Company Details Brasilia Spa. are a world brand in coffee making and their professional coffee machines have been distributed to 100 countries worldwide over the past twenty five years. Brasilia’s love of coffee has encouraged their development of top quality equipment for professional catering businesses and baristas worldwide. A S Catering Supplies can supply a range of spare parts for these Brasilia Coffee Machines; with handles, push buttons, switches, elements, control knobs, PCBs to name a few. You are welcome to identify the part you require through our website and buy the item online but if you are in any doubt as to the spare part you need then call us and A S Catering Supplies will be happy to advise you on the correct part. The list of parts available on our website is not exhaustive so it is always worth giving us a call to source parts for your Brasilia machine old or new, like the BF15 model or the Gradisca Series. Let A S Catering Supplies help you get your Brasilia unit back up to full functionality once more.

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Brasilia Parts
Filter Holder Gasket with lateral outlets -
Gasket 1001428 - Brasilia Port Fino/DIG3GR
Gasket 1001365 (pack of 10) - Brasilia Port
Gasket 1000836 (pack of 30) - Brasilia Port
5kwt Element - Brasilia Gradisca 3 Group
6 Position Selector Switch - Brasilia BF15
2 Scales Pressure Gauge - Brasilia BF15
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Pressure Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Small Fan Bar and Super Americ - Brasilia
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Bipolar Push Button Square - Brasilia BF15
Pressure Gauge Boiler Pump - Brasilia BF15
Black Switch Handle - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Heating Element Brasilia Gradisca 2kw
Element Gasket - Brasilia Gadisca Coffee
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Bipolar Push Button Orange - Brasilia BF15
General Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Bipolar Push Button Without Li - Brasilia
Black Converter Handle - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Switch Handle Century - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Drain Tank Fitting Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Drain Tank - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Level Gauge Control box - Brasilia BF15 Coffe
Element Brasilia Gradisca Coffee Machine
Brasilia Gradisca 2 Group Coffee Machine
Brasilia Gradisca 2 Group Coffee Machine
Main switch - Brasilia Coffee Machine 258380
Element - Brasilia 2-Group Gradisca Coffee
Gear - Brasilia Dosatore RR45A RR45 Silent
Pin OT ø4mm L-16mm - Brasilia Dosatore RR45A
Spring for Lever - Brasilia Dosatore RR45A
Gasket 1001390 - Brasilia Port
Jet Filter 14x12mm - Brasilia
O-Ring - Brasilia
Filter Holder Gasket - Brasilia
Element Gasket - Brasilia
Group Gasket - Brasilia
Gasket - Brasilia
O-Ring- Brasilia
Orange Lamp Cap - Brasilia
Green Lamp Cap - Brasilia