Company Details Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group is the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Bosch combine efficiency, quietness, and quality with unrivalled ease of use in washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, cooktops and refrigeration

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Bosch Parts
Heat Exchanger - Bosch SGV43E03GB/31
Drain Pump - Bosch WBB24759GB/01 Domestic
Door handle - Bosch WTV74103 GB/04 Tumble
Motor Assembly - Bosch WAE24162UK Domestic
White Door Handle - Bosch KTR1670GB/45
Carbon Motor Brushes - Bosch WAA28161GB/07
Rubber Door Seal (new style) - Bosch domestic
Complete door - Bosch WAS32460GB/08
Door seal - Bosch KSR32623GB/06 Fridge
Door seal - Bosch KSR32623GB/06 Fridge
Top RH/Lower LH Hinge - Bosch KUR15A40GB/03
Top LH/Lower RH Hinge - Bosch KUR15A40GB/03
Door seal - Bosch KGU3460GB/03 Freezer
Door seal - Bosch KGU3460GB/03 Fridge
Drain Pump - Bosch
Drain Pump - Bosch
Door Seal for Bosch Classic 1400
Door Seal - Bosch - Fridge / Freezer -
Compressor Bosch FD9107 Fridge Freezer
Solenoid Valve Bosch FD9107 Fridge Freezer
Thermostat - Bosch - Fridge - KTR15V20GB-01
Door Handle - Bosch E-NRGTA37902/02 Freezer
Frozen food container - Bosch FD8308 Freezer
On/Off Switch - Bosch SGI5305GB11 Dishwasher
Obsolete Control Module - Bosch SGI5305GB11 Dishwasher
Motor - Bosch - Washing Machine -
Door Interlock Electric Lock - Bosch -
Power Module - Bosch - Washing Machine
Module Control - Bosch - Washing Machine
Drain Pump - Bosch - Washing Machine
Door Cover - Bosch HMT9656GB Microwave
Element Bosch SMI2031GB/11 Dishwasher
Drain Pump - Bosch WLM40 Washing Machine
Power Module - Bosch WLM40 Washing Machine
Motor - Bosch WLM40 Washing Machine
Door Seal - Bosch KTR1572GB/46 Fridge
Polyvee Drive Belt - Siemans Bosch WTW86563IT
Door Hinge (pair) - Bosch - Fridge - KIR32441/03
Glass Panel - Bosch KSR31/GB Fridge
Glass Shelf - Bosch KSR31/GB Fridge
Fan Oven Element - Bosch HBN205TGB/05 Oven
Motor Assy - Bosch WAE24060GB Washing Machine
Door Interlock - Bosch WAE24060GB Washing Machine
Power Module - Bosch WAE24060GB Washing Machine
Drain Pump - Bosch WAE24060GB Washing Machine
Valve Magnet Position - Bosch WAE24060GB Washing Machine
Door Seal - Bosch KSV36VB30/01 Fridge
Door Lock Switch - Bosch WAE24366GB- Washing Machine
Electrnoic Board - Bosch WAE24366GB- Washing Machine
Drive Belt - Bosch Classix Tumble Drier - WTV74105GB/15
Door Gasket - Bosch Washing Machine
Door Seal - Bosch KUR15A40GB/04 Chiller
Evaporator Fan - Bosch GSN32A21GB02 Fridge
Door Seal - Bosch - Fridge - GSL1202
Door Seal - Bosch - Fridge - KSR38N01GB
Handle - Bosch - Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Bosch - KAN58A40GB
Electric Lock - Bosch Washing Machine - WIM64
Bottle Shelf - Bosch - Fridge - CLASSIXX
Poly-V Drive Belt - Bosch Washing Machine
Fridge Door Lower Bottle Tray - Bosch KUR15A50GB/01 Fridge
Container - Bosch - Tumble Dryer - CLASSIC7
Upper/Middle Fridge Glass Shelf - Bosch Classix FD8306 Fridge