Derby Fridges

Company Details Derby is a Danish brand of commercial refrigeration renowned in Europe for its high quality, durability, refined lines of products and innovative design. Acquired by Metalfrio Solutions in 2006 they became even more competitive

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Derby Fridges Parts
Door Gasket - Derby G18F G18C G18CS
Overload - Derby F585 Chest Freezer - Thermal Overload
SUPERSEDED Overflow Pipe - Derby Glasswasher 40
Self Closing System (black) - Derby Esta
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Derby Fridge G18C
Rinse Hose & Bezel - Derby DS
Nylon Washer- Derby G18F G48 Freezer - Nylon Washer
Lid Handle - Derby C40T Chest Freezer
Thermostat - Derby Unic F48SU Freezer
Lower Spray Arm - DIHR Derby 400 Dishwasher
Element - DIHR Derby Wash Tank Element 2Kw 240v
Lid Gasket - Derby Esta F58S
Door Seal - Derby Esta Metalfrio Global G38F
## Obsolete ## Derby Fridge Shelfs ( SC451V )
SUPERSEDED Cycle Start Rocker Switch
Door - Derby Global G48CD Fridge Glass Door
Lid Seal - Derby Esta F68S Chest Freezer
Guide For Hinge (bottom) - Derby G48CD Fridge
Obsolete Thermostat -Derby SC45IV Evap Thermostat
Thermostat - Derby SC45IV
Condenser Coil - Derby Global 48F G38CD Fridge
Door Seal - Derby Freezer Global 48F
Thermostat - Derby FK36IV / SC45IV Fridge
Door Seal - Derby SC451VST1B Fridge
Seal for Element - Derby 400
Spring Door Hinge - Derby F48S Freezer
Door Seal (1670x570mm) - Derby UF370DL
Protective Cap/Cover for Rocker Switch - Derby DIHR Gastro 450 CF400
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Motor- Derby / Esta G38CD SC451V
Seal - Derby freezer Seal - 180026
Obsolete-SUPERSEDED Door seal - Derby 48F G48C Fridge
Thermostat - Derby Global 48CD Fridge
Top Door Hinge- Derby G18F G48 Freezer - Top Door Hinge
Door seal Derby FK360 Fridge Glass Door only
Bottom Door Hinge- Derby G18F Freezer
Front Grill - Derby Global 48C Fridge
Shelf (520mm x 470mm) - Deby Global 48CD Fridge
SUPERSEDED Jet - Derby 400 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Derby / Esta SC451V Fridge
Lower hinge (short) - Derby G48 Fridge
Lower hinge (long) - Derby G48 Fridge
Thermostat - Derby F58 Freezer
Lid - Derby F38 Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Derby 400 Green Rocker Switch
SUPERSEDED Undercounter Freezer- Door Gasket Derby G18F
Thermostat - Derby G18C G18CS Fridge
Condenser Cover - Derby G48C
Upper Glass Lid for Derby Freezer EK37C
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Thermostat - Derby Global 48C-02
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Derby Global 48CD
Lower Glass Lid for Derby EK37C
SUPERSEDED Derby Global 48C Fridge Door Seal
Glass Sliding Lids (pair) - Derby Freezer
Thermostat - Derby EK26 EK66H Freezer
Shelf - Derby FK360 Fridge/Freezer
Shelf (518mm x 477mm) - Derby G48CD G38C Fridge
White Handle - Derby Esta F48S F51C F58 Chest Freezer
Hinge Bracket - Derby/Esta F60C F58 Freezer
Hinge Bracket - Derby Freezer F48S
Lock & keys - Derby CSU306 Freezer
Bottom Hinge Plate- Derby Freezer 9320
Gasket - Derby Chest Freezer F58
SUPERSEDED Derby Freezer 9320 Hinge Guide
Glass sliding lid set - Derby EK26L Freezer
Small Shelf - Derby G18C Fridge
Glass Lid Upper - Derby Chest Freezer
Glass Lid Lower - Derby Chest Freezer
Thermostat - Derby SC45IVST Fridge
Self closing hinge - Derby 9320 freezer
Door Bracket - Derby Global 48F
SUPERSEDED Door Seal 1590x575 Derby Expo48BFD Freezer
Lid Seal Derby 222-1EGA F68S Chest Freezer
Thermostat Derby 601 Fridge
Handle Derby F30U Fridge
Thermometer Derby G18C Fridge
Handle Derby F51 Chest Freezer
Hinge Derby F51 Chest Freezer
Lid Set (upper & lower) - Derby Esta EK36L Chest Freezer
Door lock - Derby Pentane G49CDS
Door seal - Derby UF370-DS Freezer
Door Gasket - Derby F485 F48S
Thermometer - Derby G48C
Housing Cover Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Red Lamp Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Green Switch Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Yellow Switch Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Inner Housing Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Glass lower lid - Derby EK56ST Chest Freezer
Glass upper lid - Derby EK56ST Chest Freezer
Hinge Bush Derby G48C Fridge
Guide For Lower Hinge Derby G48C Fridge
Lower Hinge Pin Derby G48C Fridge
Upper Hinge Pin Derby G48C Fridge
Cover For Lower Hinge Derby G48C Fridge
Lower Hinge Pivot Derby G48C Fridge
Top Hinge Mounting Plate Derby G48C Fridge
Lower Hinge Plate Derby G48C Fridge
Evaporator - Derby - 601
Basket - Derby F58 Freezer
SUPERSEDED Bottom hinge Pivot - Derby G48 fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator fan motor - Derby G48C
Door gasket - Derby SC451V
SUPERSEDED Drain Plug Derby CF 999010019
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Derby Dishwasher KG1814
Drier - Derby - Fridge - F58
Castor Set - Derby - Fridge - F58
Compressor - Derby F58 Fridge
Thermostat - Derby 9320 Chest Freezer
New Type Door Seal (Push Fit) - Derby G38C Fridge
External Drain Plug - Derby EK26 Freezer
Hinge - Derby D69 LG Derby Freezer
Fan Motor - Derby - Freezer - F58S
Basket - Derby EK46X EK56 Fridge
Mains Cable - Derby - Fridge - EK26
Side Grill - Derby - Fridge - EK26
Side Grill - Derby - Chest Freezer - F58S
Door Seal - Derby Pentane - G49CDS
White Lid - Derby F58 Chest Freezer
Bottom/Lower Lid - Derby CSU306 Freezer
Top/Upper Lid - Derby CSU306 Freezer
Light Diffuser - Derby F51U
Grey Handle - Derby Esta F48S F51C Chest Freezer
Solid Door- Derby SC45IVSTIB- Chiller
Shelf - Derby G49CD Fridge
Lid Set (upper & lower) - Derby - Fridge - EK56H
White Lid - Derby - Fridge - F48
S/S Lid - Derby - Fridge - F48
Relay Unit- Derby EK56H- Chest Freezer
Hinge - Derby F48 Freezer
Lid Gasket - Derby - Freezer - EK26
Lower Lid - Derby - Freezer - EK27C
Upper Lid - Derby - Freezer - EK27C
Castor- Derby G19C - Fridge
Castor Pin - Derby G19C - Fridge
Evaporator - Derby G19C - Fridge
Lower Glass Lid - Derby - Chest Freezer - EK26ST
Upper Glass Lid - Derby - Chest Freezer - EK26ST