Company Details Cosmetal offer a wide range suitable for some of the most diverse Countries in the world, including water coolers with carbonated water for individual use in offices, for groups or restaurants. All use ecological gas and are CE and WRAC approved

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Cosmetal Parts
Bubble Neck Tap - Cosmetal Water Chiller
Thermostat - Cosmetal River 25 Water cooler
Funnel Cosmetal River25 Water Cooler
Green Waste Pipe Cosmetal River25 Water
Metal push-button bottle filler - Cosmetal
Bottle filler with plastic lever - Cosmetal
Tap Lever Cosmetal R1023A-R1 Water Cooler
Operating Button Cosmetal 50AF River Water
Service Kit c/w Valve Assembly - Cosmetal -
Swan Neck - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Adapter - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Adapter - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Standard bubbler tap - Cosmetal River25 Water
Push button - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Connection Kit - Cosmetal - Water Fountain -
Black Plastic Lever - Cosmetal River 15
Switch Assy - Cosmetal NIAGARA SL120 Water
Black Lever (for swan neck tap) - Cosmetal River25 Water Cooler
Mains Lead - Cosmetal - Water Fountain - River25
Swan Neck Lever - Cosmetal - Water Fountain - River25
Solenoid Valve - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - RIO 23A-C
Swan-Neck Tap - Cosmetal RIVER50 Water Cooler
Inline Filter - Cosmetal RIVER25 Water Cooler
Solenoid - Cosmetal - Drinking Machine - NIAGARA
Solenoid Valve - Cosmetal PX100 Dispenser
Corner - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - NIAGARA 120
Inline Filter - Cosmetal - - Water Cooler - 23A/C
Fan - Cosmetal Niagara 100ECO
Cartridge - Cosmetal RIVER25 Water Fountain
Solenoid Valve - Cosmetal Niagara Water Fountain
Tap - Cosmetal Water Cooler
Plastic Lever - Cosmetal River 30 Water Cooler
Tap - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - H20MYINF
Compressor - Cosmetal UV CONNECT 23A Fridge
Tap - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - RIVER50AF
Swan Neck Tap- Long Reach Chrome - Cosmetal River 30 Water Cooler
Silver Corner - Cosmetal - Water Cooler
Lever Spring - Cosmetal Avant Water Fountain
Left Lever - Cosmetal Avant Water Fountain
Right Lever - Cosmetal Avant Water Cooler
Valve Assy Service Kit - Cosmetal River 25 Water Fountain
Ballast - Cosmetal UV CONNECT 23A Fridge
Lamp - Cosmetal UV CONNECT 23A Fridge
Solenoid Valve - Cosmetal 23H Water Dispenser
Cold Button - Cosmetal 23H Water Dispenser
Room Temperature Button - Cosmetal 23H Water Dispenser
Water Filter - Cosmetal UV Connect 23A Water Chiller
Spring for Button - Cosmetal Avant Water Fountain
Drip Tray - Cosmetal - Water Fountain - R10-23AC
Complete Box Solenoid - Cosmetal