Company Details Autonumis have been producing vending and refrigeration equipment to major brand owners since 1965. Autonumis provides high quality point of sale display and product merchandising that helps brand owners sell their brands, this has led to Autonumis becoming a leader in their field

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Autonumis Parts
Condenser fan bracket - Autonumis PF899
Compressor - Autonumis - Milk Dispenser - 0410UG61101
Compressor - Autonumis GA000236/3 Chiller
Compressor - Autonumis HUAY1B38H Fridge
Compressor & Grey Box Autonumis G23U Bottle Cooler
Compressor - Autonumis
Danfoss Compressor - Autonumis JSC100 JSC1002 Fridge
Compressor - Autonumis Fridge
Compressor - Autonumis Fridge
Compressor Complete with Electrics -Autonumis
Condensate Tray/Pot - Autonumis GA000236/3 Chiller
Condensor- Autonumis JS 52535 - Bottle Cooler
Condensor - Autonumis - Fridge - 0406JG50425
***SUPERSEEDED***Condenser - Autonumis Bottle Cooler
Condensate Pot (sits on top of compressor)
Condenser Fan Bracket - Autonumis 1003JG11231
Condensor - Autonumis JF841 JH808 Bottle Cooler
SF-800 Digital Controller - Autonumis S800 JSC1001
Digital Controller - Autonumis JF0307
Controller - Autonumis JH
Door Seal- Autonumis 099SUE06452 Milk Chiller
Door LH Sliding - Autonumis - Fridge - 1015JT08651
Door RH Sliding - Autonumis - Fridge - 1015JT08651
Door Kit Frame & Doors - Autonumis - Fridge - 1015JT08651
Door Maxi LH Sliding Individual (Non Locking) - Autonumis 1015JT08651 Fridge
Glass Door (Sliding, LH, non-locking) - Autonumis RG00144
Door Hinge Pin - Autonumis JGC1001 Fridge
Glass Door- Autonumis NZC00001 s/n M21100810100 - Bar Fridge
Diffuser Panel - Autonumis MUC21 Milk Dispenser
Fascia Graffix - Autonumis MUC21 Milk Dispenser
Door Curve - Autonumis MUC21 Milk Dispenser
Plated Enclosed Type Door Catch (5 Rivet version) - Autonumis
Door Catch with 5 Rivets (enclosed type,
Door Catch with 4 Fixing Rivets - Autonumis
Black Right Hand Door Non Locking
LH Glass Door, Black Surround, Non-Locking
Sliding door kit - Lockable Bottle Cooler
Door Lock - Autonumis JS806 Fridge
Locking Sliding Door Kit - Autonumis JS
Non-Locking Sliding Door Kit - Autonumis JS
Door Lock & Key - Autonumis NZC00001 Bottle
Hinge plate - Autonumis GB Bottle Cooler
Door bush - Autonumis GB Bottle Cooler
Drip Tray - Autonumis C009 Fridge
Drip Tray (Grill) - Auto Numis C009 Fridge
Drip Tray Assy - Autonumis Milk Machine
Drip Tray Stand Autonumis UG1001 Milk
Drip Tray Grille Autonumis UG1001 Milk
Drip Tray Stand & Grill - Autonumis
Power Lead - Autonumis - Fridge - 0700JG06055
Drier for Condensor - Autonumis - Fridge - JJ899
Evaporator - Autonumis - Fridge - JJ899
Evaporator Autonumis 10-99-JG Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor- Autonumis GB- Bottle Cooler
Capillary Line - Autonumis Milk Dispenser
Evaporator Coil - Autonumis JS806 Bottle Cooler
Evaporator - Autonumis - Fridge - 0810JH07600
Evaporator (complete kit) - Autonumis JG275
Evaporator Autonumis JF-843 Bottle Cooler
Filter Drier Autonumis 10-99-JG Fridge
Cowl - Autonumis JH06456 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Autonumis PE813 Bottle Cooler
Door Gasket - Autonumis JF805 Bottle Cooler
Door Seal - Autonumis JH05589 - Bottle Fridge
Door Seal - Autonumis NZC00001- Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Autonumis 0601 JG07365
Door seal - Autonumis LG17211 Milk Machine
Door Gasket - Autonumis LG16995
Door seal - Autonumis GB Bottle Cooler
Rubber Door Seal - Autonumis JJ07193 2 door
SUPERSEDED Gasket - Autonumis 1105 JG14699
Door Gasket - Autonumis JG07214 JGC1007 JG51607 Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Autonumis A350 JH07362
Corner Door Handle - Autonumis JF0692 JG06163
Stainless Bar Handle - Autonumis JF805 Bottle Cooler
Door Handle- Autonumis JH05589- Bottle Fridge
Light Holder (Loom & Housing) - Autonumis JG1001 Fridge
Light housing - Autonumis JSC1001 Fridge
Light diffuser - Autonumis JS Bottle cooler
Light Tube - Autonumis - Bottle Cooler -
Flourescent Tube Autonumis JH Bottle Cooler
Light Assembly - Autonumis - Bottle Cooler -
Fluorescent Tube - Autonumis JH JS JG Bottle Cooler
Light Bulb Autonumis JF141896 Fridge
Light Kit Including Tube for Autonumis Fridge
Light Housing Assy - Autonumis NWC1001 Fridge
Light Assembly - Autonumis JS806
Light Diffuser - Autonumis JGC1003 Bottle Cooler
Light Assembly - Autonumis - JH
Cover (diffuser) - Autonumis - Fridge - 0701JG07498
Starter for Bulb - Autonumis - JG
Choke - Autonumis - Bottle Cooler - JF
Complete Light Housing - Autonumis - Bottle Cooler - JF
Light Cover for Autonumis U/R Fridge
Complete Door (LH hinged) - Autonumis JH8005
Shelf Clip Kit -Autonumis JG361 Bottle Cooler
Drier - Autonumis Milk Dispenser C1001
SUPERSEDED Black Bladed Condensor Fan Motor - Autonumis JSC1001 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Condensor Fan Motor Autonumis JGC1005 Fridge
Internal Evaporator Fan - Autonumis Fridge
SUPERSEDED Condenser Fan Motor - Autonumis Bottle Fridge
SUPERSEDED 1800mm Evaporator Fan Motor - Autonumis NZC00001
Evaporator Fan Motor - Autonumis JH06456
Condenser Fan Motor - Autonumis JH06456 JH06609 GL885A
SUPERSEDED Fridge Condensor Fan Motor and Blade Black
SUPERSEDED Autonumis JG51849 11/06 Display Fridge Cond
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Autonumis Fridge
SUPERSEDED Condensor Fan Motor- Autonumis Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Evap Fan Motor - Autonumis fits all Autonumis
Evaporator Fan Motor - Autonumis JS 12682
Condensor Fan Motor - Autonumis JF 04885
Condenser Fan Motor - Autonumis
SUPERSEDED Condenser Fan Motor - Autonumis - Fridge - JSC1001
Evaporator Fan Assembly - Autonumis JGC1013
Condensor Fan Motor - Autonumis JG Bottle Cooler
Evaporator Fan Motor - Autonumis JF51 Fridge
Door Curve Panel - Autonumis 1007NU
Capillary Line (5m) Autonumis 10-99-JG Fridge
Compressor Starer Relay- Autonumis JS54025 - Bottle Cooler
Overload Protector - Autonumis JGC1006
Compressor Start Relay - Autonumis JGC1006
Relay Compressor - 220 - 240v - Autonumis
Shelf Autonumis Fridge Serial 0609JH07474
Beer Shelf - Autonumis JSC1001 (Black) Fridge
Shelf - Autonumis - Fridge - 0911PC50601
Wine Shelf - Autonumis JSC1001 Fridge
SUPERSEDED - Tap Spring - Autonumis UG65266 Milk Dispenser
Spring for Valve - Autonumis Milk Machine
SUPERSEDED Tap Spring - Autonumis UGC-19 Milk Dispense
Light Switch - Autonumis Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Tap - Autonumis - Milk Dispenser - G12524
Tap Assy (push down cat paw) - Autonumis VariantC009 Milk Dispenser
Tap - Autonumis C-1001 LGC3 Milk Dispenser
Tap Assy - Autonumis NU02985 C009 Milk Dispenser
Electronic temperature controller - Autonumis
Ballast - Autonumis JSC1001 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Mechanical Thermostat - Autonumis UG16199
Mechanical Thermostat - Autonumis JG805
Thermostat - Autonumis MK10880
Thermostat - Autonumis JS 5003 Bottle Cooler
Thermostat -Autonumis 3GS Milk Dispenser
Thermostat - Autonumis - Fridge - 0406JG50425