Company Details Artica manufacture fridges and freezers for the commercial catering industry

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Artica Parts
240 volt Coil - Artica fridge
Tangential Evap Fan Motor - Artica AF7-15/1
Condensor Fan Motor- Artica Fridge AR70
SUPERSEDED Artica TR37 Drip Tray
Fan Guard - Artica Fridge AF14-22/-1 Slim lin
Condenser Fan Motor for Aritca Freezer
Fan Guard - Artica AF14-22/-1 Fridge
Door Seal - Artica Lockhart Fridge TUC-48R
Condensor Fan Motor - Artica AF7-15/12
Drip Tray - Artica Lockhart AR70/8A
Evaporator Coil - Artica TUC-48R
Evap. Fan Motor - Artica Lockhart SC400S Fridge
Artica Fridge AF14-22 Fridge Shelf S/S
Top RH Hinge Plate - Artica Lockhart AF-14 AR7-21P
Evaporator Fan - Artica GN3200TN
Door Gasket - Artica GN650TM Fridge
Bracket for shelf - Artica Lockhart - TUC48R
Shelf Runner Artica Fridge
Defrost Heater - Artica GN650BT Chiller
Controller (12v) - Artica Lockhart - Fridge -
Door Seal - Artica Lockhart - Fridge -
Right Hand Hinge Complete Artica TUC48R
Bottom Hinge Assembly - Artica L500XC Chiller
Green On/Off Switch - Artica HEA701 Fridge
Door Assembly - Artica HEA701
Obsolete Shelf - Artica - Freezer - HEA709
Shelf Guide Set - Artica - Fridge - HEA708
Shelf - Artica - Fridge - HEA708
SUPERSEDED Artica Lockhart/Caravell Fridge 400-847-10-2802
SUPERSEDED Door Switch - Artica GN650BT
Old Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
Stainless Steel Lid - Aritica HEA608 - Chiller
New Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
Evaporator - Artica - Fridge - HEA708
Evaporator Fan Motor - Artica HEA701 CRS200ST Chiller
535 x 205 x 80mm Evaporator Coil - Artica AR7 0/+8
LH Shelf Runner - Artica HEA603 Chiller
RH Shelf Runner - Artica HEA603 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Artica HEA705 - Chiller
Light Switch - Artica HEA701
Door Switch - Artica HEA701
Top Cover - Artica HEA701
Door Handle - Artica HEA598 Bottle Cooler
Door - Artica HEA598
Evaporator Heater - Artica HEA709
Handle & Lock - Artica - Fridge - ALASKA SLIM 120
Evaporator Fan Motor Lead - Artica HEA701
Door Seal- Aritica HEA608 - Chiller
Right Hand Door - Artica HEA599 Bottle Cooler
Left Hand Door - Artica HEA599 Bottle Cooler
Plastic Container - Artica TR47 SILVER - Fridge
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