Company Details The Delfield Company was established in Detroit in 1949 by Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield. Delfield is one of the largest stainless steel refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world

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Delfield Parts
Plastic Bush - Sadia Delfield RS20260C Fridge
Right Hand Lid Bracket - Delfield RP1028C-RP Fridge
Compressor - Delfield - Fridge - RS20700-FMM&S
Compressor - Delfield RS1040CC-RS Fridge
Compressor - Delfield AB1ARDCLH1300GB Chiller
Condenser - Delfield - Fridge - RS10800-RM&S
Condensor- Delfield RS10350-F- Chiller
Controller - Delfied RP10280-CRP
Thermostat Controller - Delfield 407CA-CE-DHL
Digital Controller - Delfield RS20260CR
Dixell XR60CX Controller - Delfield RS10260C RS10400C-R Chiller
Controller - Delfield RP10260C-R
Delfield RS10400c-RNS Fridge Temp Controller
Controller Delfield RP1280C-RP Fridge
Dixell Controller - Delfield RS21400 Fridge
Controller Delfield RS12400 Fridge
Delfield U/C Fridge RS10550-R Contact Block
SUPERSEDED Delfield RS10100U-R Dixell Controller XR06CX
Stainless steel door - Delfield RS20260C
Delfield RP10400C-PT Veg Prep Pizza Table
Door Lock Keeper/Catch- Sadia 550 Fridge
Cabinet Frame Delfield T14/65 Blast Chiller
Delfield RS10700/R Fridge Door Hinge Bush
Delfield RS10700/R Fridge Hinge Top Pin
Delfield RP10400C-PT Veg Prep Pizza Table
Door Assembly With Lock Delfield RS10550-F
Drawer Front - Delfield RS10150U-YO-RM2S Chiller
Hinge Bush - Delfield - Oven - RS10100U-RMS
Hinge - Delfield - Fridge - RS101001-R
Hinge - Delfield - Fridge - RS20260C-R
R/H Top Hinge - Delfield RS10260R Fridge
L/H Top Hinge - Delfield RS10260CR Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray - Delfield RP10470-R
Drip Tray (Condensor) Incl.Tape,Washer,Instr. - Delfield
Evaporator - Delfield - Fridge - AB1CHSC0900JS
Evaporator - Delfield - Fridge - 6425-SE
Drier 1/4 solder - Delfield - Fridge - AB1REDCO900GB
Door Seal 655mmx755mm - Delfield RP21400-R Chiller
Door Seal - Delfield 900 Fridge
Door Seal - Sadia Delfield 1300 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Delfield RS21400-R Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Delfield RS11400-F Fridge
SUPERSEDED Delfield AB1300 Seal
SUPERSEDED Sadia Delfield RS20400-CR Door Seal
Door Seal - Delfield 18666PT Fridge
Delfield UC4048 Fridge Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Delfield RS10400C-R Fridge
Screw-in style Door Seal - Delfield 406SPL
Door Seal for Delfield 4248PT
Delfield AB900 Seal
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Viscount Delfield RS10260C/R
Door Seal - Delfield UC4048 2 Door Chiller
Door Handle - Delfield - Fridge - RD101000U-R
Door Handle Delfield RP12240R-RIPTM Fridge
Condensor Fan Guard - Delfield RS10800
Fan Blade - Delfield - Fridge - RS10350/R
Impellor - Sadia - Fridge - RS10350R
Door Lock - Delfield RS10700-R Chiller
Magnetic Profile Perimeter Heating Delfield
Grey Profile Perimeter Heating Delfield
Condensor Fan - Delfield Sadia R5104 RS10100UR
Condenser Fan Motor - Delfield - Fridge -
Condensor Fan Motor - Delfield 408-163-T Chiller
Condenser Fan Motor - Delfield RP21400-R Fridge
125mm Fan Blade - Delfield 407CA-DHL-A6 Chiller
Evaporator Motor - Delfield - Fridge - RS101001-R
Evaporator Fan Motor - Delfield - RS10350-X
Evaporator Fan Motor - Delfield - RS10350-X
Condenser Fan - Delfield
Motor 220V 50/60Hz, Evaporator/Condensor Fan - Delfield 407-CA-DHL-A6
Evaporator Fan - Delfield - Fridge - RS101001-R
Evaporator Fan- Delfield T14-65 - Blast Chiller
Glass Front - Delfield - Fridge - AB1REDC0900GB
Front Panel - Delfield - Fridge - RS10260C
Capillary Line- Delfield RS10350-F- Fridge
Temperature Probe - Delfield RS10550F Chiller
High Pressure Switch - Delfield AB1CHS09000GB
Fan Start Relay- Delfied T14/65 - Blast Chiller
Front Bolt for Evaporator Casing - Delfield RP20700-RLH Chiller
Rear Bolt for Evaporator Casing - Delfield RP20700-RLH Chiller
Shelf - Delfield - Fridge - RS21400R
Plastic Fish Tray - Delfield RS10400-X Fish
Shelf - Dellfield RS10350-R RS10350-F Fridge
Ladder Rack Fixing Lugs (Front) - Delfield RS20700-R Chiller
Ladder Rack Fixing Lugs (Rear) - Delfield RS20700-R Chiller
Shelf - Delfield Fridge RS10100U
Shelf Clip/Support - Delfield RS10100U RS10350-F Fridge
Hot Gas Solenoid - Delfield Sadia Freezer
Digital Controller - Delfield AB1CHSC0900GB Fridge
Carel Controller - Delfield U/C Fridge RS10550-R / SE055
Thermostat - Delfield UC4048 Fridge
Expansion Valve Delfield Sadia AB1CHSC0800GB
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