Company Details Established in 1973, Berto's produces reliable, sturdy top-quality products designed for the professional kitchen. Berto's specialise in fryers, ovens and grills for the commercial catering industry

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Berto's Parts
Fryer Basket - Bertos E7F18-4M
0.30mm Pilot Burner Nozzle LPG - Bertos G7GL4B Griddle
LPG Injector Bertos G7GL4B Griddle
LPG Jet Bertos Fryer GL20+20M
Gas Jets - LPG Jet Bertos Fryer GL20+20M
Jets - LPG Pilot Jet - Bertos Fryer - GL15+15M
Burner Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Pan Support - Bertos - Oven
Contactor - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Door Hinge Roll Holder - Berto's Oven G6F6+TE
Door Hinge - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Door Hinge - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
R/H Door Hinge - Bertos - Oven
Door Hinge Roll Holder - Bertos - Oven
Wiring for Light Resistor-Berto's Oven
1.6kw Element - Bertos Tilting Pan
Heating Element 1500w 240v - Bertos
Heating Element 18000w 230v - Bertos
Heating Element 1350w 240v - Bertos
Heating Element - Bertos
Element 1900w - Bertos
Heating Element - Bertos
2300vw 230v Heating Element 300mm x 210mm - Bertos CCS00234
Element Bertos E7F10 Fryer
Heating Element - Bertos
3kwt Hotplate - Bertos
Element (400v 3kwt) - Bertos E7P4+FEI
Oven Heating Element - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
SUPERSEDED Heating Plate - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Top Heating Element - Bertos - Oven - PSL/SX
Heating Element - Bertos E7FL8BP-2 Fryer
Heating Plate - Bertos - EGO 11.33454.246
900w Heating Element - Bertos
Square Plate - Bertos E7PQ+FE1 Oven
220mm Dia 2600w 230v Round Plate - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Heating Element - Bertos - Oven - E9P101
Oven element - Bertos E6P4+FE1 Oven
Hot Plate 9" dia 400 V 13.7Kw 50hz -
3500w Hotplate ø300mm 220v - Bertos E9P4+FE
Heating Element - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Crumb Screen - Bertos Fryer - L 215mm W 275mm
Door Gasket - Burto's - Oven
Door Seal - Bertos - Oven - 700
Lid Seal - Bertos - Steam Kettle - SE9P15IA+CAI
Valve Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Gas Valve Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Gas Valve- Bertos Fryer Gas Valve - GL7+7M
Spark Plug Bertos G9FL8M-2 Bratt Pan
Piezo Ignitor Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Door handles for terminal (Silver) - Bertos G9F4+FG Oven
Fitting & Bicone - Bertos GL20+20M Fryer
Pipe Fitting - Bertos GL20+20M Fryer
Tube - Bertos GL20+20M Fryer
Control Knob Dial - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Black Control Knob - Bertos
Control Knob - Bertos - Fryer - E9F22-8M
Knob Backing - Bertos E9F22-8M Fryer
Black Knob with Pin - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Control Knob - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Grey Knob - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Knob Backing - Bertos
Knob Backing - Bertos
Knob Backing - Bertos
Knob - Bertos E7FL8BP-2 Fryer
Control Knob - Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Orange Light Lens - Berto's - Oven
Green Light Lens - Berto's - Oven
Orange Neon - Bertos
Green Pilot Lamp - Bertos E9P4+FE
Green neon - Bertos E7P4+FE1 Range Oven
Orange Bulb - Bertos
Green Bulb - Bertos
Indicator Lamp - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Orange Lamp - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Magnetic Closure - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Fibre Board - Bertos - Oven - PSL/SX
Single Protective Sheet - Bertos - Oven -
Water Level Regulator - Bertos
Fixing Crown - Berto's - Oven
Fixing Bracket for Thermostat and Switch- Berto's - Oven
Fan Motor - Bertos E7P4+FE1
FIME Fan Motor - Bertos E7P4+FE1
Brass Bicone - Bertos GL20+20M Fryer
Top Pilot Assembly NG - Bertos - G7FL8B-2/CR
Pilot Jet NG - Bertos - G7FL8B-2/CR
One flame Pilot Burner - Bertos - Oven
Pilot Burner - Bertos - Oven
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Bertos - Fryer - GL20+20
Pilot Body - Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Pilot Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Anti-Vandal Button - Bertos Tilting Pan
Level Control Probe - Bertos
Electromagnetic Switch - Bertos
Limit Switch - Bertos
Electromagnetic Switch - Bertos E9F22-8M Fryer
Remote Control Switch - Bertos Tilting Skillet
Commutator - Bertos
Microswitch - Bertos
Selector Switch - Bertos
Ego 49.27215.520 Selector Switch - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Switch (Hotplates) - Bertos
Selector Switch - Bertos E7FL8BP-2 Fryer
Water Inlet Tap with Spout - Bertos E9P10D
Drain Tap - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Thermocouple Bertos G9FL8M-2 Bratt Pan
Thermocouple - Bertos GL15+15M GL20M Fryer
Thermocouple for Bertos Fryer GL10
Thermocouple For Gas Valve - Bertos GL15+15M
600mm Thermocouple - Bertos - Oven
Terminal Block - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Terminal Kit 400V - Berto's - Oven
Safety Thermostat - Bertos
Control Thermostat - Bertos
Safety Thermostat - Bertos Tilting Pan
Working Thermostat - Bertos E6F10-6B Fryer
Thermostat - Bertos Tilting Pan
Safety Thermostat - Bertos
Safety Thermostat - Bertos
Oven Thermostat - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Thermostatic Gas Valve Bertos 9GL22+22M/R
Thermostat EGO 55.34059.806 - Bertos
Overheat thermostat - Bertos Fryer GL20+20M
SUPERSEDED 50-320c Oven Thermostat - Bertos E7PQ+FE1 Oven
Safety Thermostat- Bertos EFF10-8MS Fryer
Thermostat -Ego Safety Thermostat - E9BR Bertos Bratt Pan
Safety Thermostat - Bertos E7F10-8MS Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Bertos Fryer 3 Phase T12
Thermostat - Bertos - Steam Kettle - SE9P15IA+CAI
Thermostat- Berto GL15+15M Fryer Thermostat 238 Deg
55.19035.020 Thermostat - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Bertos E7FL8BP-2 Fryer