Company Details Founded in Joinville (SC), in southern Brazil, Embraco began producing in 1974 initially, to supply the Brazilian refrigerator industry, which at that time relied on imported compressors. Over the next decade, it was selling its products on five continents.

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Embraco Parts
Compressor EM60HMP 1/6HP-LBP-R134A
Compressor - EM40HMP 1/8HP-LBP-R134A
Embraco Compressor - NJ622OZ 1/HP-MBP-R134A
Embraco Compressor - FG85HAK 1/4HP-L/M/HBP
Embraco Compressor - EMT6170Z
Embraco Compressor c/w Electrics - EMT2125GK
Embraco EM60 Compressor 1/6hp 134a
Embraco FF10HBK Compressor
Compressor - Embraco NEK6210Z
Compressor - Embraco FF112HBK
Embraco FF10 Compressor
SUPERSEDED Compressor - Embraco EM40
Compressor Embraco NEK2130Z
Embraco Compressor - EMT46CLP
Embraco Compressor - EMT40CLP
Compressor - Embraco NEK1121Z
Compressor - Embraco EM60HNP
Drip tray - Embraco EM60HNP compressor
Compressor - Embraco NT6222GK
Compressor - Embraco NJ2212GK
Embraco NEK2168GK Compressor
Start Relay - Embraco FG85HAK Compressor
Embraco EMX70 Compressor R600
Embraco Compressor - NEK2150U
Embraco EM50 Compressor - R134a
Tubed Compressor - Embraco NJ9238GK
Compressor Embraco
Compressor - Embraco EM30
Embraco Compressor NEK6210GK
PTC Relay and Klixon - Embraco ENT50HDP Compressor
Compressor - Embraco T6123Z
Overload & Relay for Embraco EGU90HLC Compressor
Embraco UNEK6213GK Compressor
Embraco Compressor EMX80CLP
Compressor - Embraco EMTE6181U gas R290 HMBP
Compressor - Embraco NT6215Z
Embraco Compressor NEK6165GK/EMT65171
Embraco Klixon - EM50
Embraco Compressor R404A
Embraco EM45 Compressor - 134A
Electrics for EM Range
Embraco FF12HBK Compressor
Compressor- Embraco EMT65HALR R134a
Overload and Relay - Embraco EGU90HLC - Compressor
Embraco Compressor NJ9232GS
Compressor Embraco NT6224U
Compressor - EMT2134GK
Embraco Equipment Types
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