Company Details Dixell have been manufacturing controllers for the commercial catering industry for over twenty years

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Dixell Parts
230v Dixell Temperature Controller - XR20C XR206
Dixell Digital Controller XW60L 230V
SUPERSEDED Dixel Controller BMPP15011
Fridge Dixel Controller BMPP15011 XW40L
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller XR06CX - Scanfrost Chiller
SUPERSEDED Freezer - Dixell controller - XR60-C
Controller - Dixell XB570L-5N1C1-X
Slave Module - Dixell XW271K
12v Controller - Dixell XR20C
Dixell Controller - XW260L - 230V
Dixell Digital Controller XB570/QCSNMXF5XO
Dixell Digital Controller - XW20VS
Blue Line Dixell Digital Controller C/W Probe - XR02CX
AG169 Controller REK31E
Dixel Controller 1C121CX-10100
Dixell Controller - XW260K-5N0C0
Temperature Controller 230v - Dixell
Dixell Controller (UNIVERSAL-R) - Scanfrost
Cool Mate Control Panel XLR170 230v
Dixell XW30LS controller, 230v
Dixell Controller - XC706M
Dixell XR60C Controller
Dixell XR10C Controller
Electronic Controller XW260L-5N0C0 - Dixell
Dixell XT11S 24v Thermometer
Dixell Display - T620-000C0
230v Controller - Dixell XW60V-5N0C1
XR30CX-5N0C1 230v Dixell Digital Controller
Thermometer DIXELL XT11S-500 mounting
Electronic Controller - Dixell XW60L-5N0C1
Controller - Dixell XW30LRH
Controller - Dixell - C443 MINI-HIPER M 5 FVDBT L-C
Dixell XT120C Controller 230v
Dixell XT110C Controller
Dixell Controller IC121CX
Controller Dixell UNIV-R4-6N4C0
Power Module - Dixell XRPW500
Dixell XR70CX Control PCB - Porkka
SUPERSEDED Dixell Control PCB - Slave controller to T620
NTC 1500mm Sensor Dixell XT120C XT110C
NTC Air Probe - Dixell XR60C XR02CX Controller
Sensor for an AG169 / REK31E Controller
NTC 3000mm Sensor Dixell XT120C XT110C
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