E & R Moffat

Company Details E & R Moffat was set up over forty years ago producing food displays, servery counters, backbar and kitchen equipment. The company creates both bespoke manufactured products and a large selection of standard equipment to suit the requirements of every establishment

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E & R Moffat Parts
125mm Braked Castor - Moffat GV3 13 4FHCM Hot Trolley
Un-Braked Castor - Moffat MH9 Hot Cupboard
Swivel Castor - Moffat VGEN16 Hot Trolley
Fixed Castor - Moffat VGEN16 Hot Cupboard
Condensor Coil - Moffat Deli 1900 Chiller
E & R Moffat V164009 Oven Door Hinges
E & R Moffat Hot Cupboard Door Complete
Element - ER Moffat Hotcupboard 5L3
Element - ER Moffat 5L3 5V1 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Moffat Hot Cupboard HC2000 Fan Element
1kwt Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Condenser Tray Heating Element - Moffat -
Spiral Plate Lift Element - Moffat DHPL-0
Sahara Fan & Element Unit - Moffat VCBM3B Hot Trolley
Heating Element - Moffat 3FBM Hot Cupboard
Element - Moffat HB13E8 Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Moffat Hot Lock Hot Cupboard
Fan and Element- Moffat 125DGS- Vericarte 1500
Fan Element and Lead- Moffat 2FBM103
Minisit - Moffat Hot Plate - HB H1316x8.9
Handle- E & R Moffat VCHT3 - Hot Cupboard
Heater assembly with Fan and 2kw Element for
Halogen Lamp - Moffat
Complete Fan Heater - 125° Focus2000
Plug Moffat HB16E Hot Trolley
Socket Moffat HB16E Hot Trolley
Granite Pad Cover - Moffat Bain Marie - CHB184S+GH
E & R Moffat Hotcupboard Fan Motor 27wt
Fan Motor - Moffat PF2000 Oven
1kwt Fan & Element Assembly - Moffat Hot
Moffat Hot Cupboard 1250 1kwt Fan Unit
Sneeze Screen - Moffat FTG3 Hot Plate
Thermocouple Sensor - Moffat VGEN Oven
Probe to suit controller 2460B Moffat VGEN
Low Water Sensor - E&R Moffat Sterilising Sink
Trayslide and Brackets - Moffat Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Moffat CHB15ESGH Bain Marie Control Stat
Terminal Block - Moffat HC+SPEC Hot Plate
Thermal cut-out - Moffat PF2000 HC2000 Oven
SUPERSEDED Moffat HC12ES Fan Heater Thermostat