Company Details Beha-Hedo Industries is an old, established, but up to date Company,which has been producing a wide range of Galley Equipment for nearly 100 years. Their products are known worldwide for quality, reliability and durability. Beha-Hedo produce hotplates, baking and roasting ovens, fryers and various other products.

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Beha Parts
Temperature Control - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Contactor - Beha Fryer
Contactor - Beha Hedo
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo Hotplate Range
Flat belt - Beha-Hedo Slicer
SUPERSEDED V Belt Special Beha Hedo Industrier
Heating Element 440v 9000w - Beha Hedo F19/1 Oven
Set of spiral elements 500W/480V (3 x
Heating element 5KW/480V with Gasket -
Oven Element 2200w/480v - Beha Hedo M31AD Oven
Heating Element - Beha Hedo Frying Pan
Hotplate 1500w 230mm - Beha Hedo
Hotplate 3000w 320mm - Beha Hedo
2.2kwt 480v Oven Element - Beha Hedo
Hotplate 4500W/400V 520 x 340mm - Beha Hedo
3000w 480v 320mm Hotplate - Beha Hedo
Heater Element - BEHA-HEDO Frying Pan
Hotplate - Beha S30ABT Oven
Hotplate - Beha S30ABT Oven
1500w Hotplate - Beha Hedo
Hot Plate 3000w/440v - Beha Hedo M31BA Range
Element 3000W 380-400V Beha Hedo 61D
Hotplate 4500w 480v 520x340mm - Beha Hedo Industries AS
Element Set Complete - Beha Hedo Frying Pan
Complete element set - Beha Hedo 5610 Fryer
Hot Plate 4500w/440v - Beha Hedo M31BA Range
Heating Element - Beha Hedo M31BA Range
Set of Elements - Beha Fryer
Hot Plate 1500w/440v - Beha Hedo M31BA Range
Heating Element 2500w 440v - Beha Hedo M31DD
3kwt Element 230v - Beha-Hedo
550w LM2215-1 Element - Beha Hedo
1000w/400V Heating Element - Beha Hedo
Fry Pan c/w Elements 5kwt 440v - Beha Hedo
Element 2200W 380/400- Beha Hedo M31AB Oven
Insulation Pad - Frying Pan - GSL3140
Complete Set of Spiral Elements 5000w 440v - Frying Pan - GSL3140
Evaporator Coil - Beha Hedo M2295WW Fridge
Automatic Fuse - Beha Hedo
Door Gasket - Beha Hedo MKG300 Fridge
Gasket for flange, 8 holes - Beha Hedo 011003
Door Handle Complete Beha Hedo CH-802 Freezer
Knob for Switch - Beha Hedo M31 Range
Knob for Thermostat - Beha Hedo M31 Range
Knob Operating Switch - Beha Fryer
Thermostat Knob - 300c - Beha Hedo
Green Pilot Lamp - Beha Hedo M31AA F19/1 Galley
SUPERSEDED Pilot Lamp - Beha Hedo M31 Range
Actuator Control Unit - Beha-Hedo 4210
Acoustic Alarm - Beha Hedo F19/1
Actuator - Beha Hedo - Frying Pan - 4218
LINAK Actuator Set - Beha Hedo - Fryer - 4210
Evaporator Fan Motor - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Condenser Fan Motor - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Stainless Steel Oven Liner - Beha Hedo M31BA Galley Range
LAM PC Board EK 0300824 - Beha Hedo
Temperature Sensor - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
L/H Short spring - Beha Hedo
R/H Long spring - Beha Hedo
Switch - Ego Switch 43.24216.020 - Beha Hedo
Safety Switch / Tilting Element - Beha F19/1 Fryer
Operating Switch - Beha Fryer
Main Switch - Beha Hedo F18/2 Fryer
Main Switch - Beha 2720 Cold Counter
Stop Switch Complete - Beha Hedo
Switch 0-1-2-3 - Beha Hedo
Selector Switch - Beha-Hedo 30 Hot Plate
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo
Terminal - Beha Hedo Oven
Insulated Conductors - Beha Hedo Hotplate
Terminal Neutral - Beha Hedo Oven
Earth Terminal - Beha Hedo Oven
Transformer - Beha Hedo Hotplate
Transformer 440v - 220v - Beha Hedo - Oven
Transformer (380-400/440V) - Beha Hedo
Transformer - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Transformer pilot - Beha Hedo Industrier AS
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Beha Hedo M31BA Range
Safety Thermostat - Beha Hedo Fryer
Thermostat - Beha Hedo Fryer
SUPERSEDED 13amp 230v Energy Regulator - Beha Hedo
Safety Thermostat - Beha 4210/4218 Fryer
Thermostat 50-200°C - Beha Hedo 1850 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Beha Hedo
Safety Thermostat - Beha Hedo
Thermostat 30-110 deg c - Beha Hedo Bain Marie
Simmerstat - Beha Hedo 4210 Fryer