Company Details Cona started to produce coffee machines in 1910 these were the original all-glass coffee makers machines based on the vacuum principle which is recognised by coffee aficionados as the best method for making the perfect cup of coffee

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Cona Parts
Cona C500 Toaster On / Off Switch Slde Conver
On / Off Indicator (RED) - Cona C500 Toaster
Rubber Bung- Cona Toaster
Burgess Microswitch- Cona Toaster
Motor & Gear Box 4 PRM - Cona C300 C200
Cona C300 Wire Conveyor Trek / Belt
Cona C500 Top Main Case
Speed Control Unit - Cona C300 Toaster
SUPERSEDED lement - Cona Toaster - C300
Drive Motor & Gear Box Assembly - Cona 500
Shaft Bearing - (C500) - Cona
Bearing Roller & Pin - Cona Toaster
Plastic Bearing - Cona Toaster C500
Speed Control Knob- Cona Toaster
Thermostat - Cona C500 / Stawell Boiler
Cona Boiler 3/4"" Upper Tap Assy ST6
Float Switch - Cona CBA3 Boiler
Cona Toaster Shaft Bearing
Cona Toaster Flick Switch
Cona Toaster 500 Energy Regulator
Energy regulator - Cona C500 Toaster
Cona toaster Element for model C500
Drive Motor & Gear Box- Cona 500 C500 Toaster
Rotary toaster Drive Sproket- Cona Toater
Safety Cut Out Cona Stawell Boiler
Simmerstat / Temperature regulator - Cona ST6 ST2
Knob Temperature Controller - Cona C500 Toaster
Heating Element - Cona ST6
Microswitch - Cona Toaster
Cona Coffee machine Mini Heat Plate
C500 Rotary Toaster Energy Regulator
Torque Disk - Cona C500 Toaster
Cona 500 On/Off Switch Conversion Kit
Cona C300 Toaster Drive Belt
500w 230v Element - Cona C300 Toaster
Amber Ignition Light- Cona Toaster
380 V Thermostat l07-p2525-000
SUPERSEDED Cona Coffee Filter Basket (Non Returnable)
On/Off Switch - Cona C500
Wiring Loom - Cona C300 Toaster
Cona C500 Toaster On/Off Switch (Rotary)
Urn Element - Cona - ST6
Simmerstat/Energy Regulator Knob - Cona Stawell C500 ST6 Toaster/Water Boiler
Small Drive Coupling - Cona C500 Toaster
Drive Axel - Cona C500 Toaster
2kw Heating Element - Cona CBA2 Water Boiler
Relay - Cona C500 Toaster
Drive Chain - Cona Toaster C500
Large Drive Coupling - Cona C500 Toaster
Thermostat - Cona/Burshaw BE3 CBA3 Water Boiler
Float Valve - Cona Boiler 502141
Switch - Cona C300 Toaster
Control Knob Only - Cona C300 Toaster
SUPERSEDED Motor - Cona Rotary Toaster - C300
Speed Potentiometer - Cona Toaster - C300
Crumb Tray - Cona C300 Toaster
1000 x Filter Papers - Cona - Coffee Machine - PO1.1X