Company Details Caterlux manufacture products for the commercial kitchen from hot cupboards and small plate warmers to large bain maries with overhead heating gantries

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Caterlux Parts
New Style Short Burner - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot Cupboard
Burner Injector - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG
Set of 4 Castors - Caterlux Atlas Hot Trolley
Set of Castors - Caterlux ATLAS Hot Cupoard
Set of Castors - Caterlux Galaxy Hot Cupboard
Set of 4 Castors - Caterlux Orion Hot Trolley
Door Channel 131cm - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Door Channel 163cm - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Door Pull - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Sliding Door Roller - Caterlux Orion 3 Hot
Pair of Sliding Doors - Caterlux Orion 3 Hot
Complete Left Hand Door - Caterlux - 5CWEARLG
Pair of Doors (w/ Handles & Door Slide) - Caterlux APOLLO4
Round Door Roller - Caterlux Hot Cupboard
Plastic Door Slides - Caterlux Atlas Hot Cupboard
4.0mm Spade Style Crimp Connector Female
Heat Resisting Cable (per metre) - Caterlux
Curly Lead - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Trolley
Straight Lead - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Trolley
3.0kw Waterwell/Atlas/Long (Heating Element) - Caterlux Atlas- Bain Marie
Element for Bain Marie - Caterlux - Apollo 4
Element for Hot Cupboard - Caterlux - Apollo 4
Wet Element - Caterlux Size 3 Bain Marie
2/3 Short Wet Well Element - Caterlux Bain Marie
2kwt Element - Caterlux APOLLO3 Hot Cupboard
Complete Element Assembly- Caterlux Atlas 4/5
1.5kw Element - Caterlux - Orion Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Caterlux - Jupiter Hot Cupboard
Element 2/3 Wet Well Short - Caterlux
Element- Caterlux Wetwell 4/5 size Bain Marie
2.9kwt Element - Caterlux Atlas 4 Hot Cupboard
Element for Caterlux Orion 4 Hot Cupboard
Element - Caterlux Atlas Bain Marie
Element - Caterlux Atlas 4 Bain Marie
900 Wt Dry Heat Element Apollo 2/3 Size 4
1Kwt element - Caterlux Gemini 2436 Plate
Bottom element - Apollo 3 Hot cupboard
Element Caterlux Taurus Hotcupboard
Caterlux Bain Marie Wet Element
SUPERSEDED Caterlux - Eurosit 630 NG Gas Valve for Hot Cupboard
Caterlux NG Gas Valve for Bain Marie
Door Handle - Caterlux
Thermostat Knob - Caterlux Electric Unit
Copper Lamp Shade - Caterlux Orion/3 Hot Cupboard
Light Assembly - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot
Infra-Red Lamp - Caterlux 4IRLGS
Halogen Lamp 116mm 300w - Caterlux
Green Neon Light - Caterlux
Door Magnet - Caterlux Atlas Hot Cupboard
Door Magnet - Caterlux Taurus Hot Cupboard
4mm Copper tube - Caterlux Atlas Size 2
Baffle - Caterlux Atlas Range Hot Cupboard
Deflector Caterlux Orion 4 Hot Cupboard
Electrode - Caterlux Atlas Plate warmer
Lead - Caterlux Atlas plate warmer
Piezo ignitor - Caterlux Atlas Plate Warmer
LPG Ignition system - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 LPG Hot Cupboard
4mm Copper tube - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG
Pilot Assembly Jacket - Caterlux Atlas Size 3
Injector and Olive - Caterlux - Hot Cupboard
Pilot Assembly Jacket - Caterlux - Hot
LPG Pilot Assembly - Caterlux Atlas Size 5
4mm Gas Supply Pipe to Burner - Caterlux Orion
Nut - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot Cupboard
Sheer off - Caterlux Atlas Size 3 NG Hot
Shelf Caterlux Jupiter Hot Cupboard
Toggle Switch - Caterlux ATLAS Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard
Themocouple - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot Cupboard
Thermocouple - Caterlux ATLAS Hot Cupboard
Green Indicator Light Caterlux Taurus
Electric Thermostat c/w knob - Caterlux Atlas Orion
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Caterlux Atlas 4 Hot Cupboard
Caterlux 4PTE HLG Electric Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Caterlux Apollo 3 Hot Cupboard
Temperature Controller & Knob - Caterlux
Control Thermostat - Caterlux / Falcon
Thermostat - Caterlux 5PTEDBS Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Electric Thermostat Assembly - Caterlux Hot
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Caterlux Taurus Hot Cupboard
Thermostat Protector Bar - Caterlux