Company Details Bear Varimixer are known for strength, durability, easy-to-clean design that replaced the old-fashioned gear models, and the unique automatic bowl lift system. Bear Varimixer products range from the compact 5 L Teddy to their large 200 L industrial mixers.

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Bear Parts
Needle Bearing - Bear RN20 Mixer
Needle Bearing - Bear RN20 Mixer
Ball Bearing - Bear RN20 Mixer
Ball Bearing - Bear RN20 Mixer
Main Bearing Mounted- Bear R40- Mixer
8mm Mincing Disk - Bear RN20/Floor Model Mincer
Bowl Scraper w/ Attachment - Bear Varimixer AR80
Stainless Steel Bowl - Bear - Mixer - RN20
Bowl - Bear - Mixer - AR40/MK1
Contactor - Bear AR30L Mixer
Belt - Bear - Mixer - AR10
V-Belt Special -Bear TG63DGY-1736- Varimixer
Toothed belt - Bear VL2 Mixer
Belt -Bear TG63DGY-1736- Varimixer
Standard V-Belt - Bear Varimixer AR40/MK1
Belt - Bear RN20 Mixer
Shaft & Bearings - Bear - Mixer - RN10/VL2
Main Shaft Assembly for att. Drive - Bear RN20 Mixer
Main Shaft Assembly - Bear - Mixer - RN20 MK-1
Contact Element - Bear - Mixer - AR30
Worm Wheel Bear AR30 Mixer
Rim Pinion - Bear AR10 Varimixer
Control Knob - Bear - Mixer - TEDDY5L
Microswitch - Bear AR30L Mixer
Bear Varimixer AR30L - Micro switch removal
Silicon Cover - Bear - Bowl Elevator - EASY LIFT 140
Lower spacer assy - Bear B2000 Mixer
Bayonet Shaft - Bear Varimixer AR40
Slide Bar - Bear - Mixer - AR10
Emergency Stop Actuator - Bear - Mixer - AR30
Emergency Stop Adaptor - Bear - Mixer - AR30
Whisk - Bear Mixer
Beater - Bear AR30 MK1 Mixer
Paddle - Bear AR40/MK1 Mixer
40L Wire Whip (thin wires) - Bear - Mixer - AR40/MK1
V Belt- Bear TG63DGY-1736- Varimixer
Paddle - Bear AR00J- Mixer
Meat Grinder Knife (blade size 12) - Bear - Mixer - RN20
Paddle - Bear Varimixer RM10
Whisk - Bear - Mixer - RN10
Whisk - Bear RN201 Mixer
80Qt Whisk Bear AR80/MK1F Mixer
20L Hook - Bear - Mixer - AR40
40L Hook - Bear AR40 Mixer
Dough Hook - Bear Varimixer AR30
Beater - Bear Varimixer RN20 RN20/VL2 Mixer
Wire Whip (thin wire) - Bear Varimixer RN20
Wing Whip - Bear AR200MK Mixer
Dough Hook - Bear R20 Mixer
20L Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN20 Mixer
Beater - Bear AC80 Mixer
Balloon Whisk Bear AE60 Mixer
20L Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN20 Mixer
SUPERSEDED 12L Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN20 Mixer
Whisk - Bear RN10-VL2 Mixer
Balloon Whisk Bear AR40/MK1 Mixer
Balloon Whisk 6mm Wire Bear AR40/MK1 Mixer
Balloon Whisk 5mm Wire Bear AR40/MK1 Mixer
12ltr Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN20
20ltr Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN20
Bear Veri Mixer RN201 20 Ltr Balloon Whisk
Balloon whisk - Bear R10 Mixer
Stainless steel Cutter - Bear B2000 Mixer
30L Whisk - Bear Varimixer RN30 AR30L/MK1
100L Whip - Bear Varimixer RN-100
Lifting motor - Bear AR100MK2 Mixer
Washer - Bear Varimixer AR40/MK1
Needle Bearing Ring - Bear RN20 Mixer
Front panel VL2, standard foil + att - Bear -
Front panel, standard foil, mounted - Bear -
Motor Pulley Assembly- Bear TG63DGY-1736- Varimixer
PCB - Bear Easylift 140 Mixer
Relay - Bear Easylift 140 Mixer
Relay Overlay - Bear Veri AR30L Food Mixer
Pinion - Bear Mixer
Pinion - Bear Mixer
Spring - Bear Varimixer AR40/MK1
Tilting Switch - Bear - Bowl Elevator - EASY LIFT 140
Emergency Stop Button - Bear RN20 VL-2 Mixer