Company Details Lazzari-Tamburini, a small precision subcontractor workshop was founded in Rimini in 1974. After several years of growth a new company was established with clear expansion goals in the production of machines for specific sectors like the hotel and catering businesses. The year is 1979 and the new company was called Fimar. Thus the production of meat grinders, graters and combined machines took off.

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Parts by Equipment Type
Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX25 Stick Blender
SUPERSEDED Fimar Potato Peeler Belt
4 Bladed Knife Blade No 22
Pilot Fimar B50 Grill
Griding Wheel - Fimar K300 Slicer
NG Pilot Injector - Fimar 50 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Main chain - Fimar IM2538S Slicer
Piezo Ignitor - Fimar Chargrill B50
Dough Hook - Fimar IM25SN235M Dough Mixer
Thermocouple - Fimar CKO 345 Chargrill
Pipe - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Ring - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Plate - MOD115 TYPO A
Nut - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Bracket - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Pilot Burner - Fimar B80 CK0347 Chargrill
Thermocouple - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Gas Pipe - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Ignition Cable - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Drive shaft - Fimar IM255N235M Dough Mixer
Abrasive Disc - Fimar G30 / G29 Potato Peeler
SUPERSEDED Drive Pulley - Fimar PPN/5 Potato Peeler
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt Fimar PPN/5 Potato Peeler
Bearing - Fimar Band Saw Machine
Insert - Fimar Band Saw Machine
Insert - Fimar Band Saw Machine
Pivot - Fimar Band Saw Machine
Scraper - Fimar Band Saw Machine
Bearing Assy - Fimar IM38523050M
Bearing, Shaft Assembly Fimar PPN10 Potato
Clamp Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Handle Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Electronic Card Fimar MX40 Stick Blender
SUPERSEDED Washer - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Bearing - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Seeger - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Door - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
SUPERSEDED Bearing - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
SUPERSEDED Ring - Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Grating Cylinder - Fimar - Grating Machine
Oil Seal - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Gasket - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Bush - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Transmission Shaft - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Multigrip Belt J559 H28 - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Pulley - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Bottom - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Washer - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Roller chain - Fimar IM38SN235M Dough Roller
Joint - Fimar IM38SN235M Dough Roller
Blade - Fimar TR22 Food Processor
Leaper Paddle Fimar PPF10 Potato Peeler
Disc Set Fimar PPF10 Potato Peeler
Spiral Hook - Fimar IM38SNG235MK IMP25S Mixer
Handle 6mm Thread 132mm Long - Fimar AFH300 Slicer
Spacer - Fimar AFH300 Slicer
Guard / Protection 240mm x 160mm - Fimar AFH300 Slicer
Motor Coupling - Fimar MX25 MX40 FX40 Blender
Lower Chain FIMAR 40C Dough Roller
Upper Chain FIMAR 40C Dough Roller
L/H Spring - Fimar PE35RE230M Panini Grill
R/H Spring - Fimar PE35RE230M Panini Grill
Chain - Fimar IM20LN Mixer
Shaft - Fimar IM20LN Mixer
Cast Iron Grill Plate Fimar B/80 Grill
Control Board PCB (1ph, 230v, 50hz) - Fimar IM38SN235M Dough Mixer
Whisk - Fimar FM3 Mixer
Burner - Fimar B111 Grill
Burner - Fimar B111 Grill (25 x 545mm)
PCB Fimar SE1550A2305OM Bandsaw
Coupling - Fimar FM3
Magnetic Microswitch 10x26mm - Fimar Peeler
Pulley - Fimar Slicer
Motor 1ph 230v - Fimar Slicer
Abrasive Disc - Fimar Potato Peeler
Abrasive Disc (Mussel Cleaner) - Fimar Potato
Timer - Fimar Potato Peeler
Push Button - Fimar Potato Peeler
Supporting Panel - Fimar Potato Peeler
Foot - Fimar H220 Slicer
Stainless steel plate - Fimar B115 Grill
Lava rock 5kg - Fimar B115 Grill
Support - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Elastic Coupling - Fimar - Blender - FM3
Casing - Fimar - Blender - FM3
Key Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Oil Seal Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
2.1kwt 230v Heating Element - Fimar Pizza
Chain - Fimar IM38SM2353 Dough Mixer
PCB - Fimar TR12TS23050M Mixer
Gas Valve 21/SV M9X1 - Fimar - Chargrill -
Chain- Fimar IM20LN235MK Dough Roller Long Chain
Protection/Guard - Fimar STF142235MK Pizza Roller
Motor Fimar STF14223050M Dough Roller
Thermocouple - Fimar GL40 B50 Grill
Control Knob Fimar GL40 Grill
Gas Cock Fimar GL40 Grill
PCB - Fimar SE1830 Bandsaw
On/Off Button Fimar AFH27523050M Slicer
Electronic Card Fimar AFH27523050M Slicer
Tube Burner Fimar GL40 Grill
Electrode - Fimar
Bracket for Pilot Assembly - Fimar
Thermostat - Fimar FME6-66 Pizza Oven
Heating Element - Fimar FME6-66 Pizza Oven
Flange - Fimar FM3 Mixer
Top Chain - Fimar IM25SN235M Dough Mixer
Support Assy - Fimar IMP25S Mixer
Belt - Fimar FI32-42 Mixer
Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Dial for Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Control Knob - Fimar B80 Grill
Bearing 6205 ZZ NSK 25mm id - Fimar IM50SN Dough Kneader
Microswitch - Fimar IM50SN Dough Kneader
Bearing - Fimar IM50SN Dough Kneader
Cover - Fimar - Dough Machine - IM20-30L (Clear Polycarbonate)
Bracket - Fimar - Dough Machine - IM20-30L
Pin - Fimar FX4223MK Mixer
Insert - Fimar FX4223MK Mixer
Pizza Stone - Fimar - Pizza Oven - FGI/9 90cm x 60cm x 2.5cm
PCB - Fimar SE1830 Bandsaw
SUPERSEDED Spiral - Fimar - Dough Machine - IM30L25050M
Timer - Fimar - Potato Peeler - PPN5235MK
Complete Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX40 Mixer
L/H Gas Pipe - Fimar CK0347 Grill
R/H Gas Pipe - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Injector - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Biconical Nut - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Biconical Ring - Fimar CK0347 Grill
Chain - Fimar IM18FN235MK Dough Machine
SUPERSEDED Female Gear 4 Teeth - Fimar FRP15023050M
875w Heating Element (Top) - Fimar Grill
Heating Element - Fimar PS24-36R Grill
315mm Sprial Hook - Fimar - Mixer - IM18SNG235MK
Drive Shaft - Fimar - IM18SN235M
SUPERSEDED Wire Cover - Fimar IM25CNS235MK Mixer
Handle 28x90mm - Fimar TV3000
Chain - Fimar IM18S Mixer
Joint/Connector - Fimar IM18S Mixer
Deburring Wheel - Fimar K300 Slicer
Hook - Fimar - Dough Mixer - S40
Bowl Lid - Fimar Mixer - IM38C/S
Pin - Fimar - Mincer - TR12S
Slot Nut (Key) - Fimar - IM18SN235M
Support - Fimar - FX40
Roller - Fimar FI42 Dough Roller
Sealing Ring - Fimar - FX42S23MK
V-Ring - Fimar - FX40
O-Ring - Fimar - FX40
Disc - Fimar - FX40
Perspex Guard - Fimar - Dough Roller -
Albero Shaft- Fimar - Mixer 50C-F 50CN 50FN 50SN
Scraper - Fimar Dough Roller - FI42
Cylindrical Scraper - Fimar Dough Roller - FI42
Spring - Fimar Dough Roller - FI42
Spring - Fimar Dough Roller - FI42
Superceeded Piezo Ignitor - Fimar B50 Chargrill
Glass Jug Complete - Fimar FRP15023050M FR150P235M
Arm Shaft Coupling - Fimar - FX40
Capacitor - Fimar STFI32235MK Dough Roller
Plastic Jug - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Gear Wheel - Fimar TR22TE23050M- Mixer
Blade Removal Tool - Fimar ELAFHBS300235M Slicer
Guard - Fimar Slicer
Spindle - Fimar Mixer
Sealing Ring - Fimar - FX40
Polycarbonate Bowl Cover - Fimar IM25SN235M Mixer
Auger Worm / Scroll - Fimar Mincer
Lid Seal - Fimar PPN10M23050M Rumbler
Foot - Fimar AFH275235MK Slicer
Belt 970mm - Fimar STF142N235MK
Foot - Fimar AFH275235MK Slicer
Metal Guard - Fimar IM25SN235MK Dough Mixer
Support - Fimar IM20LN235M Dough Roller
Bearing - Fimar IM20LN235M Dough Roller
External Circlip - Fimar IM20LN235M Dough Roller
Hand Protection - Fimar STF142235MK Dough Roller
Double Gear Wheel - Fimar Mincer
Blade Group - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Plate H82/22/14 - Fimar Mincer
Link - Fimar - Dough Roller - IM20L25050M
Jug Gasket - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Female Gear 4 Teeth - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Jug Lid - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Male Gear 4 Teeth - Fimar FRP15023050M Blender
Blade - Fimar MX25 MX45 FX42S23MK Stick Blender
Plastic Cap for Grater Outlet - Fimar GR12S Grater
Plastic Cover/Lid ø 101mm - Fimar GR12S Grater
Push Button c/w PCB 230v 1ph 50/60hz - Fimar - Slicer - HL300
Support Assembly - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Coupling - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Shaft - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Lower Perspex Guard - Fimar - Dough Roller - FI32
Roller Assy - Fimar STFI42235MK Dough Roller
Disc Kit - Fimar PPN523050M Peeler
Abrasive Cloth ø 365mm - Fimar PPN523050M Potato Peeler
Peeler Disk Kit - Fimar PPN523050M Potato Peeler
Abrasive Cloth - Fimar PPN523050M Potato Peeler
Gearbox & Motor - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Pulley - Fimar - Bandsaw - SE183Q0A235M
Support - Fimar - Bandsaw - SE183Q0A235M
Plunger - Fimar
M22-K10 Push Button Switch - Fimar Meat Mincer
Heating Element (Lower) - Fimar FOFMEI6640050T Pizza Oven
Spindle - Fimar STF142235MK Dough Roller
Bearing - Fimar STF142235MK Dough Roller
Blade Carrier - Fimar - Slicer - AFH25023050M
Motor 230v 50Hz - Fimar STF132N235MK Dough Roller
Motor- Fimar FX42523MK Stick Blender
Motor - Fimar STF132N235MK Dough Roller
Pizza Stone - Fimar Pizza Oven
Worm - Fimar TR12S Mincer
Protection Guard - Fimar Slicer - HBS300235M
Chain - Fimar IM18SNG235MK
Spindle - Fimar STF142235MK Dough Roller
Circular Slicing Blade - Fimar AFH350 Slicer
Sharpening Grindstone - Fimar AFH350 Slicer
Sharpening Grindstone - Fimar AFH350 Slicer
40link Chain - Fimar
Piezo- Fimar GRIGL70- Chargrill
Ht Cable- Fimar GRIGL70 - Chargrill
Big Gear - Fimar TR22TE23050M- Mincer
Tie Rod - Fimar - Slicer - AFH27523050M
Blade Cover - Fimar - Slicer - AFH27523050M
Drive Shaft- Fimar IM18SNG235MK Dough Mixer
Drive Shaft for Hook - Fimar - IM38SNG235MK
Beater - Fimar PLIP4040050T
O Ring- Fimar Mixer
Deep Groove Ball Bearing Shaft- Fimar
Shaft Seal 6mm- Fimar
V Ring 7mm x 12mm x 5mm- Fimar
Bushing For Bearing- Fimar
Shaft Seal- Fimar
Start Button - Fimar PLIP3023050M Mixer
15min Timer - Fimar PLIP3023050M Mixer
Scraper- Fima Dough Roller
Support- Fimar S1320- Pasta
Guide- Fimar S1320- Pasta
Motor Brush - Fimar MXM4023M
PCB Board- Fimar 1830 - Bandsaw
Bone Bladesaw Diamond Blade 6mm teeth- Fimar 1830- Bandsaw
S/S 4 Bladed Knife - Fimar - Slicer - ABB12/1
Hopper - Fimar - Slicer - ABB12/1
Spiral - Fimar
Knob - Fimar - Dough Roller - STF132235MK
Balance - Fimar - Dough Roller - STF132235MK
Counter Weight - Fimar - Dough Roller - STF132235MK
Pulley - Fimar
Retaining Ring 15mm - Fimar
Sealing Ring (35x62x10) - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Pulley V-Belt - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Flange - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Bearing 6305 - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Pulley - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Bottom - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Circlip (D62) - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Spacer - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Seal - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
NSK 608 Bearing - Fimar - FX40
Perspex Guard - Fimar
Retaining Screw - Fimar
Bracket for Jar - Fimar FRP15023050M
Foot - Fimar FRP15023050M
Roller - Fimar FI42 Dough Roller
Hopper - Fimar - TR32TNQ01235MK
Vegetable Chopper - Fimar - TR32TNQ01235MK
Protection - Fimar - Vac Pac - MCD420E
Resistance - Fimar - Vac Pac - MCD420E
Ignition Pilot - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Gas Pipe to Pilot Burner - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Cable - Fimar - Chargrill - B80
Seal Bar - Fimar - Vac Pac - MCD420E
Mixer Disc Complete - Fimar FRI15023050M Blender
Plastic Bushing for Bearing - Fimar - FX42S23MK
600MM Shaft - Fimar Stick Blender
MOD.12 Stainless Steel Ring Clamp Nut - Fimar Mincer - TR12CQ
Heating Element 2000w 2330v - Fimar
Clear Lid - Fimar PPN25235MK Blender
S/Steel Blade - Fimar AFH27523050M Slicer
E1 Slicing Disc - Fimar
320MM Dough Hook - Fimar PLIP20F405T
Handle Screw - Fimar - PPN25
Potato Peeler Cover Handle 210mm - Fimar - PPN25
Potato Peeler Lid Seal - Fimar - PPN25
Rubber Foot - Fimar Mixer
Switch - Fimar
Dough Hook- Fimar - Mixer
PCB - Fimar TR22RSQ114505T
Lid - Fimar - Dough Roller
40mm Ext 6203 DDU NSK Bearing - Fimar - SE1830
28mm Ext Bearing DDU 6001 NSK - Fimar - SE1830
16uf Capacitor - Fimar STF132235MK
Pulley Wheel - Fimar STF142N235MK
Light Bulb - Fimar FOFESIP4440T Oven
Bearing 35 x 17 x 10mm - Fimar Dough Roller
Lid - Fimar PPF5 Potato Peeler
Lever - Fimar TV3000
Drive Chain - Fimar IM38SNG235MK - Dough Roller
Pulley - Fimar FI42 Dough Roller
Cover - Fimar PLIP30FS405T- Mixer