Falcon / Kestrel

Company Details Falcon Foodservice Equipment is a manufacturer of catering equipment producing a vast range for the commercial kitchen. Part of the Aga empire, their equipment such as the Chieftain, Dominator and Pro-Lite makes are found on every continent

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Falcon / Kestrel Parts
Spark Ignitor / Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1962
Oven Inner Base Plate - Falcon G2101 Oven
Lower Oven Base Plate - Falcon G2101 Oven
False Bottom - Falcon E3204 Fryer
Fryer Baskets - Falcon E401F Fryer
Single Large Basket- Falcon E350/37 - Fryer
Fryer Basket - E421 Fryer 340x150x140 mm
Basket - Falcon - Fryer - EFS200
Fryer Basket - Falcon - G401F
Basket Hanging Rail - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Fryer Baskets - Falcon E401F Fryer
Fryer Basket 300x100x190mm - Falcon KE112 KE111 KE114
Basket Hanging Rail - Falcon - Fryer - E1860
Chip Fryer Basket - 350 x 200 x 100mm
Chip Fryer Basket - Falcon Fryer
Fryer Basket - Falcon E1860
Fryer Basket - Falcon G2840 G2841/2 G2845F
Basket 200 x 295 x 140mm - Falcon Fryer
Fryer Basket - Falcon E1860 G1860 G1865 G3865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Tinned Steel Fryer Basket -Falcon E1830 Fryer
Basket - Falcon EFS402 Fryer - Small Fryer Basket
Wash Arm Spigot - Falcon D600A D900A DLP7
Rinse Boiler for FALCON G500A Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pan Support - Falcon G1066X
Wall Bracket - Falcon G2512 Grill
Support Bar Set - Falcon G9522 Grill
Pan Support (End) - Falcon G1107 G1102 Oven
Bracket - Falcon G3532 Grill
Conversion Kit (Nat Gas to LPG) Falcon G1865
LPG Injector - Falcon EN203
Conversion kit - Falcon G1066X NG to LPG
Short Burner Tube - Falcon G1107 Oven
Elbow (NG Injector) - Falcon - PRE CE
LPG Burner Jet - Falcon G1167 Oven
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1117
Brass Burner Plate G1100, G1101
LPG Injector - Falcon Dominator G1100 LPG O/T Oven
LPG Burner Injector - Falcon G1167 Oven
NG Gas Tap Injector - Falcon G1512
LPG burner jets - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Natural Gas Jet - Falcon G350/19 G1532 Grill
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
Hob Injector - Falcon G2107 OT Oven Range
By Pass Screw -Falcon G2101 G2107 G2167 G2161
LPG Oven Jet - Falcon Dominator LPG G1107 OT
Injector Holder - Falcon G3101 G3161 G3124 G3121 G3151
SUPERSEDED LPG Injector - Falcon G3101 G3161 G3124 G3121 G3106 Oven
NG -LPG Conversion kit - Falcon G350/19 Grill
NG burner Jet- Falcon G350/37
Burner Venturi - Falcon G2107 G2102 G2167
SUPERSEDED NG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G1107 Oven
Olive - Falcon G2107 OT Range
LPG Bypass Screw - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG - Falcon G2161 4 Burner Cooker
Multijet Solid Top Burner NG - Falcon G1006X Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1102
LPG Oven Jet - Falcon G1167 EN203 G1107
Conversion kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon Domestic
Injector- Part Of Conversion Kit - Falcon
NG Burner Jets - Falcon G1160 Oven
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Conversion Kit Nat To LPG -Falcon G9522 Grill
Burner injector (LPG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Injector Propane - Falcon G1107 Dominator
LPG Injector - Falcon G9532 G1532 Grill
LPG-Natural Gas Conversion Kit FALCON G5478
Oven Venturi N/G Injectors - Oven Range
Oven Burner Jet - Falcon G1160 Oven
Venturi Holder Assembly - Falcon G350/1 G1107
Pilot Orifice (NG) - Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
LPG Oven Burner - Falcon G2117GP
Burner Retro Fit Kit - Falcon Chieftan
Oven Burner Injector LPG - Falcon Dominator
NG Injector - Falcon - G350/9
Cross-Lighting Jet LPG - Falcon Fryer
Main Burner Injector LPG - Falcon Fryer
LPG Bypass Screw - Falcon G2107 G2101 Oven
Hotplate Gas Injector Falcon 211GGO Oven
LPG Injector c/w Holder - Falcon G9522 Grill
Burner Assembly NG - Falcon Cheiftain Oven
LPG Burner Jet - Falcon - Fryer - G1860
NG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2860 G2865 G2830 Fryer
LPG Injector for Outer Burner Falcon G1478 Stockpot
Outer NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
Inner NG Injector - Falcon - G1478
Main Burner Injector NG - Falcon - Grill - G3532
Hotplate Injector for 3kw - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
LPG Injector for Inner Burner Falcon G1478 Stockpot
Venturi Locking Ring - Falcon G110702
Injector - Falcon G1107-OT Dominator Oven
LH/RH Amal Jet LPG - Falcon Griddle
LPG Injector - Falcon G1006CE Range
LPG Injector - Falcon G2532 Oven
Open Top NG Burner Jet Falcon G2101 Oven
Injector - Falcon G1100 G1107 G21225 G3925
NG Jet - Falcon G2865 G2830 Fryer
NG Injector - Falcon G2865 G2830 Fryer
LPG Injector - Falcon G1167
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
Natural Gas Injector - Falcon G1006FXTB Solid Top Oven
Ignition Assembly Post- Falcon G3101 - Oven
LPG Jets for Burners- Falcon G2101 EU0T- Oven
NG Injector - Falcon G3078 Bratt Pan
Oven Ignition Assembly - Falcon G3101 - Oven
LPG Injector Jet - Falcon G1528 Salamander Grill
LH LPG Burner Injector - Falcon
RH LPG Burner Injector - Falcon
LPG Injector - Falcon
LPG Injector - Falcon
Pilot Burner LPG - Falcon
Solid Top Injector LPG - Falcon G3127 Oven
Injector Block - Falcon G2107
Injector Adaptor - Falcon G2107
Burner Injector - Falcon - Oven
Burnersheild - Falcon - Oven
Aeration Shroud - Falcon - Oven
Burner - Falcon - Oven
Open Top Burner Assembly Complete NG/LP - Falcon G3101
Solid Top Burner - Falcon G2107
Burner Base - Falcon G3101 Oven
Infraglo Burner Retrofit Kit LPG - Falcon - Grill - G1528
Burner Base C/W Venturi - Falcon - G2101EU - Oven
SUPERSEDED Hob Burner Cap & Ring Assy - Falcon G3101
RH Burner Assembly - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Oven Burner- Falcon- G1102- Oven
Burner Base w/ Venturi - Falcon G2101 6-burner Range
SUPERSEDED Grill Burner Brick- Falcon C1532- Grill
Open Top Burner Assembly - Falcon G2101 Oven
Cast Iron Burner - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
O/T Burner Base - Falcon Pre Ce Dominator
Double Ring Burner - Falcon - G1478
Burner Assembly - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Burner Support Bracket Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Flame Burner Cap - Falcon G3101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Infrared Burner Assembly - Falcon - G1528 (NG)
Burner Assembly - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Retro Fit Kit Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 Grill
Top Burner - Falcon G1006ST Solid Top Burner N/G
Burner assy - Falcon G3078 G3080 Bratt Pan
Burner Assembly - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Aeromatic Burner - Falcon G5478 G6478 Steamer
Gas Grill Burner Assembly- Falcon G2505
Gas Burner - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Burner Support - Falcon G350 pre CE
Venturi for Falcon G1100 G1107 (Pre Ce) Oven
Alluminium Ally Burner Ring Support - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Cast Iron Burner Cap - Falcon G1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Brass Burner Head - Falcon G1107 Oven
Complete Burner - Falcon G1532 G2532 G9502
Burner Cap c/w Ring - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161 G2101
Burner Crown NG - Falcon G1006XS/T
Support Bar- Falcon Hob Burner Support Bar
SUPERSEDED Burner Cap c/w Ring - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161 G
SUPERSEDED Burner Base - Falcon G2101 Oven
L/H Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Burner Base - Falcon Oven range
Burner - Falcon G7008 Oven
Burner - Falcon Convection Oven G7208 G7011
Burner - Falcon G1532 G350/19 SteakHouse
SUPERSEDED Burner Brass Head - Falcon Range
SUPERSEDED Ce Burner Supports Falcon Dominator Mk II
Burner Control - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Grill Burner Brick Falcon G9522 G2502 G2512
SUPERSEDED Burner Brass Plate - Falcon G1100 G1107
G1107 Burners Complete ( Falcon Dom/Mk2)
SUPERSEDED Oven Burner - Falcon G1100 G1107 PRE CE
Burner Replacement Kit Falcon G350/1 Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon G350 Pre Ce Hob Black Burner Cap
R/H Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Centre Burner Plate - Falcon G1107 Oven
Burner Base - Falcon G1107 OT EN203 CE
SUPERSEDED Venturi Holder Complete - Falcon G1107
Main Burner - Falcon G3078 Boiling Pan
Support Bar for Plaques - Falcon G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Pan Support Enamel - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Double Pan Support (painted) Falcon - G2101OT G2121OT
Louve Set of 10 - Falcon G9622 Grill
Long Support - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Centre Brick Support - Falcon Grill
Centre Brick Support - Falcon G9522 G2522 Oven
Pan Support- Falcon G2101 G1100 Oven
Pan Support (Centre) - Falcon G1107 G1102 Oven
Pan Support- Falcon G2101 G1100 Oven
Bung- Falcon Domestic 211-GEO Oven Pan Support Bung
Support Bar Set - Falcon Grill G1522
Burner Cap Assembly - Falcon GO111 Domestic Cooker
Louve Set - Falcon G9922 Grill
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
End Support Falcon G1521 Grill
Cross Lighting Assy - Falcon G9522 Grill
Bullseye Cup & Ring - Falcon G1006 Oven
Filer - Falcon E3161 Oven cast Iron Filler
Double Pan Support - Falcon G3161 G3101 Oven
Gas Control Valve - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Burner Plaque Support Set Falcon Grill
SUPERSEDED Pan Support- Falcon G3101- Oven
Burner Plaque Holder - Falcon G2532 Grill
Burner Base - Falcon G3101 Oven
Set Of Branding Grids (5) - Falcon G2624
Oil Pump Capacitor - Falcon G401F Fryer
Resistor - Falcon Cheftain E1006 Oven
Capacitor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
4Uf Motor Capacitor - Falcon G1102 Oven
4uf Capacitor - Falcon E1102 Oven
Capacitor 16-18 mf - Falcon DH18E Dishwashe
Rear Castor Non Brake - Falcon Oven
Front Braked / Swivel Castor - Falcon Oven
Set of castors - Falcon G2625 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Castors Braked - Falcon Solid Top Oven
Set of Castors - Falcon G2101 G1107 E1860
Heavy Duty Castor Set - Falcon E1102 G1102
Front Braked Swivel Castor - Falcon G3101 Oven
Set of 2 Braked Castors - Falcon G2101EU
Castor Set 2 Braked 2 Unbraked Falcon E1006
Castor Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2101
Gastronorm Container Falcon LD38 Bain Marie
Controller Prog 85° - Falcon - Hot Trolley
Control board c/w potentiometer - Falcon
Controller - Falcon
EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Hot Cupboard
Controller - Evco EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Bain Marie
P13 CE Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Gas Pactrol P13 Control Unit - Falcon Oven
Control panel - Falcon E2101 Range
Temperature Potentiometer - Falcon E1838X
SUPERSEDED Contact Block - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Oven Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO
Thermometer - Falcon D1000AX Dishwasher
Control panel - Falcon Salamamder E2523
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion kit (Nat gas - LPG) - Falcon G1107ST Oven
Conversion Kit (NG-LPG) - Falcon G2860 G1860 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2101EUOT Oven
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2925
SUPERSEDED Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon
G1107 Pre Ce Oven Convertion Kit Nat - LPG -
Conversion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon G2101 Con Kit Natural Gas to LPG
Conversion Kit Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
NG- LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Convertion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit NG-LPG - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Falcon G1532
Conversion Kit Nat.Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
Conversion Kit - Falcon G7011 Oven (LPG - NG)
Nat Gas - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2206
Pre-CE Falcon Dominator G1100 Nat Gas to LPG Con Kit
Burner Retro fit conversion kit Falcon G1102
Conversion kit LPG to NGFalcon G2532 Salamander Gas Grill Convertion
Natural Gas-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G5478
Conversion Kit - Falcon G2101 Oven
NG- LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1962 Bratt
Conversion Kit LPG to NG- Falcon G1532 Grill Gas Conversion Kit
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2532 Grill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon G1532 Grill
Conversion Kit (LPG-NG) - Falcon G2161 Oven
Conversion kit (nat gas - LPG) - Falcon G2101
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1830 MK2 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Conversion Kit NG to LPG -
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G9907 Oven
Conversion Kit Natural Gas to LPG - Falcon
LPG injector - Falcon G1107 Oven
Bypass screw LPG - Falcon G1107 Oven
Oven Conversion Kit NG to LPG- Falcon G1112
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2942 Griddle
Conversion Kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon G2101 Oven
Nat Gas to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1167 Oven
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1838X
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2522 Salamander Grill
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon Steamer - G6478
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2512 Salamander Grill
Conversion Kit (NG to LPG) - Falcon G2830 Fryer
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Fryer - G401F
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3925
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2840F
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1962
LPG-Nat Gas Conversion Kit - Falcon G7008 Oven
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Fryer - G401F
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2102
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2161 Oven
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G2625
Conversion Kit NG To LP - Falcon G9532 - Grill
Conversion Kit - Falcon G3068135L - Boiler
Conversion Kit Nat Gas To LPG - Falcon G2107 07
LPG- NG Conversion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon 210-GEOTstst
NG-LPG conversion kit - Falcon G2865 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1528 Grill
Conversion Kit (NG - LPG) - Falcon G2860
NG to LPG Con. Kit - Falcon G9330 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1107 OT Oven
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Falcon - Grill -
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1860 Fryer -
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G350/4 Oven
Injector Holder C/W Injector Plate - Falcon G350 Grill
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3101 Oven
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill -
LPG-NG Conversion Kit - Falcon Chargrill
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G1528 Salamander
Conversion kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon - G1838X
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G3860 Fryer
LPG- NG Conversion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
NG-LPG conversion kit - Falcon 1000DELUXE
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2117/2EU Oven
Conversion Kit - Falcon Domestic - 210GEOT
NG-LPG Conversion Kit (includes 2x Main Burner Jets) - Falcon
Nat Gas to LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G1106X 4 Burner Oven
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Grill - G9622
Conversion Kit LPG - Nat Gas - Falcon G1107OT Oven
NG-LPG Converstion Kit Falcon G3101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Leg Conversion Kit - Falcon Dominator Mark 2
Conversion Kit - Falcon G1006ST Oven
Conversion Kit (NG to LPG) - Falcon G1528 Grill
Conversion Kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven - G2117/2EU
Conversion kit NG - LPG - Falcon - Oven -
NG-LPG Conversion - Falcon G5478 Steamer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit Falcon G2860 Fryer
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Falcon G2830 Fryer
Universal Coupling - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Coupling 1/2 to 15mm - Falcon Fryer
Thermostat Spindle Adaptor - Falcon G1860
Injector Holder - Falcon G2107 OT Range
Contactor - Falcon E1860 Fryer
20A AC1 N/O Contactor - Falcon Oven G21 010TC
Safety Electrical Contactor - Falcon E4069
Boiler Oven Contactor - Falcon E4069
K3-24A Contactor - Falcon E1838 Fryer
Contactor - Falcon Bract Pan
SUPERSEDED Contactor 240V - Falcon E1102 Oven
K2-23A10 Contactor - Falcon E1860 Fryer
K2-16A10 230 - Contator Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Contactor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Contactor - Falcon E7011 Oven
Contactor - Falcon
Operating Contactor - Falcon
Safety Contactor - Falcon
R/H Complete oven door - Falcon G1102 Oven
Door Seal Clips (x25) - Falcon G1107 Oven
Keeper Mounting Plate - Falcon 4069 4109
Door Keeper - Falcon 4069 4109 Steam Oven
Right Hand Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G7211
Complete Door - Falcon G1107 Oven
Set of 4 Hinges & bushes - Falcon G1102 E1102 Oven
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G2101EUOT G3117
Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G2860 G2830 G2865
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G3107 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Catch - Falcon G3107 Oven
Bottom LH Door Hinge - Falcon 1000 Range
SUPERSEDED Door Assembly - Falcon G3101 Oven
Door Catch - Falcon 211GGO Oven
RH Door - Falcon E2101C G2102 Oven
LH Door - Falcon E2101C G2102 Oven
Spring Loaded Door Catch - Falcon E7202S E7202 Oven
Hinge Kit for swing out door - Falcon 1000
Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - E7202S
Lid Hinge Bar - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Block - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
L/H Lid Hinge Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
L/H Lid Hinge Block - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Door Rod Guide - Falcon G16ES - REB307005
SUPERSEDED Door Hinge Set & Bushes - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door Catch Assembly - Falcon E7202S Oven
Rear Hub Rail C/W Hinge Assembly - Falcon
Left Hand Top Hinge - Falcon G2101OT G2151 Oven
Hinge- Falcon Oven Left Hand Bottom Hinge - G2101OT
Door Hinge Set (drop down door) - Falcon -
Bottom Door Catch - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Door Handle Mechasim C/W Top & Bottom Locking Rods -
Bottom L/H Hinge - Falcon - Oven - E7204
LH Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
RH Door Assembly - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
Inner Door Glass c/w Seal - Falcon G4063 Oven
L/H Top Hinge - Falcon - Oven - G2151
Door Hinge Set C/W Bushes - Falcon
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G1107 Ce Model
SUPERSEDED Roller door catch - Falcon E1102 Oven
Chain split link - Falcon E7211 Oven
Door Rod Kit - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Door- Falcon G1112 Oven L/H Glass Door
Door catch stud - Falcon E7202S E7002 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1100 Range - Ball Bearing Door Catc
Door Glass- Falcon E1102 Oven Range R/H Outer Door Glass
L/H Complete Hinge Assy - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
R/H Complete Hinge Assy - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
Door Keeper - Falcon G2107 Oven Range Door Keeper
Roller Ball Door Catch - Falcon G1100 G1102 Pre Ce Oven Range
Shelf Rack - Falcon G6478 E5478 Oven
R/H top door hinge - Falcon G1107 G1197 G2830
Door bush - Falcon Oven Range
Door hinge bottom R/H - Falcon G1107 G1197
Door hinge top - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Door hinge bottom - Falcon E7002 Convection
LH top hinge - Falcon E1102 Oven
RH top hinge - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door hinge - Falcon E1100 Oven
Door Bush - Falcon Oven Door Bush - Bottom Set of 4
Right Hand Bottom Hinge - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range Bronze Door Hinge Bush
Door Latch Keeper - Falcon Oven
Inner Door Glass - Falcon E4103 Steamer
Oven Door Hinge L/H Bottom - Falcon G1107
Upper Hinge- Falcon Oven Door Hinge Upper Top R/H -
SUPERSEDED Door Catch ( Type-A ) G1100 Pre Ce
Door hinge set - Falcon G2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED R/H Oven Door - Falcon G1107 O/T Oven
Hinge Set Complete - Falcon G1107 Pre Ce Oven
Door Assembly - Falcon G1016/2
Oven Door Catch - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Door Catch - Falcon G350/1 G1167 G350/7 Oven
Door Catch - Falcon Oven Range Door Catch
Door catch - Falcon G1107 O/T Oven
L/H Oven Door - Falcon G2101 Oven
R/H Door Assy- Falcon G2101 G2101OT Oven
Left Hand Door - Falcon G2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Door - Falcon G2101EU Oven
Door Catch - Falcon Oven Top Door Catch
Pin- Falcon E7211 Roll Pin
Door Catch Keeper - Falcon G1107 (pre CE) Oven
Door Hinge L/H - Falcon Convection Oven/Grill
Door Hinge Top LT - Falcon Convection Oven
Door Hinge Top RT - Falcon Convection Oven
Top Door Hinge- Falcon Oven
Outer Glass For Door - Falcon E7202
SUPERSEDED Door Catch (Roller)- Falcon E35-36 Fryer
Door Catch - Falcon E1100 Oven
Door Handle - Falcon E41032C E4109EL Combi Oven
Door Pin - Ospray D600A
Door Clip - Osprey D600A
Oven Door Hinge Set - Falcon G2101 Oven
Top Door Catch Keeper - Falcon Oven
Door Hinge (bottom right) - Falcon G2101OT
Roller Door Catch - Falcon Oven G2101 G2107
Zig-zag block (door catch) - Falcon Eloma
Left Hand Bottom Door Hinge - Falcon G7008
Door Hinge R/H Bottom - Falcon Convection
Door Catch- Falcon Oven Door Catch - G1102 Falcon
Inner Door Glass - Falcon E1112GP Oven
SUPERSEDED - Steamer Door Hinge - Falcon G5478
Door Hinge - Falcon Steamer G5478 E5478
Door Hinge Upper Top L/H - Falcon G1107 Pre
Oven Door Hinge R/H Bottom - Falcon G1107
20 x Door Hinge Shim Kit - Falcon G2101 Oven
Door Hinge Top L/H - Falcon G1107 Oven
Door Hinge Bottom L/H - Falcon G1107 G1197
Right Hand Door Assembly - Falcon G1107
Door Roller Catch - Falcon G1107 EN203 Oven
3/4" Drain Valve - Falcon G1860
Upstand Drain Plug ST/ST DZT515 - Falcon
Drain Outlet Elbow - Falcon G500 Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Falcon D600A Dishwasher
Drain Spout 3/4" - Fryer G1860 Fryer
Grill Drain Cock for Drip Tray- Falcon G1528
Drip Tray Drain Valve - Falcon G6748 E5478 Steamer Oven
Drain Valve Assy - Falcon LD48 Fryer
Drain Valve Assembly - Falcon Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED Drain Outlet Manifold - Falcon DH18E
Drain Outlet - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Drain Plug / Overflow Pipe - Falcon BG16
Fat Jug S/S - Falcon E350 Griddle
Thermocouple - Falcon E350 Griddle
Drip tray - Falcon E350 Griddle
Drip Tray Assembly - Falcon G2925 Grill
Hob Drip Tray - Falcon G1102 Cooker
Drip Tray - Falcon G2922 Chargrill
Door Drip Tray - Falcon E4069EL Oven
Drip Tray Assembly - Falcon G2625
Pilot Burner Assembly LPG - Falcon G2625
Drip Tray Kit - Falcon G6478 E5478 Streamer
Drip Tray - Falcon G2532 Grill
Tilt Shaft - Groen DLT-80
Conversion to New Ignition System - Falcon G7208
Wiring Loom for 4 Element Unit - Falcon E3860 Fryer
Electrode & Gasket - Falcon - Fryer - G2845F
Wiring Harness - Falcon - Steamer - E6478
Igniter Earth Wire - Falcon - Chargrill - G3625
Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Pilot Electrode - Falcon - Oven
R/H side HT Lead - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Oven Electrode - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Mains Lead C/W Plug - Falcon E350/48 KE111 KE113 LD22
Spark Ignition Lead - Falcon G3641 Griddle
Lead for Operating Thermostat - Falcon G2830
Wiring harness - Falcon E1006 Oven
Oven Ignition Lead - Falcon G3161 G3117 Oven
Electrode Lead - Falcon G2161OT
Hotplate Front Lead - Falcon E1100 Oven
Hotplate (Casting only) - Falcon E2101 Range
SUPERSEDED Inner Hotplate Element- Falcon E1102 E1100
Hot Plate - Falcon E1102 E1100 E2121 E2101 E1102 LD1
3.5Kwt Element - Falcon E1974 Bratt Pan
Element - Falcon E1974 Brat Pan
Set of 3 Elements - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Bottom Oven Element - E1100 E21014HP Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Intermediate Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100
SUPERSEDED Outer Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E2101
Griddle Element - Falcon E350/34 E350/35
Element - Falcon Bain Maire & Chip Scuttle 240v
Element 5500w Falcon Fryer 350 series
SUPERSEDED Electric Hot Plate 2kWt 180mm dia 230V 50hz
Round Hot Plate - Falcon - E1160
Lower Oven Element - Falcon E350/30
Element - Falcon Domestic 211/CEO Heating Element
Right Hand Oven Element - Falcon 211/GEO
Element R/H - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Element Bottom - Falcon E1006 E1016 Oven
Element 2.5kwt - Falcon E7002 Convection
Element 6kw - Falcon E7004 Convection Oven
2650w Element - Falcon E7202 Convection Oven
4kwt 240v Grill Element - Falcon Salamander
Heating Element 3ph 440v - Falcon E1532 Grill
Grill Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
SUPERSEDED Hotplate Assembly - Falcon E1006 Oven
SUPERSEDED Outer Element - Falcon Chieftian E1006 Oven;
SUPERSEDED Intermediate Hot Plate Element - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Element Inner - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
2kwt Element - Falcon LD43 Bain Marie
LH Lower Oven Element - Falcon - Oven - 211GEO
Element Set (x2) c/w Gaskets - Falcon E3830 Fryer
Element - Falcon Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
Rinse Element - Falcon DH18E Sishwasher - Rinse Element
Wash Tank Element - Falcon DH18E dishwasher
Element - Falcon G500AS Osprey Element 2.5kwt & Gasket
Element - Falcon KE140 Oven
Element Set EFS Range - Falcon Fryer
Element - Falcon KE162 Grill
Hotplate Round 1.5Kw - Falcon/Kestrel KE101 Oven
Rectangular Element (Bottom)- Falcon E2101EU
480v Rectangular Element (Top) - Falcon E2101
Element 4kwt 240v - Falcon E1860 E1861 Fryer
5kwt Fryer Element - Falcon E1830 E1860
Element - Falcon E2522 E1511 Griddle / Salamander Grill
Element 240v - Falcon E1502 Oven
Solid Plate Casting- E1160 E2161 Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon Hot Plate 2000Wt 180mm
Inner Hotplate Element- Falcon E1102 E1100
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range Hot plate Solid Top Element
SUPERSEDED Bottom Oven Element - E1100 Falcon Oven
Top Oven Element - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Hotplate Elements (Set of 3) - Falcon E1100 E2101 E1006 Oven
High-Speed Plate/Casting - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
440v 2000watt Element - Falcon E1102 Oven
Outer Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E2101 E1102 Oven
Intermediate Hotplate Element - Falcon E1100 E1102 E2101 Oven
3 kwt Element - Falcon E5478 E6478 Steamer
E1501 Steak House Grill Element
6kwt Element - Falcon E350/36 E350/37 Fryer
Top Oven Element - Falcon E350/30
2.5kwt Element - Falcon E7202S E7202E KE240
2800 Wt 230V Element - Falcon LD22 Grill
Element 2kwt - Falcon KE102 Boiling Pan
Element Guard - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Top Element 96" 500wt - Falcon E1006 E1016
SUPERSEDED L/H Oven Bottom Element - Falcon E1006 E1016
SUPERSEDED Element Middle - Falcon Chieftain E1006
SUPERSEDED Outer Element Hot Plate - Falcon Range Oven
3200w Element - Bratt Pan Left Hand & Centre Element
Marine Heater Element - Falcon Oven E2112
Oven Element - Falcon E1112 E1102 E5478 Oven
Heating Element - Falcon E1522 Grill
SUPERSEDED - U Shape Element - Falcon E1522 E2522 Grill
Element - Falcon KE112 Fryer
Ospray D600A Wash Tank Element
End Plate Seal - Falcon E4109 Oven
6kwt Element - Falcon LD48 LD46 LD57 Fryer
Oven Elements (Set of 6) - Falcon E2112 Oven
Boiler element - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Centre
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Outer
Hot Plate Element 3Ph 440V Inner
Wash tank element - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Oven Element 3.2 kwt - Falcon G1197 Oven
Element - Falcon Dominator E6478 Steam oven
Element guard - Falcon E1830 Fryer
Set of elements (2 per set) - Falcon E1830
Hotplate Assy (Rectangular) 240v - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Element - Falcon Bain Maire KE755 KE1
Left Hand Element - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Circular Oven Element - Falcon G2101 G2101OTC E2101EUOTC Oven Range
Steamer Cistern C/W Fixings- Falcon 3478
Element - Falcon Prolite Bain Marie LD34
Drop In Fryer Head Element Assembly - Falcon Prolite LD46
Kestrel Falcon Griddle KE104 Element 2.75kwt
Heating Element - Falcon Chieftan E1106 Oven
Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Grill
Set of elements - Falcon E1102 Oven
Upper Element L/H - Falcon Oven 211GEO
Oven Fan Element - Falcon 211GEO Domestic
Element - Falcon Dominator E6478 E2995 Steam oven
Element 440v - Falcon E6478 Steamer
Element box assy - Falcon LD46 Counter-top fryer
Element - Falcon LD33 Bain Marie Hotcupboard
RH Element - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
LH Element - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Rinse Tank Element Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Element - Falcon Kestral KE105 Griddle
440V Element Outer - Falcon E2101 E1006 Oven
Rectangular hotplate complete 220v - Falcon
Oven Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Intermediate Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Inner Hotplate Element 415V - Falcon Oven
Inner Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Hot Plate Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
Top Element - Falcon E1006 Oven
SUPERSEDED Falcon KE118 Fryer Element
End Plate with Elements - Falcon E4109 Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED Bottom Element - Falcon E1100 Dominator Oven
Element 9Kw Falcon LD49 LD47 Fryer
Heating Element 2.75kwt - Falcon LD56 LD50
Element 1.0kwt - Falcon LD37 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Hotplate Element Set - Falcon Dominator Mk2
LH side upper oven Element - Falcon 211GEO
3kW Steam Generator Element Falcon E4068 Oven
Boiler Element Falcon E4063 Oven
240v Heating Element - Falcon E1036
Heating Element - Falcon Prolite LD14 Griddle
LH Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
Centre Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
RH Element Assy - Falcon E3078-30 Boiling Pan
Middle Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Element - Falcon Prolite LD56 Fryer
RH Element - Falcon
Inner Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Bottom Element 415v - Falcon Oven
Hotplate Assembly 415v 3ph 50hZ - Falcon
LH Element 3.2kw 220v - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
RH Element - Falcon Bratt Pan
Hotplate - Falcon - Oven - E1006
SUPERSEDED Falcon BG16 Rinse Tank Element
Set of 8 Elements - Falcon - Grill - E1522
Wash Tank Element - Falcon BG16 Dishwasher
Outer Element - Falcon Hot Plate - E1026
Oven Element 220v - Falcon E1102 Oven
Element c/w Gaskets - Falcon E3860 E3830 Fryer
Element - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip Scuttle
Element 415v 3ph - Falcon E6478
Hotplate Casting Only c/w Fixings - Falcon Oven
High Speed Plate (Casting Only) Falcon Oven
Hotplate Element Set 240V - Falcon E1026
Element 500w - Falcon E3405
Fish Plate/Element Guard - Falcon - Fryer - Kestrel - KE12
Middle Element - Falcon - Oven
Set of Elements- Falcon
Inner Element - Falcon
Outer Element - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Heating Element - Falcon
Element 220v - Falcon E1522 Grill
Heat Exchanger - Falcon G1112
Hotplate Element Clamp Plates - Falcon E2101
Element (centre & LH) - Falcon
Element (RH) - Falcon
Element - Falcon FCC10X Oven
LH Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
Centre Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
RH Element Assembly 240v - Falcon
Round Hotplate 1.5kwt - Falcon LD1
Set of Elements - Falcon
Top Element 415v - Falcon Oven
Hotplate Assembly 480v - Falcon - E1006 - Oven
Set of 2 Bottom Oven Elements 240v - Falcon E1006 Oven
LH Element 415v - Falcon
440v Element - Falcon E1522
Element Oven Bottom 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Element Oven Top 480v 3ph - Falcon Oven
Leg Stand Fixed 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Leg Stand Mobile 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Adjustable Leg - Falcon G2107SB - Oven
Leg Conversion Kit - Falcon Dominator 6burner
Bench legs (set of 4) - Falcon E1512
Foot- Falcon Replacement Oven Range Foot
Support Feet - Falcon Dominator G1100 G1107
Adjustable leg - Falcon Dominator Oven
Set of 4 Adjustable Legs - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Foot - Falcon Steam Oven Adjustable Foot -
Adjustable Foot - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip
Oven Leg - Falcon E1100 Oven
Adjustable foot - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Drain Filter - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
Scrap catcher basket - Falcon G2860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon Dominator Fryer Lower Filter /Strainer
Mesh Filter Assembly - Falcon G2845F G2840F
Infinity Microfilter Bag (Large) - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Basket Filter - Falcon Fryer
Fish Plate Falcon G2840 Fryer
Suction Pipe Filter - Falcon G401F Fryer
Large Micro-Filter Bag - Falcon G2845 Fryer
2AMP Fuse Kit(x3) - Falcon 3299 Bratt Pan
2-Amp Fuse - Falcon E1102 Oven
30amp Dennis Fuse 30gall - Falcon Boiling Pan
Fuse Carrier 20a - Falcon E1102 Oven
Fuse 20amp - Falcon E1102 Oven
2a Anti-Surge Fuse - Falcon
Fuse Holder - Falcon E401 E402 G401 G402
32amp Fuse holder - Falcon E1830 Fryer
Fuse 2A - Falcon G2101EU E2914 E1102 Range
30amp Fuse - Falcon Oven
30 AMP Fuse Link - Falcon E1100Dominator
Oven Fuse Carrier - Falcon E1100 Dominator
16 Amp Fuse - Falcon Steam Oven
Fuse Carriers for Falcon E1102
Fuse - Falcon Convection Oven G7208 E7211
Fuse Holder - Falcon E1522 Grill
Kantark fuse 20A - Falcon E1522 Grill
Fuse - Falcon
3 amp Fuse 79965 HFP/2-4 - Falcon
Fuse carrier & base - Falcon E1860 Fryer
20 A Fuse Holder - Falcon Steaming Oven
Fuse link 30A - Falcon E1860 E1848 Fryer
Fuse- Falcon Steamer HY-3E - Fuse 6amp
Wash Tank O Ring Ospray D600A
Element gasket - Falcon G500 G700/A
Seal - Falcon DH18E Wash Pump Mechanical Seal
Gaskets for lower wash assy: Falcon DH22ERet
O-Ring - Drain Outlet Manifold - Falcon DH18E
Door Gasket L/H - Falcon Dominator Oven
Door Seal Set w/Clips - Falcon G2101OTC Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Falcon E5478 E4578 Steamer
Door Seal Clips - Falcon E2101 Dominator Oven
Electrode Gasket - Falcon Oven E4063
SUPERSEDED Falcon Convection Oven Door Gasket
Steam Oven Gasket - Falcon - E4103
Door Seal (outer door glass) - Falcon G4063
Door Gasket - Falcon E4068 Steamer
Door Seal (inner door glass) - Falcon Steamer
Gasket Post 6/12/94 - Falcon E5088 Oven
Burner 'O' Ring - Falcon (CE) G1107 Oven
Gasket Set for Two Plagues - Falcon G1528
Set of Door Seals - Falcon E1102 Oven
Door Seal (405mm x 460mm) - Falcon Kestrel Convection Oven
Door Gasket - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Heat Exchanger Gasket - Falcon G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Falcon G6478 Steamer
Door complete with gasket G5478
Gasket -Falcon Dominator Door Seal Set
G1107 Pre Ce Door Handle c/w gasket
Oven Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1107CE G2101OT
SUPERSEDED Door Seal c/w clips - Falcon G1100 Dominator
Door Seal - Falcon Royale 2 Series 350
Gasket/Top of Griddle Espostos Seal - Falcon
Door Seal Clips Falcon G7011 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon G1104 Oven 2 x 1.9 mtr
Oven Door Seal Set- Falcon G1102 G1112 G2101C
1 pce Door Seal - Falcon G7011 G7211 Oven
Oven Door Seal Set - Falcon G2101 Oven
Door Seal Assy c/w Strips & Screws - Falcon G7208 G7008 Oven
RH Oven Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1100 6 burner
Door Seal horizontal FALCON G350-1
Silicon Steamer Gasket - Falcon
Right hand Door Seal - Falcon G1107 OT Range
Door seal c/w clips - Falcon Oven
Door Seal- Falcon G1100 Dominator L/H Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Falcon Steamer G5478
Door Seal - Falcon Dominator G1160 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Falcon Oven E7202
Gasket for Thermostat - Falcon G1104 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard / Trolley
Washer - Falcon KE118 Fryer Washer
Gasket - Falcon KE118 Fryer Gasket
Door Gasket - Falcon E4063 Steamer
Gasket - Falcon Dominator Mk2 Manifold Gasket
Door seals - Falcon G1107 Oven
Inner glass door seal - Falcon G4103 E4103
Door Seal - Falcon Dominator Oven G21010T
LH Door Seal for Falcon Dominator E2101
Door Seal - Falcon G7004 G7204 E7204 Oven
Door Seal vertical FALCON G350-1
SUPERSEDED Right Hand Door Seal Falcon E2101 Dominator
Vertical Sealing Strip - Falcon G7211 Oven
Horizontal Sealing Strip - Falcon G7211 Oven
G2101 Door Gasket Set Dominator G1107UJ
SUPERSEDED Set of Door Seals c/w Clips Falcon G1107
Oven Door Seal - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Glass Door Seal - Falcon E4109TMS Oven
Push Fit Door Seal Falcon Steamer
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Assembly - Falcon G7011 Convection
Door Seal Set - Falcon E350-30 Oven
Gasket - Falcon - Dishwasher - BD18
Door seal c/w clips - Falcon G1102 G1112 Oven
Vertical door seal trim - Falcon G1102 G1112
Door seal trim - Falcon G1102 G1112 Oven
Door Seal Strip Set - Falcon E7208 G7208 Oven
Door Seal Strip Set - Falcon G7011 Oven
LH Door Seal & Clips - Falcon G1107 Oven
Wash Tank Gasket - Falcon DH18E DIshwasher
Door Seal - Falcon E711 Oven
Gasket - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F G2845F Fryer
Door Seal - Falcon G3106 Oven
Rope Seal - Falcon - Grill - G9641
DH18E Rinse Tank Gasket
Burner Gasket - Falcon G2840 Fryer
Door Gasket - Falcon 211-GGO Oven
20 clip Door Seal Kit - Falcon 211-GGO Oven
6 Clip Door Seal Kit - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Inner Door Seal c/w sealant Tube - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Set - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon - Oven - G7008
Inner Gasket for Inner Door - Falcon E4063 Oven
Steamer Door Seal - Falcon - G6478
Steam Port Gasket - Groen Steamer
Door Seal With Clips - Falcon G3101 - Oven
400 x 340 Door Gasket - Falcon G7211 Oven
Door Seal - Falcon - Oven - G7011
Door Seal - Falcon E711 Oven
Door Seal Assy. - Falcon - E3101
Sit Valve C/W Fittings - Falcon G3860 Fryer
Copreci CAL-3200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon G3532 - Oven
SUPERSEDED Control Valve - NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Regulator - Falcon Oven G2107OT
Control Valve - Falcon G9500 Griddle
Control Valve - Falcon Dominator G1107
Gas Valve c/w Knob - Falcon G350/7 Griddle
Elbow for Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2830/2865 Fryer
Flame Failure Device (LPG) - Falcon 211-GGO Cooker
Alternative Oven gas control valve - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon - G3107
Pressure Regulator Valve Falcon G3925
Control Valve NG - Falcon G1478 Stock-Pot Stove
NG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
LPG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
Gas Control Valve c/w FFD - Falcon
Elbow For Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2860 Fryer
O/T Control Valve Post F500000 - Falcon G3101
Burner Gas Valve - Falcon G1066XOT Cheiftain
Gas govenor - Falcon G1532 Grill
Gas Control Box (LPG) - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon G1006 G1066 Range
Sit Control Valve Falcon Dominator Fryer
Gas Valve LPG Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Gas Valve NG - Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
FusionTap Falcon Dominator Oven
SUPERSEDED O/T Control Valve NG/LPG - Falcon G110702
Gas Valve - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Grill Gas Tap - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Governer & Adaptor NG 1/2" - Falcon G1518 Grill
Valve- Maxitrol Valve/Thermostat With Fittings - Falcon G1160 G3860 Oven
SUPERSEDED NG Gas Valve - Falcon G2925 Grill
Gas Governor (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Mag Valve Head- Falcon 350 Series FFD
Solenoid Valve- Falcon G1808 Triple
Gas Valve- FALCON G1528 EN203 PRE 9/6/97 Gas Valve
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G9907
Multifunctional Gas Valve- Falcon G2865 Fryer
1/2" Gas Governor - Falcon Salamander G1478 Grill
Control Valve - Falcon G1006BXST G1036ES
Oven by-pass screw - Falcon G1107 Oven
Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Gas valve NG - Falcon G2112/2 Oven
Control Valve - Falcon Boiling Pan G3078 G3080
Gas Control Valve - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Oven Control FFD - Falcon G1100
SUPERSEDED Gas Governor Maxitrol 3/4"""" - Falcon G2 102C
Flame Failure Device (NAT GAS) - Falcon G1532
Gas Tap & Knob - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Gas Valve Nat.Gas - Falcon Fryer G1860
Gas Valve (natural gas) - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Pre Ce Gas Burner Tap - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Valve- Robertshaw Gas Valve - Falcon G1808 G1830
CAL5200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon Dominator 4 Burner Gas Oven
3/4" Gas Govenor (NG) - Falcon G2102C G1107 Range
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon G2107 G1107ST Oven
Gas Valve - Falcon G1532 G2502 G2512 G2532 G9532 G2522
Gas Valve- Falcon Wok G1629 G1639 G1659 Gas Valve
SIT Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer - Natural
Hob Gas Tap Valve - Falcon G2121 G1102 OT G2101EU Oven
Open Burner Valve - Falcon G1107CE G1127CE
SUPERSEDED Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 G1962 Oven
Gist Thermostatic Gas Valve - CHECK STOCK
Gas Valve - Falcon G2007 -
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Falcon Dominator Double Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
NG Gas Tap - Falcon Chieftain G1006 Oven
Control Valve FFD - Falcon G1006X G1036ES
Control Valve - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt pan
Gas Tap - Falcon Fryer G350/9/10 Pre CE
Gas Tap- Falcon G1066 Oven NG Gas Tap
LPG Gas Tap - Falcon G350/10 Chargrill
LPG Gas Valve - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon Dominator ( Pre CE Marked )
Frytop flame failure - Falcon G1160 Oven
Cross lighting assy - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Gas Taps NG Pre Ce - Falcon G1100 Dom Mk 2
Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 / G1107 Solid Top
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Tap - Falcon G1107 ST (CE) Oven
JCA 933REF1 Gas Tap - Falcon G350 Chargrill
Ce Gas Control NG - Falcon G1528 Multigrill
Valve- Falcon Gas Burner Valve G350/8 Griddle & Oven
Gas Tap - Falcon G350/2 Solid Top Oven
Tap to Reducer Pilot Pipe Falcon G2107
Control Valve - Falcon Dom Mk2 G1107 Pre CE
Control Gear- Falcon Kestrel
Ignition Lead Assembly- Falcon G350/7/8
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G284IF Fryer
Piezo Ignitor without Bracket - Falcon G1860
High Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC
Low Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC/TMS Oven
Electrode - Falcon G4108
HT Lead (set of 4) - Falcon G1848 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Electrode High Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Lead- Falcon OVEN - RANGE -- G1107 - PRE CE
Electrode - Falcon G1100
Ignition Lead - Falcon Steamer G6478 G5478 Ignition Lead
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G1160 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Ignition Unit - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Ignition Lead - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Cable Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Electrode - Falcon G350 G1107 Oven
Ignitor Box - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
SUPERSEDED Flame Sensor Electrode - Falcon G7208 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1848X Oven
Spark Electrode / Flame Sensing Bracket
7x44mm Spark Electrode - Falcon G3078 G3080 G5478 G1102
Electrode Oven Burner- Falcon G2112 G2925 G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G1102 G1112
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Ignitor Lead /HT Lead - Falcon Oven G1102 G2112
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Falcon G1102 Oven Electrode
Lead Set- Falcon G1830 G1860 G1838X Fryer
SUPERSEDED Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G2865 fryer
LPG Injector - Falcon G1006 ST
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G350-12
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
HT Lead - Falcon G2117 G1107 Oven
HT Lead - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Pilot Electrode c/w lead - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Injector- Falcon G1100 G1107 Dominator Injector
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon Dominator Oven Range
Electrode - Falcon G1107 G1117 G1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
HT Lead - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Spark Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G1860
SUPERSEDED Falcon Piezo Ignitor With Bracket
Hotplate Electrode - Falcon 211GEO domestic
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Steamer
Spark Electrode - Falcon Steamer G6478 Spark Electrode
SUPERSEDED Spark Ignitor (Round Type)- Falcon
Lead Electrode - Falcon Salamander G1528
SUPERSEDED Electrode c/w Nut - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Oven injector - Falcon G1107 Oven
Ignition Switch Kit - Falcon 6 Burner Range G1107 G2101 G1160
Oven Ignition Lead - Falcon G2117
Set of 4 electrode Leads c/w Sleeving -
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
Crosslighting injector LPG - Falcon G1521U
Piezo Spark Ignitor - Falcon G2101 G2161
Spark Generator Leads - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Sparker Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Oven Ignition Electrode - Falcon G2107 G2167 G7208 G1107
18mm Hole - Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Oven Steamer
SUPERSEDED Ignition Probe - Falcon Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G2865 G3865 Fryer/Oven
X Lighting Assembly - Falcon G2830 Fryer
Oven Spark Electrode - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Ignitor Lead Assembly - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
Hob Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
HT Lead - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Oven Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Burner injector - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Oven Ignition Assembly - Falcon Pre Ce
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1056
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Ignition Box - Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
HT Lead - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2078TC G401 G402
SUPERSEDED Ignition Lead Falcon Dominator G6478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator G6478 Steame
SUPERSEDED Ignition Electrode Falcon Dominator G6478
Electrode Falcon Bratt Pan
Spark Ignitor Kit - Falcon G3925 Oven
Oven Ignitor Lead Assy - Falcon
Spark Ignitor Assembly - Falcon G3860 Oven
Sit Ignition Control Box - Falcon G3106 Oven
HT Lead - Falcon G2000 Oven
Spark Igniter Lead Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Ignition Cable - Falcon G2865 Dominator Fryer
Electrode - Falcon G1056 G9522 G1532 G9502
Set of 4 leads for electrodes/sensors - Falcon G7208 Oven
Ignition Module - Eloma Multimax B6-11 Oven
Oven Ignition Kit - Falcon Oven
Ignition Assembly Pre 09/14 - Falcon G3101 Cooker
Set of 4 Electrodes - Falcon G7008 Oven
Electrode Bracket c/w Earth Pin - Falcon
Spark Ignition Kit- Falcon G2865 - Oven
End Plaque Support Bar - Falcon G9532 - Grill
SUPERSEDED Single Grill Brick - Falcon G1502 Grill
Set of 12 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1522 Grill
Set of 8 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1512 Grill
Gas Burner Brick (set of 12) - Falcon G9522 G2522 Grill
SUPERSEDED Gas Burner Grill Brick - Falcon G1521 G1532 Grill
Burner Plaques Set - Falcon G1532 Grill Pre C
Grill Bricks - (Pack of 8) Falcon Grill G2512
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Grill Brick 6 x 11 Pimples - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Grill Brick - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
SUPERSEDED End brick support - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Obsolete Grill Burner Brick - Falcon G1532 G350/19
Grill Brick 7 1/4"" X 4 3/4"" - Falcon G1527
Grill brick - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Set of 6 Grill Bricks - Falcon G9532 Grill
Lava Rocks- Falcon Chargrill Lava Rocks / BBQ Bricks (1.65kg)
Dust Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12 CE Fryer
Door Handle - Falcon G350/12 E350/36 E350/37
Brander Lifting Knob - Falcon G350/9 EN203
Handle for Lid - Falcon - Fryer - G2860
SUPERSEDED Door Latch Keeper - Falcon E41032C Steamer
Lift Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12
Grill Pan Handle Black Plastic FALCON 1092
Grill Handle - Falcon Grill G1518 G1528
Handwheel c/w Handle - Falcon G1994 G2994 Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Falcon Steamer E5478
Oven Door Handle - Falcon G6478
Door Handle Bar - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Door Handle - Falcon E1112 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Falcon Dominator G2107 01
Folding Handle - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Locking pin for Handwheel - Falcon G2965 E1962 G1962
Door Handle Bracket - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Lid handle - Falcon G3078 Kettle
Grid Handle & Set - Falcon Grill- G2502
SUPERSEDED Grill Shelf Handle - Falcon G1528 Grill
Door Handle - Falcon G2101 G2107 G2167 G2161
Handle - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
Tilting Wheel Handle - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Lid Handle - Falcon Kestrel K117 fryer
Door Handle Falcon G3107 Oven
Handle - Falcon G2532 Salamander Grill
Handle- Falcon Gas Grill Grid Handle & Disc
Door Handle - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Control Valve Handle - Falcon - Oven - G1659
Handle - Falcon - E3478
Door Handle - Eloma MT10-11 Oven
Handle for Handwheel - Falcon - Bratt Pan - E2994
Pilot Pipe c/w fittings - Falcon Grill - G9532
Oil Return Red Extension Hose - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Flexi Pipe - Falcon G21225 G3106
Suction Pipe - Falcon G401F Fryer
Pilot Pipe c/w fitting - Falcon - Grill - G9532
Drain Outlet Pipe- Falcon G350/2 - Fryer
Control to Burner Pipe Prop - Falcon Fryer
Front Drain Outlet Pipe - Falcon Fryer
Rubber Tube - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pressure Switch Tubing per meter - Falcon G7208
Pilot Pipe (4mm x 565mm Flexi) - Falcon G1478 Pot Stove
Pilot Tube - Falcon G9622 Griddle
Pilot Tubing 6mm - Falcon G1006X Oven
Elbow - Classeq Hydro 900 Dishwasher
Pipe- Elite CEBA2223 BBQ 4mm Gas Pipe
Hob Burner Tube Rear - Falcon Oven
Pilot Jet Pipe - Falcon G2078-90 G2107EUSB Oven/Boiling Pan
SS Return Pipe c/w Handle - Falcon G2845F
Elbow Pump Outlet - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Pump Inlet Hose - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Drain hose - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Stainless Steel Flexi Pipe - Filtration
Pilot Pipe with Olives - Falcon G5478 G6478
Control Valve Feed Pipe Falcon G2107EUSB
Control Valve to Reducer Pilot Pipe Falcon
SUPERSEDED Pilot Pipe REducer Falcon G2107EUSB
Rinse pipe - Falcon BD18BT Dishwasher
Pilot pipe - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Insulation tube - Falcon Prolite LD69 Pasta
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Rear Middle-Falcon G2107OT G2107
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Middle - Falcon G2107OT
Back Feed Pipe - Falcon Dom Mk2 G1107 Pre CE
Front burner pipe c/w nut - Falcon G1107 G110
Lock Nut - Falcon G2107 OT Range
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Outer-Falcon G2107OT G2107
SUPERSEDED Burner Pipe Front Outer-Falcon G2107OT G2107
Rear Gas Burner Supply Tube - Falcon G1102OT
Rear Pipe Assembly (post 9/8/06) - Falcon G350/4 G3101
Oil Pick-Up Pipe - Falcon G2840F G2845F Fryer
Drain Tube Assembly - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Drain Outlet - Falcon G500 / G700 DZP13
Outer Casing - Falcon Boiling Pan
Fan Impellor - Falcon E7211
Impellor - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Rinse Jet - Falcon B210 CSP250 new type
Control Knob - Falcon G2107OT G2107 G2167
SUPERSEDED Pilot Knob - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon LD50 LD48 Fryer
Timer Knob - Falcon KE117 Fryer
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E7002 Convection
Thermostat knob - Falcon E1102 Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon E1006 Oven
Gas Knob - Falcon G350/8 G350/7 Griddle
Control Knob - Falcon G350 Series350 Oven
Hob Control Knob - Falcon E2101 Dominator Oven
Knob for Heat Control - Falcon Steaming
Knob- Falcon Control knob
Control Knob Falcon Steakhouse Grill
Burner Knob Green & Black - Falcon G350/1
Control Knob - Falcon E1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Falcon Fryer Pilot Knob G1808X G1860 GL1838
SUPERSEDED On / Off Control Knob - Falcon Dominator
Working Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Pilot Control Knob - Falcon Fryer G1830
Black Hob Control Knob - Falcon G2101OTC
Control Knob - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Control Knob - Falcon Dominator G1100 G1100
Control Knob - Falcon G1100 G1107
Oven Control Knob Ce- Falcon G1160 G1100
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 EN203 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 EN203 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G1808 G1838 G1895 Fryer
Control Knob 200-550 - Falcon E1160
Control Knob - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Control Knob Thermostat - Falcon Bratt Pan
Chargrill Control Knob - Falcon G350 G359 G31
External control knob-Falcon Dominator
Control Knob - Falcon Dominator E1100
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon E1100
Temperature Control Knob - Falcon E1860 Fryer
Grill Knob - Falcon G1528 G1518 Grill
Knob Stop- Falcon G2845 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon Chieftain G1006FX G1006
Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G1830 G1860
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon
Knob For Gas Cock - Falcon G7022
SUPERSEDED - Oven thermostat control knob - Falcon G1160
Thermostat control Knob - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Knob - Falcon Dominator
On/ Off knob - Falcon G1511 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon G1104 Mk2
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon Boiling Pan
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1107 Ce Oven Knob
Thermostat Knob - Falcon G9622 G9922 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon G9922 G9122 G9907 G9942
Bezel - Falcon G9622 Chargrill
Knob - Falcon Steakgrill G1532
Green & Black Hob Control Knob - Falcon G1528
Simmerstat Control Knob - Falcon G1994 Bratt
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G1102 / G1112
Control Knob - Falcon Grill G2532 G1502 G2502
Control knob - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon G1006 EN203 G1528 G1066
Operating Thermostat Knob - Falcon G1865 Fryer 350 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon Solid Top G2107, G1532
Gas Control Knob - Falcon G1532 G1107 Oven
Control knob - Falcon Salamander E2523 E2512
Oven Control Knob - Falcon E2101 Dominator
Control Knob - Falcon G1107 G1167 Oven
Thermostat control knob - Falcon G1102 Oven
Potentiometer Knob - Falcon G2840F Fryer
SUPERSEDED Oven Control Knob - Falcon Dominator
On/Off Control Knob - Falcon G1502
Oven Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G1006ST
Temp Control Knob - Falcon G1860 (B4 2007)
Control Knob - Falcon E7202 E7202S Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G2942 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Control Knob - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Control Knob Set - Falcon Oven G1100
Knob for Falcon Kestrel KE112 KE101 KE102
Control Knob - Falcon G1532
Knob For Thermostat - Falcon - Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - E3101
SUPERSEDED Control Valve and Knob Kit Pre F500000
Control knob - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Control Knob - Falcon Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - Oven - G3107
Control Knob - Falcon G3107 Oven
Thermostat Knob - Falcon LD14 Griddle
Gas Valve Knob - Falcon - Grill - G3925
Control Switch Knob - Falcon E350
Control Knob - Falcon - Fryer - G3840
Thermostat Knob - Groen S143-48 Tilting Pan
Black/White Knob/Control Switch - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G3830 Fryer
Control Knob Open Top burner - Falcon G2212/2 - Oven
Control Knob 25mm - Falcon - Oven - 211-GEO
Control Knob - Falcon G2625 Chargrill
Black Control Knob - Falcon
Oven Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon G2212/2 - Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G3161 G3101 G3151 G3150 G3106
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Range - Ex Beef Eater Oven Control K
Oven Control Knob - Falcon G2101EU Oven
SUPERSEDED Hob Control Knob - Falcon Cheftain Oven
Control valve & Knob NG/LP POST F500000
Timer Knob - Falcon G7211 E4069EL Oven
Knob - Falcon G350/1 Oven
Control Knob - Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Control Valve Knob Set of 4 - Falcon - Oven
SUPERSEDED On/Off Knob For MFC Falcon G2960 Fryer
Potentiometer Knob - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Black & Green Knob - Falcon Chieftain
Control Knob Falcon G6478 Oven
Oven Control Knob - Falcon - Oven - G9907
Gas Valve Knob Adaptor - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Control Knob - Falcon E7002 Electric Oven
Control Switch Falcon KE162 Grill
Control Knob - Falcon Bratt Pan
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E2962 E2965 E2994 Bratt Pan
Oven Lamp Holder - Falcon E1102 G2101C G1102 G7004
Control Panel Decal - Falcon - Oven - E7202S
G1848 Fryer Green Neon Indicator
Neon Red- Falcon E1006 E5478 E1026 E1016 Oven
Neon indicator (red) - Falcon E1830 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Light - Falcon E1100 Oven
Oven Light Bulb - Falcon E7002 Convection
Temperature Neon - Falcon E7002 Convection
Falcon Amber Neon - Falcon
Amber Neon Lamp - Falcon E2101 G2101EU E2161EU Oven
Red Neon - Falcon E2121 E2117 G2101EU E2101EU E2161EU Oven
Neon Pilot Light (Red) - Falcon E1100 E1201 900SX Oven
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Lamp - Falcon E350/30
SUPERSEDED Neon Indicator (amber) - Falcon E1830 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon Indicator
Rectangular Red Indicator Light -Falcon E1974
Neon Pilot Light (Orange) - Falcon E1100 E1848 E1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED E350 Red Indicator Lamp
Quartz Lamp 500Wts. Double Jacket - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon - Falcon Kestrel KE112 Fryer
Lamp Covers Red - Falcon D800 D1000 AX
Neon indicaator - Falcon Salamander E2523
Red Neon - Falcon Kestrel KE112 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD49 LD48 LD47 LD50 LD8 LD57 Fryer
Red Neon - Falcon LD46 LD47 LD48 LD49 LD50
Neon Crome Bezel - Falcon Fan Oven
Amber Neon - Falcon Steam Oven
Red Neon - Falcon E5478 Steam Oven
SUPERSEDED Red neon - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
40 wat 240v Oven bulb - Falcon G1102 Oven
Amber Neon Indicator - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Red Neon Indicator - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Red Neon indicator - Falcon LD22 Grill
SUPERSEDED Red Indicator Lamp - Falcon Dominator G1102
SUPERSEDED Amber Indicator Lamp - Falcon Dmonator G1102
Indicator Lamp - Falcon G7008 Oven
Oven Lamp c/w Glass - Falcon - E3101
Quartz Lamp (with holder & reflector) - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Chrome Amber Neon - Falcon Dominator MK II
Orange Neon - Falcon 211-GEO Domestic Oven
Lamp Assembly Falcon LD60 Chip Scuttle
Neon Lamp Assembly - Falcon E1006 3HP Oven
Red Neon Retrofit Kit - Falcon Oven LD64
Heat Lamp and Holder - Falcon Prolite LD60 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD8 Fryer
Amber Neon - Falcon LD36
Halogen Lamp - Aloma Combi Steamer
Oven lamp retrofit kit - Falcon E4103 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Amber Neon - Falcon E2294 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Falcon E2994 Red Neon lamp Indicator
Red neon - Falcon Dominator Oven
Red neon - Falcon E1100 Oven
Red Indicator Lamp - Falcon G7008 G7011 Oven
Red neon - Falcon E3478 Steamer
Amber neon - Falcon E3478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED- Amber neon - Falcon Dominator oven
Amber Neon Indicator - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Lid Hinge Pin - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Rear Hob Rail Assy. w/ Lid - Falcon - E2995
Handle & Lid - Falcon E1830 Fryer
Lid Cover - Falcon Kestrel KE117
Pressure Relief Cap - Falcon
Magnetic Door Catch - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Rinse Manifold - Falcon Dishwasher
Steam Port - Groen Steamer
Flow Rail - Falcon Stock Pot Stove - G1478
Pan - Falcon - Bratt Pan - G2994
Trip Lever - Falcon E1102 Oven
Fat Jug Assy - Falcon Grill
Ignition Generator for Oven - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
Wiring Harness - Falcon Steamer - E5478
LD203 Prolite PCB Pillar Support single
Chip Plate - Falcon 350148 scuttle
SUPERSEDED Leads for electrodes - Falcon G7208 Oven
Boss Insulation Assembly - Falcon G2840F Oven
Oven side insulation - Falcon Dominator Mark
Lift Off Fryplate & Tray - Falcon - Oven -
Jack Arm - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Screw Jack - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Pan Strainer/Crumb Catcher - Falcon G3830
SUPERSEDED Burner Plaque Support Set - Falcon - G9532
Basket hanging rail - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Link Bar - Falcon
Trip lever - Falcon G1102 Oven
Bush unglazed - Falcon Chieftan E1006X Oven
Terminal post assy - Falcon E1100 Grill
Bus Bar Replacement Kit Falcon E1522
Filler - Falcon Oven E3161 L/H Cast Iron Hob Filler
Tube Roller - Falcon / Eloma - Oven -
Phial Guard (Operating Stat) - Falcon - Fryer
Pan - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Fat Jug - Falcon - Chargrill - G9440
Water Level Control & Base(New Type) - Falcon E4103 Oven
Hotplate Insulation Box - Falcon E2101
Conversion Kit from NG to LPG - Falcon G350/11- Fryer
Wire Harness - Falcon - Grill - LD22
Interruptor - Falcon Rice Boiler
LH Hanging Rack - Eloma Joker T 6-23
Reset Button- Falcon EFS200 - Fryer
Linear Power Pack - Falcon G2995 E2995 Bratt Pan
Induction Hob Assembly - Falcon - Oven - E3913I
Inner Door Glass- Falcon E711- Oven
Jet Holder Assembly (LPG) - Falcon G2101
Mesh Fish Plate - Falcon/Fri-Fri EFS402 Fryer
Gastronorm Stand (Oven Stand) - Falcon
Locking Ring - Falcon
Pivot Support Falcon G1006 Oven
Flue Uptake - Falcon Oven G1848X
SUPERSEDED Ball Float - Falcon Steamer G6478
LPG Jet - Falcon Dominator G1860
LPG Venturi - Falcon G9907 Oven
L/H Lagging box - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Bottom lagging box - Falcon E1006 Oven
R/H Lagging box - Falcon Chieftain E1006 Oven
Elbows for Falcon G2865 fryer.
Hearth Surround Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Wire Grid - Falcon G2532 Grill
Foot Pedal - Falcon HT3E Hot Cupboard
Injector O/T Falcon Dominator G2101EU Oven
Flue Cap - Falcon Oven G1848X
Grommet - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Adaptor/Spindle - Falcon Boiling Pan G7038
Knob Spindle Ext - Falcon G5478 Steamer
End Supports - - Falcon Salamanda Grill
Cistern Float - Falcon E5478 Steaming Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E7008 Convection Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E1102 Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon Domestic 1092 R8189
Fan Motor & Blade - Falcon G1112 G2102 Oven Range
Fan & Motor Assy - Falcon E7004 Convection
Fan Blade- Falcon ME4103TD Fan Blade
DH18E Commutator
Oven Fan - Falcon G2101OTC Oven
Oven Fan Motor - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Fan- Ebmpapst 4656ZW Cooling Fan -- Falcon E7211 Oven
Fan Motor & Capacitor E4103 Convection Oven
Fan Motor - Falcon E7002 Convection Oven
Fan Motor c/w Impellor - Falcon E711 Oven
Fan Motor Kit (Pre F552771 Oct 14) - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Motor 1F.2000w 2VEL - Falcon / Lainox
Fan Motor c/w Capacitor - Falcon E7208 E7211
Impellor - Falcon - E7208
Fan - Falcon 1092 Oven
Motor & Fan Complete Falcon E41031C Oven
ebmpapst EM3038LH-47 - Oven Fan Motor 38W - Falcon E711 Oven
Swivel Lock Washer - Falcon Boiling Pan
Inlet Manifold Gasket Falcon G1100 Pre Ce Oven
White Locating Bush for Inner Door - Falcon E4063 Oven
Thermostat Olive - Falcon Oven
Seal for Round Hotplate - Falcon E2101 Range
O-Ring - Falcon
Chamber Seal - Falcon
Element sealing set - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Oil Seal - Falcon G2840F G2845F Fryer
Louvre double sided - Falcon Grill G9622
Louvre singled sided- Falcon Grill G9622
Terminal cover - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Sight glass - Falcon G5478 G2994 Steamer
Control Panel Decal - Falcon E7202S
Control Panel - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Hi-Speed Plate Cover - Falcon
Divider Assembly - Falcon HS4 Hot Cupboard
Control Panel - Falcon - Fryer - G2844
Overlay Front Panel - Falcon HY-5E Steamer
Bottom Front Panel - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Outer Back Panel - Falcon - Grill - G2522
LH Outer Side Panel - Falcon Cheftain Oven
RH Outer Side Panel - Falcon Cheftain Oven
S/S Outer side panel R/H - Falcon Dominator
Control Panel Decal - Falcon E7202S Oven
Bottom burner plate - Falcon G1102 Oven
Control Panel Falcon Donimator Oven
SUPERSEDED Inner glass door c/w rubber seal -Falcon Oven
Main PCB - Falcon EFS402
PCB c/w Thermocouple Falcon EFS402 Fryer
Soft Start PCB - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F Fryer
PLC Controller Replacement Kit - Falcon E7211 Oven
Display Board - Falcon
PCB - Falcon CEV026S- Oven
Main Board - Falcon - Fryer - FFS42
Control PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Main PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Display PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Relay PCB - Falcon - Oven - FCC10X
Main PCB - Falcon G4609 Oven
High Limit Board- Falcon EFS200 - Fryer
Water Level Control - Falcon Groen HY12E
PCB (Operating Thermostat) - Falcon E1838X
Water Level PCB - Falcon E5012 E5022
PCB - Falcon EFSS402 Fryer
PCB for Falcon G4069 TC Combi Oven
Thermostat- PCB Falcon EFS Fryer Electronic Thermostat PCB
Control Board PCB - Falcon G2840F Fryer
PCB / Controller Thermostat - Falcon G2845
LPG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Burner - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Pipe - Falcon G1107 Oven
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
SUPERSEDED Falcon G1528 Grill Nat Gas Pilot Assembly
Pilot Burner with Olives - Falcon G2624 G1102 Oven
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 G1518 G1848
Pilot Injector- Falcon Dominator G2624 G2924B
Pilot Pipe Reducer Falcon G2107
Pilot Pipe- Falcon Pilot Pipe
SUPERSEDED Natural Gas Pilot - G1528 Salamander Grill
Pilot Assembly (Top) - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Buner - Falcon G1107 Dominator Solid
NG Pilot Orifice No.22 - Falcon G9660
Pilot Burner- Falcon G1102
Oven Pilot Assy G1102 O/T F078294
Pilot Injector LPG - Falcon G1160
SUPERSEDED LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G1532 Grill
Pilot Assembly (NG & LPG)- Falcon G9502 G9512 G9522
Pilot Assembly - Falcon Pilot Assembly G5478 F02738M
SUPERSEDED LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G3078 Boiling Pan
Pilot Burners - Falcon Grill G1001 G1004 G
Pilot Jet - Falcon SITOP G1006 Pilot Jet
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2512 G2532 Grill
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
Pilot assembly (oven) - Falcon G1102 Oven
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon Chieftan G1006BX Oven
Conversion Kit LPG to Nat- Falcon G2860 Fryer LPG to Nat gas conversion
SUPERSEDED - Pilot Assembly Falcon G2925 Grill
Oven Lamp Switch
Pilot burner assy - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Pilot assembly - Falcon G1478 Stock pot
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2860 G2865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1532 Grill
Reducer Pilot Pipe - Falcon G2107
LPG Gas Pilot Assembly - Falcon Grill
Pilot Assembly c/w T/C & T/P - Falcon - Fryer - G2865
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1102 LP Gas
Multijet Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1006X
Vernturi Assembly LPG - Falcon G1107OT EN203 CE Oven
Pilot c/w Olives & Nuts - Falcon G1107 Oven
Pilot Burner - Falcon SITOP G1006 Top Pilot Burner
Pilot Assembly LPG- Falcon Boiling Pan G3078 G9622
Gas pilot jet (LPG) - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Pilot Jet Natural Gas - Falcon G1100 G1107 G3080 Bratt Pan
NG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Pilot Burner Assembly N/G - Falcon G9622 Grill
LPG Injector - Falcon Oven
Open Top Injector LPG - Falcon Chieftain Oven
Crosslighter/Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1528 Grill
LP Pilot Assemby - Falcon G9960 Fryer
Pilot Bracket - Falcon G2107
Venturi / Injector Holder - Falcon - G2107 OT Range
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor - Falcon - Oven
Pilot Assembly- Falcon G3107 - Oven
Open Top Injector LP 1.2 - Falcon G3122 - Oven
LPG Pilot Injector - Falcon
Square Piezo Ignitor(on bracket) - Falcon G1860
Injector Holder Comes With Injector - Falcon Dominator G1107
Pilot Injector NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Pilot Assembly (NG) - Falcon G1107 Solid Top
Pilot Burner - Falcon G2623 G2922 G2923 G21223 G21523
Pilot Assembly - Falcon G1006FX Oven
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly Falcon Dominator
Cross Lighting / Pilot Injector LPG - Falcon Fryer
NG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2112 Oven
LPG Pilot Jet - Falcon G2860 Fryer
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Pilot Burner Assembly - Falcon G9665 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Pilot Burner Assembly NG - Falcon G1518 Grill
SUPERSEEDED ***O/T Injector Holder - Falcon Pre Ce Dominator
LPG Pilot Orifice - Falcon G2107SB G3127 G9622
LPG Pilot Assembly- Falcon G9622 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Falcon Fryer G2830
SUPERSEDED Open Top Injector NG - Falcon Dominator Mar
LPG Pilot Burner Assembly - Falcon G2107EUSB Solid Top
NG Pilot Assembly w/Thermopile & Thermocouple
LPG Pilot Assembly - Falcon G9922 Chargrill
NG Pilot Injector - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860
SUPERSEDED Rectangular hotplate complete - Falcon
Branding Grid - Falcon Dominator Grill
Lift-Off Fry Plate - Falcon G2101EUOT Range
Blanking Plate for Multi Functional Valve - Falcon
Branding Grid 635 x 100 x 75mm - Falcon G3625
Branding Grid - Falcon G2624 Chargrill
Branding Grid - Falcon Oven
Branding Grid Set - Falcon
Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Salamander Grill
Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Brander Drip Trough - Falcon G2532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G2532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Double Sided Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
Branding Grid- Falcon EN203 G350/10 Chargrill
Batter Plate - Falcon E1860 Fryer Batter Plate
Brander Plate - Falcon G1528 Grill
Single Side Brander Plate - Falcon G1528
Brander Plate - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Brander Plate - Falcon G1512 G3512
Food Brander Plate - Falcon G1532 Grill
Air pressure switch - Falcon E1102 E1112 Oven
Wash Tank Pressure Switch - Falcon LTB11
Foot- Falcon E2965 G1995 Bratt Pan Foot Bellow
Air Switch - Falcon Bratt Pan
Brass Head Rinse Boost Pump - Falcon BD18BT Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
DH18E Falcon Dishwsher Detergent Pump
Drain Pump - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Dishwasher Drain Pump - Falcon BD18
Rinse Booster Pump - Falcon D18E Dishwasher Rinse Boost Pump
Rinse Aid Injector DA12 - Falcon D600 D1000
DH18E Pump Rinsebooster
Rinse Aid Pump - Alternative Type DWD1F
Rinse Booster Pump - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Wash Pump Motor - Falcon D1000 Dishwasher
DH18E Relay
Relay - Falcon DH18E
Relay - Falcon Relay 10412/10410 DHT/P-20
Proving Relay - Falcon Convection G7208 G7211 Oven
Relay Kit - Falcon E2532
Relay conversion kit - Falcon E1532 E2523
Relay - Falcon E1532 E2523 E2532 Grill
Relay - Falcon E2007 F12 230v Relay
Buzzer Relay - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
Relay Switch Unit - Falcon E1532 Grill
Starting Relay - Falcon E2101EU OTC3HP E3101OTC3HP Oven
SUPERSEDED Finder 65.31 Relay 4 Pin 30amp 230v - BD18
12V Relay Falcon HY3E Steamer
Base Relay - Falcon G7211 Oven
Relay - Falcon E2522 Grill
Start Relay - Falcon E7211 Oven
Extension Spindle - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Rear Hob Rail - Falcon G2107 G2107SB G2101OTC G2101C
Front Hob Rail - Falcon G2107 G2107SB G2101OTC G2101C
Heart Rod Set x17 Falcon Chargrill G350/10
Spindle - Falcon Dishwasher
Set of 6 Screws (for the hinge) - Falcon G5478
Fixing Bracket Falcon Dominator 4 Oven
Thermostat Bypass Screw - Falcon G3101 LPG Oven
Thermostat NG Bypass Screw Falcon Oven
Oven By-Pass Screw NG - Falcon - G2161OT
By-Pass Screw - Falcon - G2161OT
Thermostat Tube Nut - Falcon Oven
Thermocouple Nut - M8x1 H 3mm Brass
Lock Nut for Overflow Falcon REB429
Tube Nut - Falcon G2107 OT Range
Screws (for door seal) - Falcon G5478 / G6478
Gasket Retaining Screws (Set of 24) - Falcon
Circlip - Falcon LD203 Water Tap Boiler
FFD shield - Falcon G1107 Dominator Solid Top
Valve- Falcon FFD Valve Solid Top G1100, G1107
SUPERSEDED Flame failure device - Falcon G1160 Oven
Flame Failure Device - Falcon G1107 Oven
Water Level Cut Out - Falcon D600A
Flame Failure- Falcon Dominator Flame Failure Device
FFD Valve - Falcon G1104 G1100 G1107 Oven
Earth Pin - Falcon G1107 G1100 Pre Ce
FFD Valve - Falcon Oven G1107 G1100 G1160
FFD Conversion Kit - Falcon - Oven
Oven Flame Failure Device - Falcon G1066X G1006OT
FFD - Falcon G1107 Pre Ce Open Top
Probe Phial Guard (safety stat) - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Water level Electrode (High) - Falcon Oven
Sensor Falcon Fryer
Temperature Probe Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Operating Thermostat Probe Assy - Falcon G3840 Fryer
Operational Thermostat Probe - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Digital Controller Probe - Falcon - Bain Marie
Probe "K" 6x80 1.5ml - Falcon Fryer
Ignition probe - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Electrode Low Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Spark Electrode - Falcon G350 Griddle
Grill Shelf - Falcon G1512 Grill
Oven Shelf Hanger - Falcon G2101 Oven
Wire Shelf - Falcon G1528 Grill
Shelf- Falcon Dominator G2101 Mark 2 Oven Shelf
Grill Shelf Rack - Falcon G1532 G2532 Grill
Oven Shelf - Falcon G1107 G2101 Oven
Oven Shelf - Falcon G7008 Oven
Grid Shelf- Falcon LD22 - Grill
Oven Shelf- Falcon E3161 - Oven
Grid Shelf anti tilt c/w handles - Falcon - Grill - G2522
Shelf Hanger - Falcon Oven - G3101-6
Grid Shelf w/Handles - Falcon G1528 Grill
Branding grid - Falcon G9622 Grill
Wall Bracket (set of 2) Falcon E1532JS Grill
Shelf - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Shelf - Falcon - Oven - LD64
Grid Shelf c/w Discs & Handles - Falcon G3532 G2532 Grill
Shelf - Falcon Oven - E1160
Oven Grid Shelf - Falcon G3101 E2101 Oven
Thermostat Guard - Falcon Dominator Oven
Drain valve assy - Falcon E4103 Steam oven
Water Solenoid Valve - Falcon E4109EL
Solenoid Valve - Falcon BG16
Gas Solenoid Valve - Falcon G1962 G1994 Bratt
Double Solenoid Valve - Falcon G1808 G1838
Drain Valve - Falcon G1830 G1860 G2865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Gas Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
Drain Valve Pre 22/10/90 - Falcon E4068 E4108
Drain Valve Body - Falcon
Drain Valve Actuator - Falcon
Oil Drain Valve - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
LPG Control Valve - Falcon G218525B G2625 Chargrill
Float Valve Assembly Complete- Falcon G6478 Steamer
Wok Control Valve - Falcon - Oven - G2151
Flexi Shower Pipe - Falcon Oven
Shower Handle - Lainox - ME101P - Oven
Spray Gun - Falcon E4063TC Combination Oven
Tube Roller Head Sprayer Falcon / Eloma
Oven door spring - Falcon G1006XST
Door Catch Spring - Falcon E7002 Convection
Door Spring - Falcon G1006 G1006X E1006 Oven Range
Door Spring - Falcon G2000 3 deck oven
Lid Hinge Spring LH Falcon E1962 E1994
L/H Lid Hinge Spring - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
R/H Lid Hinge Spring - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Door Spring Falcon E1006 3HP Oven
Door switch (fan) - Falcon E1102-4HP Oven
White Switch Knob (post 9/6/90)
SUPERSEDED Fan Switch - Falcon KE140 Oven
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon G1102 Oven Range
Oven light switch - Falcon G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - Falcon Bratt Pan
Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22 Grill
Control switch & knob - Falcon E11003HP
Potentiometer c/w Cable - Falcon E1838X Fryer
Rotary Switch - Falcon E2532 Grill
Oven Rotary Switch - Falcon 211-GEO Domestic Oven
Micro Switch Striker - Falcon LD48 Fryer
6 Positional Hotplate Switch Falcon E3161
Tilt Switch - Falcon E3860 Fryer
Control Button Cluster - Falcon DH18E d/w
Tilt Switch Replacement Kit - Falcon E350/37
Tilt Switch Assembly - Falcon
Door Microswitch Cam - Falcon E7211 Oven
Control Knob (with Switch) - Falcon - Boiling Pan - E2078-90
Fan Switch- Falcon E7202G7208- Oven
Microswitch Door Pin - Falcon G2994 G1994 E1962 E1965 G2994
Green Switch - Falcon E711D E711 Oven
Control Switch c/w Knob - Falcon E350/30 Oven
SUPERSEDED Contactor Rotary Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Cool/Heat Switch - Falcon G7211 E4069EL Convection Oven
Control Selector Switch - Falcon KE102
Door Microswitch - DEM14 - Falcon Dishwasher
Micro Switch - Falcon LD48 Fryer Micro Switch
Safety Microswitch - Falcon KE112 KE111 KE114 KE118 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon LD48 Fryer
6 Position Switch & Knob - Falcon E2101 Oven
Rotary Switch - EGO 3 position Rotary Switch - Falcon E5478
Control Switch - Falcon Dominator E1100 E2101 E1120
Switch - Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan Control Switch
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch (For Hotplate) - Falcon E350
DEP4 Pressure Switch - Falcon DH18E
Microswitch Removal KIt - Falcon E7002
Mode Selector Switch - Falcon E4109EL Combi
Drain Switch - Falcon G500 G16E G500A
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
DH18E Pressure Switch
Black Rocker Switch Fan & Cook - Falcon G7008
Door Microswitch - Falcon E7004 E7011 G7008 G7211 E7211 Convection Oven
Microswitch - Falcon Bratt Pan G1994 E1995 E1102
SUPERSEDED High Speed Control Switch - Falcon E350
Control Switch - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Cut Out Microswitch Replacement Kit - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon E1995 Bratt Pan
Pressure Switch c/w bracket - Falcon 80 70
Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 Oven
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 G1808 G1848
Switch Power On/Off - Falcon G2112 Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Fan switch - Falcon E7202S Oven
SUPERSEDED Microswitch T856 KESTRAL KE114 Fryer
Microswitch Kit - Falcon Kestral KE117 LD50 Fryer
Control Switch - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Main switch - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Heat Control Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Rocker Switch - Temperature Set - Falcon
Selector Switch - Falcon E7002 E7202
Red Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 G7004 G7011 Convection Oven
On/Off Switch - Falcon Fryer On / Off Switch
On/Off Switch - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Control switch - Falcon E1100 E1160 E2161
Rotary Switch- Falcon G1965- Bratt Pan
Control switch & knob - Falcon E1100 Oven
Drain Valve- Falcon G2845- Fryer
Drain Tap - Falcon G2078TC Boiling Pan
Swivel Tap - Falcon G3078/10 G3078/10 E3078/30 Boiling Pan
Drain Valve Cock - Falcon Steaming Oven
SUPERSEDED Draw off Tap 1 1/4" Falcon Boiling Pan
1"" ET DN25 Drain Valve - Falcon G2830 G2865 G2860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon G2923 Chargrill Grill Thermocouple
OT Thermocouple Front/Short - Falcon G2107 G2167 G1107
Oven Thermocouple / Probe End -Falcon G2101
Thermocouple - Falcon G1502 G2502 G1532 G2532 G9502
Nickel Plated Thermocouple M10x1 1000mm - Falcon Dominator Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G9665 fryer
Thermocouple Kit - Falcon G2924B G2629 G9622
Thermocouple - Falcon Griddle G350/8
Front Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 EN203 Grill
900mm Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator Fryer G350/12
Thermocouple c/w Union- Falcon Convectastream
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator 6 Burner
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Boiling Pan
Front Thermocouple - Falcon G1006X Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon G2925 G2625 Chargrill
Oven Thermocouple 1.2m - Falcon
Thermocouple - Falcon G1006 G1066 Oven
M9x1 600mm Thermocouple c/w Interuptor - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1102 Oven
Rear Burner Thermocouples F350/1
Front Burner Thermocouples G350/1
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G350/9 Chargrill
Thermocouple - Falcon G5478 G6478 Steamer
Thermocouple - Falcon G9907 G9667 G9906 900X
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G1860 G1830 G2860
Interuptor - Falcon G1865 G1830CE G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G9622 G2830 G9922 G9211
Thermocouple - Falcon G2830 G1107 Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon Oven G110 G1107 G1167
Thermocouple Extension - Falcon Dominator
Thermocouple - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED G2830 Universal Thermocouple - Falcon
Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator MK2 Oven
Interrupter - Falcon G1830 G2865 G2830 G2860
Thermocouple Extension - Falcon Oven G2101OT
SUPERSEDED OT Thermocouple long - Falcon G2107 G2167
Solid Top Thermocouple - G2107 Falcon
Thermocouple c/w Interupter - Falcon Twin Fryer
Thermocouple C/W Split Nut- Falcon Chieftain G1006
OT Thermocouple Rear/Long - Falcon G2107 G2167 G1107
Thermocouple Front - Falcon G1107 Oven
Thermocouple & Interrupter - Falcon Fryer
SUPERSEDED Grill Thermocouple 1200mm- Falcon G1518 G1528
Thermocouple - Falcon G1532 Grill / Sock Pot
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Rear O/T - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Front O/T - Falcon
SUPERSEDED - Thermocouple Falcon G2925 Grill
Thermocouple 900mm - supplied complete with
Thermocouple - Falcon G1478 Stock Pot Stove
Thermocouple 900mm - Falcon G1830 G9660 G3150 Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon G2206 Pasta Boiler
Thermocouple- Falcon Chieftan Griddle Thermocouple
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1006 G1102
Thermocouple - Falcon E1838X E1848 Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon E711D Convection Oven
Wok Thermocouple - Falcon G1800 Oven
Thermocouple M10X1 1000mm - Falcon G2522
Interupted Thermocouple - Falcon G2865
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G3101
Thermopile c/w Lead- Falcon - Fryer
Thermopile Comes With 900mm Lead - Falcon G386 - Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon G1528 Grill/Oven
Thermocouple C/W Interruptor- Falcon G3865
Thermocouple- Galcon Grill Steakhouse Plus- Grill
Thermocouple - Falcon - G1629/2
Front Thermocouple Assembly - Falcon Cheftain
M8x1 700mm Rear Thermocouple Assembly - Falcon Cheiftain
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G2107 EU SB Solid Top
Sensor / Interrupter - Falcon G2203 G9665 G2206
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon Dominator G1532 Grill
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Thermocouple - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple Falcon Dominator G2101EU Oven
Thermocouple - Falcon Fryer
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1107 G2101 Oven
Oven Thermocouple - Falcon G1102 G2112 Oven
Thermocouple Sleeve - Falcon G1006X G1066X
Thermocouple Shield - Falcon G1006X
Thermocouple With Interruptor Falcon Fryer
Thermocouple (Griddle Top)- Falcon G1056
Thermocouple- Falcon G3080 20gallon Bratt Pan
Thermocouple - Falcon G1006BX G1102 Solid Top Oven
Thermopile - Falcon G1838X Fryer
SUPERSEDED Rear Thermocouple - Falcon G1066XOT Cheiftain
Rear Thermocouple - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Front Thermocouple - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple - Falcon G2380 Dominator Fryer
Thermocouple w/ Sensor - Falcon G1848X Fryer
Terminal Block - Falcon E2512 E2522 E3512 Grill
Terminal Block - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Terminal Block / Box - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Terminal Block - Falcon
Terminal Connection - Falcon LD22 Salamander Grill
Terminal Block - Falcon - Oven - G2101 OTC
Terminal Block - Falcon
Terminal Block- Falcon E350 Fryer
Mains Terminal Block - Falcon - Fryer - G3860
Terminal Block - Falcon LD8 Griddle
6 Cam Timer - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Timer - Falcon G7208 Oven
Timer Conversion 1 Hour - Falcon E7002 E7202
Timer/Buzzer - Falcon E1102 E1112 Oven
Timer - Falcon G7004 G7011 E1102 G1102 Oven
SUPERSEDED 60 Minute Mechanical Timer - Falcon G1102
SUPERSEDED Bell Buzzer - Falcon G1102 Oven
Timer - Falcon G2101C Oven Range
2hour Timer - Falcon E7002 Oven
SUPERSEDED 2 Hour Timer - Falcon E4109 Oven
Timer - Falcon G7211 Oven
Buzzer - Falcon - Oven - G2101C
Timer (2 Hour) - Falcon E7202 Oven
Toroilal 120 VA 1ph Transformer Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Box - Falcon - G7011 - Oven
Sit Control Valve - Falcon - G2860 - Fryer
SUPERSEDED Maxitrol Gas Valve & Fittings - Falcon - Fryer - G3860
Operating Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon - Oven - 32101EU
Thermostat & Knob - Falcon - Oven - E1100
High Limit Thermostat Kit - Groen Steamer
Operating Thermostate C/W Knob- Falcon E1831- Fryer
Thermostat/Control Pcb ( Fastron ) - Falcon
Safety Thermostat - Falcon - E3862 - Oven
SUPERSEDED 130-190c Operating Thermostat - Falcon LD46 - Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon - LD8
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon - G2203
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Oven Thermostat c/w Knob - Falcon - Oven - E3101
Grill Selector Switch - Falcon G7096 Domestic Grill
Rinse Tank Safety Thermostat Falcon Glasswasher
Flame Safety Device - Falcon Domestic 211-GGOP Cooker
Gas Valve- Maxitrol Gas Valve & Fittings - Falcon - Fryer - G3830
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E350/37 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon - G1103
Oven Thermostat- Falcon E3101- Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon Control Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon E1995 E1994
Surface safety thermostat 110°c - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Repair Kit Falcon G2830
Main Oven Thermostat - Falcon - G21010T
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Falcon G2860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat c/w fan switch - Falcon LD62 LD64
Oven Control Thermostat - Falcon G350/2 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat NG & LP (PRE F500000)
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat NG & LP POST F500000
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Falcon LD69 Pasta Cooker
Safety thermostat - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon E7202S Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Safety thermostat c/w retro fit kit - Falcon
Oven Thermostat - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon E7202 G7208 Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Kit c/w Knob Falcon G1107
Oven Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E7202S
Oven Safety Thermostat - Falcon - Oven -E4109
Safety Thermostat Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Safety Stat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon Fryer - G2865
Control Thermostat - Falcon - E1830 - Fryer
Safety Klixon - Falcon E7202S Convetion Oven
Cork Mount kit for Thermostat - G1107
Boiler operating thermostat - Falcon E4109
Boiler Operating Thermostat - Falcon E4109EL
Control Thermostat - Falcon - Oven E2102
Operating Thermostat Assembly - Falcon E3860
Oven Stat Retrofit Kit - Falcon - Oven -
Control Thermostat Kit - Falcon Oven - G2161
Control Thermostat c/w Fan Switch Falcon
Oven Thermostat - Falcon Cheiftain
Reset Safety Thermostat 16amp 314c - Falcon - E711
Safety Stat - Falcon E3860 Fryer
NG Oven Control Thermostat - Falcon 211GGO
Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
Control Thermostat/Valve Kit - Falcon Griddle - G9641CR
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan
Oven Thermostat Control Switch - Falcon E2101EU OTC3HP Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon - Fryer - G1860
Thermostat (NG) - Falcon - Oven - 211-GGO
LC117-013 Hi Limit Thermostat Falcon Fryer
Oven Thermostat- Falcon E3101- Hot Plate
Thermostat Nat Gas - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Thermostat Nat Gas - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon G2860 G3865 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Post F533868 - Falcon G3865
Valve- Maxitrol Valve/Thermostat & Fittings - Falcon G3865 Fryer
Operating Thermostat- Falcon E3441 Griddle
Gas Control Valve for Solid Top - Falcon G1006FX Oven
F F D - Falcon Domestic Oven Thermostat - 211-GGO
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1860 Fryer
Working Thermostat- Falcon G4107
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1004
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat & Knob
Working Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E1830
SUPERSEDED Falcon Oven Thermostatic Gas Valve
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Deep Fat Fryer
Safety cut out - Falcon E6478 E5478 Steamer
Oven Thermostat Falcon G2007 Pasty
Oven Thermostat - Falcon Oven
Oven Thermostat FALCON G1100 G1160 G1117
Working Thermostat *without knob* - Falcon G1860 G1830 Fryer
Mechanical Thermostat - Falcon G1830 Fryer
Control Thermostat kit - Falcon G1112
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1860 E1861 G1994
Control thermostat - Falcon G1962
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1167 Oven
Oven Stat - G1167 4B Falcon Oven - OBSOLETE
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Kit - Falcon G1107 Dominator Oven
Flame Failure Valve G1107 Dominator Oven
G1107 Oven TGJ Thermostat - Falcon Dominator
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Falcon Oven Range
Thermostat - Falcon Chieftain 1016/2
Operating Thermostat - Falcon G2994 G1994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED - Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1860 G1865
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1860 G1865 G1808X
Hi Limit Thermostat (Post 06/2007) - Falcon G1808X G1838X G2865
Safety Thermostat Replacement kit R/H - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101/G2107OT
High Limit Stat - Falcon G2840F G2841F G2842F
Electric Type Thermostat Control - Falcon G1102 G1112 E1102
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat 4.7mm Shaft - Falcon E1994 Bratt Pan
Thermostat- Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Control Switch - Falcon E3078 Boiling Pan
Thermostat- Falcon Domestic 211/GGO Gas Oven Thermostat
Operating Thermostat *with knob* - Falcon G1860 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon G2942 Griddle
Thermostat - Falcon E1860 (SPECIAL) Fryer
Flame Failure Device - Falcon G9906 G9926STBT
Oven Thermostat & Knob - Falcon E350-30 Oven
16amp Thermostat - Falcon Kestral Griddle
Thermostat Replacement Kit - Falcon E1860Fryer
Operating Thermostat- Falcon E350/37
Thermostat - Groen DEE/4-20 tilting kettle
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E4103 E4103TC Steam Oven
Thermostat - Falcon E7008 Oven
Thermostat - Falcon G3101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1026 G1006
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1838X Fryer
Control Thermostat (post 2007) - Falcon G2860
Control thermostat - Falcon E1860LC Fryer
SUPERSEDED Falcon Gril E1532 Simmerstat w/ Knob
Thermostat- Falcon G1830 Fryer Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon G350/1 LPG CE
Safety Thermostat Leads - Falcon G1860 Fryer
MT7200 Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107OT Oven
Control Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1102 Oven
Working Thermostat Kit c/w knob - Falcon E183
Oven Thermostat c/w Control Knob - Falcon
Limiter / Safety Thermostat 230c - Falcon E1808 Fryer
Working Thermostat c/w knob - Falcon E1830
Control Thermostat - Falcon E1860 E1830 E1831
Thermostat- Falcon LD43 Bain Marie Thermostat
Switch - Falcon E1502 Oven Control Switch
Thermostat & Switch - Falcon KE240 Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon Fryer 900 SX G9660
Obsolete Safety Stat - Falcon - Fryer - KE112
Control Thermostat PCB c/w Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Overheat Safety Stat L/H - Falcon G2865
Thermostat- Falcon Oven G1006 Cheftian Thermostat
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1838 Fryer
EFS Potentiometer - Falcon G2840F Fryer
High Limit Reto-Kit - Falcon G1830 G1860
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon RX Fryer
Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Safety Thermostat Kit - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Safety Thermostat - Fryer E350/37
High Limit Thermostat - Falcon G350 Series E1848 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon E350/36 E350/37 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Falcon E350/36
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E350/39 LD50 Fryer
SUPERSEDED E5478 Steamer Stat
Control Stat - Falcon E1860 Oven
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 MKII Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety & Control thermostat - E1830 E1831
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
Pre Ce Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat Retro Fit Kit - Falcon
Thermostat - Falcon G9641 G2642 G9641CR G2942
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G2101 G2117-2 G2101OT G2117
Thermostat LPG - Falcon G1167 Oven
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Simmerstat - Falcon E1006 Oven
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E7202S E7202E
Operating Thermostat - Falcon E7202
Hold Thermostat - Falcon G7208 Convection Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon E350/46
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Safety Thermostat Falcon CL6 C26
Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101/G2107OT
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat LPG - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1160 G1100 G350/1
Oven Thermostat Pre Ce - LT4A202 - G1100
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Knob - Falcon E1995 E1994 E1962
Thermostat with Knob - Falcon E1962 E1995
Thermostat - Falcon Convection Oven E4103TC
Boiler Thermostat - Falcon Oven E4063
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1006 E1016 oven
Operating Thermostat - Falcon Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat Falcon Kestrel fryer
Thermostat - Falcon LD8 Fryer
Thermostat - Falcon KE102 Boiling Pan
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Oven E4109
Oven Thermostat Knob - Falcon E350/30 Oven
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1106 E350 G7008
E350/37 Working Thermostat 105-200c - Falcon
Safety Thermostat - Falcon E350/36 E350/37
Thermostat - Falcon E350/42 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Falcon 350/35 LD14 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Override Thermostat - Falcon E1830 E1831
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Falcon E1830 E1831 E1860
Thermostat Knob - Falcon E1830JP
EA5P-485-48 Oven thermostat - Falcon E1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Falcon Oven
SUPERSEDED Working Thermostat - Falcon LD47 LD48 LD50
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Falcon Fryer
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat Thermostat - Falcon KE162 Grill
Control Thermostat - Falcon LD13 LD5 LD6 LD7
SUPERSEDED Falcon LD14 Griddle - Control Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Operating Thermostat - Falcon Kestral KE112 Frye
Thermostat Control Knob - Falcon KE112 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Falcon Kestrel KE112 KE117 Fryer
Hi Limit Thermostat - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC/TMS Oven
SUPERSEDED Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22/SS Salamander
Oven Thermostat - Falcon E1100 MKII Oven
Nat Gas Oven Thermostat - Falcon G1107 G1167
Thermostat c/w post assy - Falcon Fryer
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G2101 EUOTT Oven
Control Thermostat - Falcon G1830 G2830
Lower Wash Boss Falcon DH22E
Rinse Arm Boss - Falcon BD18 DH18E Dishwasher
Lower Wash Support Boss - Falcon E46-46F
Lower Rinse Arm Spindle - Falcon DH22E DLP52 Dishwasher
Fixed Top Boss - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Falcon / Kestrel Part Types
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