Company Details Baron specialises in heavy duty equipment for commercial kitchens, with energy efficiency and rugged reliability, including solid top or 4 burner gas ranges, boiling tables, powergrills, fryers, tilting kettles and bratt pans

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Baron Parts
Pilot Jet NG - Baron Oven
Thermocouple - Baron Oven LPG N9PCF
Piezo Ignitor - Baron Cooker B0002016
Element - Baron Salamander Grill SBE57T
Top Burner Knob - Baron Oven Range
Hob Control Knob - Baron B20020225000007
Energy regulator - Baron B20020225000007
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 1,1 mm
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 1,2 mm
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 0,8 mm
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 1,05 mm
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 0,9mm
Black Hob Knob- Baron Oven Series 700 Black Hob Knob
LPG Nozzle 0.19mm - Baron Oven 700 Series
Drawer seal - Baron Cuci SNR40/4G Fridge
Silicone Gasket - Baron Oven CVM10E
L/H and R/H Hinge Holder - Baron Oven
Right Hand Hinge Baron/Olis Oven
Heat mat - Baron 6BM/E400 Bain Marie
PCB Timer - Baron BH11DPS Dishwasher
PEL21 Gas Tap - Baron 80314116119PC Oven
Heat Exchanger c/w Capillary Baron SNR40/2G
Drier Baron SNR40/2G Fridge
Door Gasket - Baron BCKEP062010 Combi Oven
Extension - Baron 900 Series Bratt Pan
Handwheel 160mm - Baron 900 Series Bratt Pan
Evaporator Coil Baron SNR40/2G Fridge
Gasket for Heating Element - Baron 7FRIE815
Working Thermostat - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Basket - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Resistance Lifting Handle - Baron 7FRIE815
Connecting Bracket - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Terminal Board - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Switch - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
SUPERSEDED M1DX Microswitch - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Control Knob - Baron 8031352220 Gas Fryer
SUPERSEDED Sit 0.200.009 600mm Thermocouple - Baron
Left Hand Hinge - Baron/Olis Oven
Union Screw/Nut for BARON oven
Pilot Burner Olive - BARON Oven - G800
Gas Oven Knob - BARON Gas Range 700 Series
Cap for gas control switch - Baron Oven
Piezoelectric Ignition - Baron Gas Range -
Grid shelf - Baron Oven - Gas Range 700 Serie
Washer for Cap - Baron Gas Range -
Drain Filter - Baron BEKEP06 Steamer
Drip Tray Spout - Baron BEKEP06
Front Pilot Flexi Pipe Baron Open Top Burner
Bicone For Pilot Flexi Pipe Baron Open Top
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple (Hob) Baron Open Top Burner
Bicone For Pilot Flexi Pipe Mareno NC7FG-12G44 Cooker
Nut For Pilot Flexi Pipe Baron Open Top
Pilot Assembly Baron Open Top Burner
Back Pilot Flexi Pipe Baron Open Top Burner
Heating Element - Baron Griddle
Energy Regulator - Baron Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Baron Griddle
Line Lamp - Baron Fryer
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Baron Fryer
SUPERSEDED Heating Element 1500w 230v - Baron Fryer
SUPERSEDED Contactor - Baron Fryer
Heating Element - Baron Fryer
Gas Valve Baron 9PS/G150 Kettle Steamer
Control Knob Baron 9PS/G150 Kettle Steamer
Thermostat - Baron 7BRE105 Bratt Pan
Door Seal Baron NTR3GNVC Fridge 607 x 505 mm
Three Phase 360c Safety Thermostat - Baron Fryer / Bratt Pan
Drawer Seal Baron SNR40/41/1CPDA Fridge
Compressor - Baron - Freezer - FPLUSBT72
Piezo ignitor - Baron BN020104716 Oven
Venturi for Burner Cap - Baron - 7PCV/G800
Burner Head - Baron Oven - 7PCV/G800
Flame Spreader - Baron Oven - 7PCV/G800
Door Seal - Baron - Fridge - SNR40/2GN1/1C/PP
Thermocouple - Baron 7FRI/G415 9FRIG/815 Fryer
Pipe - Baron 7FRI/G415
HT Lead - Baron 7FRI/G415
Olive - Baron 7FRI/G415
Door External Glass - Baron FCM10E-25 Oven
Obsolete Gasket (for Door Glass) - Baron FCM10E-25
Glass Door Back RH Screw (for Door Glass) -
Glass Door Front RH Screw (for Door Glass) -
Obsolete Sieger Ring (for Door Glass)- Baron FCM10E-25
Obsolete Brass Washer (for Door Glass) - Baron
Glass Door LH Screw (for Door Glass) - Baron FCM10E-25 Oven
Obsoelte Nut (for Door Glass) - Baron FCM10E-25 Oven
Obsolete Upper Hinge (for Glass Door) - Baron FCM10E-25
Lower Hinge (for Glass Door) - Baron FCM10E-25
Obsolete Door Seal - Baron NAF2EBT2 Chiller
Shelf Support Pair - Baron AR6TNPLA Chiller
Plastic Coated Shelf 550mm x 530mm - Baron AR6TNPLA Chiller
Venturi for Grandpot - Baron 900 Series Stove
Pin - Baron FCM10E
Spring - Baron FCM10E
S/S Sphere 7.9mm - Baron FCM10E
Fan Cover Panel Stud- Baron FCM10E
Screw (for handle) - Baron FCM10E-25
Defrost Heater c/w Thermal Cut-Out - Baron S70BT Freezer
Door Lock - Baron - Oven - FCM10E-25
Door Seal - Baron NAF2EBT2 Fridge
Drawer Seal - Baron NAF2EBT2 Fridge
Door Gasket - Baron
SUPERSEDED Pilot Injector LPG - Baron N7PCV/G8003
Extension - Baron N7PCV/G8003
Gasket Stuffing Gland - Baron - Fryer - 7FRI-G610
Hob Control Knob - Baron 8031311410 Oven
90deg Pipe Fitting - Baron N7PCV/G8003
Pilot Tube - Baron N7PCV/G8003
Door Gasket - Baron
Overheat Thermostat - Baron 9FRI/G815 Fryer
Gas Valve - Baron 9PCF/G800 Oven
Door Gasket - Baron SNR40/3 GN1/IS/PR
Pilot Burner - Baron N7PCV/G8003 N9CF/G120 Oven
Drip Tray Heater - Baron S70BT Freezer
Half Door Gasket - Baron
Cooking Grid 400mm - Baron Chargrill
Door Seal - Baron - Fridge - KST02TNDX
Door Seal - Baron - Fridge - BFA3PA
Right Bottom Hinge - Baron - BFAPA PSPD
Defrost Sensor - Baron - S70BT
Threaded Bar - Baron Bratt Pan - BN020033374
Split Pin - Baron Bratt Pan - BN020033374
Oven Pilot Burner - Baron N9CF/G120 Oven
PCB Thermostat - Baron - BN020099848
7000w Heating Element - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
Contactor - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
O-Ring - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
O-Ring - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
Metal Ring Nut - Baron 70FR-E210 Fryer
Inlet Tap - Baron SERIES700 Bratt Pan
Pan Support - Baron 6NPCG722 Cooker
Gasket for Tap - Baron Boiling Pan - 9PF-G150
Bush Nylon Holder- Baron UT60BT- Freezer
Upper Door Pin- Baron UT60BT- Freezer
Thermostat Controller - Baron - Fridge - BFA2PA
Push In Door Seal 585mm x 385mm - Baron BFA2PA Fridge
Drawer Runners (left & right) - Baron - Oven - BR16/SP03
Shelf - Baron 8031411411- Oven
Heating Element 13kwt 230/400v - Baron
Defrost Heater - Baron - Fridge - BFA2PA
Cooking Plate - Disk ø 225 mm - Baron Oven
Cast Iron Top w/ Bullseye - Baron - 8031421410
Control Knob - Baron N7PC/G8003 Gas Range
Evaporator- Baron SNR40/3GTN1- Fridge
Door - Baron - Fridge - SNR4013GNN/S/P2
Disc - Baron Oven
Door Handle - Baron - Fridge - P140BTEVI
Door Switch - Baron - Fridge - P140BTEVI
Thermocouple Fitting - Baron
Upper Hinge - Baron - BFAPA PSPD
Drawer Runners (Pack Of 2) - Baron BN020126226
RH Door w/o Lock - Baron - BN020100752