Company Details Eliwell was established in 1980 in Belluno, Italy producing and designing electronic controllers for commercial refrigeration systems - freezers and refrigerators as well as controllers for air conditioners

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Eliwell Parts
LAE Controller-Equivalent of Eliwell EWPC902T
Probe - Eliwell IC912 Controller
Probe - IC912 12V Eliwell Controller
Controller- Eliwell Controller 12v
Controller- Eliwell EWPX171 Controller - Caravell Fridge
SUPERSEDED Eliwell Controller (c/w buzzer) - EWPC974
Controller- Elliwell electronic controller 1WC750 230V
Temperature Controller Eliwell IC912 230volts
Temperature Control Eliwell IC912 12volts
Temperature Probe - Eliwell
SUPERSEDED Eliwell controller - 230V (c/w probes)
Controller- Eliwell EW7220 Controller
Thermostat- Eliwell Thermostat IC912 12v
Controller- Eliwell IC912, # IC11P00THD300 Controller
Controller- Eliwell controller - NTC IDPLUS961 12VAC
Controller-Eliwell controller - 230V IDPLUS961 230V
ID961-12V Controller
Controller- Eliwell Controller - IWC730
Controller- Eliwell controller - ID985LX
Eliwell Controller - IWC750X
Controller - Fruilinox AF7BTIRI Fridge
Electronic Controller - Eliwell EWPC902T
Controller Eliwell ID Plus 974 12V Version
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 230V
Controller- Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 12V
Controller- Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 230V
EWPC902/T Electronic Controller 12v - Pizza Oven Etc
Digital Controller - Eliwell IWC740 230v AC NTC
12v Temperature Controller - Eliwell IC912 PT
Probe for LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
10m NTC Probe for Eliwell controller IDPLUS961 12v
NTC Probe - Eliwell IWC720 Controller
2 Pole PCB Terminal Block - Eliwell IWC720 Controller
Controller- Eliwell Controller - IC902 - 12V PTC/NTC 8A
Controller- Eliwell Controller - ID961/A-230V PTC(NTC) Probe
Controller- Eliwell IWC740 Controller, 230v
Electronic Controller - Eliwell - EWRC500LX
Probe- Eliwell Humidity Probe EWHS 280
Humidity Controller - CM7950
12v Eliwell Digital Temperature Indicator PTC/NTC selectable
230v Eliwell Digital Temperature Indicator PTC/NTC selectable
NTC Probe 1500mm faston 2.8mm
Controller 230v 50/60hz - Eliwell EW961
Electronic Controller Eliwell E7211A00HD701 EW7210 66x66mm 230v
Sensor - Eliwell PT100