Falcon / Kestrel

Company Details Falcon Foodservice Equipment is a manufacturer of catering equipment producing a vast range for the commercial kitchen. Part of the Aga empire, their equipment such as the Chieftain, Dominator and Pro-Lite makes are found on every continent

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Falcon / Kestrel Parts
Spark Ignitor / Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1962
Oven Inner Base Plate - Falcon G2101 Oven
Lower Oven Base Plate - Falcon G2101 Oven
False Bottom - Falcon E3204 Fryer
Fryer Baskets - Falcon E401F Fryer
Single Large Basket- Falcon E350/37 - Fryer
Fryer Basket - E421 Fryer 340x150x140 mm
Basket - Falcon - Fryer - EFS200
Fryer Basket - Falcon - G401F
Basket Hanging Rail - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Fryer Baskets - Falcon E401F Fryer
Fryer Basket 300x100x190mm - Falcon KE112 KE111 KE114
Basket Hanging Rail - Falcon - Fryer - E1860
Fryer Basket - 350 x 200 x 100mm
Chip Fryer Basket - Falcon Fryer
Fryer Basket - Falcon E1860
Fryer Basket - Falcon G2840 G2841/2 G2845F
Basket 200 x 295 x 140mm - Falcon Fryer
Fryer Basket - Falcon E1860 G1860 G1865 G3865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Tinned Steel Fryer Basket -Falcon E1830 Fryer
Basket - Falcon EFS402 Fryer - Small Fryer Basket
Wash Arm Spigot - Falcon D600A D900A DLP7
Rinse Boiler for FALCON G500A Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pan Support - Falcon G1066X
Wall Bracket - Falcon G2512 Grill
Support Bar Set - Falcon G9522 Grill
Pan Support (End) - Falcon G1107 G1102 Oven
Bracket - Falcon G3532 Grill
Conversion Kit (Nat Gas to LPG) Falcon G1865
LPG Injector - Falcon EN203
Conversion kit - Falcon G1066X NG to LPG
Short Burner Tube - Falcon G1107 Oven
Elbow (NG Injector) - Falcon - PRE CE
LPG Burner Jet - Falcon G1167 Oven
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1117
Brass Burner Plate G1100, G1101
LPG Injector - Falcon Dominator G1100 LPG O/T Oven
LPG Burner Injector - Falcon G1167 Oven
NG Gas Tap Injector - Falcon G1512
LPG burner jets - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Natural Gas Jet - Falcon G350/19 G1532 Grill
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
Hob Injector - Falcon G2107 OT Oven Range
By Pass Screw -Falcon G2101 G2107 G2167 G2161
LPG Oven Jet - Falcon Dominator LPG G1107 OT
Injector Holder - Falcon G3101 G3161 G3124 G3121 G3151
SUPERSEDED LPG Injector - Falcon G3101 G3161 G3124 G3121 G3106 Oven
NG -LPG Conversion kit - Falcon G350/19 Grill
NG burner Jet- Falcon G350/37
SUPERSEDED NG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G1107 Oven
Olive - Falcon G2107 OT Range
LPG Bypass Screw - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG
Burner Venturi - Falcon G2107 G2102 G2167
Multijet Solid Top Burner NG - Falcon G1006X Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1102
LPG Oven Jet - Falcon G1167 EN203 G1107
Conversion kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon Domestic
Injector- Part Of Conversion Kit - Falcon
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
NG Burner Jets - Falcon G1160 Oven
Conversion Kit Nat To LPG -Falcon G9522 Grill
Burner injector (LPG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Injector Propane - Falcon G1107 Dominator
LPG Injector - Falcon G9532 G1532 Grill
LPG-Natural Gas Conversion Kit FALCON G5478
Oven Venturi N/G Injectors - Oven Range
Oven Burner Jet - Falcon G1160 Oven
Venturi Holder Assembly - Falcon G350/1 G1107
Pilot Orifice (NG) - Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
LPG Oven Burner - Falcon G2117GP
Burner Retro Fit Kit - Falcon Chieftan
Oven Burner Injector LPG - Falcon Dominator
NG Injector - Falcon - G350/9
Cross-Lighting Jet LPG - Falcon Fryer
Main Burner Injector LPG - Falcon Fryer
LPG Bypass Screw - Falcon G2107 G2101 Oven
Hotplate Gas Injector Falcon 211GGO Oven
LPG Injector c/w Holder - Falcon G9522 Grill
Burner Assembly NG - Falcon Cheiftain Oven
LPG Burner Jet - Falcon - Fryer - G1860
NG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2860 G2865 G2830 Fryer
LPG Injector for Outer Burner Falcon G1478 Stockpot
Outer NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
Inner NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
Main Burner Injector NG - Falcon - Grill - G3532
Hotplate Injector for 3kw - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
LPG Injector for Inner Burner Falcon G1478 Stockpot
Venturi Locking Ring - Falcon G110702
LH/RH Amal Jet LPG - Falcon Griddle
LPG Injector - Falcon G1006CE Range
LPG Injector - Falcon G2532 Oven
Injector - Falcon G1107-OT Dominator Oven
Open Top NG Burner Jet Falcon G2101 Oven
Injector - Falcon G1100 G1107 G21225 G3925
NG Jet - Falcon G2865 G2830 Fryer
NG Injector - Falcon G2865 G2830 Fryer
LPG Injector - Falcon G1167
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
Natural Gas Injector - Falcon G1006FXTB Solid Top Oven
Ignition Assembly Post- Falcon G3101 - Oven
LPG Jets for Burners- Falcon G2101 EU0T- Oven
NG Injector - Falcon G3078 Bratt Pan
Oven Ignition Assembly - Falcon G3101 - Oven
LPG Injector Jet - Falcon G1528 Salamander Grill
LH LPG Burner Injector - Falcon
RH LPG Burner Injector - Falcon
LPG Injector - Falcon
LPG Injector - Falcon
Pilot Burner LPG - Falcon
Solid Top Injector LPG - Falcon G3127 Oven
Injector Adaptor - Falcon G2107
Injector Block - Falcon G2107
Burner Injector - Falcon - Oven
Burnersheild - Falcon - Oven
Aeration Shroud - Falcon - Oven
Burner - Falcon - Oven
Open Top Burner Assembly Complete NG/LP - Falcon G3101
Solid Top Burner - Falcon G2107
Burner Base - Falcon G3101 Oven
Infraglo Burner Retrofit Kit LPG - Falcon - Grill - G1528
Burner Base C/W Venturi - Falcon - G2101EU - Oven
Hob Burner Cap & Ring Assy - Falcon G3101
Oven Burner- Falcon- G1102- Oven
Burner Base w/ Venturi - Falcon G2101 6-burner Range
SUPERSEDED Grill Burner Brick- Falcon C1532- Grill
Open Top Burner Assembly - Falcon G2101 Oven
Cast Iron Burner - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
O/T Burner Base - Falcon Pre Ce Dominator
Double Ring Burner - Falcon - G1478
RH Burner Assembly - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Burner Assembly - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Burner Support Bracket Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Flame Burner Cap - Falcon G3101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Infrared Burner Assembly - Falcon - G1528 (NG)
Burner Assembly - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Retro Fit Kit Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 Grill
Top Burner - Falcon G1006ST Solid Top Burner N/G
Burner assy - Falcon G3078 G3080 Bratt Pan
Burner Assembly - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Aeromatic Burner - Falcon G5478 G6478 Steamer
Gas Grill Burner Assembly- Falcon G2505
Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Burner Support - Falcon G350 pre CE
Venturi for Falcon G1100 G1107 (Pre Ce) Oven
Alluminium Ally Burner Ring Support - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Cast Iron Burner Cap - Falcon G1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Brass Burner Head - Falcon G1107 Oven
Complete Burner - Falcon G1532 G2532 G9502
Burner Cap c/w Ring - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161 G2101
Burner Crown NG - Falcon G1006XS/T
Support Bar- Falcon Hob Burner Support Bar
Burner Base - Falcon Oven range
SUPERSEDED Burner Base - Falcon G2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Burner Cap c/w Ring - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161 G
L/H Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Burner - Falcon G7008 Oven
Burner - Falcon Convection Oven G7208 G7011
Burner - Falcon G1532 G350/19 SteakHouse
SUPERSEDED Burner Brass Head - Falcon Range
SUPERSEDED Ce Burner Supports Falcon Dominator Mk II
Burner Control - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Grill Burner Brick Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
SUPERSEDED Burner Brass Plate - Falcon G1100 G1107
G1107 Burners Complete ( Falcon Dom/Mk2)
SUPERSEDED Oven Burner - Falcon G1100 G1107 PRE CE
Burner Replacement Kit Falcon G350/1 Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon G350 Pre Ce Hob Black Burner Cap
R/H Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Centre Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Burner Base - Falcon G1107 OT EN203 CE
SUPERSEDED Venturi Holder Complete - Falcon G1107
Main Burner - Falcon G3078 Boiling Pan
Support Bar for Plaques - Falcon G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Pan Support Enamel - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Double Pan Support (painted) Falcon - G2101OT G2121OT
Louve Set of 10 - Falcon G9622 Grill
Long Support - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Centre Brick Support - Falcon Grill
Centre Brick Support - Falcon G9522 G2522 Oven
Pan Support- Falcon G2101 G1100 Oven
Pan Support (Centre) - Falcon G1107 G1102 Oven
Pan Support- Falcon G2101 G1100 Oven
Bung- Falcon Domestic 211-GEO Oven Pan Support Bung
Support Bar Set - Falcon Grill G1522
Burner Cap Assembly - Falcon GO111 Domestic Cooker
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
Louve Set - Falcon G9922 Grill
Cross Lighting Assy - Falcon G9522 Grill
Bullseye Cup & Ring - Falcon G1006 Oven
End Support Falcon G1521 Grill
Filer - Falcon E3161 Oven cast Iron Filler
Double Pan Support - Falcon G3161 G3101 Oven
Gas Control Valve - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
SUPERSEDED Pan Support- Falcon G3101- Oven
Burner Plaque Holder - Falcon G2532 Grill
Burner Base - Falcon G3101 Oven
Set Of Branding Grids (5) - Falcon G2624
Resistor - Falcon Cheftain E1006 Oven
Oil Pump Capacitor - Falcon G401F Fryer
Capacitor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
4Uf Motor Capacitor - Falcon G1102 Oven
4uf Capacitor - Falcon E1102 Oven
Capacitor 16-18 mf - Falcon DH18E Dishwashe
Rear Castor Non Brake - Falcon Oven
Front Braked / Swivel Castor - Falcon Oven
Set of castors - Falcon G2625 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Castors Braked - Falcon Solid Top Oven
Set of Castors - Falcon G2101 G1107 E1860
Heavy Duty Castor Set - Falcon E1102 G1102
Front Braked Swivel Castor - Falcon G3101 Oven
Set of 2 Braked Castors - Falcon G2101EU
Castor Set 2 Braked 2 Unbraked Falcon E1006
Gastronorm Container Falcon LD38 Bain Marie
Controller Prog 85° - Falcon - Hot Trolley
Control board c/w potentiometer - Falcon
Controller - Falcon Hot Cupboard
Controller - Evco EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Bain Marie
Controller - Falcon
P13 CE Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Gas Pactrol P13 Control Unit - Falcon Oven
Control panel - Falcon E2101 Range
Temperature Potentiometer - Falcon E1838X
SUPERSEDED Contact Block - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Oven Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO
Thermometer - Falcon D1000AX Dishwasher
Control panel - Falcon Salamamder E2523
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion kit (Nat gas - LPG) - Falcon G1107ST Oven
Conversion Kit (NG-LPG) - Falcon G2860 G1860 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2101EUOT Oven
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2925
SUPERSEDED Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon
G1107 Pre Ce Oven Convertion Kit Nat - LPG -
Conversion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon G2101 Con Kit Natural Gas to LPG
Conversion Kit Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
NG- LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Convertion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit - Falcon G7011 Oven (LPG - NG)
Nat Gas - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2206
Pre-CE Falcon Dominator G1100 Nat Gas to LPG Con Kit
Burner Retro fit conversion kit Falcon G1102
Conversion kit LPG to NGFalcon G2532 Salamander Gas Grill Convertion
Natural Gas-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G5478
Conversion Kit - Falcon G2101 Oven
NG- LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1962 Bratt
Conversion Kit LPG to NG- Falcon G1532 Grill Gas Conversion Kit
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2532 Grill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon G1532 Grill
Conversion Kit (LPG-NG) - Falcon G2161 Oven
Conversion kit (nat gas - LPG) - Falcon G2101
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1830 MK2 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Conversion Kit NG to LPG -
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G9907 Oven
Conversion Kit Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
Bypass screw LPG - Falcon G1107 Oven
Oven Conversion Kit NG to LPG- Falcon G1112
LPG injector - Falcon G1107 Oven
Conversion Kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon G2101 Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2942 Griddle
Conversion Kit - Falcon G3068135L - Boiler
Conversion Kit Nat Gas To LPG - Falcon G2107 07
LPG- NG Conversion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
Nat Gas to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1167 Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2522 Salamander Grill
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1838X
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon Steamer - G6478
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2512 Salamander Grill
Conversion Kit (NG to LPG) - Falcon G2830 Fryer
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Fryer - G401F
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2161 Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3925
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2840F
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1962
LPG-Nat Gas Conversion Kit - Falcon G7008 Oven
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Fryer - G401F
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2102
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon 210-GEOTstst
NG-LPG conversion kit - Falcon G2865 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1528 Grill
Conversion Kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon G2860
NG to LPG Con. Kit - Falcon G9330 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1107 OT Oven
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1860 Fryer -
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G350/4 Oven
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Grill -
Injector Holder C/W Injector Plate - Falcon
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3101 Oven
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill -
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon Chargrill
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G1528 Salamander
Conversion kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1838X
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3860 Fryer
LPG- NG Conversion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
NG-LPG conversion kit - Falcon 1000DELUXE
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2117/2EU Oven
Conversion Kit - Falcon Domestic - 210GEOT
NG-LPG Conversion Kit (includes 2x Main Burner Jets) - Falcon
Nat Gas to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1106X 4 Burner Oven
Conversion Kit LPG - Nat Gas - Falcon G1107OT Oven
NG-LPG Converstion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill - G9622
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G2860 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2830 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Conversion kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1006ST Oven
Conversion Kit (NG to LPG) - Falcon G1528 Grill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven - G2117/2EU
Coupling 1/2 to 15mm - Falcon Fryer
Universal Coupling - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Thermostat Spindle Adaptor - Falcon G1860
Injector Holder - Falcon G2107 OT Range
Contactor - Falcon E1860 Fryer
20A AC1 N/O Contactor - Falcon Oven G21 010TC
Safety Electrical Contactor - Falcon E4069
Boiler Oven Contactor - Falcon E4069
K3-24A Contactor - Falcon E1838 Fryer
Contactor - Falcon Bract Pan
SUPERSEDED Contactor 240V - Falcon E1102 Oven
K2-23A10 Contactor - Falcon E1860 Fryer
K2-16A10 230 - Contator Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Contactor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Contactor - Falcon E7011 Oven
Contactor - Falcon
Operating Contactor - Falcon
Safety Contactor - Falcon
R/H Complete oven door - Falcon G1102 Oven
Door Seal Clips (x25) - Falcon G1107 Oven
Right Hand Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G7211
Set of 4 Hinges & bushes - Falcon G1102 E1102 Oven
Complete Door - Falcon G1107 Oven
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G2101EUOT G3117
Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G2860 G2830 G2865
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G3107 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Catch - Falcon G3107 Oven
Bottom LH Door Hinge - Falcon 1000 Range
RH Door - Falcon E2101C G2102 Oven
LH Door - Falcon E2101C G2102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Assembly - Falcon G3101 Oven
Spring Loaded Door Catch - Falcon E7202S E7202 Oven
Door Catch - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Hinge Kit for swing out door - Falcon 1000
Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - E7202S
Lid Hinge Bar - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Block - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
L/H Lid Hinge Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
L/H Lid Hinge Block - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Door Hinge Set & Bushes - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door Rod Guide - Falcon G16ES - REB307005
Left Hand Top Hinge - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Hinge- Falcon Oven Left Hand Bottom Hinge - G2101OT
Bottom Door Catch - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Door Handle Mechasim C/W Top & Bottom Locking Rods -
Door Hinge Set (drop down door) - Falcon -
Rear Hub Rail C/W Hinge Assembly - Falcon
Door Catch Assembly - Falcon E7202S Oven
Door Hinge Set C/W Bushes - Falcon
Bottom L/H Hinge - Falcon - Oven - E7204
LH Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
RH Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
Inner Door Glass c/w Seal - Falcon G4063 Oven
L/H Top Hinge - Falcon - Oven - G2151
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G1107 Ce Model
SUPERSEDED Roller door catch - Falcon E1102 Oven
Chain split link - Falcon E7211 Oven
Door Rod Kit - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Door- Falcon G1112 Oven L/H Glass Door
Door catch stud - Falcon E7202S E7002 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1100 Range - Ball Bearing Door Catc
Door Glass- Falcon E1102 Oven Range R/H Outer Door Glass
Door Keeper - Falcon G2107 Oven Range Door Keeper
L/H Complete Hinge Assy - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
R/H Complete Hinge Assy - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
Shelf Rack - Falcon G6478 E5478 Oven
Roller Ball Door Catch - Falcon G1100 G1102 Pre Ce Oven Range
R/H top door hinge - Falcon G1107 G1197 G2830
Door bush - Falcon Oven Range
Door hinge bottom R/H - Falcon G1107 G1197
Door hinge top - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Door hinge bottom - Falcon E7002 Convection
LH top hinge - Falcon E1102 Oven
RH top hinge - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door hinge - Falcon E1100 Oven
Door Bush - Falcon Oven Door Bush - Bottom Set of 4
Right Hand Bottom Hinge - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range Bronze Door Hinge Bush
Door Latch Keeper - Falcon Oven
Inner Door Glass - Falcon E4103 Steamer
Keeper Mounting Plate - Falcon 4069 4109
Door Keeper - Falcon 4069 4109 Steam Oven
Oven Door Hinge L/H Bottom - Falcon G1107
Upper Hinge- Falcon Oven Door Hinge Upper Top R/H -
SUPERSEDED Door Catch ( Type-A ) G1100 Pre Ce
SUPERSEDED R/H Oven Door - Falcon G1107 O/T Oven
Hinge Set Complete - Falcon G1107 Pre Ce Oven
Door hinge set - Falcon G2101 Oven
Door Assembly - Falcon G1016/2
Oven Door Catch - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Door Catch - Falcon Oven Range Door Catch
Door catch - Falcon G1107 O/T Oven
Door Catch - Falcon G350/1 G1167 G350/7 Oven
L/H Oven Door - Falcon G2101 Oven
R/H Door Assy- Falcon G2101 G2101OT Oven
Left Hand Door - Falcon G2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Door - Falcon G2101EU Oven
Door Catch - Falcon Oven Top Door Catch
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G1107 (pre CE) Oven
Pin- Falcon E7211 Roll Pin
Door Hinge L/H - Falcon Convection Oven/Grill
Door Hinge Top LT - Falcon Convection Oven
Door Hinge Top RT - Falcon Convection Oven
Top Door Hinge- Falcon Oven
Outer Glass For Door - Falcon E7202
Door Catch - Falcon E1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Catch (Roller)- Falcon E35-36 Fryer
Door Handle - Falcon E41032C E4109EL Combi Oven
Door Pin - Ospray D600A
Door Clip - Osprey D600A
Oven Door Hinge Set - Falcon G2101 Oven
Top Door Catch Keeper - Falcon Oven
Door Hinge (bottom right) - Falcon G2101OT
Roller Door Catch - Falcon Oven G2101 G2107
Zig-zag block (door catch) - Falcon Eloma
Left Hand Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G7008
Door Hinge R/H Bottom - Falcon Convection
Door Catch- Falcon Oven Door Catch - G1102 Falcon
Inner Door Glass - Falcon E1112GP Oven
SUPERSEDED - Steamer Door Hinge - Falcon G5478
Door Hinge - Falcon Steamer G5478 E5478
Door Hinge Upper Top L/H - Falcon G1107 Pre
Oven Door Hinge R/H Bottom - Falcon G1107
20 x Door Hinge Shim Kit - Falcon G2101 Oven
Door Hinge Top L/H - Falcon G1107 Oven
Door Hinge Bottom L/H - Falcon G1107 G1197
Right Hand Door Assembly - Falcon G1107
Door Roller Catch - Falcon G1107 EN203 Oven
3/4" Drain Valve - Falcon G1860
Upstand Drain Plug ST/ST DZT515 - Falcon
Drain Outlet Elbow - Falcon G500 Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Falcon D600A Dishwasher
Drain Spout 3/4"" - Fryer G1860 Fryer
Grill Drain Cock for Drip Tray- Falcon G1528
Drip Tray Drain Valve - Falcon G6748 E5478 Steamer Oven
Drain Valve Assy - Falcon LD48 Fryer
Drain Valve Assembly - Falcon Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED Drain Outlet Manifold - Falcon DH18E
Drain Outlet - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Drain Plug / Overflow Pipe - Falcon BG16
Drip tray - Falcon E350 Griddle
Thermocouple - Falcon E350 Griddle
Fat Jug S/S - Falcon E350 Griddle
Hob Drip Tray - Falcon G1102 Cooker
Drip Tray Assembly - Falcon G2925 Grill
Drip Tray - Falcon G2922 Chargrill
Door Drip Tray - Falcon E4069EL Oven
Drip Tray Assembly - Falcon G2625
Pilot Burner Assembly LPG - Falcon G2625
Drip Tray Kit - Falcon G6478 E5478 Streamer
Drip Tray - Falcon G2532 Grill
Tilt Shaft - Groen DLT-80
Conversion to New Ignition System - Falcon G7208
Wiring Loom for 4 Element Unit - Falcon E3860 Fryer
Electrode & Gasket - Falcon - Fryer - G2845F
Igniter Earth Wire - Falcon - Chargrill - G3625
Wiring Harness - Falcon - Steamer - E6478
Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Pilot Electrode - Falcon - Oven
Oven Electrode - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
R/H side HT Lead - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Mains Lead C/W Plug - Falcon E350/48 KE111 KE113 LD22
Spark Ignition Lead - Falcon G3641 Griddle
Lead for Operating Thermostat - Falcon G2830
Wiring harness - Falcon E1006 Oven
Oven Ignition Lead - Falcon G3161 G3117 Oven
Electrode Lead - Falcon G2161OT
Hotplate Front Lead - Falcon E1100 Oven
Hotplate (Casting only) - Falcon E2101 Range
SUPERSEDED Inner Hotplate Element- Falcon E1102 E1100
Hot Plate - Falcon E1102 E1100 E2121 E2101 E1102 LD1
3.5Kwt Element - Falcon E1974 Bratt Pan
Element - Falcon E1974 Brat Pan
Set of 3 Elements - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Bottom Oven Element - E1100 E21014HP Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Intermediate Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100
SUPERSEDED Outer Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E2101
Griddle Element - Falcon E350/34 E350/35
Element - Falcon Bain Maire & Chip Scuttle 240v
Element 5500w Falcon Fryer 350 series
SUPERSEDED Electric Hot Plate 2kWt 180mm dia 230V 50hz
Round Hot Plate - Falcon - E1160
Lower Oven Element - Falcon E350/30
Element - Falcon Domestic 211/CEO Heating Element
Right Hand Oven Element - Falcon 211/GEO
Element R/H - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Element Bottom - Falcon E1006 E1016 Oven
Element 2.5kwt - Falcon E7002 Convection
Element 6kw - Falcon E7004 Convection Oven
2650w Element - Falcon E7202 Convection Oven
4kwt 240v Grill Element - Falcon Salamander
Heating Element 3ph 440v - Falcon E1532 Grill
Grill Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
SUPERSEDED Hotplate Assembly - Falcon E1006 Oven
SUPERSEDED Outer Element - Falcon Chieftian E1006 Oven;
SUPERSEDED Intermediate Hot Plate Element - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Element Inner - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
2kwt Element - Falcon LD43 Bain Marie
LH Lower Oven Element - Falcon - Oven - 211GEO
Element Set (x2) c/w Gaskets - Falcon E3830 Fryer
Element - Falcon Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
Rinse Element - Falcon DH18E Sishwasher - Rinse Element
Wash Tank Element - Falcon DH18E dishwasher
Element - Falcon G500AS Osprey Element 2.5kwt & Gasket
Element - Falcon KE140 Oven
Element Set EFS Range - Falcon Fryer
Element - Falcon KE162 Grill
Hotplate Round 1.5Kw - Falcon/Kestrel KE101 Oven
6kwt Element - Falcon E350/36 E350/37 Fryer
Top Oven Element - Falcon E350/30
Rectangular Element (Bottom)- Falcon E2101EU
480v Rectangular Element (Top) - Falcon E2101
5kwt Fryer Element - Falcon E1830 E1860
Element - Falcon E2522 E1511 Griddle / Salamander Grill
Element 240v - Falcon E1502 Oven
Solid Plate Casting- E1160 E2161 Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon Hot Plate 2000Wt 180mm
Inner Hotplate Element- Falcon E1102 E1100
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range Hot plate Solid Top Element
Element 4kwt 240v - Falcon E1860 E1861 Fryer
E1501 Steak House Grill Element
3 kwt Element - Falcon E5478 E6478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
Top Oven Element - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Hotplate Elements (Set of 3) - Falcon E1100 E2101 E1006 Oven
High-Speed Plate/Casting - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
440v 2000watt Element - Falcon E1102 Oven
Outer Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E2101 E1102 Oven
Intermediate Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E1102 E2101 Oven
2.5kwt Element - Falcon E7202S E7202E KE240
2800 Wt 230V Element - Falcon LD22 Grill
Element Guard - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Top Element 96" 500wt - Falcon E1006 E1016
SUPERSEDED L/H Oven Bottom Element - Falcon E1006 E1016
SUPERSEDED Element Middle - Falcon Chieftain E1006
SUPERSEDED Outer Element Hot Plate - Falcon Range Oven
3200w Element - Bratt Pan Left Hand & Centre Element
Marine Heater Element - Falcon Oven E2112
Oven Element - Falcon E1112 E1102 E5478 Oven
Heating Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
SUPERSEDED - U Shape Element - Falcon E1522 E2522 Grill
Element 2kwt - Falcon KE102 Boiling Pan
Element - Falcon KE112 Fryer
Ospray D600A Wash Tank Element
End Plate Seal - Falcon E4109 Oven
6kwt Element - Falcon LD48 LD46 LD57 Fryer
Oven Elements (Set of 6) - Falcon E2112 Oven
Boiler element - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Centre
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Outer
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Inner
Element - Falcon Dominator E6478 Steam oven
Wash tank element - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Oven Element 3.2 kwt - Falcon G1197 Oven
Element guard - Falcon E1830 Fryer
Set of elements (2 per set) - Falcon E1830
Hotplate Assy (Rectangular) 240v - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Element - Falcon Bain Maire KE755 KE1
Circular Oven Element - Falcon G2101 G2101OTC E2101EUOTC Oven Range
Steamer Cistern C/W Fixings- Falcon 3478
Element - Falcon Prolite Bain Marie LD34
Left Hand Element - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Drop In Fryer Head Element Assembly - Falcon Prolite LD46
Kestrel Falcon Griddle KE104 Element 2.75kwt
Heating Element - Falcon Chieftan E1106 Oven
Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Grill
Set of elements - Falcon E1102 Oven
Upper Element L/H - Falcon Oven 211GEO
Oven Fan Element - Falcon 211GEO Domestic
Element - Falcon Dominator E6478 E2995 Steam oven
Element box assy - Falcon LD46 Counter-top fryer
Element 440v - Falcon E6478 Steamer
Element - Falcon LD33 Bain Marie Hotcupboard
RH Element - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
LH Element - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Rinse Tank Element Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Element - Falcon Kestral KE105 Griddle
440V Element Outer - Falcon E2101 E1006 Oven
Rectangular hotplate complete 220v - Falcon
Oven Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Intermediate Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element 415V - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon KE118 Fryer Element
End Plate with Elements - Falcon E4109 Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED Bottom Element - Falcon E1100 Dominator Oven
Element 9Kw Falcon LD49 LD47 Fryer
Inner Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Hot Plate Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Top Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Heating Element 2.75kwt - Falcon LD56 LD50
Element 1.0kwt - Falcon LD37 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Hotplate Element Set - Falcon Dominator Mk2
LH side upper oven Element - Falcon 211GEO
3kW Steam Generator Element Falcon E4068 Oven
Boiler Element Falcon E4063 Oven
Heating Element - Falcon Prolite LD14 Griddle
240v Heating Element - Falcon E1036
LH Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
Centre Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
RH Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
Inner Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Middle Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Element - Falcon Prolite LD56 Fryer
RH Element - Falcon
Bottom Element 415v - Falcon Oven
Hotplate Assembly 415v 3ph 50hZ - Falcon
LH Element 3.2kw 220v - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
RH Element - Falcon Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Falcon BG16 Rinse Tank Element
Hotplate - Falcon - Oven - E1006
Wash Tank Element - Falcon BG16 Dishwasher
Outer Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Oven Element 220v - Falcon E1102 Oven
Element c/w Gaskets - Falcon E3860 E3830 Fryer
Element 415v 3ph - Falcon E6478
Element - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip Scuttle
Hotplate Element Set 240V - Falcon
Element 500w - Falcon E3405
Hotplate Casting Only c/w Fixings - Falcon Oven
High Speed Plate (Casting Only) Falcon Oven
Fish Plate/Element Guard - Falcon - Fryer - Kestrel - KE12
Inner Element - Falcon
Outer Element - Falcon
Middle Element - Falcon - Oven
SUPERSEDED Heating Element - Falcon
Heat Exchanger - Falcon G1112
Element 220v - Falcon - Grill - E1522
Hotplate Element Clamp Plates - Falcon E2101
Element (centre & LH) - Falcon
Element (RH) - Falcon
Element - Falcon FCC10X Oven
Set of Elements - Falcon
Round Hotplate 1.5kwt - Falcon LD1
LH Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
Centre Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
RH Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
Top Element 415v - Falcon Oven
Hotplate Assembly 480v - Falcon - E1006 - Oven
Set of 2 Bottom Oven Elements 240v - Falcon E1006 Oven
LH Element 415v - Falcon
440v Element - Falcon E1522
Element Oven Bottom 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Element Oven Top 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Leg Stand Fixed 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Leg Stand Mobile 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Adjustable Leg - Falcon G2107SB - Oven
Leg Conversion Kit - Falcon Dominator 6burner
Bench legs (set of 4) - Falcon E1512
Foot- Falcon Replacement Oven Range Foot
Support Feet - Falcon Dominator G1100 G1107
Adjustable leg - Falcon Dominator Oven
Set of 4 Adjustable Legs - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Foot - Falcon Steam Oven Adjustable Foot -
Adjustable Foot - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip
Oven Leg - Falcon E1100 Oven
Adjustable foot - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Scrap catcher basket - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Drain Filter - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Falcon Dominator Fryer Lower Filter /Strainer
Mesh Filter Assembly - Falcon G2845F G2840F
Infinity Microfilter Bag (Large) - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Basket Filter - Falcon Fryer
Fish Plate Falcon G2840 Fryer
Large Micro-Filter Bag - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Suction Pipe Filter - Falcon G401F Fryer
2AMP Fuse Kit(x3) - Falcon 3299 Bratt Pan
2-Amp Fuse - Falcon E1102 Oven
30amp Dennis Fuse 30gall - Falcon Boiling Pan
Fuse Carrier 20a - Falcon E1102 Oven
Fuse 20amp - Falcon E1102 Oven
2a Anti-Surge Fuse - Falcon
Fuse 2A - Falcon G2101EU E2914 E1102 Range
Fuse Holder - Falcon E401 E402 G401 G402
32amp Fuse holder - Falcon E1830 Fryer
30amp Fuse - Falcon Oven
30 AMP Fuse Link - Falcon E1100Dominator
Oven Fuse Carrier - Falcon E1100 Dominator
16 Amp Fuse - Falcon Steam Oven
Fuse Carriers for Falcon E1102
Fuse - Falcon Convection Oven G7208 E7211
Fuse Holder - Falcon E1522 Grill
Kantark fuse 20A - Falcon E1522 Grill
Fuse - Falcon
3 amp Fuse 79965 HFP/2-4 - Falcon
Fuse carrier & base - Falcon E1860 Fryer
20 A Fuse Holder - Falcon Steaming Oven
Fuse link 30A - Falcon E1860 E1848 Fryer
Fuse- Falcon Steamer HY-3E - Fuse 6amp
Wash Tank O Ring Ospray D600A
Element gasket - Falcon G500 G700/A
Seal - Falcon DH18E Wash Pump Mechanical Seal
Gaskets for lower wash assy: Falcon DH22ERet
O-Ring - Drain Outlet Manifold - Falcon DH18E
Door Gasket L/H - Falcon Dominator Oven
Door Seal Set w/Clips - Falcon G2101OTC Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Falcon E5478 E4578 Steamer
Door Seal Clips - Falcon E2101 Dominator Oven
Electrode Gasket - Falcon Oven E4063
SUPERSEDED Falcon Convection Oven Door Gasket
Steam Oven Gasket - Falcon - E4103
Door Seal (outer door glass) - Falcon G4063
Door Gasket - Falcon E4068 Steamer
Door Seal (inner door glass) - Falcon Steamer
Gasket Post 6/12/94 - Falcon E5088 Oven
Burner 'O' Ring - Falcon (CE) G1107 Oven
Gasket Set for Two Plagues - Falcon G1528
Set of Door Seals - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door Seal (405mm x 460mm) - Falcon Kestrel Convection Oven
Door Gasket - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Heat Exchanger Gasket - Falcon G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Falcon G6478 Steamer
Door complete with gasket G5478
Gasket -Falcon Dominator Door Seal Set
G1107 Pre Ce Door Handle c/w gasket
Oven Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1107CE G2101OT
SUPERSEDED Door Seal c/w clips - Falcon G1100 Dominator
Door Seal - Falcon Royale 2 Series 350
Gasket/Top of Griddle Espostos Seal - Falcon
Door Seal Clips Falcon G7011 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon G1104 Oven 2 x 1.9 mtr
Oven Door Seal Set- Falcon G1102 G1112 G2101C
1 pce Door Seal - Falcon G7011 G7211 Oven
Oven Door Seal Set - Falcon G2101 Oven
Door Seal Assy c/w Strips & Screws - Falcon G7208 G7008 Oven
RH Oven Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1100 6 burner
Door Seal horizontal FALCON G350-1
Right hand Door Seal - Falcon G1107 OT Range
Silicon Steamer Gasket - Falcon
Door seal c/w clips - Falcon Oven
Door Seal- Falcon G1100 Dominator L/H Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Falcon Steamer G5478
Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1160 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Falcon Oven E7202
Gasket for Thermostat - Falcon G1104 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard / Trolley
Washer - Falcon KE118 Fryer Washer
Gasket - Falcon KE118 Fryer Gasket
Door Gasket - Falcon E4063 Steamer
Door seals - Falcon G1107 Oven
Gasket - Falcon Dominator Mk2 Manifold Gasket
Inner glass door seal - Falcon G4103 E4103
Door Seal - Falcon Dominator Oven G21010T
LH Door Seal for Falcon Dominator E2101
Door Seal vertical FALCON G350-1
SUPERSEDED Right Hand Door Seal Falcon E2101 Dominator
Vertical Sealing Strip - Falcon G7211 Oven
Horizontal Sealing Strip - Falcon G7211 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon G7004 G7204 E7204 Oven
G2101 Door Gasket Set Dominator G1107UJ
Push Fit Door Seal Falcon Steamer
SUPERSEDED Set of Door Seals c/w Clips Falcon G1107
Oven Door Seal - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Glass Door Seal - Falcon E4109TMS Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Assembly - Falcon G7011 Convection
Door Seal Strip Set - Falcon E7208 G7208 Oven
Door Seal Strip Set - Falcon G7011 Oven
LH Door Seal & Clips - Falcon G1107 Oven
Door seal c/w clips - Falcon G1102 G1112 Oven
Vertical door seal trim - Falcon G1102 G1112
Door seal trim - Falcon G1102 G1112 Oven
Wash Tank Gasket - Falcon DH18E DIshwasher
Door Seal Set - Falcon E350-30 Oven
Gasket - Falcon - Dishwasher - BD18
Gasket - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F G2845F Fryer
Door Seal - Falcon E711 Oven
Rope Seal - Falcon - Grill - G9641
Door Seal - Falcon G3106 Oven
Burner Gasket - Falcon G2840 Fryer
DH18E Rinse Tank Gasket
Door Gasket - Falcon 211-GGO Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Set - Falcon E350/30 Oven
20 clip Door Seal Kit - Falcon 211-GGO Oven
6 Clip Door Seal Kit - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Inner Door Seal c/w sealant Tube - Falcon
Door Seal - Falcon - Oven - G7008
Inner Gasket for Inner Door - Falcon E4063 Oven
Steamer Door Seal - Falcon - G6478
Steam Port Gasket - Groen Steamer
Door Seal With Clips - Falcon G3101 - Oven
400 x 340 Door Gasket - Falcon G7211 Oven
Door Seal Assy. - Falcon - E3101
Door Seal - Falcon E711 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon - Oven - G7011
Sit Valve C/W Fittings - Falcon G3860 Fryer
Copreci CAL-3200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon G3532 - Oven
SUPERSEDED Control Valve - NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Regulator - Falcon Oven G2107OT
Gas Valve c/w Knob - Falcon G350/7 Griddle
Elbow for Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2830/2865 Fryer
Pressure Regulator Valve Falcon G3925
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon - G3107
Flame Failure Device (LPG) - Falcon 211-GGO Cooker
Alternative Oven gas control valve - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
NG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
LPG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
Control Valve NG - Falcon G1478 Stock-Pot Stove
Gas Control Valve c/w FFD - Falcon
O/T Control Valve Post F500000 - Falcon G3101
Elbow For Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Gas Valve LPG Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Gas Valve NG - Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Sit Control Valve Falcon Dominator Fryer
FusionTap Falcon Dominator Oven
Burner Gas Valve - Falcon G1066XOT Cheiftain
Valve- Maxitrol Valve/Thermostat With Fittings - Falcon G1160 Oven
Gas Control Box (LPG) - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon G1006 G1066 Range
Gas govenor - Falcon G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED NG Gas Valve - Falcon G2925 Grill
Governer & Adaptor NG 1/2" - Falcon G1518 Grill
Gas Valve - Falcon G2860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED O/T Control Valve NG/LPG - Falcon G110702
Grill Gas Tap - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Gas Governor (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Mag Valve Head- Falcon 350 Series FFD
Solenoid Valve- Falcon G1808 Triple
Gas Valve- FALCON G1528 EN203 PRE 9/6/97 Gas Valve
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G9907
Multifunctional Gas Valve- Falcon G2865 Fryer
1/2"" Gas Governor - Falcon Salamander G1478 Grill
Oven by-pass screw - Falcon G1107 Oven
Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Control Valve - Falcon G1006BXST G1036ES
Gas valve NG - Falcon G2112/2 Oven
Control Valve - Falcon Boiling Pan G3078
Gas Control Valve - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Oven Control FFD - Falcon G1100
SUPERSEDED Gas Governor Maxitrol 3/4"""" - Falcon G2 102C
Flame Failure Device (NAT GAS) - Falcon G1532
Gas Valve Nat.Gas - Falcon Fryer G1860
Pre Ce Gas Burner Tap - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Gas Valve (natural gas) - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Gas Valve - Falcon G1532 G2502 G2512 G2532 G9532 G2522
Gas Valve- Falcon Wok G1629 G1639 G1659 Gas Valve
SIT Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer - Natural
CAL5200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon Dominator 4 Burner Gas Oven
Valve- Robertshaw Gas Valve - Falcon G1808 G1830
3/4"" Gas Govenor (NG) - Falcon G2102C G1107 Range
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon G2107 G1107ST Oven
Hob Gas Tap Valve - Falcon G2121 G1102 OT G2101EU Oven
Gas Tap & Knob - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Open Burner Valve - Falcon G1107CE G1127CE
SUPERSEDED Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 G1962 Oven
Gist Thermostatic Gas Valve - CHECK STOCK
Gas Valve - Falcon G2007 -
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Falcon Dominator Double Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
NG Gas Tap - Falcon Chieftain G1006 Oven
Control Valve FFD - Falcon G1006X G1036ES
Control Valve - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt pan
Gas Tap - Falcon Fryer G350/9/10 Pre CE
Gas Tap- Falcon G1066 Oven NG Gas Tap
LPG Gas Tap - Falcon G350/10 Chargrill
LPG Gas Valve - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon Dominator ( Pre CE Marked )
Frytop flame failure - Falcon G1160 Oven
Cross lighting assy - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Gas Taps NG Pre Ce - Falcon G1100 Dom Mk 2
Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 / G1107 Solid Top
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Tap - Falcon G1107 ST (CE) Oven
JCA 933REF1 Gas Tap - Falcon G350 Chargrill
Ce Gas Control NG - Falcon G1528 Multigrill
Valve- Falcon Gas Burner Valve G350/8 Griddle & Oven
Gas Tap - Falcon G350/2 Solid Top Oven
Tap to Reducer Pilot Pipe Falcon G2107
Control Valve - Falcon Dom Mk2 G1107 Pre CE
Control Gear- Falcon Kestrel
Ignition Lead Assembly- Falcon G350/7/8
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G350-12
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G284IF Fryer
Piezo Ignitor without Bracket - Falcon G1860
High Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC
Low Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC/TMS Oven
Electrode - Falcon G4108
HT Lead (set of 4) - Falcon G1848 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Electrode High Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Lead- Falcon OVEN - RANGE -- G1107 - PRE CE
Electrode - Falcon G1100
Ignition Lead - Falcon Steamer G6478 G5478 Ignition Lead
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G1160 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Ignition Unit - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Ignition Lead - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Cable Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Electrode - Falcon G350 G1107 Oven
Ignitor Box - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
SUPERSEDED Flame Sensor Electrode - Falcon G7208 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1848X Oven
Spark Electrode / Flame Sensing Bracket
7x44mm Spark Electrode - Falcon G3078 G3080 G5478 G1102
Electrode Oven Burner- Falcon G2112 G2925 G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G1102 G1112
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Ignitor Lead /HT Lead - Falcon Oven G1102 G2112
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Falcon G1102 Oven Electrode
HT Lead - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Pilot Electrode c/w lead - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
HT Lead - Falcon G2117 G1107 Oven
Lead Set- Falcon G1830 G1860 G1838X Fryer
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G2865 fryer
LPG Injector - Falcon G1006 ST
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon Dominator Oven Range
Electrode - Falcon G1107 G1117 G1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Injector- Falcon G1100 G1107 Dominator Injector
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Steamer
Spark Electrode - Falcon Steamer G6478 Spark Electrode
HT Lead - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Spark Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G1860
SUPERSEDED Falcon Piezo Ignitor With Bracket
Hotplate Electrode - Falcon 211GEO domestic
SUPERSEDED Spark Ignitor (Round Type)- Falcon
Lead Electrode - Falcon Salamander G1528
SUPERSEDED Electrode c/w Nut - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Oven injector - Falcon G1107 Oven
Ignition Switch Kit - Falcon 6 Burner Range G1107 G2101 G1160
Oven Ignition Lead - Falcon G2117
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
Crosslighting injector LPG - Falcon G1521U
Piezo Spark Ignitor - Falcon G2101 G2161
Set of 4 electrode Leads c/w Sleeving -
Spark Generator Leads - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Sparker Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Oven Ignition Electrode - Falcon G2107 G2167 G7208 G1107
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Oven Steamer
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1056
Electrode - Falcon G1056 G9522 G1532 G9502
Burner injector - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Oven Ignition Assembly - Falcon Pre Ce
Hob Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
HT Lead - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Oven Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Ignitor Lead Assembly - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G2865 G3865 Fryer/Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
SUPERSEDED Ignition Probe - Falcon Convection Oven
X Lighting Assembly - Falcon G2830 Fryer
Oven Spark Electrode - Falcon 211GGO Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Lead Falcon Dominator G6478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator G6478 Steame
SUPERSEDED Ignition Electrode Falcon Dominator G6478
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2078TC G401 G402
Electrode Falcon Bratt Pan
HT Lead - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Ignition Box - Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Oven Ignitor Lead Assy - Falcon
Spark Ignitor Kit - Falcon G3925 Oven
Spark Ignitor Assembly - Falcon G3860 Oven
Spark Igniter Lead Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Oven Ignition Kit - Falcon Oven
Sit Ignition Control Box - Falcon G3106 Oven
HT Lead - Falcon G2000 Oven
Ignition Module - Eloma Multimax B6-11 Oven
Ignition Cable - Falcon G2865 Dominator Fryer
Set of 4 leads for electrodes/sensors - Falcon G7208 Oven
Set of 4 Electrodes - Falcon G7008 Oven
Ignition Assembly Pre 09/14 - Falcon G3101 Cooker
Electrode Bracket c/w Earth Pin - Falcon
Spark Ignition Kit- Falcon G2865 - Oven
Set of 8 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1512 Grill
SUPERSEDED Single Grill Brick - Falcon G1502 Grill
Set of 12 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1522 Grill
Gas Burner Brick (set of 12) - Falcon G9522 G2522 Grill
Burner Plaques Set - Falcon G1532 Grill Pre C
SUPERSEDED Gas Burner Grill Brick - Falcon G1521 G1532 Grill
Grill Bricks - (Pack of 8) Falcon Grill G2512
Grill Brick 7 1/4"" X 4 3/4"" - Falcon G1527
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Grill Brick 6 x 11 Pimples - Falcon
SUPERSEDED End brick support - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Grill Burner Brick - Falcon G1532 G350/19
SUPERSEDED Grill Brick - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
Grill brick - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Set of 6 Grill Bricks - Falcon G9532 Grill
Lava Rocks- Falcon Chargrill Lava Rocks / BBQ Bricks (1.65kg)
Dust Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12 CE Fryer
Door Handle - Falcon G350/12 E350/36 E350/37
Brander Lifting Knob - Falcon G350/9 EN203
Handle for Lid - Falcon - Fryer - G2860
SUPERSEDED Door Latch Keeper - Falcon E41032C Steamer
Lift Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12
Grill Pan Handle Black Plastic FALCON 1092
Grill Handle - Falcon Grill G1518 G1528
Handwheel c/w Handle - Falcon G1994 G2994 Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Falcon E1112 Oven
Door Handle Bar - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Door Handle - Falcon Steamer E5478
Oven Door Handle - Falcon G6478
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Falcon Dominator G2107 01
Folding Handle - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Locking pin for Handwheel - Falcon G2965 E1962 G1962
Door Handle Bracket - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Lid handle - Falcon G3078 Kettle
Grid Handle & Set - Falcon Grill- G2502
SUPERSEDED Grill Shelf Handle - Falcon G1528 Grill
Door Handle - Falcon G2101 G2107 G2167 G2161
Handle - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
Tilting Wheel Handle - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Door Handle Falcon G3107 Oven
Lid Handle - Falcon Kestrel K117 fryer
Handle - Falcon G2532 Salamander Grill
Handle- Falcon Gas Grill Grid Handle & Disc
Door Handle - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Control Valve Handle - Falcon - Oven - G1659
Handle - Falcon - E3478
Door Handle - Eloma MT10-11 Oven
Handle for Handwheel - Falcon - Bratt Pan - E2994
Pilot Pipe c/w fittings - Falcon Grill - G9532
Flexi Pipe - Falcon G21225 G3106
Oil Return Red Extension Hose - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Suction Pipe - Falcon G401F Fryer
Pilot Pipe c/w fitting - Falcon - Grill - G9532
Drain Outlet Pipe- Falcon G350/2 - Fryer
Control to Burner Pipe Prop - Falcon Fryer
Front Drain Outlet Pipe - Falcon Fryer
Pressure Switch Tubing per meter - Falcon G7208
Rubber Tube - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pilot Tube - Falcon G9622 Griddle
Pilot Pipe (4mm x 565mm Flexi) - Falcon G1478 Pot Stove
Pilot Tubing 6mm - Falcon G1006X Oven
Elbow - Classeq Hydro 900 Dishwasher
Pipe- Elite CEBA2223 BBQ 4mm Gas Pipe
Hob Burner Tube Rear - Falcon Oven
Pilot Jet Pipe - Falcon G2078-90 G2107EUSB Oven/Boiling Pan
SS Return Pipe c/w Handle - Falcon G2845F
Elbow Pump Outlet - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pump Inlet Hose - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Stainless Steel Flexi Pipe - Filtration
Drain hose - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pilot Pipe with Olives - Falcon G5478 G6478
Control Valve Feed Pipe Falcon G2107EUSB
Control Valve to Reducer Pilot Pipe Falcon
SUPERSEDED Pilot Pipe REducer Falcon G2107EUSB
Rinse pipe - Falcon BD18BT Dishwasher
Pilot pipe - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Insulation tube - Falcon Prolite LD69 Pasta
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Rear Middle-Falcon G2107OT G2107
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Middle - Falcon G2107OT
Back Feed Pipe - Falcon Dom Mk2 G1107 Pre CE
Front burner pipe c/w nut - Falcon G1107 G110
Lock Nut - Falcon G2107 OT Range
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Outer-Falcon G2107OT G2107
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Outer-Falcon G2107OT G2107
Rear Gas Burner Supply Tube - Falcon G1102OT
Rear Pipe Assembly (post 9/8/06) - Falcon G350/4 G3101
Oil Pick-Up Pipe - Falcon G2840F G2845F Fryer
Drain Tube Assembly - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Drain Outlet - Falcon G500 / G700 DZP13
Outer Casing - Falcon Boiling Pan
Fan Impellor - Falcon E7211
Impellor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Rinse Jet - Falcon B210 CSP250 new type
Control Knob - Falcon G2107OT G2107 G2167
SUPERSEDED Pilot Knob - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon LD50 LD48 Fryer
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E7002 Convection
Oven Control Knob - Falcon E1006 Oven
Thermostat knob - Falcon E1102 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon E1532 Grill
Knob- Falcon Control knob
Knob for Heat Control - Falcon Steaming
Burner Knob Green & Black - Falcon G350/1
Control Knob Falcon Steakhouse Grill
Hob Control Knob - Falcon E2101 Dominator Oven
Gas Knob - Falcon G350/8 G350/7 Griddle
Control Knob - Falcon G350 Series350 Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon Fryer Pilot Knob G1808X G1860 GL1838
SUPERSEDED On / Off Control Knob - Falcon Dominator
SUPERSEDED Pilot Control Knob - Falcon Fryer G1830
Black Hob Control Knob - Falcon G2101OTC
Control Knob - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Control Knob - Falcon Dominator G1100 G1100
Control Knob - Falcon G1100 G1107
Oven Control Knob Ce- Falcon G1160 G1100
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 EN203 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 EN203 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1808 G1838 G1895 Fryer
Control Knob 200-550 - Falcon E1160
Control Knob - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Control Knob Thermostat - Falcon Bratt Pan
Chargrill Control Knob - Falcon G350 G359 G31
External control knob-Falcon Dominator
Control Knob - Falcon Dominator E1100
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon E1100
Temperature Control Knob - Falcon E1860 Fryer
Grill Knob - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Knob - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon Chieftain G1006FX G1006
Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G1830 G1860
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon
Knob For Gas Cock - Falcon G7022
SUPERSEDED - Oven thermostat control knob - Falcon G1160
Thermostat control Knob - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Oven Control Knob - Falcon Dominator
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Knob - Falcon Dominator
On/ Off knob - Falcon G1511 Grill
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon Boiling Pan
Control Knob - Falcon G1104 Mk2
Control knob - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon Grill G2532 G1502 G2502
Control Knob - Falcon G1006 EN203 G1528 G1066
Operating Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1865 Fryer 350 Oven
Knob - Falcon Steakgrill G1532
Green & Black Hob Control Knob - Falcon G1528
Simmerstat Control Knob - Falcon G1994 Bratt
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G1102 / G1112
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1107 Ce Oven Knob
Thermostat Knob - Falcon G9622 G9922 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon G9922 G9122 G9907 G9942
Bezel - Falcon G9622 Chargrill
Control Knob - Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon Solid Top G2107, G1532
Gas Control Knob - Falcon G1532 G1107 Oven
Control knob - Falcon Salamander E2523 E2512
Oven Control Knob - Falcon E2101 Dominator
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 Oven
Thermostat control knob - Falcon G1102 Oven
Potentiometer Knob - Falcon G2840F Fryer
On/Off Control Knob - Falcon G1502
Oven Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G1006ST
Temp Control Knob - Falcon G1860 (B4 2007)
Control Knob - Falcon E7202 E7202S Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G2942 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Control Knob Set - Falcon Oven G1100
Knob for Falcon Kestrel KE112 KE101 KE102
Control Knob - Falcon G1532
Knob For Thermostat - Falcon - Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - E3101
SUPERSEDED Control Valve and Knob Kit Pre F500000
Control knob - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Gas Valve Knob - Falcon - Grill - G3925
Thermostat Knob - Falcon LD14 Griddle
Control Switch Knob - Falcon E350
Control Knob - Falcon Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - Oven - G3107
Control Knob - Falcon G3107 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon - Fryer - G3840
Thermostat Knob - Groen S143-48 Tilting Pan
Black/White Knob/Control Switch - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G3830 Fryer
Control Knob Open Top burner - Falcon G2212/2 - Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
Control Knob 25mm - Falcon - Oven - 211-GEO
Black Control Knob - Falcon
Oven Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G2212/2 - Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G3161 G3101 G3151 G3150 G3106
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range - Ex Beef Eater Oven Control K
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G2101EU Oven
SUPERSEDED Hob Control Knob - Falcon Cheftain Oven
Control valve & Knob NG/LP POST F500000
Timer Knob - Falcon G7211 E4069EL Oven
Knob - Falcon G350/1 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Control Valve Knob Set of 4 - Falcon - Oven
SUPERSEDED On/Off Knob For MFC Falcon G2960 Fryer
Control Knob Falcon G6478 Oven
Black & Green Knob - Falcon Chieftain
Potentiometer Knob - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - Oven - G9907
Gas Valve Knob Adaptor - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon E7002 Electric Oven
Control Switch Falcon KE162 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon Bratt Pan
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E2962 E2965 E2994 Bratt Pan
Oven Lamp Holder - Falcon E1102 G2101C G1102 G7004
Control Panel Decal - Falcon - Oven - E7202S
G1848 Fryer Green Neon Indicator
Neon Red- Falcon E1006 E5478 E1026 E1016 Oven
Neon indicator (red) - Falcon E1830 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Light - Falcon E1100 Oven
Oven Light Bulb - Falcon E7002 Convection
Temperature Neon - Falcon E7002 Convection
Falcon Amber Neon - Falcon
Amber Neon Lamp - Falcon E2101 G2101EU E2161EU Oven
Red Neon - Falcon E2121 E2117 G2101EU E2101EU E2161EU Oven
Neon Pilot Light (Red) - Falcon E1100 E1201 900SX Oven
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Lamp - Falcon E350/30
SUPERSEDED E350 Red Indicator Lamp
Rectangular Red Indicator Light -Falcon E1974
Quartz Lamp 500Wts. Double Jacket - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Neon Indicator (amber) - Falcon E1830 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon Indicator
Neon Pilot Light (Orange) - Falcon E1100 E1848 E1102 Oven
Lamp Covers Red - Falcon D800 D1000 AX
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon - Falcon Kestrel KE112 Fryer
Neon indicaator - Falcon Salamander E2523
Red Neon - Falcon Kestrel KE112 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD49 LD48 LD47 LD50 LD8 LD57 Fryer
Red Neon - Falcon LD46 LD47 LD48 LD49 LD50
Neon Crome Bezel - Falcon Fan Oven
SUPERSEDED Red neon - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Red Neon - Falcon E5478 Steam Oven
Amber Neon - Falcon Steam Oven
40 wat 240v Oven bulb - Falcon G1102 Oven
Amber Neon Indicator - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Red Neon Indicator - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Red Neon indicator - Falcon LD22 Grill
SUPERSEDED Red Indicator Lamp - Falcon Dominator G1102
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Lamp - Falcon Dmonator G1102
Indicator Lamp - Falcon G7008 Oven
Oven Lamp c/w Glass - Falcon - E3101
SUPERSEDED Chrome Amber Neon - Falcon Dominator MK II
Orange Neon - Falcon 211-GEO Domestic Oven
Lamp Assembly Falcon LD60 Chip Scuttle
Neon Lamp Assembly - Falcon E1006 3HP Oven
Red Neon Retrofit Kit - Falcon Oven LD64
Heat Lamp and Holder - Falcon Prolite LD60 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD8 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD36
Halogen Lamp - Aloma Combi Steamer
Oven lamp retrofit kit - Falcon E4103 Steamer
Red Indicator Lamp - Falcon G7008 G7011 Oven
Red neon - Falcon Dominator Oven
SUPERSEDED- Amber neon - Falcon Dominator oven
Red neon - Falcon E1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon - Falcon E2294 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Falcon E2994 Red Neon lamp Indicator
Red neon - Falcon E3478 Steamer
Amber neon - Falcon E3478 Steamer
Amber Neon Indicator - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Lid Hinge Pin - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Handle & Lid - Falcon E1830 Fryer
Lid Cover - Falcon Kestrel KE117
Pressure Relief Cap - Falcon
Magnetic Door Catch - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Rinse Manifold - Falcon Dishwasher
Flow Rail - Falcon Stock Pot Stove - G1478
Steam Port - Groen Steamer
Linear Power Pack - Falcon G2995 E2995 Bratt Pan
Hotplate Insulation Box - Falcon E2101
Fat Jug - Falcon - Chargrill - G9440
Water Level Control & Base(New Type) - Falcon E4103 Oven
Conversion Kit from NG to LPG - Falcon G350/11- Fryer
Wire Harness - Falcon - Grill - LD22
Thermostat Mounting Bracket - Falcon - Oven
Interruptor - Falcon Rice Boiler
LH Hanging Rack - Eloma Joker T 6-23
Reset Button- Falcon EFS200 - Fryer
Induction Hob Assembly - Falcon - Oven - E3913I
Inner Door Glass- Falcon E711- Oven
Mesh Fish Plate - Falcon/Fri-Fri EFS402 Fryer
Jet Holder Assembly (LPG) - Falcon G2101
Gastronorm Stand (Oven Stand) - Falcon
Pan - Falcon - Bratt Pan - G2994
Trip Lever - Falcon E1102 Oven
Ignition Generator for Oven - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Wiring Harness - Falcon Steamer - E5478
LD203 Prolite PCB Pillar Support single
SUPERSEDED Leads for electrodes - Falcon G7208 Oven
Boss Insulation Assembly - Falcon G2840F Oven
Chip Plate - Falcon 350148 scuttle
Lift Off Fryplate & Tray - Falcon - Oven -
Oven side insulation - Falcon Dominator Mark
Jack Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Screw Jack - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Pan Strainer/Crumb Catcher - Falcon G3830
Fat Jug Assy - Falcon Grill
SUPERSEDED Burner Plaque Support Set - Falcon - G9532
Basket hanging rail - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Link Bar - Falcon
Terminal post assy - Falcon E1100 Grill
Bush unglazed - Falcon Chieftan E1006X Oven
Trip lever - Falcon G1102 Oven
Bus Bar Replacement Kit Falcon E1522
Filler - Falcon Oven E3161 L/H Cast Iron Hob Filler
Phial Guard (Operating Stat) - Falcon - Fryer
Tube Roller - Falcon / Eloma - Oven -
Pan - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Locking Ring - Falcon
Pivot Support Falcon G1006 Oven
Flue Uptake - Falcon Oven G1848X
SUPERSEDED Ball Float - Falcon Steamer G6478
LPG Jet - Falcon Dominator G1860
LPG Venturi - Falcon G9907 Oven
L/H Lagging box - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Bottom lagging box - Falcon E1006 Oven
R/H Lagging box - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Elbows for Falcon G2865 fryer.
Hearth Surround Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Foot Pedal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard
Injector O/T Falcon Dominator G2101EU Oven
Wire Grid - Falcon G2532 Grill
Flue Cap - Falcon Oven G1848X
Grommet - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Knob Spindle Ext - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Adaptor/Spindle - Falcon Boiling Pan G7038
End Supports - - Falcon Salamanda Grill
Cistern Float - Falcon E5478 Steaming Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E7008 Convection Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E1102 Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon Domestic 1092 R8189
Fan Motor & Blade - Falcon G1112 G2102 Oven Range
Fan & Motor Assy - Falcon E7004 Convection
Fan Blade- Falcon ME4103TD Fan Blade
DH18E Commutator
Oven Fan - Falcon G2101OTC Oven
Fan Motor & Capacitor E4103 Convection Oven
Oven Fan Motor - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Fan- Ebmpapst 4656ZW Cooling Fan -- Falcon E7211 Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Fan - Falcon 1092 Oven
Motor & Fan Complete Falcon E41031C Oven
ebmpapst EM3038LH-47 - Oven Fan Motor 38W - Falcon E711 Oven
Fan Motor c/w Impellor - Falcon E711 Oven
Fan Motor c/w Capacitor - Falcon E7208 E7211
Impellor - Falcon - E7208
SUPERSEDED Motor 1F.2000w 2VEL - Falcon / Lainox
White Locating Bush for Inner Door - Falcon E4063 Oven
Thermostat Olive - Falcon Oven
Swivel Lock Washer - Falcon Boiling Pan
Inlet Manifold Gasket Falcon G1100 Pre Ce Oven
Seal for Round Hotplate - Falcon E2101 Range
O-Ring - Falcon
Chamber Seal - Falcon
Element sealing set - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Oil Seal - Falcon G2840F G2845F Fryer
Louvre double sided - Falcon Grill G9622
Louvre singled sided- Falcon Grill G9622
Terminal cover - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Sight glass - Falcon G5478 G2994 Steamer
Bottom Front Panel - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Overlay Front Panel - Falcon HY-5E Steamer
Outer Back Panel - Falcon - Grill - G2522
LH Outer Side Panel - Falcon Cheftain Oven
RH Outer Side Panel - Falcon Cheftain Oven
Control Panel Decal - Falcon E7202S Oven
S/S Outer side panel R/H - Falcon Dominator
Bottom burner plate - Falcon G1102 Oven
Control Panel Falcon Donimator Oven
SUPERSEDED Inner glass door c/w rubber seal -Falcon Oven
Control Panel Decal - Falcon E7202S
Hi-Speed Plate Cover - Falcon
Control Panel - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Divider Assembly - Falcon HS4 Hot Cupboard
PLC Controller Replacement Kit - Falcon E7211 Oven
PCB - Falcon CEV026S- Oven
Control PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Main PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Relay PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Display PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Main Board - Falcon - Fryer - FFS42
Main PCB - Falcon G4609 Oven
High Limit Board- Falcon EFS200 - Fryer
Main PCB - Falcon EFS402
PCB c/w Thermocouple Falcon EFS402 Fryer
Soft Start PCB - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F Fryer
Water Level Control - Falcon Groen HY12E
PCB (Operating Thermostat) - Falcon E1838X
Water Level PCB - Falcon E5012 E5022
PCB - Falcon EFSS402 Fryer
PCB for Falcon G4069 TC Combi Oven
Thermostat- PCB Falcon EFS Fryer Electronic Thermostat PCB
PCB / Controller Thermostat - Falcon G2845
Control Board PCB - Falcon G2840F Fryer
Pilot Pipe Reducer Falcon G2107
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 G1518 G1848
Pilot Burner with Olives - Falcon G2624 G1102 Oven
LPG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Burner - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Pipe - Falcon G1107 Oven
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1528 Grill Nat Gas Pilot Assembly
NG Pilot Orifice No.22 - Falcon G9660
Pilot Burner- Falcon G1102
Oven Pilot Assy G1102 O/T F078294
Pilot Injector- Falcon Dominator G2624 G2924B
Pilot Pipe- Falcon Pilot Pipe
SUPERSEDED Natural Gas Pilot - G1528 Salamander Grill
Pilot Assembly (Top) - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Buner - Falcon G1107 Dominator Solid
Pilot Assembly - Falcon Pilot Assembly G5478 F02738M
Pilot Injector LPG - Falcon G1160
LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G1532 Grill
Pilot Assembly (NG & LPG)- Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
SUPERSEDED LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G3078 Boiling Pan
Pilot Burners - Falcon Grill G1001 G1004 G
Pilot Jet - Falcon SITOP G1006 Pilot Jet
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2512 G2532 Grill
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
Pilot assembly (oven) - Falcon G1102 Oven
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1848X Fryer
Oven Lamp Switch
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon Chieftan G1006BX Oven
Conversion Kit LPG to Nat- Falcon G2860 Fryer LPG to Nat gas conversion
SUPERSEDED - Pilot Assembly Falcon G2925 Grill
Pilot burner assy - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Pilot assembly - Falcon G1478 Stock pot
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2860 G2865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1532 Grill
Reducer Pilot Pipe - Falcon G2107
LPG Gas Pilot Assembly - Falcon Grill
Pilot Assembly c/w T/C & T/P - Falcon - Fryer - G2865
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1102 LP Gas
Multijet Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1006X
Vernturi Assembly LPG - Falcon G1107OT EN203 CE Oven
Pilot c/w Olives & Nuts - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Burner - Falcon SITOP G1006 Top Pilot Burner
Pilot Assembly LPG- Falcon Boiling Pan G3078 G9622
Gas pilot jet (LPG) - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Pilot Jet Natural Gas - Falcon G1100 G1107 G3080 Bratt Pan
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Pilot Burner Assembly N/G - Falcon G9622 Grill
Pilot Injector NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Pilot Assembly (NG) - Falcon G1107 Solid Top
Pilot Burner - Falcon G2623 G2922 G2923 G21223 G21523
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1006FX Oven
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly Falcon Dominator
Cross Lighting / Pilot Injector LPG - Falcon Fryer
NG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2112 Oven
LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2860 Fryer
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Pilot Burner Assembly - Falcon G9665 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner Assembly NG - Falcon G1518 Grill
O/T Injector Holder - Falcon Pre Ce Dominator
LPG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G2107SB G3127 G9622
LPG Pilot Assembly- Falcon G9622 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Falcon Fryer G2830
SUPERSEDED Open Top Injector NG - Falcon Dominator Mar
NG Pilot Assembly w/Thermopile & Thermocouple
LPG Pilot Burner Assembly - Falcon G2107EUSB Solid Top
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G9922 Chargrill
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860
LPG Injector - Falcon Oven
Open Top Injector LPG - Falcon Chieftain Oven
Crosslighter/Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
Pilot Bracket - Falcon G2107
LP Pilot Assemby - Falcon G9960 Fryer
Venturi / Injector Holder - Falcon - G2107 OT Range
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor - Falcon - Oven
Pilot Assembly- Falcon G3107 - Oven
LPG Pilot Injector - Falcon
Open Top Injector LP 1.2 - Falcon G3122 - Oven
Branding Grid - Falcon Oven
Branding Grid Set - Falcon
Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Salamander Grill
SUPERSEDED Rectangular hotplate complete - Falcon
Branding Grid - Falcon Dominator Grill
Lift-Off Fry Plate - Falcon G2101EUOT Range
Blanking Plate for Multi Functional Valve - Falcon
Branding Grid - Falcon G3625
Branding Grid - Falcon G2624 Chargrill
Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Brander Drip Trough - Falcon G2532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G2532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Double Sided Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
Branding Grid- Falcon EN203 G350/10 Chargrill
Batter Plate - Falcon E1860 Fryer Batter Plate
Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
Single Side Brander Plate - Falcon G1528
Brander Plate - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Brander Plate - Falcon G1512 G3512
Food Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Air pressure switch - Falcon E1102 E1112 Oven
Wash Tank Pressure Switch - Falcon LTB11
Foot- Falcon E2965 G1995 Bratt Pan Foot Bellow
Air Switch - Falcon Bratt Pan
Brass Head Rinse Boost Pump - Falcon BD18BT Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
DH18E Falcon Dishwsher Detergent Pump
Drain Pump - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Dishwasher Drain Pump - Falcon BD18
Rinse Booster Pump - Falcon D18E Dishwasher Rinse Boost Pump
Rinse Aid Injector DA12 - Falcon D600 D1000
DH18E Pump Rinsebooster
Rinse Aid Pump - Alternative Type DWD1F
Rinse Booster Pump - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Wash Pump Motor - Falcon D1000 Dishwasher
DH18E Relay
Relay - Falcon DH18E
Relay - Falcon Relay 10412/10410 DHT/P-20
Proving Relay - Falcon Convection G7208 G7211 Oven
Relay - Falcon E1532 E2523 E2532 Grill
Relay Kit - Falcon E2532
Relay conversion kit - Falcon E1532 E2523
Relay - Falcon E2007 F12 230v Relay
Buzzer Relay - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
Relay Switch Unit - Falcon E1532 Grill
Starting Relay - Falcon E2101EU OTC3HP E3101OTC3HP Oven
SUPERSEDED Finder 65.31 Relay 4 Pin 30amp 230v - BD18
12V Relay Falcon HY3E Steamer
Base Relay - Falcon G7211 Oven
Relay - Falcon E2522 Grill
Start Relay - Falcon E7211 Oven
Heart Rod Set x17 Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Extension Spindle - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Rear Hob Rail - Falcon G2107 G2107SB G2101OTC G2101C
Front Hob Rail - Falcon G2107 G2107SB G2101OTC G2101C
Spindle - Falcon Dishwasher
Set of 6 Screws (for the hinge) - Falcon G5478
Fixing Bracket Falcon Dominator 4 Oven
Thermostat Bypass Screw - Falcon G3101 LPG Oven
Thermostat NG Bypass Screw Falcon Oven
Oven By-Pass Screw NG - Falcon - G2161OT
By-Pass Screw - Falcon - G2161OT
Thermostat Tube Nut - Falcon Oven
Thermocouple Nut - M8x1 H 3mm Brass
Lock Nut for Overflow Falcon REB429
Tube Nut - Falcon G2107 OT Range
Screws (for door seal) - Falcon G5478 / G6478
Gasket Retaining Screws (Set of 24) - Falcon
Circlip - Falcon LD203 Water Tap Boiler
FFD shield - Falcon G1107 Dominator Solid Top
Valve- Falcon FFD Valve Solid Top G1100, G1107
SUPERSEDED Flame failure device - Falcon G1160 Oven
Flame Failure Device - Falcon G1107 Oven
Water Level Cut Out - Falcon D600A
Flame Failure- Falcon Dominator Flame Failure Device
FFD Valve - Falcon G1104 G1100 G1107 Oven
Earth Pin - Falcon G1107 G1100 Pre Ce
FFD Valve - Falcon Oven G1107 G1100 G1160
FFD Conversion Kit - Falcon - Oven
FFD - Falcon G1107 Pre Ce Open Top
Oven Flame Failure Device - Falcon G1066X G1006OT
Probe Phial Guard (safety stat) - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Water level Electrode (High) - Falcon Oven
Operational Thermostat Probe - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Sensor Falcon Fryer
Temperature Probe Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Operating Thermostat Probe Assy - Falcon G3840 Fryer
Probe "K" 6x80 1.5ml - Falcon Fryer
Ignition probe - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Electrode Low Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Spark Electrode - Falcon G350 Griddle
Grill Shelf - Falcon G1512 Grill
Oven Shelf Hanger - Falcon G2101 Oven
Wire Shelf - Falcon G1528 Grill
Shelf- Falcon Dominator G2101 Mark 2 Oven Shelf
Grill Shelf Rack - Falcon G1532 G2532 Grill
Oven Shelf - Falcon G1107 G2101 Oven
Oven Shelf - Falcon G7008 Oven
Oven Shelf- Falcon E3161 - Oven
Shelf Hanger - Falcon Oven - G3101-6
Grid Shelf anti tilt c/w handles - Falcon - Grill - G2522
Shelf - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Grid Shelf w/Handles - Falcon G1528 Grill
Branding grid - Falcon G9622 Grill
Wall Bracket (set of 2) Falcon E1532JS Grill
Shelf - Falcon - Oven - LD64
Grid Shelf c/w Discs & Handles - Falcon G3532 G2532 Grill
Shelf - Falcon Oven - E1160
Oven Grid Shelf - Falcon G3101 E2101 Oven
Thermostat Guard - Falcon Dominator Oven
Drain valve assy - Falcon E4103 Steam oven
Water Solenoid Valve - Falcon E4109EL
Solenoid Valve - Falcon BG16
Double Solenoid Valve - Falcon G1808 G1838
Drain Valve - Falcon G1830 G1860 G2865 Fryer
Gas Solenoid Valve - Falcon G1962 G1994 Bratt
SUPERSEDED Gas Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
Drain Valve Pre 22/10/90 - Falcon E4068 E4108
Drain Valve Body - Falcon
Drain Valve Actuator - Falcon
Oil Drain Valve - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
NG Control Valve - Falcon G218525B G2625 Chargrill
Float Valve Assembly Complete- Falcon Steamer
Wok Control Valve - Falcon - Oven - G2151
Shower Handle - Lainox - ME101P - Oven
Flexi Shower Pipe - Falcon Oven
Spray Gun - Falcon E4063TC Combination Oven
Tube Roller Head Sprayer Falcon / Eloma
Oven door spring - Falcon G1006XST
Door Catch Spring - Falcon E7002 Convection
Door Spring - Falcon G1006 G1006X E1006 Oven Range
Door Spring - Falcon G2000 3 deck oven
Lid Hinge Spring LH Falcon E1962 E1994
L/H Lid Hinge Spring - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Spring - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Door Spring Falcon E1006 3HP Oven
Door switch (fan) - Falcon E1102-4HP Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan Switch - Falcon KE140 Oven
White Switch Knob (post 9/6/90)
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon G1102 Oven Range
Oven light switch - Falcon G1102 Oven
Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22 Grill
Potentiometer c/w Cable - Falcon E1838X Fryer
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - Falcon Bratt Pan
Control switch & knob - Falcon E11003HP
Rotary Switch - Falcon E2532 Grill
Oven Rotary Switch - Falcon 211-GEO Domestic Oven
Micro Switch Striker - Falcon LD48 Fryer
6 Positional Hotplate Switch Falcon E3161
Tilt Switch - Falcon E3860 Fryer
Control Button Cluster - Falcon DH18E d/w
Terminal Posts Set Complete - Falcon - Oven - E10063HP
Tilt Switch Replacement Kit - Falcon E350/37
Tilt Switch Assembly - Falcon
Door Microswitch Cam - Falcon E7211 Oven
Control Knob (with Switch) - Falcon - Boiling Pan - E2078-90
Microswitch Door Pin - Falcon G2994 G1994 E1962 E1965 G2994
Fan Switch- Falcon E7202G7208- Oven
Control Switch c/w Knob - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Green Switch - Falcon E711D E711 Oven
Cool/Heat Switch - Falcon G7211 E4069EL Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Contactor Rotary Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Control Selector Switch - Falcon KE102
Door Microswitch - DEM14 - Falcon Dishwasher
Micro Switch - Falcon LD48 Fryer Micro Switch
Safety Microswitch - Falcon KE112 KE111 KE114 KE118 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon LD48 Fryer
6 Position Switch & Knob - Falcon E2101 Oven
Rotary Switch - EGO 3 position Rotary Switch - Falcon E5478
Control Switch - Falcon Dominator E1100 E2101 E1120
Switch - Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan Control Switch
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch (For Hotplate) - Falcon E350
DEP4 Pressure Switch - Falcon DH18E
Microswitch Removal KIt - Falcon E7002
Mode Selector Switch - Falcon E4109EL Combi
Drain Switch - Falcon G500 G16E G500A
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
DH18E Pressure Switch
Black Rocker Switch Fan & Cook - Falcon G7008
Door Microswitch - Falcon E7004 E7011 G7008 G7211
Microswitch - Falcon Bratt Pan G1994 E1995 E1102
SUPERSEDED High Speed Control Switch - Falcon E350
Control Switch - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Cut Out Microswitch Replacement Kit - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon E1995 Bratt Pan
Pressure Switch c/w bracket - Falcon 80 70
Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 Oven
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 G1808 G1848
Switch Power On/Off - Falcon G2112 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan switch - Falcon E7202S Oven
SUPERSEDED Microswitch T856 KESTRAL KE114 Fryer
Microswitch Kit - Falcon Kestral KE117 LD50 Fryer
Control Switch - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Main switch - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Heat Control Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Rocker Switch - Temperature Set - Falcon
Selector Switch - Falcon E7002 E7202
Red Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 G7004 G7011 Convection Oven
On/Off Switch - Falcon Fryer On / Off Switch
On/Off Switch - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Control switch - Falcon E1100 E1160 E2161
Rotary Switch- Falcon G1965- Bratt Pan
Control switch & knob - Falcon E1100 Oven
Drain Valve- Falcon G2845- Fryer
Drain Tap - Falcon G2078TC Boiling Pan
Swivel Tap - Falcon G3078/10 G3078/10 E3078/30 Boiling Pan
Drain Valve Cock - Falcon Steaming Oven
SUPERSEDED Draw off Tap 1 1/4" Falcon Boiling Pan
1"" ET DN25 Drain Valve - Falcon G2830 G2865 G2860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon G2923 Chargrill Grill Thermocouple
OT Thermocouple Front/Short - Falcon G2107 G2167 G1107
Oven Thermocouple / Probe End -Falcon G2101
Thermocouple - Falcon G1502 G2502 G1532 G2532 G9502
Nickel Plated Thermocouple M10x1 1000mm - Falcon Dominator Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G9665 fryer
Thermocouple Kit - Falcon G2924B G2629 G9622
Thermocouple - Falcon Griddle G350/8
Front Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 EN203 Grill
900mm Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator Fryer G350/12
Thermocouple c/w Union- Falcon Convectastream
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator 6 Burner
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Boiling Pan
Front Thermocouple - Falcon G1006X Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Oven Thermocouple 1.2m - Falcon
Thermocouple - Falcon G1006 G1066 Oven
Thermocouple c/w Interuptor - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1102 Oven
Rear Burner Thermocouples F350/1
Front Burner Thermocouples G350/1
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Thermocouple - Falcon G5478 G6478 Steamer
Thermocouple - Falcon G9907 G9667 G9906 900X
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G1860 G1830 G2860
Interuptor - Falcon G1865 G1830CE G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G9622 G2830 G9922 G9211
Thermocouple - Falcon G2830 G1107 Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon Oven G110 G1107 G1167
Thermocouple Extension - Falcon Dominator
Thermocouple - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED G2830 Universal Thermocouple - Falcon
Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator MK2 Oven
Solid Top Thermocouple - G2107 Falcon
SUPERSEDED OT Thermocouple long - Falcon G2107 G2167
Interrupter - Falcon G1830 G2865 G2830 G2860
Thermocouple c/w Interupter - Falcon Twin Fryer
Thermocouple C/W Split Nut- Falcon Chieftain G1006
OT Thermocouple Rear/Long - Falcon G2107 G2167 G1107
Thermocouple Front - Falcon G1107 Oven
Thermocouple Extension - Falcon Oven G2101OT
Thermocouple & Interrupter - Falcon Fryer
SUPERSEDED Grill Thermocouple 1200mm- Falcon G1518 G1528
Thermocouple - Falcon G1532 Grill / Sock Pot
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Rear O/T - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Front O/T - Falcon
SUPERSEDED - Thermocouple Falcon G2925 Grill
Thermocouple 900mm - supplied complete with
Thermocouple - Falcon G1478 Stock Pot Stove
Thermocouple 900mm - Falcon G1830 G9660 G3150 Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon G2206 Pasta Boiler
Thermocouple- Falcon Chieftan Griddle Thermocouple
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1006 G1102
Thermocouple - Falcon E1838X E1848 Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon E711D Convection Oven
Thermocouple - FalconG1800 - Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon G2522
Interupted Thermocouple - Falcon G2865
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G3101
Thermopile c/w Lead- Falcon - Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 Grill/Oven
Thermocouple C/W Interruptor- Falcon G3865
Thermocouple- Galcon Grill Steakhouse Plus- Grill
Thermocouple - Falcon - G1629/2
Front Thermocouple Assembly - Falcon Cheftain
Rear Thermocouple Assembly - Falcon Cheiftain
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G2107 EU SB Solid Top
Sensor / Interrupter - Falcon G2203 G9665 G2206
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator G1532 Grill
Thermocouple - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Dominator G2101EU Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon Fryer
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1107 G2101 Oven
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1102 G2112 Oven
Thermocouple Sleeve - Falcon G1006X G1066X
Thermocouple Shield - Falcon G1006X
Thermocouple With Interruptor Falcon Fryer
Thermocouple (Griddle Top)- Falcon G1056
Thermocouple- Falcon G3080 20gallon Bratt Pan
Thermocouple - Falcon G1006BX G1102 Solid Top Oven
Thermopile - Falcon G1838X Fryer
SUPERSEDED Rear Thermocouple - Falcon G1066XOT Cheiftain
Rear Thermocouple - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Front Thermocouple - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G2380 Dominator Fryer
Thermocouple w/ Sensor - Falcon G1848X Fryer
Terminal Block - Falcon E2512 E2522 E3512 Grill
Terminal Block - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Terminal Block / Box - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Terminal Block - Falcon
Terminal Connection - Falcon LD22 Salamander Grill
Terminal Block - Falcon - Oven - G2101 OTC
Terminal Block - Falcon
Terminal Block- Falcon E350 Fryer
Mains Terminal Block - Falcon - Fryer - G3860
Terminal Block - Falcon LD8 Griddle
6 Cam Timer - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Timer - Falcon G7208 Oven
Timer/Buzzer - Falcon E1102 E1112 Oven
Timer Conversion 1 Hour - Falcon E7002 E7202
Timer - Falcon G7004 G7011 E1102 G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED 60 Minute Mechanical Timer - Falcon G1102
SUPERSEDED Bell Buzzer - Falcon G1102 Oven
Timer - Falcon G2101C Oven Range
Timer - Falcon E7002 Oven
SUPERSEDED 2 Hour Timer - Falcon E4109 Oven
Timer - Falcon G7211 Oven
Buzzer - Falcon - Oven - G2101C
Timer (2 Hour) - Falcon E7202 Oven
Toroilal 120 VA 1ph Transformer Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Box - Falcon - G7011 - Oven
Sit Control Valve - Falcon - G2860 - Fryer
SUPERSEDED Maxitrol Gas Valve & Fittings - Falcon - Fryer - G3860
Operating Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon - Oven - 32101EU
Operating Thermostate C/W Knob- Falcon E1831- Fryer
Thermostat & Knob - Falcon - Oven - E1100
High Limit Thermostat Kit - Groen Steamer
Safety Thermostat - Falcon - E3862 - Oven
Thermostat/Control Pcb ( Fastron ) - Falcon
Operating Thermostat - FalconLD46 - Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon - LD8
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon - G2203
Flame Safety Device - Falcon Domestic 211-GGOP Cooker
Rinse Tank Safety Thermostat Falcon Glasswasher
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Oven Thermostat c/w Knob - Falcon - Oven - E3101
Grill Selector Switch - Falcon G7096 Domestic Grill
Gas Valve- Maxitrol Gas Valve & Fittings - Falcon - Fryer - G3830
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon - G1103
Oven Thermostat- Falcon E3101- Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon Control Thermostat
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E350/37 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Kit c/w Knob Falcon G1107
Oven Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E7202S
Oven Safety Thermostat - Falcon - Oven -E4109
Safety Klixon - Falcon E7202S Convetion Oven
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon Fryer - G2865
Safety Thermostat Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Control Thermostat - Falcon - E1830 - Fryer
Boiler operating thermostat - Falcon E4109
Safety Stat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Cork Mount kit for Thermostat - G1107
Safety thermostat - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon E7202S Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Safety thermostat c/w retro fit kit - Falcon
Oven Thermostat - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon E7202 G7208 Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat c/w fan switch - Falcon LD62 LD64
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat NG & LP (PRE F500000)
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat NG & LP POST F500000
Surface safety thermostat 110°c - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Repair Kit Falcon G2830
Main Oven Thermostat - Falcon - G21010T
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon E1995 E1994
Oven Control Thermostat - Falcon G350/2 Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Falcon G2860 Fryer
Control Thermostat c/w Fan Switch Falcon
Control Thermostat - Falcon - Oven E2102
Operating Thermostat Assembly - Falcon E3860
Boiler Operating Thermostat - Falcon E4109EL
Oven Thermostat - Falcon Cheiftain
Oven Stat Retrofit Kit - Falcon - Oven -
Control Thermostat Kit - Falcon Oven - G2161
Safety Thermostat - Falcon - E711
Safety Stat - Falcon E3860 Fryer
NG Oven Control Thermostat - Falcon 211GGO
Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
Control Thermostat/Valve Kit - Falcon Griddle - G9641CR
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Oven Thermostat Control Switch - Falcon E2101EU OTC3HP Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon - Fryer - G1860
Thermostat (NG) - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Hi Limit Thermostat Falcon Fryer
Thermostat Nat Gas - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Oven Thermostat- Falcon E3101- Hot Plate
Thermostat Nat Gas - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon G2860 G3865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Post F533868 - Falcon G3865
Operating Thermostat- Falcon E3441 Griddle
Valve- Maxitrol Valve/Thermostat & Fittings - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Gas Control Valve for Solid Top - Falcon G1006FX Oven
F F D - Falcon Domestic Oven Thermostat - 211-GGO
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1860 Fryer
Working Thermostat- Falcon G4107
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1004
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat & Knob
Working Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E1830
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Thermostatic Gas Valve
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Deep Fat Fryer
Safety cut out - Falcon E6478 E5478 Steamer
Oven Thermostat Falcon G2007 Pasty
Oven Thermostat - Falcon Oven
Oven Thermostat FALCON G1100 G1160 G1117
Mechanical Thermostat - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Working Thermostat *without knob* - Falcon G1860 G1830 Fryer
Control Thermostat kit - Falcon G1112
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1860 E1861 G1994
Control thermostat - Falcon G1962
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101/G2107OT
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1167 Oven
Oven Stat - G1167 4B Falcon Oven - OBSOLETE
G1107 Oven TGJ Thermostat - Falcon Dominator
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Falcon Oven Range
Flame Failure Valve G1107 Dominator Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Kit - Falcon G1107 Dominator Oven
Thermostat - Falcon Chieftain 1016/2
Hi Limit Thermostat (Post 06/2007) - Falcon G1808X G1838X G2865
Safety Thermostat Replacement kit R/H - Falcon
Operating Thermostat - Falcon G2994 G1994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED - Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1860 G1865
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1860 G1865 G1808X
High Limit Stat - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F
Electric Type Thermostat Control - Falcon G1102 G1112 E1102
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat 4.7mm Shaft - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Thermostat- Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Control Switch - Falcon E3078 Boiling Pan
Thermostat- Falcon Domestic 211/GGO Gas Oven Thermostat
Operating Thermostat *with knob* - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon G2942 Griddle
Thermostat - Falcon E1860 (SPECIAL) Fryer
Flame Failure Device - Falcon G9906 G9926STBT
Oven Thermostat & Knob - Falcon E350-30 Oven
Thermostat Replacement Kit - Falcon E1860Fryer
16amp Thermostat - Falcon Kestral Griddle
Operating Thermostat- Falcon E350/37
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Falcon LD69 Pasta Cooker
Thermostat - Groen DEE/4-20 tilting kettle
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E4103 E4103TC Steam Oven
Thermostat - Falcon E7008 Oven
Thermostat - Falcon G3101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1026 G1006
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1838X Fryer
Control Thermostat (post 2007) - Falcon G2860
Thermostat- Falcon G1830 Fryer Thermostat
Control thermostat - Falcon E1860LC Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon Gril E1532 Simmerstat w/ Knob
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G350/1 LPG CE
Safety Thermostat Leads - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Control Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1102 Oven
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107OT Oven
Oven Thermostat c/w Control Knob - Falcon
Working Thermostat Kit c/w knob - Falcon E183
Working Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E1830
Limiter / Safety Thermostat 230c - Falcon E1808 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Falcon E1860 E1830 E1831
Thermostat- Falcon LD43 Bain Marie Thermostat
Switch - Falcon E1502 Oven Control Switch
Thermostat & Switch - Falcon KE240 Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon Fryer 900 SX G9660
Safety Stat - Falcon - Fryer - KE112
Control Thermostat PCB c/w Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Overheat Safety Stat L/H - Falcon G2865
Thermostat- Falcon Oven G1006 Cheftian Thermostat
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1838 Fryer
EFS Potentiometer - Falcon G2840F Fryer
High Limit Reto-Kit - Falcon G1830 G1860
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon RX Fryer
Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Safety Thermostat Kit - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Safety Thermostat - Fryer E350/37
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon G350 Series E1848 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon E350/36 E350/37 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Falcon E350/36
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E350/39 LD50 Fryer
SUPERSEDED E5478 Steamer Stat
Control Stat - Falcon E1860 Oven
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 MKII Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety & Control thermostat - E1830 E1831
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Pre Ce Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat Retro Fit Kit - Falcon
Thermostat - Falcon G9641 G2642 G9641CR G2942
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G2101 G2117-2 G2101OT G2117
Thermostat LPG - Falcon G1167 Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Simmerstat - Falcon E1006 Oven
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E7202S E7202E
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E7202
Hold Thermostat - Falcon G7208 Convection Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon E350/46
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Working Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Safety Thermostat Falcon CL6 C26
Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101/G2107OT
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1160 G1100 G350/1
Oven Thermostat Pre Ce - LT4A202 - G1100
Thermostat - Falcon Convection Oven E4103TC
Boiler Thermostat - Falcon Oven E4063
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1006 E1016 oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Knob - Falcon E1995 E1994 E1962
Thermostat with Knob - Falcon E1962 E1995
Operating Thermostat - Falcon Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat Falcon Kestrel fryer
Thermostat - Falcon LD8 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon KE102 Boiling Pan
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Oven E4109
Oven Thermostat Knob - Falcon E350/30 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1106 E350 G7008
E350/37 Working Thermostat 105-200c - Falcon
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E350/36 E350/37
Thermostat - Falcon E350/42 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Falcon 350/35 LD14 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Override Thermostat - Falcon E1830 E1831
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon E1830 E1831 E1860
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E1830JP
EA5P-485-48 Oven thermostat - Falcon E1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Working Thermostat - Falcon LD47 LD48 LD50
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat Thermostat - Falcon KE162 Grill
Control Thermostat - Falcon LD13 LD5 LD6 LD7
SUPERSEDED Falcon LD14 Griddle - Control Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon Kestral KE112 Frye
Control Knob - Falcon KE112 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Kestrel KE112 KE117 Fryer
Hi Limit Thermostat - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC/TMS Oven
SUPERSEDED Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22/SS Salamander
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 MKII Oven
Nat Gas Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107 G1167
Thermostat c/w post assy - Falcon Fryer
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G2101 EUOTT Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon G1830 G2830
Lower Wash Boss Falcon DH22E
Rinse Arm Boss - Falcon BD18 DH18E Dishwasher
Lower Wash Support Boss - Falcon E46-46F
Lower Rinse Arm Spindle - Falcon DH22E DLP52 Dishwasher
Fixed Top Boss - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Falcon / Kestrel Part Types
Adhesives / Sealants & Glues
Base Plates / Abrasive Plates & Liners
Baskets - Dishwasher / Fryer / Refrigeration & Pasta
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