Company Details Buffalo offer heavy duty professional electrical products including kettles, fryers, BBQs, microwaves, hot plates, slicers, coffee machines, grills, cookers, bain maries, griddles, water boilers , blenders and toasters to the catering industry

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Buffalo Parts
Safety Gaurd for Buffalo Meat Slicer U627
Control Thermostat - Buffalo Grill
Wiring of Plate Connecting Spring - Buffalo - L530
Lower Element - Buffalo GF269 Conveyor Toaster
Buffalo 100 Pie Warmer - Heating Element
Fryer Control Knob - Buffalo P107 L300 L301 L
Roller Ring - Buffalo Microwave L320
Glass Tray - Buffalo Microwave L320
Coffee Plastic Filter Pan - Buffalo G108 Boiler
EGO Thermostat - Buffalo CD582 Bain Marie
Safety Thermal Cutout - Buffalo L301 L485 Fryer
Safety Cut Out Switch - Buffalo Fryer L301
Stuffing plug - Buffalo S047 L301 Bain Marie
Drip Tap - Buffalo Bain marie T300 L310 T301
Heating Element - Buffalo Griddle P109
Cut Out Thermostat - Buffalo L715
Water Boiler Tap Assembly - Buffalo J709
Thermostat (with knob) - Buffalo J518 J519
Element - Buffalo Bain Marie S007 S077 S047
Red On /Off Rocker Switch - Buffalo L518 SO4 L554 Contact
Flexible hose connection - Buffalo S047
Heating Element 1.3kwt - Buffalo L371 L310
Mica Warming Plate - Buffalo L715
Micro Switch Blade Guard - Buffalo U626
Buffalo T302 Water Boiler Main Outlet Tap
Element - Buffalo G791 Griddle
Perspex Hand Guard - Buffalo U627 Meat Slicer
SUPERSEDED Over Load Trip Buffalo Griddle - SP00480
Adjustable Rubber Foot - Buffalo Meat Slicer U627
Adjustable Plate - Buffalo U626 slicer
Top Element - Buffalo L511 Contact Grill
2.8kwt Element - Buffalo P108 Griddle
Bottom Element - Buffalo L511 Contact Grill
Drain Tap - Buffalo CC190 CC193 CC192
Perspex guard - Buffalo P267 Meat Slicer
Temperature Protector Thermostat - Buffalo S047 Bain Marie
Element - Buffalo P106 Grill
Buffalo 20litre water boiler w/boil dry safet
Re Indicator Neon Lamp - Buffalo L371 L501 L511
KSD302 Thermal Cut-Out 120c - Buffalo Contact
Element - Buffalo L301 Fryer
Bottom Element - Buffalo L537 L553 L554 CD474
Top Element - Buffalo L537 L553 L554 CD474
Element - Buffalo P108 Griddle
Element - Buffalo L370 P107 Fryer
Element - Buffalo L515 Electric Griddle
Drive Belt - Buffalo U626 Meat Slicer
Blade Protection Plate with Square Bolt -
Control Knob - Buffalo L518 Contact Grill
Spring - Buffalo L554 Grill
Main Handle - Buffalo L554 Panini Grill
Bottom plate - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Buffalo GT85 Toaster Conveyor Upper Element
Thermostat - Buffalo Water Boiler 3F375
Blade bearing housing - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Blade shaft - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Tie rod c/w knob - Buffalo U626 Slicer
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Buffalo Meat Slicer U626
Element - Buffalo P105 Toaster Grill
Complete Tap Assembly - Buffalo CF357 CB961
Sharpening Stone with cover - Buffalo U626 Meat Slicer
SUPERSEDED Straight Probe Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Bent Probe Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Leg - Buffalo L715 Soup Kettle
On/Off switch - Buffalo CD278 Meat / Food Slicer
Power Switch Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Main PCB Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Fan - Buffalo DM069 Convection Oven
Control thermostat knob - Buffalo CALD01
Thermostat - Buffalo CALD01 Bain marie
Relay On/Off Switch Buffalo U626 U627 Slicer
Temperature knob - Bufallo J709 Water boiler
SUPERSEDED Bent Probe Kit- Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Straight Probe Kit- Buffalo CF357 Water Boile
Tank Access Cap/Seal - Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Big Chopping Blade - Buffalo K335 Mincer
Blade Guard - Buffalo CD278 Slicer
Plastic Hand Guard - Buffalo CD278 Slicer
SUPERSEDED - Thermal Cut-out - Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Complete tap assy - Buffalo J722 Water boiler
Thermostat - Buffalo DM069 Oven
Oil Seal - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Operating Shelf - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Speed Handle & Shaft - Buffalo - Mixer -
Bowl Assembly - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Handle Block Cover & Block - Buffalo - Mixer
Gear - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Bearing - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Timer knob - Buffalo CC038 Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan motor - Buffalo CC038 Fan Oven
Thermostat knob - Buffalo CC038 Oven
Silicon Washer - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Double Connection W/Nut - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Spring - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Teflon Washer - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Flange (Close) - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Mains Plug & Cable - Buffalo - P109 Griddle
Buffalo Slicer CD278 Pulley Axle Cover
Element & hexagonal screw - Buffalo F249
Buffalo Slicer CD279 Blade Cover Axle
Hopper Knob Buffalo Meat Slicer
1.3kwt Bottom element - Buffalo L530 L519 Contact Grill
Top element - Buffalo L530 Contact grill
Main Oven Door Catch Buffalo 90900543 Oven
Control Panel Assembly - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Element - Buffalo L484 L485 Fryer
Oven Control Knob - Buffalo 90900543 Oven
Hotplate Control Knob - Buffalo 90900543 Oven
Table Stirrer Motor Buffalo G316 Microwave
Blade Guard - Buffalo CD277 Slicer
Cutting Blade - Buffalo CB943 Mincer
SUPERSEDED Door Assembly - Buffalo G316 Microwave Oven
Upper element - Buffalo G787 Toaster
120°C Auto reset thermostat - Buffalo CC193
Fuse - Buffalo CC193 Water boiler
Plastic Hand Guard - Buffalo U626 Meat Slicer
Main Oven Door - Buffalo DM69 Oven
Bowl - Buffalo CD605 Mixer
Complete Sharpening Blade Tool - Buffalo CD277
Heat Dish - Buffalo Boiler c/w seal & Element
Foot - Buffalo S007 Bain Marie
Thermostat Buffalo CC190 Urn
Oven Thermostat - Buffalo - Oven -
Red stop/start button - Buffalo Mixer - CD606
Green stop/start button - Buffalo CD606 Mixer
Thermostat - Buffalo F131 Coffee Machine
Complete Tap - Buffalo F131 Coffee Machine
Overheat thermostat - Buffalo F131 Coffee
Connecting Hose - Buffalo - Fryer - L301
Conveyor Motor - Buffalo G785 Toaster
Water Tray - Buffalo Pie Warmer - GF454
Safety guard - Buffalo CD606 Mixer
Microswitch - Buffalo Bain Marie SO47B
Lamp/Bulb - Buffalo GF455 Pie warmer
Door Assembly - Buffalo CF359 CF358 Microwave
Push switch - Buffalo CF359
Light Switch Buffalo CD401 Oven
Bottom Element Buffalo CD401 Oven
Knob Buffalo L715 Soup Kettle
Soup Type Labels Buffalo L715 Soup Kettle
Lid - Buffalo L715 Soup Kettle
Turn Knob Buffalo CD401 Oven
Thermometer Buffalo CD401 Oven
Switch Panel Buffalo CD401 Oven
Safety Net (Back Cover) - Buffalo J602 Mixer
Middle element - Buffalo CE529 Toaster
SUPERSEDED Buffalo Slicer CD278 Blade Cover Axle
Cooling Fan - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
Teflon sealing tape - Buffalo Vacuum machine
Resistance wire - Buffalo Vacuum Machine
Microswitch (under anchor sheath) - Buffalo G784 Veg Prep Machine
Reed switch - Buffalo G784 Veg prep machine
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Buffalo L485 Fryer
Magnetron - Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Motor - Buffalo SS300C CD279 Slicer
Door Catch - Buffalo G316 Microwave
Blade Tie Bar, c/w Axle Buffalo Slicer
Base cover - Buffalo CD279 Meat Slicer
Overload Switch - Buffalo CD605 Mixer
Fryer Basket - Buffalo L490/L495
Fryer Basket - Buffalo L300 L301
Fryer Basket - Buffalo L484/L485 Fryer
Glass plate for CE208 Buffalo plate warmer
Thickness wheel - Buffalo U627 Slicer
Fuse - High Voltage - Buffalo - Microwave -
Door Seal - Buffalo/Burco BFF90LP
Rubber Foot - Buffalo S047B Sauasage Warmer / Bain Marie
Blade Nut - Buffalo CD227 Slicer
Carriage Buffalo U626 Slicer
Tie bar - Buffalo CD279 Slicer
Blade Shaft Assembly - Buffalo Slicer CD277
Door Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - CF765
SUPERSEDED Solenoid Valve - Buffalo CF357
Microswitch - Buffalo CD606 CD607 Food Mixer
Obsolete - Bowl Guard Switch Actuator - Buffalo CD606 Mixer
Blade Protection Plate With Round Bolt
Ajustable Foot - Buffalo - Slicer - U626
Liquid Trap - Buffalo - Vacuum Packer -
Sealing Bar Rubber Gasket - Buffalo - Vacuum
Heat Sealing Bar Rubber - Buffalo - Vacuum
Timer Buffalo CB433 Rotary Toaster
Centre Element - Buffalo CB433 Toaster
Sliding Glass Door - Buffalo GF455 Pie Warmer
Piezo Ignitor - Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
Spark Electrode- Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
HT Lead - Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
Red Neon Indicator Buffalo DM902 Grill
Green Neon Indicator Buffalo DM902 Grill
Blade plate - Buffalo CD279 Slicer
Pulley assy - Buffalo CD279 Food / Meat Slicer
Finger guard - Buffalo AE918 Slicer
Bent Probe Kit - Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler / Burco
Top Drip Tray Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
Oven Thermocouple - Buffalo 44449624 Oven
Oven Electrode - Buffalo Oven
Element for Buffalo Bain Marie
Blade Screw - Buffalo - CD279
Fan Element Buffalo CC038 Oven
Element - Buffalo GC719 Water Boiler
Meat Presser - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Handle - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Meat Press Assembly - Buffalo -Meat Slicer -
Pusher Assembly - Buffalo - Slicer - CD278
Top Thermocouple - Buffalo 44449624 Oven
Thermostat - Buffalo J722 Water Boiler
150uf Start Capacitor - Buffalo CD606 Mixer 20 Ltr
20uf Run Capacitor - Buffalo CD606 20 Ltr Mixer
Timer Switch - Buffalo/Polar DM069 Oven
Up/Down piston - Buffalo GF439 Chamber Vac pack machine
Sealing ring - Buffalo GF439 Chamber Vac pack machine
Blade Removal Tool - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Motor - Buffalo CD605 10 Litre Planetary Mixer
Complete Tap - Buffalo CE704 GH187 Water Boiler
Control Knob - Buffalo GF453 Electric Grill
Buffalo Water Boiler - 10 Litre Manual Fill 2.6kwt 230v
Foot - Buffalo - Grill - L553
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - G316
Bottom Heal - Buffalo - Boiler - CC191
Cutting Blade - Buffalo CD400 Mincer
Lower Plate - Buffalo CD474 Panini Grill
Upper Plate - Buffalo CD474 Panini Grill
Relay Switch - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Obsolete -RH Glass Door Buffalo W810 Pie Warmer
End Element Buffalo CB432 Toaster
Centre Element Buffalo CB432 Toaster
Thermostat Buffalo L300 Fryer - 55.13032.400
SUPERSEDED Element - Buffalo / Aztec Bain Marie SP02680
Main PCB - Buffalo GK642 Microwave
Glass Door c/w Handle - Buffalo W811 Pie Warmer
Microswitch - Buffalo GF439 Vacuum Packer
Sealing Bar Assy - Buffalo GF439 Vacuum Packer
Control Knob - Buffalo CD407 Induction Hob
Upper Right Ribbed Cast Iron Plate - Buffalo L537
Belt - Buffalo - Slicer - CE228
Upper Left Ribbed Cast Iron Plate - Buffalo L537
LH Handle Assembly - Buffalo DM902 GJ456 Panini Grill
Tap - Buffalo S047B S077 L310 S047 Bain Marie
Magnetron - Buffalo G316 Microwave
Drive Motor - Buffalo Meat Slicer - CD278 CD277
Buffalo Up- Down Pistol- Buffalo GF439- Vac Pack
Inner Glass Bottom LH Retainer - Buffalo - Oven - GD278
Hob Gas Tap - Buffalo Cooker
Element - Buffalo - Grill - CD679
Magnet - Buffalo G784 Veg Prep Machine
Main LPG Injector 43 - Buffalo CD981-P Hob
*** OBSOLETE ***Wire Shelf - Buffalo DM069 Convection Oven
Bottom LH Glass Retainer - Buffalo - GD278
Bottom RH Glass Retainer - Buffalo - GD278
Rear Sliding Door Glass *no handle* - Buffalo GF455 Pie Cabinet
Obsolete- Glass Door Assembly - Buffalo W810 Pie Warmer
Thermal Cut Out - Buffalo Crepe Machine - CC039
Drain Tap - Buffalo L300 L301 Fryer
Anchor Knob - Buffalo G784 Veg Prep
Galvanized Iron Rim - Buffalo J602 Mixer
Element - Buffalo DM868 Hot Water Bath
Seal Bar Assembly - Buffalo GF439 Vac Pac Machine
Door Catch - Buffalo GD278 Oven
End Element - Buffalo CB433 Toaster
Element Connector Set - Buffalo CB433 Toaster
Upper Element - Buffalo GF269 Conveyor Toaster
Foot - Buffalo CD277 Slicer
PCB - Buffalo - Ice Cream Machine - DM067B
Element Buffalo P1-GD278 Oven
Timer - Buffalo L508 GF453 Grill
Food Pusher - Buffalo -K335 CD400 Mincer
Feed Screw - Buffalo CD400 Mincer
Small Front Handle - Buffalo L501 L518 L519 L537 L553 L554
Door Body Latch Assembly - Samsung / Buffalo GK643 Microwave
Oil Pan - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Gas Valve - Buffalo - Oven - 90NG
Fuse - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643
Food Pusher - Buffalo CB943 Mincer
Collar/Tray RIng - Buffalo Soup Kettle L715B
Control Panel - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
RH Handle Assembly - Buffalo DM902 GJ456 Panini Grill
Seal Bar Assembly - Buffalo GF439 Vacuum Packer
Transformer - Buffalo - Microwave - CF764
Plastic Tap - Buffalo F249 Coffee Percolator
Complete Control Panel - Bufallo GF439 Vac-Pack Machine
Element - Buffalo GF452 Grill
Foot - Buffalo - Fryer - L300
Lock Assy - Buffalo G784 Veg Prep Machine
Boiler Tank - Buffalo G108 Coffee Machine
Heating Element - Buffalo W811 Pie Warmer
Grating Disc 4mm - Buffalo - Veg Prep - G784
Grating Disc 7mm - Buffalo - Veg Prep - G784
Grating Disc 3mm - Buffalo - Veg Prep - G784
Gear - Buffalo CD605 Mixer
Transformer - Buffalo - Panini Grill - L553-B
Decal Sticker - Buffalo - Panini Grill - L553-B
Worm Gear - Buffalo CD605 Mixer
Lid - Buffalo - Vac Pack Machine - GF439
Shelf- Buffalo GD278- Oven
Lower Element - Buffalo DM903 GJ455 Panini Grill
Screw Cap - Buffalo CD400 Mincer
8mm Cutting Place - Buffalo CD400 Mincer
6mm Cutting Plate - Buffalo CD400 Mincer
Tube - Buffalo - DM079 - Knife Steriliser
Control Board - Buffalo - Vac Pac Machine - GF439
Variable Speed Controller - Buffalo - Toaster - GF269
Front Guard Assembly - Buffalo GL190 Mixer
Burner c/w Thermocouple - Buffalo 44449625 Gas Oven
UK Power Lead & Plug - Buffalo L537 CC193 Contact Grill
Mixing Paddle - Buffalo DM067 Ice Cream Maker
Blade - Buffalo Meat Slicer - CD278
Door Seal - Buffalo GD278 Convection Oven
Hotplate Gas Tap - Buffalo
18 ltr Bowl - Buffalo CD605 mixer
Worm Wheel - Buffalo CD606 - Mixer
Deflector - Buffalo - CD277 & CD278
Upper Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Lower Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Electronic Control PCB - Buffalo GJ464 Planetary Mixer
Bottom Door Hinge - Buffalo GD278 Electric Oven
Main PCB Board - Buffalo CE208 - Hob
Rubber Foot- Buffalo L310B- Ban Marie
1.8L Coffee Jug - Buffalo - G108
Thermistor - Buffalo GH187- Water Boiler
All parts for this model OBSOLETE Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Door Seal - Buffalo BFCTC002 Oven
Short Handle - Buffalo CD400 Meat Mincer
Timer Knob - Buffalo GK643 Microwave
Hob Thermocouple - Buffalo CE371-P Oven
ASSY CONTROL PANEL;CM1529-1/XEU,0.9CU.FT - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Main PCB - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
8mm Disc for Buffalo K335 Mincer
5mm Disc for Buffalo K335 Mincer
Door - Buffalo GK640 - Microwave
Temperature Adjuster Knob - Buffalo CD582 L310-B L371-B
Thermostat- Buffalo CE371N BFF90NG- Oven
Dough Hook - Buffalo - Mixer - CD605
Flat Beater- Buffalo GJ464 - Mixer
Safety Guard- Buffalo GJ464- Mixer
On/Off Switch - Buffalo L501-B Grill
Timer Knob - Buffalo CB433 Toaster
Inner Pot - Buffalo L715B Soup Kettle
250W Heat Lamp - Buffalo
Aluminium Heat Shade Brass - Buffalo
Upper Grill Plate - Buffalo P111 Barbecue
Motor - Buffalo - GJ461
Overload Switch (16A) - Buffalo - GJ461
Oven Thermostat- Buffalo BFF90LP- Oven
Tension Bracket - Buffalo - Grill - DM902
Inner Glass Bottom RH Retainer - Buffalo - Oven - GD278
Mixing Blade - Buffalo - Ice Cream Machine - CM289
Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Filter - Buffalo - Water Boiler - GC719
Tap - Buffalo - GL347
Door Catch - Buffalo GD278 Oven
Polycarbonate Jug with Blade - Buffalo CD406
Noise Filter Assembly - Buffalo - Microwave - GK643