Company Details Burlodge was formed in 1984 and has expanded over the years into the successful international company of today, excelling in high quality and innovative products using the latest technology specialising in bulk hostess trolleys and plated meal trolleys. All Burlodge equipment is tailored to your specification in their two factories in Bergamo, Italy.

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Burlodge Parts
Door Striker - Burlodge BROG-20 Oven
Cold Side Gasket - Burlodge Multigen III Oven
SUPERSEDED Hot Side Gasket - Burlodge Multigen III Ove
Door Handle - Burlodge BROG-20 Oven
New Style Striker - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
New Style Chrome Handle - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
Infra-red gantry element - Burlodge M33120 MULTIGEN3
Door Seal (Hot Section) - Burlodge Multigen3 M33.120 Oven
SUPERSEDED Striker for Door Handle - Burlodge Multigen3 Oven
Fixed castor - Burlodge Multigen3 M33120 Oven
100mm Swivel castor - Burlodge Multigen 3
Condenser fan 172x51mm 230v 50/60hz- Burlodge
FIR 3008.2350 2 pole motor 230V 120w - Burlodge RTS SOS 150
Temperature probe - Burlodge M33-120 Oven
1 Metre oven probe - Burlodge M33-120 Oven
L/H Door Panel - Burlodge Multi-Gen 2
Door Seal - Burlodge Oven
Ignition Electrode c/w cable Burlodge BROG-10
Thermocouple Burlodge BROG-10 Oven
Halogen Lamp 35W 12V Burlodge BROG-20
Aluminium Tape (sold per metre) - Burlodge
Stainless Steel Fan 210 Diameter Burlodge
FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX Hot
Pin For FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX
Plug For FGE Board Burlodge FRS24EOB11A372CX
Cooling Fan Burlodge BROG-20 Oven
Door Catch Burlodge BLM52 Oven
Lockable Handle - Burlodge Multigen II Hot
Oven Door Seal - Burlodge M2100SN Oven
Temperature Probe - Burlodge - Hot Trolley - MULTIGEN2
Door Seal (Cold Section) - Burlodge Multigen11 BLM52300.0788 Oven
Amber Neon - Burlodge BROG-10 BROE-10 Oven
Door Seal - Burlodge BROG-10 BROE-10 Oven
Door Catch - Burlodge MULTIGEN32100
Oven Fan - Burlodge Multigen 2 - BLM52
180mm 25w 230v Tangential Fan Motor - Burlodge EP-2 Heated Trolley
Front Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Rear Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Circular Element - Burlodge
Safety Thermostat - Burlodge
Hi-Limit Thermostat - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
Moulded Plug & Cable (single phase) - Burlodge - Oven - MULTIGEN105
Turbine for Motor - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
4-Pole Motor - Burlodge MULTIGEN 3 Hot Trolley
Door Seal - Burlodge BROE-5 Oven
Photocell Pair Sensors Emitter & Reciever - Burlodge Policord PC/7 Conveyor
Chrome Door Handle - Burlodge - Multigen III
Door Striker - Burlodge - Oven - RB999E
Power Board - Burlodge BLM50.100
Reed Sensor with Cable - Burlodge
Heating Element 2kwt 230v - Burlodge EP2 Lowerator
CPU Board - Burlodge MULTIGEN105 Hot Cupboard
Lamp - Burlodge BROE-10 Oven
Green Indicator Light - Burlodge BROE-10 Oven
Probe Oven Chamber Temperature with S/S Cover - Burlodge BROE-10 Oven
Nylon Coiled Cable Gland - Burlodge
Halogen Lamp Housing - Burlodge
Fascia - Burlodge
Kit for Display Cable - Burlodge
Display Card - Burlodge
Silicone Heating Element 560mm x 480mm 250w 230v - Burlodge
Probe Housing Base - Burlodge