Bakbar - see Blue Seal

Company Details Bakbar make Turbofan, Bakbar and Vee-ray gas or electric items such as convection, bakeoff ovens, solid top ranges, pasta cookers, fryers, chargrills and salamander grills. Bakbar units are both strong and reliable.

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Bakbar - see Blue Seal Parts
SUPERSEDED Lux Board Panel - Bakbar Hot Plate E92
Thermostat - Moffat Bakbar E83 E76 Pie Warmer
E88 Bakbar Prover Wet Well Element
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Moffat/Bakbar E32/E311
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Bakbar E32 Oven
Fan Blade - Blue Seal/Bakbar Turbofan E32 Oven
Main Oven Thermostat - Moffat/Bakbar E311 E32 G32M Oven
Obsoelte Quartz Heat Lamps R75 - Bakbar/Blue Seal E78
Glass Door - Bakbar Hot Cabinet E82
Door Gasket (one piece) - Bakbar E31W Oven
Lamp - Bakbar Turbo Convection Oven E81W E311H
Contactor - Bakbar E32
Neon Temperature Indicator Light- Bakbar Oven
Glass Sliding Door - Bakbar E83L E83 Pie Warmer
Lovato BF0910A Contactor Unit - Bakbar E32 Oven
Door Seal - Blue Seal / Bakbar E35 Turbofan Oven
Heat Shield - Bakbar E92 Griddle
Bakbar E915 Salamander Grill Element
SUPERSEDED Oven Control Thermostat - Bakbar E32 E92 E3
SUPERSEDED Door Bush - Bakbar Fan Oven E31W
Oven Door Gasket (side - two required) Bakbar Turbofan 31, E311 Oven
SUPERSEDED Bakbar oven Door Seal (top) 2 required
Outer glass - Bakbar Turbofan E32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Motor Fan Wheel - E32 Bakbar Oven
SUPERSEDED 2.4 kwt Element - Blue Seal / Bakbar
Handle - Bakbar 82 E84L E83L Pie Warmer
Door Micro Switch Bakbar E32
Timer Control Knob - Bakbar E31
Glass Sliding Door - Bakbar E84 Pie Warmer
Chrome Shelf - Bakbar E83L Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Bakbar E84 Pie Warmer Element
SUPERSEDED Outer Glass - Bakbar E31W
SUPERSEDED E32 Bakbar - Contactor Kit Solid State Relay
Baking Tray - Bakbar E32 Turbo Fan Oven
Grill Element- Bakbar / Blue Seal E92
Lamp Holder Kit *does not include bulb*
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Bakbar E82
Dimmer Light Switch - Bakbar G32 E27
Contactor- Bakbar E32 Oven
Complete Door - Bakbar E32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Bakbar E32
Control Box - Teknigas for Bakbar E32
Ignition Electrode Kit - Bakbar G32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Handle - Bakbar E32
SUPERSEDED Handle Bracket - Bakbar E32
SUPERSEDED Element - Bakbar E83L Pie Warmer
Element Cover - Bakbar E83L Hot Cupboard
Top Door Hinge - Bakbar Blue Seal E32
SUPERSEDED Lamp Holder - Bakbar E78/E74 Oven
SUPERSEDED Hold Thermostat Bakbar E32
SUPERSEDED Oven Door Bush - Blue Seal Bakbar E32
750Wt Heat Lamp - Bakbar E76 E78 Warmer
Oven Control Knob - Bakbar E32 G56
Door Seal - Bakbar E32 S/N B13130
Oven Lamp - Bakbar E83L Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor - Bakbar Convection Oven E31W
Temperature Control Knob & Temperature Sensor
SUPERSEDED Bake Alarm Timer 60 Min - Bakbar G32 E32
Element - Bakbar Pie Warmer/Cabinet E81
Door Gasket - Bakbar Oven E32 One Piece
Side Seal - Bakbar E25 E31 Oven
Element - Bakbar E83 E83L Piewarmer
SUPERSEDED Door Glass - Bakbar E84L Pie Warmer
SUPERSEDED Black Handle - Bakbar E82 E83L Pie Warmer
Door Handle - Bakbar Oven E32
Oven Lamp Kit - Bakbar Fan Oven E31W
Fan Wheel - Bakbar Oven E32 old style
3 Hour Timer - Bakbar E31 E32 Oven
Heating Element - Pie Oven Moffat/Bakbar E81
Door Glass Clamp Angle - Bakbar E31 E31W Oven
Interior Light Seal - Bakbar Turbo E31 E31W
Glass Bulb Cover - Bakbar E31W E31 E32MAX E27 E31D4
Inner Door Glass - Bakbar E32 E31 E31W Oven
Oven Door Microswitch - Bakbar
SUPERSEDED Element Bakbar E82 Pie Warmer
Thermostat Knob for E82 Bakbar pie warmer
Heating element - Bakbar E84L Pie Warmer
DIEHL Bake Timer - Bakbar Turbo Fan G32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Bakbar E32 Inner Door Glass Seal
SUPERSEDED Nat Gas - LPG Conversion Kit - Bakbar G32
6kw Heating Element - Bakbar Turbofan E32 E32MH Oven
SUPERSEDED Temperature probe - Bakbar E31 Oven
Fan Guard - Bakbar Oven Turbo Fan 35
Door - Bakbar E31W Oven
Bottom Hinge Bakbar E31W Oven
Oven Rack - Bakbar Oven - E31W
Side Rack Left Hand - Blue Seal - BakBar - E32
Pilot Runner Tube - Blue Seal E92 - Bakbar
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Bakbar E82
Oven Thermostat - Blue Seal/Bakbar - E92