Company Details Cleveland, formed in 1847, manufacture commercial steam cooking equipment and have expanded their range of products to include jacketed kettles and boiling pans, skillets and steaming ovens which exported worldwide.

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Cleveland Parts
Cleveland Tilting Kettle Steam Outlet Assy
Steam Inlet Trunion - Cleveland Tilting
Capacitor - Cleveland
Latch left-hand - Cleveland KET-12-T
Latch right-hand - Cleveland KET-12-T
Draw-off Valve - Cleveland KDL40 Tilting Steam Jacketed Kettle
Ignition Cable - Cleveland SGL-40TR Tilting Pan
4.8kwt 240v Centre Element - Cleveland Bratt Pan
Strainer Assembly - Cleveland KDT-6-T Tilting
Fuse - Cleveland
3/4"" Steam Gas Valve - Cleveland KDLT40 Tilting Kettle
Spark Electrode - Cleveland SGL-40TR Tilting Pan
Handle - Cleveland KDT-6-T Twin Tilting Kettle
4"" Radiator Hose - Cleveland KDT-6-T Tilting
SUPERSEDED Trunion Return - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
SUPERSEDED Steam Inlet Trunion- Cleveland Tilting Kett
Steam Outlet Assy - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Trunion Return - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Bridge Rectifier - Cleveland
1/2 Strainer - Cleveland - Soup Kettle
Piston - Cleveland WT5911.06K.01
Hydraulic Jack Assembly - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Label - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Electrical Resistor - Cleveland
Actuator Motor- Cleveland F30G-LR Bratt Pan
O-Ring Replacement Kit - Cleveland Tilting
O Ring - Cleveland - Boiling Pan
Inoin Ring - Cleveland - Boiling Pan
O Ring - Cleveland - Boiling Pan
O-Ring - Cleveland WT5911.06K.01
Pressure Gauge - Garland / Cleveland KET-20-T
Safety Thermostat - Cleveland
Hex Nut - Cleveland WT5911.06K.01
Safety Valve - Cleveland KET-20T Tilting Kettle
Sensor Lead - Cleveland
Asco HV2206491 Drain Solenoid 1/2"" - Cleveland
Limit Switch - Cleveland
Tilt Switch - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Tilt Switch - Cleveland
Cold Water Tap Assembly - Cleveland
Terminal Block Assembly - Cleveland Bratt Pan
Transformer - Cleveland
Electronic Thermostat Kit - Cleveland SGL-40TR Tilting Pan
Steam Inlet Valve - Cleveland KDM40 Steamer
Stem Valve - Cleveland - Boiling Pan
Safety Valve - Cleveland - Soup Kettle