Company Details Founded in 1925 by M.P. Duke, they were the first manufacturer of the waterless hot well. Today, Duke Manufacturing has over twenty product lines. Duke offers a full range of reliable convection ovens and baking centers in addition to our new innovative Speed Cook solution that has been proven and perfected in thousands of installation food service applications.

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Duke Parts
Fan Blade - Duke RUF-48M
Compressor AE4440Z- DUKE
Element Pan - Duke
Food Well with Drain - Duke
Door Hinge - Duke AHPO-618 Oven
Dome Element - Duke E305M Steamer
Heat Rod Duke E-5-CBSS Serving Counter
Element 750W Duke Bain Marie
750w 120v Element - Duke
1.2kwt 240v Heating Element - Duke Bain Marie
Heating Element - Duke E303M Food Warmer
Element - Duke - Oven
Evaporator Coil - Duke RBC-60M Chiller
Copper Tubing - Duke RUF-48 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Coil - Duke RUF48/M
Evaporator Coil - Duke RUF-48M Fridge
Air Filter - Duke RUF-48M Fridge
Drain Strainer - Duke
Door Gasket - Duke - Display Fridge - SWD600-86LFM
Door Seal for Proofer - Duke - AHPO-618
Door Seal Duke RBC-60M Fridge 25.75"" x 20.50""
Screw FitDoor Seal - Duke RUF-48/M Chiller
Push-Fit Door Seal - Duke RFU-48M Fridge
Door Seal (836x510) - Duke Subway Oven - DESERIE AHPO/618
Door Seal - Duke SW600-60FLM SWD600-60FLM Fridge
Door Gasket - Duke AHPO-618 Oven
Handle- Duke AHP0618 - Oven
Infinite Switch Knob - Duke E305M Steamer
Control Knob - Duke Bain Marie
Pilot Light Amber Duke Bain Marie
Pilot Light Duke Bain Marie
Glass Lamp Cover - Duke - APHO-618
Pilot Light 120v - Duke
Lamp - Duke Bain Marie
Complete Lamp Assembly - Duke AHPO6/18
Shock Kit - Duke - Fridge - SUB-CP-TC86
Fan Ring Assembly- Duke- Fridge - RUF 48M
Fan Motor & Blade- Duke RBC-60M- U/C Fridge
Fan Motor 220VAC 50hz - Duke RUF-48M
Evaporator Fan Motor - Duke - Fridge - RUF 48M
Fan Motor- Duke SUB CP-TC60 - Bain Marie
Nut w/ Star Washer - Duke
Capillary Conversion Kit - Duke - Bain Marie - SUB-CP-TC60
RCD Circuit Breaker - Duke AHPO-618
Infinite Switch - Duke
Infinity Switch - Duke Bain Marie
On/Off Switch Duke SUB-CP-TC60M Bain Marie
HI Limit Thermostatic Switch Duke Bain Marie
Toggle Switch Duke Bain Marie
Infinite Switch - Duke E305M Steamer
Terminal Block - Duke SUB-CD60M Chiller
Thermostat - Duke - SUB-CP-TC48
Thermostat - Duke SWH700-25LEDM Bain Marie
Thermostat - Duke SW600-525 LM Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Thermostat c/w Knob - Duke - Fridge - RUF-48M
Thermostat - Duke Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Duke Bain Marie
Thermostat - Duke RUF48M Fridge
High Limit Thermostat - Duke
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Duke RUF-48M RUF4-M Chiller
Capillary Tubing - Duke RUF-48
Cap Tube 9" x 0.50 - DUKE RUF-48- Chiller