) Type Frets/ Lavarock Supports suitable
Lower Water Tray - Archway BW800/E Warming Drawer
Firewell for Mesh - Archway - Grill - 3BS/NG
Mesh for lava rock - Archway - Grill - 3BS/NG
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Archway - Kebab Machine - 4BSTD/LPG
Stainless Steel Flexy Gas Pipe - Archway 4BSTD-NG Donner
Crumb Tray - Archway - Grill - 3BS
NG Gas Tap - Archway Griddle 2BG/NG