Company Details Eloma developed hot air steamers which were successful internationally. Eloma are specialists in thermal appliance technology for the catering industry. Their catering equipment is made to the highest specification for the commercial catering trade

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Eloma Parts
Condensor temperature probe - Eloma Oven
Fan motor - Eloma JOKERB 6-23 Oven
Control Panel Seal - Eloma Multimax B 10/11
Door Seal - Eloma Multimax B6-11 Oven
Torsion Spring - Eloma Joker B Oven
Cooling Fan - Eloma - Cabinet
Door seal - Eloma Multimax 10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Handle cover - Eloma Multimax B10-11
SUPERSEDED Blue Handle - Eloma Multimax B10-11
SUPERSEDED Eloma Multimax 6-11 EDC Door Gasket
Round Element - Eloma Joker Combi Oven
Hexagon Nut - Eloma Joker B Oven
Washer - Eloma Joker B Oven
Pin - Eloma Joker B Oven
Bolt Lock In - Eloma Joker B Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Eloma MB611 B6-11 Oven
Rubber Door Seal - Eloma 741760 10.11T Oven
Door Retainer Catch - Falcon/ Eloma T6-11
Door Seal - Eloma Joker B C6-23 Combi-steamer
Cylinder Bolt - Eloma Joker B Oven
Torsion Spring - Eloma Joker B Oven
Washer - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Rounded countersunk head screw (pack of 25) -
Lens head screw - Eloma Genius
Zig-zag block - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Leaf spring - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Isolating disk - Eloma Genius T10-11 Combi
Case Door Cover - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Spring - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Lock nut - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Hexagon head screw - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
Lock washer - Eloma Genius T10-11 Steamer
SUPERSEDED 740217 Door Seal - Eloma B6-11 Multimax Oven
Door rest disk - Eloma Genius 10-11T Steam
Door Seal - Eloma EB60 Digital Oven
Door Gasket - Eloma Multimax B10-11
Fat Filter - Eloma T10-11 Genius
Blue Knob - Eloma Multimax B1011 Oven
Main PCB - Eloma T10-11 Genius
Halogen Lamp Holder - Eloma Joker - B6-23
SUPERSEDED Valve Support c/w Blank Screw (Brass) - Eloma Genius 10-11 Oven
Control Thermostat Eloma Genius T10-11
Fan Wheel - Eloma Joker B6-23 Oven
Handle door lock complete - Eloma Multimax
Piston Pump Eloma B10-11 Multimax Steam Oven
Potentiometer - Eloma - Combi Steamer -
Silicone gasket - Eloma Joker B 502116 Oven
Door Seal - Eloma Joker C6-23 T6-23 Oven
Oven lamp - Eloma Genius T6-11 Steamer
Meat Probe - Eloma B6-11 GGT1011 Oven
Frequency converter - Eloma B6-11 Oven
Door Handle - Eloma T20/11 Steamer
7mm Spacer - Eloma Steamer
Door Gasket - Eloma Steamer
SUPERSEDED Cover for Door Handle - Eloma Steamer
SUPERSEDED Display PCB - Eloma Steamer
SUPERSEDED Rotary Knob - Eloma Steamer
Water Pressure Regulator - Eloma Genius T10-11 Oven
Flow Meter - Eloma Genius T10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Latch - Eloma Joker B Oven
Door Latch Assy - Eloma Joker B 6-23 Oven
Fan Motor - Eloma Joker C 623
Door Microswitch - Eloma Joker C-623 Oven
Control Panel Eloma Joker T6-23 COmbi Oven
Hose Connector - Eloma Combi Oven
Fat filter - Eloma Multimax B10-11 Combi-oven
Solenoid Valve Eloma Joker T6-23 Oven
Shelf - Eloma Genius T10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan wheel - Eloma Multimax B10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Door Seal - Eloma Joker C Oven
Gasket Eloma T6-23 Oven
Hose Connector Eloma T6-23 Oven
Hose Clip Eloma T6-23 Oven
Sealing Material T6-23 Oven
SUPERSEDED Valve Support Eloma T6-23 Oven
Main Nozzle - Eloma Multimax B10-11
Core Temperature Probe - Eloma Genius Oven
Main PCB - Eloma Genius T20-11 Oven
Transformer Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Safety Thermostat Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Retaining Ring (Rotary Joint) Eloma GET10-11
Door Handle Cover - Eloma GET10-11 B10-11 Oven
Solid State Relay 90 Amps Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Oring (Rotary Joint) Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Sealing Plug Screw - Eloma GET10-11 B6-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Pressure Reducer Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Flow Meter Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Heat Paste Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Sealing Plug Spring - Eloma GET10-11 B6-11 Oven
Drip Tray Sealing Plug - Eloma GET10-11 B6-11 Oven
Solid State Relay 50 Amps Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Speaker Eloma GET10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Meat Probe 5 Wire - Eloma GET10-11 GGT1011 Oven
SUPERSEDED Halogen Lamp - Eloma GET10-11 GGT1011 Oven
Bellows Eloma GET10-11 Oven
Round Glass Lens - Eloma - Oven - Joker T
Oven Lens Gasket - Eloma - Oven - Joker T
SUPERSEDED Oven Halogen Lamp - Eloma - Oven - Joker T
Heat Exchanger Eloma T10.11 Oven
Door Catch Eloma B10-11 Oven
Control Board - Eloma B10/11 Oven
Display PCB 742465/340053 - Eloma - Combi
Grid Shelf 141437 - Eloma Joker Combi Oven
Fat filter - Eloma Multimax B10/11 Oven
Air conducting cpl - Eloma Multimax B10/11
Shaft seal - Eloma Multimax B6.11 Oven
Shaft holder - Eloma Multimax B6.11 Oven
Main motor - Eloma Multimax B6.11 Oven
Electrode - Eloma Multimax B-6-11 Oven
Electrode Gasket - Eloma MultimaxB-6-11 Oven
Single Ignition Electrode - Eloma Multimax
Ignition Electrode Gasket - Eloma Multimax
Block Eloma G20-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Eloma B6/11
Solenoid Valve - Eloma B10-11 Multimax B Oven
Triple Solenoid - Eloma Joker B Oven
Blue Chemical Tube - Eloma Joker B Oven
Tube Sprinkler - Eloma Joker B Oven
Red Chemical Tube - Eloma Joker B Oven
Double Solenoid - Eloma Joker B Oven
Lamp Lens Glass - Eloma B6-23 Combi Oven
Oven Lamp - Eloma B6-23 Combi Oven
Burner Fan Motor - Eloma Oven
Element - Eloma Multimax B10 Oven
Element gasket - Eloma Multimax B10 Oven
Door Seal (Per Metre) - Eloma MMD10-11 Oven
Door Gasket - Eloma MMD10-11 Oven
Complete Pump Assy - Eloma Genius 10-11 Oven
Rubber gasket for lights - Eloma Joker B 6-23
Lamp cover - Eloma Joker B 6-23 Combi Oven
Main Board EDC1 - Eloma EDA6-11 Combi Steamer
Control System EDA - Eloma EDA6-11 Combi Steamer
Power Supply Board EDA - Eloma EDA6-11 Combi Steamer
Operating Panel - Eloma
Hose Clip - Eloma - Steamer - MB6-11
Valve Support - Eloma - Steamer - MB6-11
Temp Probe - Eloma - Oven
Connection Gland - Eloma - Oven - B1011
Bolt Locking - Eloma Joker C6-23 Oven
Threaded Pin - Eloma Joker C6-23 Oven
Lever for Microswitch - Eloma C-623 Oven
Washer (pack of 25) - Eloma E-623 Oven
Screw (pack of 25) - Eloma C-623 Oven
Plate - Eloma C-623 Oven
32v DC 10amp Contactors - Eloma - Oven - MULTIMAX B6-11
Complete Solenoid Valve (auto clean) - Eloma B6-11 Oven
Ignition Transformer - Eloma MULTIMAX B6-11 Oven
Ignition Controller - Eloma MULTIMAX B6-11 Oven
On/Off Switch - Eloma EDC6-23 Oven
SUPERSEDED Solenoid - Eloma - Oven - B10-11
Piston Pump - Eloma - Oven - B10-11
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Eloma - Oven - B10-11
Tube Roller c/w Wash Gun Eloma Multimax B Oven
Shaft Seal - Eloma
Air Conducting Sheet - Eloma - Oven - GENIUS T1011
Seal Holder - Eloma
Motor Speed Sensor Tacho - Eloma
Door - Eloma Multimax B10-11 Oven
Hexagon Nut - Eloma
Sleeve Bush - Eloma JokerB6-23 Oven
Door Seal - Eloma Multimax/Genius B6-11 Combi Oven
Door Gasket - Eloma EB100
Clamp Speed Sensor - Eloma
SUPERSEDED Door Handle (R/H Hinged) - Eloma Multimax 6-11 O
Display Dust Seal - Eloma - JOKERT6-23
Display LCD Screen - Eloma - JOKERT6-23
Top Hinge - Eloma Joker B6-23 Oven
Door Plug - Eloma Joker B6-23 Oven
Collar Bush - Eloma Joker B6-23 Oven
Washer - Eloma
Spacer - Eloma Multimax B10-11 Oven
Support Pad - Eloma Oven
Catch - Eloma Oven
Screw CSK M5x25 V2A - Eloma Oven
Square Expander 24-27mm For Castor - Eloma
Handle - Eloma - Oven - WU14
Screws (pack of 10) - Eloma - Oven - WU14
Indicator Board - Eloma - Oven - JOKER C 623
Counter Plate - Eloma - Oven
Hexagon Head Screw- Eloma
Hexagon Nut - Eloma
SUPERSEDED Lock Washer - Eloma
Gasket - Eloma
Hexagon Nut - Eloma
Hexagonal Nut - Eloma
Hose Clamp 14-19 - Eloma
Bracket Safety Temperature Limiter - Eloma
Lock Washer - Eloma
Hexagon Nut - Eloma
Protective Strainer - Eloma
Serrated Lock Washer - Eloma
Centric Bush - Eloma
Rotary Speed - Eloma
Heating Element - Eloma
Heating Element - Eloma
Locking Washer - Eloma
Puller - Eloma
Copper Gasket - Eloma
Gasket - Eloma
Disk Nut - Eloma
Silicone Hose - Eloma
Water Intake Gas - Eloma
Fan Wheel - Eloma - B10-11
Motor Spacer Sleeve - Eloma
Dispersal Casing Gas - Eloma
Counter Flange Heating Element - Eloma
Gasket Heating Element - Eloma
Gasket Heating Element - Eloma
3-Pole Plug - Eloma
Hexagon Head Screw - Eloma
Disk Nut - Eloma
Motor - Eloma
Serrated Lock Washer - Eloma
Hexagon Head Screw - Eloma
Motor Isolating Sheet - Eloma
Crooling Wheel - Eloma
Hexagon Head Screw - Eloma
Lock Washer - Eloma
Coupling 3-Pole - Eloma
Fat Filter - Eloma - Oven - B6/23
Door Assy (No Door Handle) - Eloma GENIUS10-11 Oven
Inner Door Glass - Eloma Joker C Oven
Bolt - Eloma Joker B6-23 Oven
Filter - Eloma Multimax - B10-11
Countersunk Screw (pk of 25) - Eloma T20-11 Genius
Threaded Pin - Eloma T20-11 Genius
Door Catch - Eloma T20-11 Genius
Door Microswitch - Eloma Joker B Oven
ABBA9-30-10 Contactor - Eloma Joker B JOKER T Oven
Door Spring - Eloma Multimax - 10-11 Combi Oven
Door Handle - Eloma MultimaxB10-11 Oven
Valve Support Screw - Eloma Multimax - B10-11
Reducer - Eloma Multimax - B10-11
Double Nipple - Eloma Multimax - B10-11
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Eloma Joker T6-23 - Oven
SUPERSEDED Round Glass Lens- Eloma T 6-23- Oven
Oven Lens Gasket- Eloma T 6-23 - Oven
SUPERSEDED Contactor- Eloma T6-23 - Oven
Door Seal- Eloma Backmaster EB30 XLT- Chiller
Internal Bulb - Eloma - B10-11
Pressure Gauge - Eloma - B10-11
Complete Drip Tray - Eloma B6-11 Oven
Main Door Gasket - Eloma MULTIMAXB20-11 Oven
Lower Front Door Gasket - Eloma MULTIMAX B20-11 Oven
Silicon Gasket - Eloma - Oven - B10-11
Main Board - Eloma - Oven
Operating Panel - Eloma - Oven
RH Hanging Rack - Eloma T10-11 Oven
LH Hanging Rack - Eloma T10-11 Oven
Door Seal - Eloma Multimax - B6-11
Spring for R/H Hindged Door - Eloma Joker T Oven
Element 10.5kw - Eloma - Oven
Door Handle Assembly - Eloma Joker B 6-23 Oven
Capacitor - Eloma - Genius T10-11 - Oven
Leaf Spring - Eloma - Oven - B10-11
Isolating Disk - Eloma - Oven - B10-11