Company Details Dualit have been established for over fifty years in the UK manufacturing catering equipment. Dualit toasters are part of a range of hard-working products that are tough and reliable

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Dualit Parts
Cable gland - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
Drive Chain - Dualit TM4 Conveyor Toaster
Jug - Dualit Blender
Crumb Tray - Dualit 4SLGB Toaster
Heat Control - Dualit DCT2 DCT3 Toaster
Speed Controller - Dualit TM4 T710 DCT2T Toaster
Conveyor 29"" Belt - Dualit Toaster TM1
Crumb Tray - Dualit DCT2 Toaster
Crumb Tray Guard - Dualit DCT3 SC65
Conveyor belt - Dualit TM2 Toaster
Drive Chain - Dualit QCS-2-800
Conveyor Belt - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
Element - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
Waffle Plate Set Dualit WAFGB Waffle Machine
Bottom Element - Dualit DCT1 Conveyor Toaster
Upper Element - Dualit Conveyor toaster
Glass Tube Element - Dualit Toaster T718/TM4
Element - Dualit DCT3 Rotary Toaster
Glass Tube Element - Dualit Toaster TM1 T710
End Element 230v - Dualit 4SL Toaster
Glass Tube Element - Dualit Toaster TM2/T714
Element - Dualit Toaster QCS31000 TM4
Centre Element - Dualit 65L D6BMHGB Toaster
End Element - Dualit 65L 6-Slot Toaster
Element - Dualit DCT2 295mm Rotary Toaster
Centre Element - 4 Slot Toaster
End Element - Pro Heat 3- Slot - Dualit Toaster
Element - Dualit DCP4 Toaster
Element - Dualit - Salamander - RSG1
Heating Element - Dualit - DSMMC
Adjustable Foot - Dualit - Toaster - 6SLGB
Non adjustable Foot - Dualit 6SLGB Toaster
Set of 4 Feet - Dualit DBL4 Blender
Speed Regulator - Dualit 8010 - Toaster
Crumb Tray Handle - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
Crumb Tray Handle - Dualit 6SLGB Toaster
Control Knob - Dualit QCS-2-800
Speed controller knob - Dualit TM4 Toaster
Control knob - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
Selector knob 2/4/6 position - Dualit D6BMH 6SLGB
Control Knob Dualit - 4 Bread Toaster
Control Knob - Dualit DCT2
Ejector Knob - Dualit - Toaster - D6BMHGB
Selector Knob - Dualit D6BMH Toaster
Neon light - Dualit DSKH - Kettle
Red Neon Light - Dualit D6BMH 6 Slot toaster
Red Neon 240 Volt- Dualit Toaster
Red Neon - Dualit DCT2 DCT2T
Neon light - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
Red Neon - Dualit 6SLGB Toaster
Green Neon - Dualit Majestic L Panini Machine
*OBSOLETE* Red/Orange Neon - Dualit Majestic L Panini
10ltr Stainless Steel Lid - Dualit HP10 Soup
S/S 8ltr Lid Assembly -Dualit Soup Kettle
S/S Lid - Dualit HP11 Soup Kettle
Lid - Dualit
Copper Link - Dualit - Toaster - 6SLGB
Cage - Dualit New Gen Sandwich Toaster Cage
Drive Motor - Dualit DCT2 Conveyor Toaster
Fan Motor Dualit DCT3 Conveyor Toaster
Drive Motor - Dualit Toaster T714 TM1 TM2
Fan Motor - Dualit TM1 TM2 Toaster
Fan Blade - Dualit DCT3 Conveyor Toaster
Guard Crumb Tray - Dualit DCT2 Toaster
Membrane Label - Dualit DCT2 Toaster
Set of Nuts and Bolts - Dualit - Toaster - D6BMHGB
Collection Tray C/W Handle - Dualit - Toaster - DCT2T
Feed Rack - Dualit - DCT3 - Toaster
Rack Feed - Dualit DCT2 Toaster
Crumb Tray - Dualit 6SLGB 4SAGB Toaster
Lid Spring - Dualit Majestic R-M Panini Machine
Red Rocker Switch - Dualit Toaster
Selector switch 2/4/6 position - Dualit D6BMH 6SLGB
Switch On/Standby/Off - Dualit Rotary Toaster
20A switch - Dualit Toaster
Black Rocker Switch - Dualit Majestic L
Selector Switch - Dualit 31213 Toaster
Oblong switch - Dualit Auto 4 Toaster
On/Off Switch - Dualit DCT3 DCT2 Toaster
On/Off Switch Dualit WAFGB Waffle Machine
Rotary Power Switch - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
Thermostat - Dualit DSKH - Kettle
Timer & Knob - Dualit 4SLGB 4CBGB Toaster
Timer - Dualit D6BMH 6SLGB (6 Slot) Toaster
Heat Regulator - Dualit Rotary Toaster
Thermostat Dualit WAFGB Waffle Machine
Thermostat - 15 amp Dualit Toaster
Overheat Thermostat - Dualit TM1-9113400
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
Thermostat - Dualit Hotspot Kettle
High Limit Thermostat - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
Overheat Thermostat - Dualit - Toaster - DCT2
Thermostat 400v 16A 40-280 deg - Dualit
Hi Limit Thermostat - Dualit H10 Soup Kettle
Thermostat - Dualit - Toaster - DSMMC