Company Details Bonnet is a leading equipment manufacturer producing a range of cookers, combi-steamers and rotisserie cookers. Since 1830, Bonnet have been designing, manufacturing and installing professional kitchen equipment. An international company: Bonnet is part of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a global diversified manufacturer and a Top 100 US listed company.

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Bonnet Parts
Bonnet Solid Top Oven Insulated Block
Bonnet Solid Top Oven Insulated Block
Full Size Basket - Bonnet B906.FR25.E4 Fryer
Half Size Basket - Bonnet B906.FR25.E4 Fryer
Main Injector - Bonnet Oven
Nozzle Holder - Bonnet Oven
Burner - Bonnet Maestro Salamander Gas Grill
Burner cap (110mm) - Bonnet B39SC800AL Oven
Burner cap (85mm) - Bonnet B39SC800AL Oven
Pilot Burner Bracket - Bonnet - B-B9FV400AL
Burner Ring - Bonnet I-D706 Oven
Condensor - Bonnet S100K01 Chiller
Contactor - Bonnet
Slider - Bonnet GTICR Range
Door Glass Ext. (per metre)-Bonnet Convection
Ignition Lead - Bonnet B 906.1 CF800FG
Heating Element 2kwt - Bonnet I-B906 FR15E4 Fryer
Ceramic Heating Element - Bonnet SEM600BDS Salamander Grill
Cavity element - Bonnet FOURS MIXTIS
440v Bottom Heating Element - Bonnet Oven
Heating Element 1800W - Bonnet Bratt Pan
Evaporator - Bonnet MB2P2+GI Fridge
Gasket - Bonnet S131D6 Fridge
Door Seal - Bonnet - Fridge - S110D22
Magnetic Door Seal - Bonnet S100K01 Fridge
Door Seal - Bonnet - Oven - S105D61
Door Gasket 572mm x 462mm - Bonnet SD106D61
Door seal (small) - Bonnet fridge
Drawer Seal - Bonnet Fridge
Drawer Seal - Bonnet Fridge
Cavity Door Seal (per metre) - Bonnet P140E01 Combi Oven
Glass Door Gasket - Bonnet B-FM10:1011PI:E4
Cavity Gasket - Bonnet B-FM10:1011PI:E4
Drawer Seal - Bonnet - Fridge - SR1600 GR700TOQUE
Drawer Seal - Bonnet 616031 Fridge
Cavity Gasket - Bonnet B-FM10.2011PIE Oven
Gas Tap - Bonnet SAL53G SMB Salamander Grill
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Bonnet Fryer
Gas Tap for Hob - Bonnet B-B9FV400AL Range
Gas Tap - Bonnet B-B9FV400AL Range
LPG Jet- Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Electrode - Bonnet I-B906.1CF800.FG
Ignition Box - Bonnet B 906.1 CF800FG
Tilting Handle - Bonnet 1B906SA41BME4 Tilting
Thermostat Knob - Bonnet
Control Knob - Bonnet 4 Burner B-B9PFV1000
Control Knob - Bonnet EQ+202-1-ECE4
Gas Control Knob - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Chrome Control Knob - Bonnet - BCB
Control Knob - Bonnet Boiling Kettle
Control Knob Insert - Bonnet Boiling Kettle
Evaporator Fan Motor - Bonnet SP600
Fan Motor - Bonnet S200K12 Bio Top Chiller
Electronic Board PCB - Bonnet Fryer - FR25
PCB - Bonnet Deep Fryer
Potentionmeter - Bonnet Deep Fryer
LPG jet - Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Pilot Light Injector - Bonnet - Grill - SGM600-555941
Pilot - Bonnet B1A9PG Oven
NG Pilot Jet - Bonnet Oven
Burner Venturi - Bonnet Oven
Pilot Assembly With Electrode - Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Pilot Olive - Bonnet - B1A9PG
6mm Pilot Nut - Bonnet - B1A9PG
6mm Pilot Tubing (sold per metre) - Bonnet - B1A9PG
Injector Pipe - Bonnet Electric Oven
Pressure Switch Bonnet Dishwasher
Drain Manostat - Bonnet Fryer
R-Shaped Clip - Bonnet Oven
Drawer Runners (pair) - Bonnet - Fridge - SR1600 GR700TOQUE
Solenoid Valve - Bonnet B1A9CP4PE-40 Pasta Boiler
Solenoid Valve - Bonnet I-B906.SA65.BE.E4 Frying Pan
Lid Spring - Bonnet
Ignition Switch - Bonnet I-B906.1CF800.FG
On / Off Switch - Bonnet - Fridge - S200K01
4-Position Selector Switch - Bonnet I-B906.SA65.BE.E4 Frying Pan
Thermocouple - Bonnet - Grill - SGM600-555941
Thermocouple - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Flexible Thermocouple Extension - Bonnet Salamander Grill
Bonnet Gas Oven B-B9 FV800FG
Thermocoupling - Bonnet B-59P,MA.BM150.G- Ban Marie
3 Pole Safety Stat - Bonnet Oven - Equator
Stat Regulator - Bonnet Oven - Equator
Thermostat - Bonnet
High Limit Thermostat - Bonnet
Thermostat- Bonnet 235 - Oven
Capillary Tube - Bonnet SK100-K03 Fridge